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Citizen Tv Senior Reporter Willis Raburu Awarded At CNN

Citizen Tv News Anchor Willis Raburu has more than just blessings on his way as GOD has greater plans for him ahead.

willis raburu

Willis, the son of retired PC during Moi’s era, Pastor Peter Raburu, left the country for CNN in October for the journalism fellowship at CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, USA.

After finally attending the fellowship Willis Raburu was awarded with a certificate from the CNN Journalism Fellowship and is now a honored member of growing international television journalists

The CNN Journalism Fellowship was launched in 1988 by CNN founder Ted Turner and more than 800 journalists, from 123 countries and 207 news organizations have participated in this highly sought after program since its inception.

Congrats to our boy @WillisRaburu . Here is the certificate :

willis cert cnn

Kenya Gospel News

JUST IN!!! : Willis Raburu Exclusive Response To The Alleged Naming Of ICC Witness

This story has been trending for a while now and now we have the exclusive response from Citizen Tv Anchor Willis Raburu . Read below

Willis Raburu Citizen TV Kenya 11

The obvious response would be, I did not do this and then I would proceed to show you how, but that will only clear my name. While I am innocent, a grave injustice has been done to the said ICC witness whom we are not even sure was the one named

Ladies and gentlemen let us all be sober, let us as a country know that we are one people, and return to what the forefathers fought for..My fellow Kenyans as I said it would be perfect to clear my name, to show you here how much of an injustice was done to me, as my account was hacked.I have the facts and the trail of tweets but  I also have the opportunity…..

The opportunity to call for sobriety during this ICC trial, for calmness and for patriotism. Lets stop and think for one moment where we have come from as a country, and think of individuals on social media or otherwise who try to take us back to the past, try to drag us back into the arena of anguish and toil and to the stone-age  act of using someone else to pivot your success. while social media has its  place, in many cases, like this one, it has been grossly abused to perpetuate lies which beats me really….

I would hate to be that person who is sacrificed at the alter of imaginary differences so that others can be propelled to success just because social media gives us that forum.

Finally  I would like to call on bloggers and journalists all over, to understand that the right of reply is critical and that things are not always what they seem to be, no matter how sure we are we should practice the art of second guessing, for the path to truth is full of questions and the answers often lead to more questions.

Journalistic practice requires of us to always verify before publishing or airing any item. I can categorically say nobody has called or asked from me, what the true position is. We call this the right of reply. I would like to state clearly that I did not name any ICC witness.

I wish to thank all of you who have practiced that benefit of doubt principle, to me the fact that you reacted so much and questioned the move is a sign of the critical role that the media still plays in shaping opinion and underscores the fact that we are a people still fragile at heart but who remain aware of  rights as embedded in the constitution. I also wish to thank all who have voiced their discomfort in the same, thank you, because you serve as an example that we are truly a democratic country that allows us to ventilate and as such i respect all that has been said in this democratic space.

I urge us to remain steadfast and focused on the path of peace.

I remain committed to my career as a journalist and an information professional. God bless you and God bless Kenya.

I thank you



Pray For His Family!! Citizen Reporter Willis Raburu Pays Tribute To His Late Grand Ma

We call him bro and some know him as the lover of hip-hope music and most of you know him as the man behind Truth Meter every Friday on Citizen Tv.

Willis Raburu Citizen TV Kenya 11

Willis Raburu Citizen Tv reporter paid tribute On Saturday to his late grand mother who has passed away. Its sad knowing that its a “dark month looking at the  recent happenings in the country and a trying moment for his family.

We join Willis Raburu and Family in Prayer. Fare Thee Well GrandMa Rispa Raburu


One On One With Willis Raburu : “6 Things You Don’t Know About Willis Raburu”

We had an interesting conversation with News Reporter “Anchor” Willis Raburu of Citizen Tv and he shared with us about his life as a news reporter.

Willis Raburu Citizen TV Kenya 11

You have heard him on  Truth Meter every Friday on Citizen Tv and you wonder “who is this guy?” and “How does he always manage to bring the joke home? is there something different about this guy?

Find out below :

Who Is Willis Raburu?

Willis Raburu is an beneficiary of Gods grace..plain and simple

Tell Us Did You Ever Dream Of Being A News Reporter And When Was That?

“From the age of 7. I would walk around the house and gather newspapers then take them to my mum and make her sit down and tell her “ I want to read to you the news” and she would sit as I read through the various section of the news that is Local, international, business and sports.

I would always tell her “ mum one day ill be on TV” and I appreciate her response she always told me “ Yes you will” So it has always been in my heart, I always drifted towards the languages and writing, I loved it.

Whenever I would want to escape the pains and stresses of life I would retreat to writing, poetry, stories the whole nine yards.. So yes I always wanted to be a Journalist, I find it intriguing that you have access to all this information, then you filter and sift it for the masses whilst ensuring you balance it and inject excellence.”


Many People Don’t Know This, Is Willis Raburu Born Again?

Willis Raburu is born again.. I encountered Christ very differently lol, When I was in class 2 or  3 I recall my father gathering the whole family together and making us choose whether we wanted to get saved or not, so I would say the first time I got saved it was en masse haha, funny I know but this was part of the biblical “ train a child in the way when he is young and when he is old he wont depart from it”

As I grew older I understood the depth of it all, and realize the importance of having a special relationship with the God and I tell you that is when I got such peace and sense of purpose

Is it Challenging To Be A Christian and A Reporter.. If Yes What Are Some Of The Challenges you experience

Its challenging to be a Christian in any work place, people will always pick you out or watch you keenly, but I think it is because Chrisitaniaty for a long time had been the club for the “ holier than thou” and so it was hard for people to want to get in, but I believe in a principle that, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

Here’s the thing; Challenges will always exist but God is above all, I would rather focus on being an example of His grace and allowing God to use me to package Christianity in a way that only He would specifically for the various people I interact with and cause a revolution.


Do you feel that putting GOD first in your career has been a blessing in your life.

Joel Osteen says this “ put God first place in your life and He will take you places you never even dreamed of” that statement is a representation of what the bible says your gift will take you before Kings” My understanding is that what when you talk to God, and share with Him your plan He does you one better He takes it and fits it in His plan and its always exceedingly more than we can ask think or imagine, ill tell you this God isn’t through with me yet!

Do You have time to go to church with the busy life (of a news reporter). Do You Feel Your Career At Times Affects Your Christian Life

Yes I am off on Sundays and Mondays and I get to go to church. I am blessed to fellowship at JCC and one of the things Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna have taught me is the need to have a personal relationship with God and so I make time each day to pray and to just talk to God when I can. Prayer is a conversation, so I whisper a “ thank you God” a “ Help me through this” every now and then to God.

Sure sometimes I would like to go to bible study more and attend more services but I cant always do that but I make deliberate efforts to try and pray and read the bible I am not perfect but I try.

What Are Your Future Plans:

I plan on doing prime time news, then perhaps a talk show and one day own my own media house.

I also plan to start a family so look out for the wedding.. J




Willis Raburu New Journey To Being A News Anchor

We call him Will , others call him Willy or most of us know him as Willis Raburu.

Willis Raburu is one creative brother in Christ full of energy and add to that funny. He is the mind behind Truth meter that takes place every Friday Night on Citizen Tv News which has brought huge following lately.

You have seen him before reporting news from the field but now you will be seeing him on your tv screens not from the field but from the studio reading news.

The switch took place yesterday at 1 pm after he had made it public that his new journey will be starting.

Willis started his journey on  K24 as an intern while in third year at Moi University. He was in the newsroom and covered stories which went without his voice over. However, he was determined to voice but his then boss would say that his voice was unsuitable to go on air.

He did not give up; he did it time and time again till the boss once told him that he  liked his resilience. Truly Hard Work Pays and if you keep striving for excellence you will reach your goal.

We Wish Willis All The Best In His New Journey


Willis Raburu,Ruth Matete And Jimmy Gait Headline JCC 14th Anniversary

This was a great day for Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) as they celebrated their 14th anniversary on 3rd February.

The anniversary was held at their church in Parklands and it was a great blessing for each and everyone who attended.

The guest artistes included Tusker Project Fame Winner Ruth Matete, Jimmy Gait among other worship and praise singers.

To pull the shock of the day was Willis Raburu (Journalist at Citizen Tv) who took the mic by the hand and this time not in front of camera to report but actually as the Emcee of the Anniversary.

Here are some of the pics..(click to view)


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