I urge Uhuru to have a handshake with Ruto : Waiguru

Waiguru has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to mend his relationship with Deputy President William Ruto before he retires from office.

Speaking in Kirinyaga County on Tuesday, Waiguru who is seeking to defend her seat at the August polls under a UDA ticket, alluded that President Kenyatta owes the DP since he played an integral role in getting the Head-of-State into State House.

According to Waiguru, should the Head of State fail to do this, Mt. Kenya residents who she says are firmly behind DP Ruto’s presidential bid will abandon President Kenyatta once his term expires in August.

“Sisi tunakuomba kwa heshima, miezi nne ambayo imebaki, tafadhali fanya handshake na William Ruto ndio hawa watu wasikuwe pande moja na wewe usikuwe upande mwingine ukienda nyumbani kwa sababu hautafuti kiti. Tena tunakuomba umsalimie ndio uende nyumbani na heshima yako,” Waiguru said.

Waiguru not opposed to anyone seeking for the presidency
Waiguru and DP Ruto. Photo courtesy of the Standard

Waiguru went on to advise President Kenyatta that he is better off cutting ties with certain members of his camp who are allegedly misguiding him and influencing his decision making.

“Sisi tunakuomba mheshimiwa Rais hawa watu ambao wamekuzingira nakuomba uwabadilishe kwa sababu hao ndio wanakupoteza njia. Kukuambia uwekele William Samoei Ruto hizo maneno ndio achukiwe na watu wa Mt. Kenya,” she said.

The Kirinyaga governor likewise stated that Kenyatta should leave DP Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga to battle it out in the race to State House without any influence from the Head-of-State.

Kirinyaga residents, Waiguru added, will firmly back DP Ruto despite what is being suggested by his competitors.

“Ulikuwa umesema miaka kumi yako na kumi ya Ruto kwa hivyo tunakuomba kwa heshima. Fanya handshake alafu utoke hapo, umwache William Ruto amenyane na huyu mzee wa Azimio,” she added.

Watch below courtesy of Citizen Tv


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Kenya Inks New 17 Billion Loan

Kenya has signed Sh17.4 billion loan from the Korean government to finance the establishment and improvement of road junctions to ease traffic flow within Nairobi.

The government moved to the Korean Export and Import Bank for the long-term loan which taxpayers will service to January 29, 2061.

The Treasury signed two loans of Sh10.79 billion ($100 million) and Sh6.59 billion ($61 million) at an exchange rate of Sh107.85 to finance the Nairobi Integrated Transport System (ITS).

The loan, signed on January 29, 2021, is yet to be disbursed to the Kenyan government.

Business daily reports, “The loan will…attract interested rate of Sh0.1 percent per annum and a service charge of Sh0.1 percent per annum on undisbursed loan amount,” Treasury said in disclosures to Parliament.

The loans will be repaid in 60 semi-annual instalments starting July 20, 2031.

The Ministry of Transport is seeking to implement the Integrated Transport System and Loop Line in the Nairobi Urban Core project.

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Breaking : High Court Declares Huduma NAMBA Roll Out Invalid

The High Court has declared Huduma Namba inavlid after ruling that the law wasn’t followed in its roll-out.

Justice Jairus Ngaah ruled on Thursday, October 14, that the Government failed to conduct data impact assessment before rolling out the cards in November last year, contravening the Constitution in the process.

Law scholar Yash Pal Ghai and Katiba Institute had, in November 2020, challenged the roll-out of the cards over lack of guarantee against theft or misuse of Kenyans’ personal information.

The lobby group argued that the Government failed to subject the fresh registration of Kenyans to data protection impact assessment (DPIA), a requirement under the law.

The High Court has quashed the decision by the state to roll out Huduma Namba cards, ruling that it was illegal.

“An order is hereby issued to bring into this honourable court to quash the government decision of November 18 2020 to roll out Huduma cards for being ultra vires of the data protection act 2019,” the court ruled


Bahati Steals The Show By Unseating the President Uhuru for 2 Mins [VIDEO]

Gospel artiste Bahati Kevin made history in the Kenyan books by unseating the president for about 2 mins. Never has it been seen in Kenya that a performer has actually pulled a sitting president from his seat and sat on it.

Bahati Dancing with Uhuru

Bahati became the 1st artiste in Kenya to pull the president from his seat and sit on it while performing his loved song Mama. The singer stretched his hand out to the president in a way of inviting him to the stage to dance with him but no sooner had the president stood than Bahati sat on his seat and performed the song to the 1st lady Margaret Kenyatta.

After the performance twitter went wild with mixed reactions but on his hand Bahati was excited about it.

“HISTORY WRITTEN✅✔✅ I “BAHATI” become the Shortest Serving President as PRESIDENT UHURU “VACATES” his seat.”

Here is the video courtesy of Citizen


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BACKLASH : Kenyans React After President Uhuru Congratulates Museveni For WIN

It didn’t go down well on Sunday morning  when Kenyans read the congratulatory message by President Uhuru  for probably supporting  Museveni who is out of favor.

Kenyatta-and-Museveni post

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday applauded President Museveni for his re-election in what he described as respectable choice from Kenyans and reiterated the friendship that Kenya holds with Uganda.

With EU having stated the elections were not free and fair and the strongest contender Kizza Besigye being under House Arrest, Kenyans on social media did not approve the message as they felt that it was too early to send such a message at a moment when a number of Ugandans are grieving.

Kizza Besigye who lost the election to President Museveni for the fourth time

I am very pleased to congratulate His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni on his re-election as President of the Republic of Uganda. The people of Uganda have spoken, and they have spoken very clearly. We respect their choice of President Museveni.

Kenya values its close friendship with Uganda. That friendship is founded on a common history, a common culture, and common interests. In years past, we have worked closely together for the prosperity and freedom of our nations. We look forward to continuing the work that both our nations have already done, together and in concert with the East African Community, the African Union, and IGAD.

Museveni was re-elected by Ugandans in a contentious election
Museveni was re-elected by Ugandans in a contentious election

We look forward, too, to even closer integration.
I wish President Museveni every success as he serves his nation for another term. He and Uganda can count on my support, and my friendship, as well as that of their brothers and sisters in Kenya. President Uhuru stated through a press release

The comments that followed included.

Wanyama Evan May the whole world understand that this is a personal statement from uhuru and does not in any way represent the view of Kenyans.No sane mind can talk positive about an open dishonest election marred with irregularities and intimidation of opponents like uganda’s.

Kapia Frankline Abdallah I regret on behalf of people of Kenya.The views Kenyatta has expressed here are personal and do not reflect wishes of kenyans.We stand with our Brothers in Uganda this trying moments of their democracy

Peetah Mzito Museveni is a dictator who rules and commands everything in Uganda, he oppressed the opposition so that he could retain power by the bullet. This victory is only his, dictatorship and greed for power is what will ruin Africa.

Kenn Stiffler I wish our president could just inbox him the congratulatory message instead of dragging us all in it.

Harold Harold Sorry Mr president you can not puport to speak for me,as a matter of fact am not party to this statement..

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POPESIDENT : Holy Father Pope Francis Takes A Picture With President UHURU, MOI and KIBAKI

You would rarely see such photos or even see photos of former presidents and the current president in one photo. Well on Wednesday Pope Francis made this possible by taking a picture with President Uhuru and former presidents MOI and Mwai Kibaki.

pope uhuru moi kibaki post

Pope Francis landed in the country on Wednesday 25th November a 4.30 PM with the President Uhuru Kenyatta and 1st Lady being the 1st to welcome him to Kenya. This is the 1st visit of Pope Francis in Africa where he will also visit the neighboring Uganda and Central Africa.


Pope Acknowledged Kenyans at Nyayo Stadium
Pope Acknowledged Kenyans at Nyayo Stadium

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President UHURU Reshuffles Existing Ministries And Replaces Anne Waiguru

H.E Uhuru Kenyatta has reviewed existing ministries and reshuffled it by increasing the size of the Cabinet from the current 19 Ministries to 20 Ministries. His new changes have been made after Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru resigned after huge pressure from the opposition in matters corruption.

In a statement the President said :

“I expect that this change will allow Cabinet Secretaries to focus better on their deliverables by eliminating some of the overlap that existed before and also through giving increased focus to important areas that will drive our economic growth. Each Ministry will be headed by a Cabinet Secretary.
I am now requesting the National Assembly to fast track the vetting and approval of those persons who are newly nominated as Cabinet and Principal Secretaries so that my team and I can get down to work as soon as possible.
Fellow Kenyans under the newly re-organised set up of Government, the following are the details of the Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries:-“


Dan Kazungu

Prof Judy W Wakhungu

Devolution & Planning
Mwangi Kiunjuri

Water & Irrigation
Eugene Wamalwa

Finance – National Treasury
Henry K Rotich

Sports Arts & Culture
Dr Hassan Wario Arero

Dr Fred Okengo Matiangi

Transport & Infrastructure
James Macharia

Willy Bett

Gen (Rtd)Joseph K Nkaissery
Foreign Affairs
Amb Amina Mohamed

Public Service Youth & Gender Affairs
Sicily Kanini Kariuki

Najib Balala

Energy & Petroleum
Charles Keter

Dr Cleopa Kilonzo Mailu
Labour & EAC Affairs
Phylis J K Kandie

Amb Dr Raychelle Awuor Omamo

Prof Jacob T Kaimenyi

Adan Mohamed

Joe Mucheru

Attorney General
Prof Dr Githu Muigai

Richard Lesiyampe

Arts, Culture
Joe Okudo

Basic Education
Dr Belio Kipsang

Broadcasting & Telecommunications
Sammy Itemere

Ali Noor Ismail

Correctional Services
Micah Powon

Amb Peter K Kaberia

Mwanamaka Mabruki

EAC Integration
Betty Chemutai Maina

Eng. Joseph Njoroge

Charles Sunkuli

Prof Ntiba Micheni

Eng. Karanja Kibicho

Youth and Public Service
Lilian Omollo

Nicholas Muraguri

Housing & Urban Development
Aidah Munano

ICT & Innovation
Victor Kyalo

Industry & Enterprise Development
Julius Korir

John Musonik

Dr Amb Monica Juma

International Trade
Dr Chris Kiptoo

Patrick Nduati Mwangi

Khadija Kassachoom

Mariam El Maawy

Dr Andrew K Tuimur

Maritime Commerce
Nancy Karigithu

Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Mahmud

National Treasury
Kamau Thugge

National Water Services
Fred Sigor

Natural Resources
Dr Margaret Mwakima

Andrew Kamau Nganga

Planning & Statistics
Saitoti Torome

Public Works
Dr Paul Maringa Mwangi

Social Security & Services
Susan Mochache

Special Programmes
Josepheta Mukobe

Sports Development
Richard Ekai

Fatuma Hersi

Wilson Nyakera Irungu

University (Higher) Education
Prof Colleta Suda

Vocational & Technical Training
Dr Dinah Jerotich Mwinzi

Gender Affairs
Zeinab W Hussein

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After continuous requests from Kenyans that one day be declared a public holiday because of Pope’s visit, it is now confirmed that Thursday will be a public holiday.

Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo Stadium
Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo Stadium

Government Spokesman revealed this statement through his twitter account by saying  :

“The Government has declared Thursday, 26th November a public holiday. “

Saying he was visiting Kenya and Uganda as a minister of the gospel, the Pope emphasised that he was bringing a “message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace”.

Dear friends,” he said. “I send a word of greeting and friendship to you and your families.”

Saying he was visiting Kenya and Uganda as a minister of the gospel, the Pope emphasised that he was bringing a “message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace”.

He urged Christians to open up their hearts, especially to the poor and those in need.

“I want to offer everyone a word of encouragement,” he said in the message prepared by Centro Televisivo Vaticano.

He called for mutual understand across all religions and for believers “to support each other as members of our one human family”.

He said the highlight of his visit will be his meeting with young people at the Kasarani Stadium and expressed hope that the youth will be part of a future of “hope, peace and progress”.

“I ask everyone to pray that my stay in Kenya and Uganda will be a source of hope and encouragement to all.”

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‘We Believe In GOD and We will Keep Praying” : President Uhuru Tells ICC Judges

This would have been a normal Mashujaa day at Nyayo National stadium but President Uhuru’s statement about ICC took the headlines after telling off the judges to let them continue praying for their cases to be withdrawn.

Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo Stadium
Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo Stadium

The president’s camp of Jubilee coalition have been holding a series of prayers for the deputy President William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang who are still having cases at the International Criminal court at the Hague.

In a speech that he had prepared for the nation the president said :

“Stop this ICC issue. The judge cannot tell us we cannot pray. We believe in God and will keep praying,” he said, adding that Osuji’s remarks should not worry the public.

Uhuru greeting the crowd  during Mashujaa Day
Uhuru greeting the crowd during Mashujaa Day

“Kenyans should work together and forget those who keep rubbing the ICC issue on our faces,” President Uhuru shared.

The Jubilee coalition and Ruto’s supporters have launched a furious anti-ICC campaign that includes nationwide prayer rallies for the accused, and regular denunciation of the court.

The situation has been complicated by claims and counterclaims of who allegedly procured and coached which witnesses against Ruto and Sang.

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NO MONEY TO PAY : President Uhuru Urges Teachers To Reconsider Their Position On Strike

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta through a state address on Sunday evening urged teachers to reconsider their position on the ongoing strike. The President stated that the child’s interest should be put first looking at the public wage bill is way higher than the one paid out for the previous year.


The teachers strike has been ongoing for the past 3 weeks with millions of students in both primary and secondary school being left in a position of staying at home.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Government is about service. I urge all teachers as parents, as public servants, and as Kenyans to reconsider their position on this matter, and to resume their duties, in the interests of our children.

Let me also encourage teachers and their unions to represent themselves honestly to those who pay their wages. Let us deal sincerely with each other, because only then will we find lasting solutions to the challenges that face us,” President Uhuru stated. 


The President also laid out the facts of increase in the wage bill and gave out the option of either increasing taxes or stopping developments programs if teachers were to be paid.

“The fact of the matter is that to pay this award, we would have to raise VAT from 16% to 22%, OR borrow more money OR suspend critical development programs and essential services in health, in education and in security. Raising taxes, borrowing more money or cutting back on development programs will raise the cost of living, slow down our economy, and increase unemployment and poverty. None of these options is tenable. Our country must live within its means,” the President stated. 

Kenyans on their part were left hanging on what the next position will be with Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion saying that they have to respect the President’s opinion but added that they will follow the court order.

“I’m ready 4 a 50% salary cut inorder to pay our teachers.I’ll file a motion in Senate 4 50% salary cut 4 Senators&other highly paid officers,” Mike Sonko through a tweet said that he will be willing to take a pay cut of 50% to help pay the teachers.

Nearly 14 million students were sent home on Friday as the government and unions dug in in the stalemate over a pay increase. But whereas the salary strike is only affecting public schools, the closure will includes private institutions.

This is the first time in the history of Kenya’s education sector for the government to take such a drastic action.


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TEREMUKA : Emmy Kosgei Makes President Uhuru Dance To Taunet Nelel In ITALY [VIDEO]

Award winning gospel singer Emmy Kosgei pulled a new one when she made H.E President Uhuru dance to her timeless hit song Taunet Nelel at the Milan Expo in Italy. Having being made the ambassador of culture and tourism Emmy Kosgei did prove that she is up to the task as she made the President praise through dancing.

uhuru italy post

While In Italy President Uhuru witnessed the signing of two agreements between Kenya and Italy that will help in combating unconventional international crimes including terrorism, cybercrimes and wildlife trafficking. The Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance agreements were signed by Attorney General Githu Muigai and Italy’s Minister for Justice Andrea Orlando in Milan on the sidelines of the Milan Expo 2015.

Watch the video below of the President dancing with Emmy Kosgei

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We Are A HOTBED of Champions” : H.E UHURU Tags CNN Statement To Applaud Kenyan Athletes

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta applauded the Kenyan Athletes for making Kenya to be seen as a hotbed of Champions at the just concluded IAAF World Championship at the Bird Nest Stadium in Beijing China. The President didn’t forget to tag the trending word  used by CNN that described Kenya as a hotbed of Terror earlier last month.


“Congratulations ‪#‎TeamKenya‬ on the most remarkable win in the IAAF World Championships 2015 in Beijing, China,” President stated through his congratulatory message.

Kenya beat all the countries in the world including USA and Jamaica to be crowned the overall leader at the World Championships having 7 Gold Medals 6 Silver Medals and 3 Bronze medals.

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze 
1 Kenya 7 6 3 
2 Jamaica 7 2 3 
3 United States 6 6 6
4 Great Britain 4 1 2
5 Ethiopia 3 3 2

uhuru vivian and kemboi

Our commitment to enhance the capacity of every young person to develop themselves, our communities and our nation has been vindicated by the fine showing in Beijing. Our young people have once again shown that they are as good as the world’s best and brightest. Kenya has taken it spot on top of the world, where we belong. You have done Kenya Proud. We are indeed the Hotbed of Champions,” President Uhuru added through his message.

Kenya had seemed to be losing its top position to Jamaica in the last track races but USA made Kenya maintain the top position by beating Jamaican athletes to win the 4*400 relay.

Asbel Kiprop and his team were the last Kenyan Athletes to take the stage and in deed they proved that they were the best by bagging a 1,2 finish at the 1500 meters final.


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Hongera : President Uhuru Congratulates Kemboi and Vivian Cheruiyot For Making Kenya Proud

H.E President Uhuru on monday evening applauded the victory of Ezekiel Kemboi and Vivian Cheruyiot who bagged gold medals at the continuing IAAF World Championships in Beijing. Vivian had earlier become the 1st Kenyan to bag a gold medal at the championship and a few minutes later Ezekiel Kemboi and the steeple chase team bagged a 1 to 4 finish.

vivian cheruyiot

Join me in congratulating Vivian Cheruiyot on bagging Kenya it’s first Gold Medal in the 10,000m women’s marathon; and Ezekiel Kemboi, Conseslus Kipruto, Brimin Kipruto and Jairus Birech for the clean sweep in the 3000m steeplechase during the IAAF World Championships 2015 in Beijing,” President Uhuru Kenyatta stated after the vicory of the athletes.kemboi champion

kemboi beijing

Kenya is still being represented in the championship by David Rudisha Duncan Ferguson among others who will make Kenyan proud in the different races.

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“We MEET Again, My Brother” : President Uhuru Meets With President Barack Obama In ETHIOPIA

President Uhuru Kenyatta had another opportunity of meeting President Obama when he visited Ethiopia for the multilateral summit on South Sudan peace process.

uhuru and obama
President Uhuru welcomes Barack Obama during his visit in Kenya

President Uhuru had previously hosted Barack Obama for 3 days in Kenya (where he co-hosted the GES Summit with him) and they met again in Addis Ababa where talks are being held to develop counter terrorism measures against Al-Shabab.

uhuru ethiopia 2 uhuru ethiopia 1 uhuru ethiopia

The president shared photos of him holding talks in a round table with Prime Minister of Ethiopia and President Barack Obama.

uhuru museveni

“In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a multilateral summit on the South Sudan peace process and regional counterterrorism measures. This summit is a consultation on how to make progress in the vexing subject. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and I have led talks on restoring peace in South Sudan under the auspices of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD),” President Uhuru captioned. 


Daniel Owira ‘Otongolo’ Finally Tweets President Uhuru And Gets 4000 Followers Instantly!!

“Tweet me Mr president tweet me”

These are the words of the Highway Secondary school boy Daniel Owira alias Otongolo after making the choral verse presentation at the presidential gala in state house Mombasa.

otonglo 11

After receiving the full sponsorship of his education from H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta he had an interview on NTV prime news with Larry Madawo.

The  interesting part is that Daniel  now has a twitter account (@DanielOwira) which was  opened live on air by Larry Madowo.

deniel owira twiter

He immediately tweeted the president and this is what he said:

daniel owira tweet

Here is the video of  his interview on NTV Kenya.

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