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Widow Of Bishop Ben Bahati Congratulates Her Daughter For Making Her A Proud Mother

The widow of Bishop Ben Bahati was so overjoyed yesterday night after her daughter Edriana Abby excelled in her exams that she did last year. Having gone through the torment of seeing her dad fight for his dear life then lose it Edrianna still proved that GOD is faithful by excelling in her exams.

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Mary Bahati who has now been tasked to take over Bishop Ben Bahati’s ministry applauded her daughter for making her a proud mother and complemented her for being very sharp in her studies.

Congratulations to this beautiful girl. Inspite of what happened before and during the time of your Exams you still proved to the devil that Faith in God really works… Congrats baby gal. You are so beautiful and very sharp. On behalf of your dad I just want to say, Am soooo proud of you Edrianna Abby Baha Mary Bahati captioned.

edrianna bahati

Edrianna’s dad passed on late last year after he was involved in a gruesome road accident that claimed his life at Nairobi Hospital where he was admitted after the accident.

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  1. Trusting God is the key here! And He will never forsake His children. As one ‘proud’ mother to another, I have something to share that I hope will be taken as a learning tool. A tool opening our eyes to see our Lord more clearly. I want to share a letter a brother in Christ shared with me. This is shared with love and a desire to put God first in all things.

    Is Pride Justified If Used To Admire our children?

    In Hebrew and Aramaic there are 11 words that are translated in the KJV as “pride.” 49 times in 46 verses not once in a good context (I read all 49 times and then took them in context as well and looked at them in NASB (New American Standard Bible), KJV and NIV. Not one reference that would give us a positive connotation to pride.

    ga’own (Strong’s H1347) is the Hebrew word that occurs in Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

    In Greek 3 words are translated as “pride.”

    alazoneia (the pride of life)
    typhoo (self-conceit)
    hyperephonia (pride)

    Boast In Greek only (looking specifically at Galatians 6:4)

    kauchema (Strong’s G2745)
    kauchomai (Strong’s G2744) translated in KJV 43 times in 33 verses, NIV 39 times in 32 verses in the NIV, it is translated as glory (23x), boast (8x), rejoice (4x), make boast (2x), joy (1x)

    Most of these references were in 2 Corinthians. Kauchema is the word used in Galatians 6:4 and is
    translated in the NIV as “take pride.”

    The majority of the references Paul was refering to “boasting” in the Lord or in Christ. And he was telling the Corinthians that IF they were to “boast” in anything let it be the Lord. So again, no real clear signal that boasting is any better than pride unless it is in the Lord.

    Take Pride

    Doxazo (Strong’s G1392) KJV
    64 times in 53 verses, NIV 9 times 6 are “take pride” together and 3 are “take” and “pride” in the
    same verse but not right together. NASB only 2 times one is 2 Cor. 5:12 and it is “take pride” together and in a positive light and the other is “take” and “pride” in the same verse Eze. 24:25 not in good light
    NIV “take pride” references Eze. 24:21, Rom. 11:13, 2 Cor. 5:12 (NIV and NASB), Gal. 6:4, Jas. 1.9, Jas. 1:10. “take great pride” 2 Cor. 7:4 (4 of these appear to be positive references to take pride and then the one more for take great pride).

    Romans 11:13 (NIV) “…take pride in my ministry.” (NASB) “…I magnify my ministry.”
    The only instance where the mood of the text is positive in reference to “take pride” in both the NIV and the NASB is 2 Cor. 5:12

    In conclusion, I think that I have to take the side of the person that believes that all pride is abhorred by God and that pride in any form is not a godly quality unless we are proud of God. And then I think we should defer to the NASB and call that rejoicing, joy, magnify, praise and like terms so as not to continue to confuse pride for a positive attribute. I think that the NIV may have used “take pride” because of our currrent language usage that makes it okay to “take pride” of ownership or “take pride” in ones’ appearance. But there certainly is a good argument not to use the word pride in the text as we see the NASB avoiding it except in the one positive usage in 2 Cor. 5:12 and I think that may be able to be translated slightly differently to not use the term “pride” in a positive light at all and you would not lose the meaning of the text.

    I began this study with the knowledge that Paul used the term boast and pride many times in the Corinthian letters and I was sure in my understanding that there is “good” pride and “bad” pride and that what we might have translated in Paul’s letters as “good” pride or “good” boasting may actually be less than ideal translation.

    Thank you for the opportunity to help on this study. I hope that this conclusion does not preclude me working on these projects in the future with you. If I have missed anything in my research and you know of error in my conclusion, I hope you share it with me. I am now praying for forgiveness for any and all pride I have had in the past. I accept humility and when I am rejoicing, I will call it rejoicing and not pride. When I am remodeling my house, it is to the glory of the Lord not because of pride in ownership. James 1:9 )NIV “Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.” (NASB) “But the brother of humble circumstances is to glory in his high position.,” I am going to read the NASB in any and all verses where pride or boasting is mentioned in the
    text in a god light so that I may “glory” and nt “take pride,” “magnify” or“rejoice” and not “boast.”

    Anonymous Pastor

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