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“Reasons Why Ladies Lose Good Men” Gospel Artist Winky Daily Shares

At times in life you find yourself wondering where did i go wrong in this relationship that my other half decided to leave ? Well these are some of the reasons that singer Winky Daily puts out across to ladies out there on why at times they lose good men.

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Read below :

Honestly,men are very good people. You see,sometimes we women become too self-centered which makes us blind to realize that.

We lose good men because of some negative traits that we think are permanent in us while we can easily pray about it (i.e),a little pride,a little ego,a little jealousy.

Lets respect our men,appreciate them,understand them,support them,encourage them and above all PRAY for them,only through that you will see your relationship stand.

You wont keep that man because you have a nice body,you wear expensive makeup or with your negative opinions about him,but your unique genuine personality will.

Ephesians 5:21-33,actually lets focus on 21 alone..

“Submit to one another out of reference for Christ”i understand that’s for married people but still it applies here. It basically means love or rather relationship is a two way thing. Don’t wait till its too late for you to realize this when separations comes in,do it now wen you still can.

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Singer And Actress “Winky Daily” Enjoys A Limo Ride Before The Launch Of “The Wrong Number Movie”

The Wrong Number Movie is the 1st Kenyan thriller movie which has opened new doors to actors and actresses in the film industry.

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One of them is talented, saved by the blood of Christ and hip-hop artist Winky Daily. One would have seen her as a rapper but this lady has another passion in life which is acting.

Winky Daily who has played a major role in the movie got the opportunity to attend the premiere of the movie on Wednesday. Her 1st major role in a movie was this and she did really have a ball at the lovely moment. Winky Daily being a star actor got the treat of riding on a Limo at the premiere of the movie at Alliance Francaise in Nairobi before walking on the Red Carpet.

See photo

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Gospel And Movies : Lovely Female Gospel Artist Stars In A New Kenyan Drama Movie

Winnie Njoki/Winky Daily is one talented gospel hip-hop artist probably one of the few ladies who actually have boldly pursued music in the hip-hop genre. Having been saved by Christ from the pleasures of the world Winnie Njoki came to realize her other talent aside from music is acting.

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If you have seen her before in front of your tv screens singing then I promise you, you will see her again but not as a gospel singer but as an actress. Winky Daily has starred in the Kenyan drama movie called “Wrong Number” that will make a premiere on  19th and 20th March at the Alliance Francaise.

After Lupita Nyong’o set the benchmark for the Kenyan film industry I feel its now time for others to take their dreams to the next level, like Winky Daily on “Wrong Number”.

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The Talented Young “Winky Daily” Brings You Yet Another Lovely Single “Walk Your Talk”

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Winky Daily/Winny Njoki a lady who GOD has transformed so that she can bring souls to Christ will be releasing her new single Walk Your Talk.

This new single is her 3rd song after she released Trinity Party with Witty Mayne in late 2013.  If you talk  of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping which is hip-hop music then Winky Daily will surely be up to the task to bless you with her GOD given talent.

Winky Daily on the new single says  :

I have come a long way musically…So many challenges but I thank God this far. Its not by my might or power bt by the Grace of God.

Here is the video watch


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(Inspiring) Meet A Kenyan Female Gospel Artiste Who Was Deep In Clubbing And Drinking

They say the light comes at the end of the tunnel and the only light that never goes out at the end of the tunnel is the true light of Jesus Christ.


Today we introduce an uprising gospel artiste and as we share this story we hope it will change some one’s life and also make a big difference in the life’s of those who are struggling with addictions.

Winky Daily is her name who used to live a life which she says made her not like herself which is the life of drinking and clubbing. Here is the interview with Uliza Links.

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The Life Style

“Am a lady who grew up in a funny lifestyle environment full of clubbing,drinking etc . I was in a path of being a bad character-ed lady but just like Paul in the bible,Gods grace caught up with me at the right time.

Later on I met Christ in 2011 at the peek of my” drinking” career..haha!yeah..its true. That was when I joined campus. It was not easy to transform at all. I struggled a lot with drinking and clubbing addiction but I thank God  for some people who mentored me through that to where i am today.God had chosen me so Satan had no choice but to free me.


The person who inspires me mostly locally is Witty Mayne,the guy I have featured in all my two songs. He helped me a lot in this journey by mentoring me up to where i am.

Being Accepted

The greatest challenge was people accepting my music as gospel  especially after releasing my first song. I was  explaining my past life and people  thought I was actually  doing secular music .

Moving On

My ministry is to the  youths who struggle with worldly pleasures and urges them to follow Gods kingdom and see where real fun and life is found!Mathew 6:33 clearly states,seek 1st the kingdom of God and other things will be added to you.



There you have it a life of battle and struggle Winnie Njoki/Winky Daily went through but at the end she found Joy which is CHRIST. Christ heals and if you haven’t found him you have a chance to make him your personal savior TODAY. GOD Bless You ALL

Featured Artiste

2 Gospel Sisters: “Dee” And “Winky Daily” Plan To Transform Kenya Thro’ Hip-Hop Music

We have always set our focus on new talents as that is our main agenda to give them a platform to showcase their talents.

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They say Hip hop music, also called hip-hoprap music, or hip-hop music, is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted.

I never knew that hip-hop music was also a girls thing not until I started listening to hip-hop music. When I look at the gospel hip-hop ministry in Kenya’s it’s like 90% is men from the like’s of Juliani, Eko Dydda , Holy Dave Kris Erroh, Kenn Eddy Krezi , Maluda , Kelele Takatifu , Soc , among others this would have been hard for the ladies I would say.

Juliani 1

Hard I say but these two ladies have shown that also hip-hop music can be done by Ladies. These two lovely young,uprising Kenyan gospel artiste’s are none other than Dee and Winky Daily who are now growing in the gospel hip-hop music among other ladies.

You would distinguish them as two different gospel artiste’s in Kenya but to your surprise these two ladies have one vision which is to win souls for the Lord. These two ladies have taken the bull by the horn’s which is the word of GOD and are set to change lives of Kenyan citizens through hip-hop music.

Dee Kenya by the names of Diana Kiamba is a born again gospel artiste entertainer,go getter, hard worker,fun and loving person.


On the other hand Winky Daily by the names of Winny Njoki  is a girl,a christian and a rapper who is always ready to experiment several genres of music.

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They have both done 2 singles and we sought to find more information about them and to our shock these lovely girl’s have so much love between them. Who could have ever known this?

We sat with them as we wanted to inquire more about their ministry and how their relationship is as “gospel sister’s”

When asked about her relationship with Winky Daily she says  :

“Oh yes we are close.And we spend a lot of time praying.We do bible study together and share .It has been a blessing knowing her.Two is better than one.One can chase 1000 but two can chase 10,000.”

Winky echoes the same for Dee as she says :

Dee and I are cool friends Sana. Our friendship started when we discovered we love the same type of music and we kinda have  similar characteristics if not same we  also discovered we love same sense of fashion.
This girl is like a sister to me,she has a kind heart and we are planning great stuff head.Our aim is to ensure that we unite and work together as Christians to spread the gospel to the world.”
This is 2013 and we know in the next few years this 2 gospel sisters will have reached “10,000” as Dee said.
We can only wish these two ladies the best in their ministry as always we will be catching up with them again.
Follow Dee On Twitter ( @Dee_Kenya ) and Winky Daily ( @winkydaily )
In the mean time check their new video’s below

Dee – Victory Dance

Trinity Party – Winky Daily and Witty Mayne

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