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“I Would Go To School Without Shoes And At Times Mum Borrowed Money To Buy Food” A Kenya Gospel Singer Shares Her Story

Today we bring you a story of a gospel singer by the name of Trizah Kim. She was born in Murang’a, Kigumo in December 7th 1982 and is a Christian and a true believer of GOD who walked with her from struggle to Grace.  She shared her story  with us and we give you the opportunity to read it :

triza kim smile
I am a Christian, I believe in God the father Almighty in all that I do. I am a daughter of Peter and Jacinta Maina. I come from a very humble family of 9 children as the 4th child.

I was born and baptized in a Catholic church and grown up in the same church. I always had a passion for singing from a tender age. I never missed church unless when unwell. I can remember there was a time when I and my friends could pass to church at 3pm on our way home from school, and we were only 8 and 9yrs old. I was always leading the Church’ Sunday school when I was very young through the church procession and mass. I also joined the church youth and continued being an active youth member. In high school I was a C.A member and still a leader in praise and worship.

When I was growing up, poverty and rejection was what I knew almost throughout. My dad being a tailor in Nairobi, he was very supportive and very responsible but the family was bigger and the needs were way too high for his salary. Rejection was at its best. I remember there were those kids who we couldn’t play with in school, there were those kid’s who we couldn’t sit with in church. Lunch in school was not always.

triza kim family


Sometimes we had to eat supper and wait till next day supper. When my dad was working in Nairobi, my mum used to do some casual jobs to keep us going. Uncountable times when she left in the morning for job especially during the holidays, left us with nothing for lunch but with the hope to come with something in the evening, and only to come back empty-handed, with nothing but sadness and tears. Reason, she have been working the whole day, expecting to be paid in the evening so that she buys us something, but she’s told to go get the cash maybe the following day or week. I never heard her cursing or asking God any question, to her it was always well with her soul no matter what. She would start borrowing from our neighbors and it’s late in the evening, till she gets something.

Shoes and clothes to us were luxuries. Something you couldn’t think about. Almost the whole of my primary school I didn’t have school shoes. The only thing we got and can’t complain was nice school uniform because my dad was a tailor. We were always smart no matter what, and God’s grace is always sufficient because even when we had no lunch for days, all of us were healthy.


I was the first kid from our family to join high school. It was not very easy but I managed by the grace of God. When in form 3 I got a sponsor who sponsored me till my fourth form. From there it’s me and the world because there was my younger siblings who were to join high school hence no money to take me to college. God has been faithful to me.


The time I sat for my last KCSE paper, I remember people had some farewell party and I didn’t join any group but went home, knelt and asked God to take over from there. I started looking for a job immediately. I got a job at a hotel near home. I worked there for one month, and then went to Nairobi to stay with our first-born sister. Life wasn’t easy at all but again by the grace of God I got another job as a secretary. I worked for 3yrs and 3months. My salary was very little and I had some responsibilities, paying rent, food, clothes again became luxury and I was saving something very little. While working in that office, I was paying little money for computer classes and I finished the basic packages.

I took a loan from another Sacco from the little I had saved with them for three years, and started a business. It was small computer training and later on expanded to a cyber and computer services. God blessed me and the business picked within the first six months, I asked my younger brother who had completed his high school to come and assist me. I expanded again to properties business last year whereby I run a land and properties office as an agent using the same office. I just look back to where I have come from and I feel like shouting ‘COME ALL AND TASTE THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD’.

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I met my husband in year 2007 December, when he was n internship and I was working. We had a one year courtship and got married later on. Things were not very good on our side, because there were so much that had happened earlier. They were badly affected by the 2007 tribal clashes and the whole of year 2008 wasn’t any easier. What I knew is that one time things would change from worse to the best and that time love was the only thing I had no matter what.

We settled down on the 2009 Palm Sunday, after meeting both our parents and with their blessings though we didn’t manage to do a wedding.

The same year we were blessed with a baby boy Lee. Again life was not easy but with God on our side we managed. Year 2011 we were again blessed with another baby, a girl, Valerie who came with many more blessings. Lee and Valerie are our blessing, our joy and whenever things fail to work as per our wish, seeing them makes life complete and we forget all that’s going on. They are both baby models having done some local adverts and that have attracted the both of us, I and daddy to do the same.


My mother is my number one inspiration. She taught me no matter how hard things may seem, God is always on His throne, He is never late and He comes at his perfect time.

Lesson Learnt

I have learnt to always thank God for what I have, what I don’t have will come at its right time. I always ask God for hope, faith, good health and peace of mind.
So far Jesus is my Personal  Savior, my Protector, I mean my everything in life. Glory be His Mighty and Holy name.

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