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Sammy Dee And Young Wallace Are GREATER Together As Seen In “Tam Tam Remix” By Willy Paul And Size 8

Sammy Dee and Young Wallace seem to have the best combination in video directing since their 1st project a year ago. The two directors have really grown pretty 1st in a short period with each of them running their different companies Clean City Media and Convex Media.

young wallace sammy dee post

Is it time for these two producers to join hands together and see on how they can share the cost and income of their returns ?

It might be the best decision ever for Young Wallace and Sammy Dee who are barely more than 3 years old in video production. Their creativity can be seen in their two projects for Jimmy Gait “Marungu” in 2013 and “Tam Tam” by Willy Paul and Size 8 recently.

dj soxxy tam tam

Different video concepts for both videos but it seems whenever they come together they bring something outstanding.

Currently the new video they directed called “Tam Tam” has over 123,000 views in just two weeks showing how big that video will go. The same applies for videos that Young Wallace has produced for Bahati and those Sammy Dee has directed for Size 8 which have really picked up on you tube.

Sammy Dee started his production at Prince Cam Media and later left to start his own company called Clean City Media. This was probably the best decision he ever made as after he left he has won two awards consecutively for video producer of the year.

On the other hand Young Wallace advanced his video shooting skills when he joined Link Video Global of J Blessing to later leave and start his own company Convex Media.

young wallace bike

Both directors have learnt from the best which is Prince cam and J Blessing and it is very clear that holding hands together brings a greater effort as exemplified in their two projects.

The next question is what is the best move for them ? To stay together so they can build an empire of video production or stay with their different companies ?

They  say personal interests affect business at times where two heads are involved but with good arrangement these two can take over the video production industry.


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“90% of Kenyan Artists Are So Ungrateful Once They Make It Big” Young Wallace Shares

 “90% of Kenyan Artists Are So Ungrateful Once They Make It Big” These are the words of top producer of Convex Media called Young Wallace. Young Wallace has come to shed some light on the issue of budding artistes not respecting the producers who support them once they hit that mark of an established artiste.

young-wallace post

Young Wallace is the CEO of Convex Media which has done some amazing videos including Marungu by Jimmy Gait , Sambaza by Alice Kamande , Wololo by Rufftone , Kwa Vile by Willy Paul , Barau by Bahati among many others. His thoughts on working with some budding artistes is that some of them end up exploting the producer rather than building their name. He continues further by saying Kenyan producers need to be on alert of such artistes by engaging in contractual terms if they are to sign an artiste.

Read his open letter

“90% of Kenyan artists are so ungrateful especially to their producers once they make it big. So to all the producers out there, both audio and video, established and upcoming, you need to watch out before that selfish self-centered artist exploits you in the name of making your name and therefore getting rid of you immediately after success begins knocking at their doors. Focus on doing your best and make sure that you eat what you deserve.

Don’t fall for their sweet words coz at the end of the day they are the ones who will drag your name in the mad that day you will begin charging them the production fee. When it comes to matters of signing an artist, make sure that it’s professional, well defined and signed in a contract that has been witnessed by a lawyer.

I am sharing with you, my fellow producers this advice based on my experience as a video producer and my intention is to help you grow and rip your fruits just like you deserve. Work Hard, Pray Hard and believe in your dreams. And to all the artists out there, An ungrateful man is like a hog under a tree eating acorns, but never looking up to see where they come from. Be blessed.”

What Do You Think Of Young Wallace’s Sentiments ?

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Forgive And Forget : Young Wallace Seeks For Forgiveness From Anyone He Offended In The Past

Life is too short to hold bitterness against any person in this world. As the bible speaks of bitterness in the book of Hebrews as a spiritual poison and a means by which many are defiled :

wallace eric omondi kamande

Hebrews 12:15, “Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled.”

Video Producer Young Wallace of Convex Media has come out to ask for forgiveness for any one he has wronged in the past. He goes further to say that he wishes to release any resentment he has held against any one as life is too short. In his statement he says ;

TODAY I am in need of some RELEASE. I seek for people or persons I have wronged either now or in the past to FORGIVE and RELEASE me… Life is too short to hold my soul captive… So by a simple silent admission or commission by phone call or text, that I will appreciate…. GOD BLESS YOU. ‪#‎RESOLUTIONS‬ ‪#‎STARTINGAFRESH‬ ‪#‎NEWBEGINNINGS‬‪#‎LIVELOVELAUGH‬ ‪#‎LIFEINSPIRATIONS‬

Young Wallace has shown humility in this nature as the Bible says in the book of Ephesians :

Ephesians 4:31-32

 “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”

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Meet The Man Who Discovered Bahati From Day One

Young Bahati  made headlines when he won the groove awards most promising artist of year 2013 barely 7 months into the gospel industry.

bahati full

Having been brought up in ABC , an orphanage in Mathare slums Bahati never knew that one day he would grow big not until he met with a great producer Young Wallace .


wallace eric omondi kamande

Young Wallace who is the C.E.O of Convex Media saw the talent Bahati had and decided to support him while  working at LB Films as a video director. Wallace produced for him his first video siku ya kwanza bearing all cost for the production.

Later on Wallace produced two more videos  Wangu a video that featured Bahati and Mr Seed and the latest one  called Machozi respectively. This shows that Wallace is a man with a great heart who see’s the need of supporting young uprising artists who undergo several challenges in producing their music.

Uliza Links celebrates Young Wallace for the great job he has done and pray for God’s blessings upon him.

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(Exclusive Statement) Video Director Young Wallace Response To Allegations That He Left Client’s Stranded

Allegations have been leveled against video producer Young Wallace and we have a statement from him that he wished to share with the artiste’s.

young wallace

Read below :

Over a year ago before I founded my company, convex media, I used to work @ LB Films of which I quit early this year

There were some pending jobs which were supposed to be taken care of by their new editor.

But the last time I checked, the company had moved to somewhere in Eldoret leaving at least 5 clients stranded….

 Including the guy who was accusing me of theft. I have done the best I could to solve the issue eg. Re-shooting some of the projects.

I am therefore not liable for their lost or delayed projects. I was just an employee for LB films and handed over everything the day I quit.


The Story Behind Video Producer Ken Heman

Ken Heman  is the CEO and owner of Eagle films an award winning video director who has blessed many with his amazing directing skills.  His videos include : Nifunike Mercy Wairegi , Sitolia By Gloria and Willy Paul , Follow You among many others.

eagle films Ken

They say behind a successful man lies a beautiful woman who guards his treasure.

Ken Heman did find a friend who has helped him run his brand by the name Nyambura.


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Kenya Gospel News

Glory To GOD!! Fast Rising Video Director Young Wallace Survives A Scary Car Accident

This is one of those times when you just don’t know what happened when it happened and why it happened.

young wallace

Video Director Young Wallace CEO and Founder Of Convex Media was involved in a horrific accident on Saturday 29th September just a week later after the west gate Mall attack.  Young Wallace is the mind behind videos like Mpango Wa Kando by Gloria, Wololo by Rufftone , Marungu By Jimmy Gait among many others.

Heading to Narok for a road trip he was earlier that Saturday and news he released later was that he was involved in a car accident.

The good thing is that is he is okay and he gives thanks to GOD for coming out safe without even a single scratch. Glory be to GOD.

Blessings Family


Talented Video Director Young Wallace Learnt How To Edit Through The Internet!!

This is one amazing story that i feel most of us who are talented and do not have resources to go to school for further studies need to hear.

young wallace

Talented video director Young Wallace the CEO of Convex Media is one brother who is blessed in video directing. You have seen  his videos Mpango Wa Kando By Gloria Muliro, One Way By Sanka, Mungu Yupo by Ringtone and Marungu (with Sammy Dee) By Jimmy Gait.

So how did this guy start editing and how did he reach where he is?

The amazing thing is Young Wallace learnt his first video editing skills by researching on the internet.

The story is Young Wallace was a rapper and after singing and  shooting a video sadly he didn’t have the money to pay the video director who shot the video.

After trying here and there to get money to edit with no avail he decided to use what he had like Moses in the Bible by researching on the internet. He did research for a week and later he edited the video which surprisingly aired on Tv. Later he got calls from viewers who liked the video and later became his clients.

The most important part is that GOD helped him to bring himself down where he even worked for free for Super Video Director J Blessing Of Link Video Global. He advanced his skills by being mentored by J Blessing later worked for LB Films and now he owns his own company Convex Media.


What is  the moral of the story? It does not matter where you start, as the end is what matters the most. Use what you have(your talent)  to reach where you want as GOD has put in store something great inside you.


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