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Lyrics of ‘I DO’ by Willy Paul and Alaine

Lyrics of I DO by Willy Paul and Alaine

Love is a beautiful thing created by God
He who finds a wife finds a good thing.

Teddy B play willy paul and alaine some saxophone
sawa happy day.

Poze poze poze is in love ! X 2
Hello baby, si unajua siku kuu ni leo

Hello baby, si unajua siku yetu leo
Hello baby, si unajua nakuoa leo
Hello baby, ile keki twaikata leo
Hello baby, baby , baby
wewe ndio sweet pie
we ndio nyama choma
my sweet angel
my oxygen oh

Say yes i do (Yes I do)
baby baby yes i do (Yes I do)
(Say yes i do (Yes I do)
baby baby yes i do (Yes I do)
(Say yes i do (Yes I do)
baby baby yes i do (Yes I do)
(yes i, yes i, yes i do
baby baby yes i do, aah) x2

Nimekubali mwito wako,
tena sitolaugh at you
vile ulikubali mwito wangu,
nikafall love with you

hello baby,
i will need to spent my life with you,
baby, yes i wanna be your wife,
but i can only tell you yes,
in my heart i had a lover *dreamer like you yet
baby take my finger put a ring on it,
i thank God for our love , baby , baby

wewe ndio sweet pie
we ndio nyama choma
and my sweet angel
my oxygen oh
you are sweet pie
apple of my heart
my sweet angel
my oxygen oh
(Say yes i do (Yes I do)
baby baby yes i do (Yes I do)) x3

(yes i, yes i, yes i do
baby baby yes i do, aah) x2
i used to lie to myself
That i have always be your player just like dbanj
when i saw you,my heart *keeps to beat and my whole life changed baby
you are sweet pie
apple of my heart
my sweet angel
my oxygen yoh

(yes i do (Yes I do)
baby baby yes i do (Yes I do)
do do do do do do (Yes I do)
yes yes i do (Yes i do)
do do do do do do (Yes I do)
do do do do do do (I do)
(yes i, yes i, yes i do
baby baby yes i do, aah) x2

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I Am Saddened : Willy Paul Pleads With Gospel Group MOG To Get Back Together

Gospel artiste Willy Paul has urged gospel group MOG to end their journey of going solo by kindly asking them to get back together. MOG which had remained with Boss and Kenti after Tony left finally called it quits this year when the two felt it was time to do something else.

mog post final

Kenti was signed by My Sanii a label that manages Juliani while Boss stood out for himself with his label called B-Camp Music that he solely runs with aim of raising upcoming artistes.

MOG Art work post

Months later gospel artist Willy Paul has come out to plead with MOG to get back together and do music as as one. Whether this will happen is not so certain as when an artiste/artistes decide to choose a solo journey it’s not usually something that just popped up in the morning as it’s a decision that has been long coming.

willy paul kenya

“This picture saddens me, I grew up looking up to you guys, I started my career looking up to you guys. You all came from the ghetto(korocho) and you made it big together. @tonnymog @kentymog @bossmog MEN OF GOD.

MOG…. and that have me hope that anyone can make it no matter where you’re from… you made hit songs together, you guys were hit makers and are still hit makers… you’re one of the best groups I know… people differ almost all the time but that is not enough reason for breaking up…. my wish is for this group to get back together and bring us back the M.O.G we knew,” Willy Paul shared. 

Willy Paul further asked his fans to pray for the group which inspired him to sing gospel music.

Lord do something here, this talented group needs you… guys always include them in your prayers . Nataka

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I AM SORRY : Willy Paul Writes A Letter To Bahati To Put Their Differences Aside

Gospel artiste Willy Paul on Saturday noted down a heartfelt letter to Bahati months after they were reconciled un knowingly at Groove Awards nomination gala at Arboretum Grounds. The two budding gospel artistes who have been seen as ‘competitors’ in the music industry created a big controversy when Bahati allegedly stated that Willy Paul had stolen his songs.

willy paul bahati

Willy Paul on his part never responded to that allegation but on Saturday he penned a note apologizing for any wrong done towards Bahati who scooped Male artiste of the year at Groove Awards 2015.

bahati willy gnn

“( BAHATI )Today I woke up with my heart feeling so heavy….. feeling that there’s something missing…. I want to talk about a brother that I’ve not been in good terms with, a brother who was a real brother before all the fame… I know many might hate me because they were made to believe that I stole which was never the case, so today I stand here to make peace and to ask anyone who I might have offended to forgive me… I am only human.. no man is perfect…. man is to error and so am I.

Bahati andWill Paul
Bahati andWill Paul
Bahati and Willy Paul reconciliation
Bahati and Willy Paul reconciliation

First and foremost, I really want to be in good terms with my brother @bahatikenya I want us to do a clean ministry, no competition no nothing…. if possible, a collaboration with @bahatikenya would really show unity among our followers and listeners.. as we speak our people are divided like the secular GULLYSIDE AND GAZA and it’s not supposed to be like that. We are supposed to be one.. so my brother @bahatikenya let’s come together… put our differences aside and join hands in taking our ministries to the next level….. I know men have an ego but I put mine down to bring peace among us.

bahati willy groove

I remember when we first both won, we were best of friends. I won the male artist 2013 and you won the new artist 2012… and we were both happy… we spent the night at my place with joy in our eyes as brothers … I wonder what happened… am writing this from deep down my heart.. we have given the devil a chance in our lives and that’s why all these is happening… it’s time to chase away the devil… Again, let’s not make it look like a competition coz that’s not what it is… it’s ministry.. and the only way we can do that is by forgiving one another, working together and moving forward… am ready to work with you anytime bro. Let’s make our God happy. He put us here with a purpose… let’s keep the focus.. Baraka.”

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WILLY PAUL : “J Blessing Discovered my Talent and Helped Me Get To Where I Am Today”

Award winning gospel artiste Willy Paul noted a celebratory message to J Blessing, a man he calls father after his biological dad passed on.

willy paul j blessing talanta

Willy Paul through a note went sentimental on how video producer J Blessing has been there for him through the hard times and good times. Willy Paul exemplified how J Blessing discovered him and even went ahead to help him get where he is today.

“Today I want to celebrate this man of God.. Jibril Blessing (my Father) he’s the man who discovered my talent and helped me get to where I am today. …. we’ve had our differences in the past but he still remains to be one of the best people I’ve met in my life.

jb willy

Whenever I feel down I call or text him and he always makes time for me… Now the same way he’s been a blessing to me… I pray for more blessings upon his life and family…
Be a blessing to someone’s life today…. baraka.”

blessing seed bahati j blessing

J Blessing has also played a major role in promoting new acts and established acts in the gospel industry that have gone to win major awards in different platforms like Groove Awards, Talanta Awards, Mwafaka Awards among many others.

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Gospel Artiste Willy Paul gets nominated for Another Prestigious Award In USA

Gospel artist Willy Paul has been nominated as the best gospel artist in the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA ),which is set to take place at The Black Academy of Arts & Letters in Dallas, Texas on the 10th October 2015.

Willy paul
Willy paul

The highly anticipated 2nd annual African Muzik Magazine Awards  (AFRIMMA) gala is the only award ceremony in the Diaspora that caters to all musical genres.

The nominations has seen quite a number of Kenyan artists being selected for the award with Willy Paul being the only gospel musician in the nominations list.

The award gala which is just around the corner will be hosted by the sensational Ugandan female comedian Anne Kansiime alongside Nigeria’s top comedian Basketmouth.

The 2014 event having attracted guests from more than 35 cities throughout the United States as well as guests and honorees from over 17 African Countries, this year’s turnout  is expected be much more higher.

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Even After Promoters Abandoned Me, 20,000 Fans Turned Up For My Concert : Willy Paul

Gospel singer Willy Paul was thankful to GOD on Sunday evening after his Hukuniacha  concert hosted in Mathare turned out successful. The singer had earlier last week mourned of promoters who had left him when he needed them and stated that it’s only one organisation that stood by him.

willy paul kenya

Willy Paul hosted his Hukuniacha Tour at Mathare and within just 2 hours the concert was jam packed by youthful residents around the area. Willy Paul’s concert was filled with an approximated 20,000 fans with others standing outside because of the capacity.

willy paul concert 1

After the concert he shared a message of thanks through his facebook page :

willy paul concert

“This is how it all went down, I received a crowd of 20,000 fans… some were locked out due to luck ogle space.. is this not the Lord’s doing? God has put to shame all the ones that refused to support His work..
Only God can make your dreams come true… I still don’t believe these, how did it happen??”

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WILLY PAUL : “Promoters And Companies That I Had Planned To Work With Abandoned Me”

Christian artiste Willy Paul on Sunday spoke on how promoters and companies he had planned to work  with abandoned him when he needed help for his upcoming tour. Willy Paul who for the last few weeks has been making rigorous preparations for  the Hukuniacha tour stated that his hopes were dimmed when he put his trust on promoters who turned out as self centered.

willy paul groove

“Morning family, it’s a beautiful Sunday that the Lord has granted us yet again.. and am sure today someone’s soul will be won into the kingdom of God. It saddens me to see how selfish and self-centered our promoters and companies are… we all know that I have HUKUNIACHA TOUR coming up.. The First One kicks off today in Eldoret then next Sunday the 23rd in mathare Huruma redeemed church.

I went looking for help from some big people that I trust but they let me down… others giving me promises and not keeping them, calling me for meetings but when I call them they switch off their phones. … and as the saying goes “WANAOKUDHARAU SIKU MOJA WATAKUSALIMU KWA HESHIMA” I asked for a good sound system for my 23rd concert to be held in mathare but I was let down and with no option…

Willy Paul on the other hand praised the MCSK who came out to support him and stated told his followers that putting trust on men is just in vain.

“ONLY one ORGANIZATION stood by me for all the 5 tours, and that’s the MCSK… This has taught me one thing, to always put all my hopes in GOD and not man…. for He is the giver.. my fellow artists, beware of these people… they will use you when they need you and forget about you… NOTE: GOD WILL NEVER USE YOU TO GAIN, HIS LOVE IS SUFFICIENT. . Pray for me as we all wait for 23rd.. Huruma is the place to be, baraka as you head to church.”

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DJ MO, Size 8 And Willy Paul Land Back From UK And Xtiandela Was There To Pick Them

dj mo lands in kenya from UK post

Gospel artistes Willy Paul Size 8 and DJ MO are back safely in the country after spending the last week in London where they were hosted for the Kenya Cultural Day that aimed at celebrating the uniqueness of the Kenyan culture and customs.

Size 8 willy paul and DJ Mo post

“We have just landed in 254. Thank you to the team for coming to pick us up… Tumekuja na jua ya London as I told you 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Missed you…so what happened while I was away?? Glory to God” DJ Mo captioned.

DJ Mo and Size 8 will later jet out of the country this coming weekend as they plan to be hosted in Doha where gospel artiste Rufftone will be performing Live.

Kenya Gospel News Kenyan Gospel Website News

2 First Family Members ,Top Government Officials,Top Gospel Artists And DJ’s Set To Attend Mwafaka Awards.

This year’s Mwafaka Awards will be bigger and better as it will see the attendance of two first family members , top Government officials , top Kenyan Gospel Artist and renown Kenyan Gospel Dj’s.

mwafaka advert

Mwafaka Awards an event that usually takes place once in an year is set to happen this Sunday  1st of September at the Kenya International Conference Center (KICC) starting from 1 pm. This much awaited event will be exciting and worth attending as it will have none other than Lillian Muli the News Anchor of  Citizen TV as the host of the day.

There will be lots of performances from top Kenyan Gospel Artist among others Willy Paul,Gloria Muliro & Bahati and live mixes from award- winning dj Krowbar . Here is the full list of personalities set to grace the event:

Top Goverment Officials

Two First Family Members

Dj Krowbar

Willy Paul

Gloria Muliro


Thee Mog



Guardian Angel

Hey z


Betty Bayo


Entry fee is Ksh 300 at the Gate and Ksh 250 Advance.



Willy Paul : ” Mr Seed Is A Prophet”

Worship and Praise singer Willy Paul has one close relationship with a very cool and gifted brother Mr Seed.

willy paul thumb

Not only have we seen Willy Paul and Mr Seed together featuring in two videos together (Celebrate and Photocopy) but they also have had an interview together on Pulse.

On that note Wily Paul has come public saying Mr Seed has been like a foreseer/prophet in his music career. Saying Mr Seed had already foreseen that Sitolia song will be a blessing to many.

mr seed

Read his message :

“Mr Seed is a prophet but he does not know, I remember when i did the first version of Sitolia, he told me that it was going to be a blessing to many and that it would change my life.”




Lets Pray For Him : Willy Paul Loses His GrandMa

As The Bible says In Ecclesiastes 3 There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die,

On that note Willy Paul of Link Video Global Has Lost his Grand Mother. This comes after Willy Paul having a scary “near road accident” but the Lord was with him.

willy paul thumb

He received the sad news last night but we know she has gone to a better place as we dedicate a prayer for our brother. Please Say A prayer today for His Family and everyone who is bereaved in the country.

Music News

Willy Paul On A New Video Dedicated To His Dad

Willy Paul Bongo who is a Groove Award Winner is on a new Song cum video which will be attached to his personal Life. Willy Paul is a signed Artiste at Link Video Global and GOD has just been great in his life since he started his Music Career last year.

Jibril Blessing has been Like a “Parent” to him (and Master Piece) guiding him in his career path and also being a father figure in His Music Career since he started.

Well Willy Paul will be dedicating this Song to his Biological Dad and as he puts it, he says the new video  will be open to public.

“My next project is a dedication to my dad. If you dont have a dad and you want to get him a message then join in for the video”

Keep it locked here as we will keep you posted on when the song is out.

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