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Willy Paul and Size 8 Have A Reason To Smile As ‘Tam Tam’ Hits 2 MILLION Views

Not every song makes it out but when one does it hits great marks as many people run to click the browser to search for it again and watch it. This is the same for Willy Paul and Size 8 who are thanking GOD for another milestone for their song ‘Tam Tam’ which has Hit 2 Million views in its 2nd year since being produced.

Tam Tam willy paul ft Size 8


Initially Tam Tam was done by Willy Paul, Dk Kwenye Beat and Elijah Prince while still under the wings of System Unit. Willy Paul later decided to make good off the song by doing a remix with Size 8 which was the 1st collabo of Size 8 since moving to gospel music.

willy size 8 nakuru

Size 8 and Willy Paul jokingly decided to enter the recording booth at Jumbo Sounds where super producer Teddy B was working before starting his own brand, Signature scope.

willy size 8 best post

Months later after release, Tam tam became a national anthem when it comes to weddings around Kenya as it not only incorporated gospel deejays who were married but mentioned celebrated politicians in Kenya.

In a note Willy Paul thanked GOD and his fans who have kept following him :

“God’s grace is sufficient.. A year ago God made me the first East African gospel artist to hit 1,000,000 (1million) views on YouTube with the song sitolia.. And now He’s done it again… In a much bigger way.. I want to thank everyone for always supporting me… I love you.. Without forgetting my mama Gloria Muliro and my sister Size 8. Without their support Sijui ningekuwa wapi. They believed in me even when the worse was being said about me.. Asanteni…. They mean a lot to me.. So before I release a unity song today… Just know that I appreciate you all”

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R.I.P MUM : A Day After Delivering Her Baby, Size 8 Loses Her Mother

It’s with heavy heart that we break this news to you our dear readers as Size 8 mourns the passing of her mother. Linet Munyali had started enjoying life again after delivering her baby on Friday afternoon but sad news followed more than 24 hours later as her passed on.
size 8 and mother

Size 8’s mum Esther Munyali had been battling with chronic illness for four years and had needed a Kidney transplant last year which was supported by friends in the music industry.

“I really admire my mother she is a true fighter even with her chronic illness that has put many down she still press on preaches the gospel of Jesus christ and prays daily.” Size 8 said when sourcing for funds for her mothers treatment.

Nearly 7 months later after the public plea to contribute funds for her mum the gospel singer is mourning the loss of her dear mother who probably had just a day to celebrate the good news of the successful delivery of her new born baby.

Size 8 thanked GOD for the blessing of her child and mourned the passing of her mother through a brief note :

“God I come before you thank you for blessing me with a new life @ladashabelle and also taking a life away at the same time for you know best REST IN PEACE my dear mum Esther Njeri Munyali.”

Size and DJ MO had yesterday welcomed the birth of the new baby girl called Ladeshe Belle after 9 months of waiting and anticipation.

first photo size 8 baby

It’s really sad that she has lost her mother just a day later.

GOD be with the family of Size 8

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Today is a special day to the wife of DJ MO, Size 8 reborn. We as Uliza Links take this opportunity to celebrate her life and bless her ministry as a gospel artiste.

size 8 5

size 8 7

size 8 post

size 8 4

size 8 6


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New Doors Open : Size 8 Reborn Makes A Comeback On Tv

Doors continue to open for gospel singer ,Size 8, whom you previously used to see on Citizen tv’s show , Mahakama,  acting as a defendant and plaintiff.

The beautiful and blessed songstress is now set to grace your screens again with a new show dubbed “supa Shopper” that is scheduled to air its first show on K24 today at 7:30 pm .

There has been a lot of buzz on twitter about the forthcoming show with many using the hashtag #supashopper. Will this be another big show after Jalango with the money and churchill show? well i guess that is a matter of wait and see.

Size 8 was so excited about her new show that she took to her social media page to post this statement:

“God has opened for us new doors. I will be hosting a brand new show on K24 starting this Sunday at 7.30pm.”

Size 8 Facebook post


In another post on his facebook page , Size 8 , expressed her deep excitement and thankfulness to God for opening doors for her.

“Am so thankful to God for what his done for me. He has been so faithful, so loving ,his brought me out of the toughest situation. I have a reason to smile, to dance and celebrate. Someone dance with me.”

We wish Size 8 all the best in her new show.



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I AM Almost BROKE, Because Of The Hospital Bill : Size 8 Pushing For Her Mum’s Kidney Transplant

On Sunday Size 8/Linet Munyali made an appearance on Tukuza gospel show and to many thought that she had come to make a performance as most artistes do when they grace tv studios. To the surprise of many Size 8 shared of how hard and tough it has been for her supporting her mum in her battle with a chronic illness.

size 8 and mother

Size 8’s mum Esther Njeri Munyali has now been ill for 4 years and it has reached a point where she needs a kidney transplant. In a campaign that started with a post on her instagram page several artistes have come on board to help support one of their own in a time where every coin counts to help pay for the surgery.

“I have reached a point where I am almost broke as most of the money i have been receiving on my events performances have all been directed to support my mother. At times i get so tired with all the pain that i see my mum going through such that i call my friend Lady Bee to at least give some courage to keep going.

People might see us on tv smiling and on events but deep inside we go through some of the toughest moments in life. I had to go public about it as I just reached a point where I couldn’t bear it any more. It has been tough. At one time I pay a bill and at a later date I get called and i am told that the bill has increased to hefty amounts.

In the end I believe that GOD is in control and my mum will be well.” Size 8 said on KTN show Tukuza.

Size 8 initiated a funds drive that will run for a month till May 4th to help to raise Sh2 million for further treatment of her mum in India.

If you wish to assist her you can contact the following number or send Mpesa to the same :

Send in your contribution to Mpesa 0700032075 (Mary Munyali – Her sister’s No.).The Deadline for Contribution is on 3rd May.

size 8 mum kidney transplant

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Size 8’s Mum In Need Of A Kidney Transplant, She Has Been Sick For 4 Years

Size 8’s mum has been battling with chronic illness for four year now. With everyone seeing Size 8 throwing kicks on different platforms at events one would seem to think that all is well with Linet Munyali but not at all.

size 8 and mother

Size 8 has been supporting her mum’s recovery for all this time and now it has reached to a point where she needs her friends to stand with her to help her mum. She is seeking for friends to help her contribute part of the amount if not all of it that will be used for the the kidney transplant next month.

She said :

“I really admire my mother she is a true fighter even with her chronic illness that has put many down she still press on preaches the gospel of Jesus christ and prays daily.”

size 8 mum kidney transplant

Size 8 needs your prayers and support to go through this.

For all those who can assist, send in your contribution to Mpesa 0700032075 (Mary Munyali – Her sister’s No.).The Deadline for Contribution is on 3rd May.

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Size 8 And DJ Mo Invited For The INAUGURATION Party Of Nigeria’s President BUHARI

Talk of a celebrity couple in Kenya that has attracted so much attention in Kenya and the 1st thing that pops into your mind is DJ Mo and Size 8.

dj mo size 8 sonko

Well its good news for the couple as for the very 1st time they will watching the live inauguration party of Nigeria’s President Elect Buhari on their tv sets at home.


mr ibu funny

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Kalonzo Musyoka Hatujui ? : Tam Tam By Willy Paul And Size 8 Clocks 1 Million Youtube Views

The song that was released with 3 different versions has finally paid off. It had to take a long way to reach a destination and now Willy Paul is just but praising after Tam Tam hit 1 Million views on you-tube.

Tam Tam willy paul ft Size 8

Tam Tam by Will Paul and Size 8 has clocked 1 million views setting the bar as one of the biggest collabos of all time in the gospel industry.

It all started as a joke with Willy Paul telling Size 8 let’s do a song together and little did they know that the joke would bring them together in a recording booth and the song would become one of the top songs listened to in 2014.

dj soxxy tam tam

The music video which portrays the element of true love brought different gospel deejays in one scene where each deejay was being mentioned with the wife that he has married. With a good tune it would capture the listener in a conversation between Size 8 and Willy Paul where Size 8 advises young Willy Paul on how to find a good wife.

This conversation between Willy paul and Size 8 would be the spark on the song that would make someone want to listen to the song again and again.

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Cute Couple Day Out : DJ Mo Leaves His Decks To Teach Size 8 New Skills Apart From Singing, And She Kept Smiling

DJ MO and Size 8 a year after their marriage decided to take a day out in a tea farm where both of them learned a few skills in harvesting. DJ MO who has been the head of the soon to be family took his wife to a tea farm to help her learn a few lessons apart from singing, and with the end year events being over the joy of a new beginning in 2015 could be seen on Size 8’s face while harvesting.

dj mo size 8 groove post

A year after their marriage the couple can now smile and Size 8 is really thankful for having DJ MO as her life partner. DJ Mo was that friend she needed when she was making the decision of getting saved and it seems she made the correct decision in life.

A year later when you look at them the couple complement each other in every way. Looking at one being a deejay and another being an artiste. What else would you need in an event ?

DJ Mo size 8

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NAMBA NANE NANE!! : Size 8 Surprises Many In 2015 By Revealing How GOD Transformed Her Life

Size 8 reborn has released a new song called Jemedari coming after she did Tam Tam with Willy Paul in the year 2014.

The song which can be categorized as a praise song was released on the wake of 2015 and reiterates on how GOD has been faithful to Size 8 in her life as a Christian. Unlike the norm where artistes launch their videos on tv shows, Size 8 decided to launch her video in an event during the end year praise experience, Groove Party at Kasarani Stadium.

size 8 groove

After performing her other songs before midnight Size 8 decided to surprise the audience at Kasarani with an exclusive launch of her new video Jemedari on the mighty screens that were set up by Daylight Screens.

Cl-added in white exemplifying purity , Size 8 sings about a message of hope to those who feel like their life has no meaning. She says :

” God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ever think or imagine. Never worry with God as nothing is impossible. “



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“Though I SINNED Before, GOD Still Chose Me To Praise Him In Front Of MILLIONS” : Size 8 Profusely Thanks GOD

Size 8’s heart poured in praise for the almighty GOD after she was chosen to sing in front of millions of viewers at the Old Mutual fun day  that took place this past weekend. Size 8 who was once a secular artiste till she chose to sing gospel music couldn’t imagine that she was actually singing again in front of many Kenyans but now as a gospel singer.

size 8 machakos

Size 8’s major dream has always been to bring many people together in worship and praise in one big stadium which she shared with Uliza Links when we met. This luckily happened on Saturday when she headlined the Old Mutual fun day that was covered by Citizen TV in front of attendees who had come to have a good time.


At the end of the event Size 8 profusely shared on the mercy of GOD and grace that has continuously been sufficient since she chose the light over darkness. She said :

“God is merciful. He has chosen me to sing for him in front of millions and yet I sinned against him in front of millions. He is a God of forgiveness. My heart is full of joy.”

size 8 performing old mutual

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DJ MO And Size 8 Met With Senator Mike Sonko : What Could Have Brought Them Together ?

The celebrated couple of DJ MO and Size 8 met with Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko a few days ago raising a few eye brows here and there. The couple who were joined with Rufftone were hosted by Senator Mike Sonko at his office in the CBD after hosting the laughter Sunday  in Buru Buru.

dj mo size 8 sonko

DJ Mo and Size 8 had the opportunity to share words of empowerment after they hosted their event called laughter Sunday at KAG Buru Buru last Sunday. Looking at the fact that the event was hosted in Buru Buru which Mike Sonko is well known for his Matatu’s and representing them in the previous parliament as their MP, the topic could have just been directed at developing the area for good.

Senator Mike Sonko invited DJ MO Size 8 and Rufftone to his office and they had time to work out a plan of changing the face of the youth in Nairobi.

dj mo size 8 sonko rufftone

DJ Mo says that they will be working  on a project that will empower , promote peace and positive thinking among the youth in Nairobi which will be another project for Mike Sonko who has played a vital role in supporting great initiatives in the Kenyan society.

What a good way to come together for the benefit of the youth.



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“DJ Mo Ume Mpa Niwake Namba NANE” : DJ Mo And Size 8 Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

One year on Sammy Muraya and Linet Munyali look back and thank GOD for the pure blessing of bringing them together in marriage which complements their music.

dj mo salutes size 8

Who could have seen this coming?

A few only cause even close friends did not know when or how the wedding took place. But it did and we must say it was a well planned one as it was a private wedding with only few friends and family attending it.


dj mo size 8 janet otieno post

DJ Mo now and his wife Size 8 are celebrating their union together in marriage and thanking GOD for the opportunity of joining them as man and wife. The couple have been able to achieve a lot together in one year in marriage as now System Unit which is run by DJ Mo has bought a new van, advanced its deejay academy and plays host of Melodia Mix show which is owned by Bonyeza/Roamtech Solutions.

What pure blessings GOD has poured upon this couple.

We congratulate DJ Mo and Size 8.



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Mum And The CUTE Couple!! : Janet Otieno Takes A Picture With Celebrated DJ Mo And Wife Size 8

Janet Otieno is the new face when it comes to budding women in the Kenya gospel ministry. She recently released a song called Heshima that calls f0r the utmost respect to all mothers in the globe and for a fact the single is touching many hearts.

janet churchill  post

Janet Otieno who was awarded a week ago at Mwafaka Awards 2014 took her #Heshima mood to Size 8 and DJ Mo who are one of the cutest couples we have in the music scenes.

A great moment they had that after hanging out they shared a light moment by taking a cute photo.

Check pic

dj mo size 8 janet otieno


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While Size 8 Celebrated Her Birthday, So Did Barack Obama : Check What Michelle Said To Obama


Size 8 celebrated her 27th birthday on Monday August 4th and to the surprise of a multiple the USA president who is a “Kenyan” celebrated his birthday too on the famous 4th of August. Barrack Obama turned 53 years old yesterday kick starting the birthday celebrations for the August babies.

obamas michelle

Barrack Obama had a special message dedicated to him by his better half on Monday and how special this piece was coming from Michelle Obama.

Happy Birthday to the man who always makes me proud. Thank you for your friendship, honesty and compassion. I will love you always.”

The couple have been through sunshine and rain and no matter how hard it gets they have shown the aspect of true love.

Happy Birthday Barack Obama.

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“Thanks For Being There For Me” : DJ MO Shares Why He Is So Happy To Have Size 8 In His Life

DJ Mo New pic

Groove Awards 2014 Deejay of the year DJ Mo has come out to share the love he has for his wife Size 8 also known as Mrs. Linet Muraya. The lovely couple has now been married for nearly a year, and DJ Mo is enjoying every bit of the union under GOD.

size-8-Mo post

DJ Mo and Size 8 were invited for a dinner meeting a few days ago by spiritual dad and mum, Bishop Allan and Kathy Kiuna and what a lovely session they had with others who graced the event.

The joy could be seen from the award-winning DJ as after the event DJ Mo posted this beautiful message  dedicated to Size 8 showing how he gives glory to GOD for blessing him with a wife.

“Proverbs 18:22 “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from God.”

Thanks for being there for me always”

This verse is quite powerful as it says that who finds a wife finds favor from GOD meaning DJ Mo has so much favor from his marriage with Size 8.

We bless the Lord for the couple.

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