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Ways To Overcome Fears When Faced With Challenges

Fear always comes against us when we face new things. But if you think about it, everything you’re doing right now is something that at one time you had never done before.

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               Article by Joyce Meyer

I often think of Joshua, a man who was given a huge task by God – one I’m sure he didn’t feel ready for. Can you imagine how he felt when Moses died and God told him that he was going to take over and lead Israel into the Promised Land?

Fortunately, God knew Joshua was up to the task. In Joshua 1:6, the Lord commanded him: Be strong (confident) and of good courage, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land which I swore to their fathers to give them.

That day, Joshua had a choice. He could step out in faith and watch the Lord do the impossible through him…or he could stay in his “safety zone” and never find out.

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Instead of being afraid of new things, you and I ought to be excited about the new challenges and opportunities that God brings into our lives. Even when everybody else tells us it’s impossible, if we will step out in faith like Joshua and follow God, He will give us the grace to go forward.

I’ll never forget the day (in the late 1970s) when God first showed me His plans for my future as a teacher of the Word. I was making my bed when He spoke to my heart and said, “Joyce, you are going to preach my Word all around the world and have a large teaching ministry.”

Now, at the time, this seemed impossible to me. I was a housewife from Fenton, Missouri who wasn’t teaching anybody.

I decided to share what God spoke to me with some of my friends. To put it mildly, they were not very encouraging. One friend even told me, “Joyce, we’ve been thinking about what you said, and we just don’t think that’s possible with your personality.”

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However, over the years, God continued to lead me, step by step. For five years I taught a weekly Bible study at my home. Then the Lord directed me to quit my full-time job and devote myself completely to studying His Word and preparing for ministry.

After going through a season when I felt like God wasn’t doing anything at all, I was asked to be an associate pastor at our church. This is where my weekly women’s meetings began. Then, five years later, in 1985, the Lord called my husband, Dave, and me to begin our own ministry.

All along the way, I faced many obstacles. I battled the fear of failure, the fear of not having enough money, and the fear of what others thought. But it always came down to the same question: Am I going to do what God has put in my heart to do?

I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes over the years. But through all of this, I learned a valuable lesson: When we step out in obedience to God while we feel afraid, then that releases the grace (or power) of God to do what needs to be done.

It is unbelievable what God can do if you’ll fight your way through all the opposition that comes against you and say, “If God says I can, I can.” It’s important to remember that when the Lord calls us to do something, He also gives us the motivation and energy to press on through each challenge that comes.

Maybe you’re thinking, Yeah, I’ve missed a lot in my life because I was afraid to step out or fearful of what others might think. You know what? I believe God has you reading this for a reason!

You can’t change the past, but you can begin today to follow your heart and step into the things God has for your life. Sure, there will be obstacles, and sometimes you will make mistakes. But you must be true to what God’s calling you to do if you want to be happy.

Friend, I encourage you to find God’s destiny for your life. Find what’s going to fulfill you and all you’re meant to be. Then choose to be bold enough to step out into an amazing, memorable, life-changing journey.

When you step out into the unknown to do what you believe is God’s will, He may not give you an exact blueprint to work with, but He will guide you step-by-step all along the way.



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10 Ways To Avoid Failure

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

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We often spend so much time to think about how to succeed that we forget to think about how to fail. But knowing how to fail is just as important as knowing how to succeed because we can then learn about what NOT to do. It’s dangerous to fix our eyes on the destination without being aware of the pitfalls along the way. We may run fast to our destination only to find ourselves trapped in the pitfalls at the end.

Knowing how to avoid this pitfall is a useful weapon in your “how to succeed” arsenal. Here Are 10 tips to avoid failure.

1. Identify your strengths to know your audience

First of all, you should identify what your strengths are. By identifying your strengths, you will know what kind of value you can provide and consequently what kind of people you should target.

2. Recognize your personal characteristics to know your audience

You are more likely to attract people who have similar characteristics as you. People who share similar interests, background, or point of view are more likely to respond well to you. By recognizing your personal characteristics, you will get a better idea about who are the right people to target.

3. Accept that you can’t please everybody

Of course, you should first try to target the right audience as described in point 1 and 2 above. But even if you do that, you still can’t please everybody. No matter how hard you try, there are always people who oppose you. Accepting this possibility will ease the burden and make the process much easier for you.

4. State your position in a way that is not ambiguous

You should state your position clearly without being ambiguous. One of the danger of trying to please everybody is polishing your position in such a way that it is acceptable to everyone. Most likely you can only do that through ambiguous message for which different persons have different interpretations. At the end it will do you more harm than good.

5. Keep an open mind

Before discarding other people’s opinions as “coming from the wrong people”, you should have an open mind to seek truth in their opinions. While it is wrong to try to please everybody, it’s equally wrong to just discard opinions we don’t agree with. Try to find something you can learn from them. Maybe it’s you who need to change.

6. Be polite but firm to your opposition

After exercising an open mind and still can’t find a solution, it’s time to be firm about your position. Don’t try to please the wrong person. If you do so, you may compromise your principles. State clearly to her that though you appreciate her opinion, yours is different.

7. Let the rejection go from your mind

After you face rejection, sometimes you still have it left in your mind. You may still think about it and feel bad about it. Doing so will just decrease your happiness and in turn your performance. So let the rejection go from your mind. Forget it. Say goodbye, close the door, and move on.

8. Review what your failure has taught you.

There are always things to take away from a failure, to inform your future direction. It might also be the case that you have made the failure seem worse than it is; partial failure is also partial success and if you can draw out what was successful and build on that, the sense of having failed lessens.

9. Focus on trying again.

Dale Carnegie once said that it was essential to “develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” Persistence is the source of success for the majority of people on this planet. Overnight successes are rare; they are usually people who have been trying and failing and trying again many times over. Successful ad man Siimon Reynolds believes that lack of persistence is a major reason as to why people fail; giving up too soon means that you’ll never know whether what you’re seeking to do or be was achievable and he says that this is the case for “the majority of people”

10. Grow

Popular motivational coach Anthony Robbins says that we don’t just grow for ourselves – we grow so that we can contribute well beyond ourselves.This is an important thing to remember when you’re proceeding through failures. Your experiences are available for others to learn from if you’re willing to share them, as well as being willing to share with others how you pushed beyond failure into a more fruitful and fulfilling outcome, and even what happened when you couldn’t overcome the failure. This helps everyone become more understanding and accepting of the role of failure in success-driven societies.

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