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Touching Message :Size 8 Reveals On How Daddy Owen Inspired Her While She Was Still A Dancer

After Janet Mbugua , Savara of Sauti Sol and Wahu Kagwi shared on their experience with Daddy Owen in his 10 years as gospel artist , size 8 has also joined in to give her testimony as well.

size 8 new look

No many would have know that Size 8 was once a dancer but today she revealed that she started as a dancer before joining the music scene. Besides this she also shared on how she met with Owen and how she used to love his talent , hard work and humility.

Size 8 who is now an established artist in Kenya said that she wanted to be like Owen way back when she was a still dancer.

“I Thot to myself one day am going to be like him” said in a post

size 8 post 11

Daddy Owen is celebrating his 10th anniversary as a gospel artist in an event scheduled on Sunday 12th of July at the Carnivore grounds starting from 3pm .He will be

Entry fee for regular is Ksh 1000 and VIP Ksh 2000. Remember he is giving out his latest  album  “Vanity”  to all those who will attend the event.

Make a date.

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Size 8 Reborn Goes Back To School

Linet Munyali Muraya alias Size 8 who is the host of the latest trending show “Supa Shoper” decide to dress in high school out fit during her show ,aired today on K24 TV.

size 8 groove

The charming musician turned up in a checked blue dress that was interestingly matched with a pink and white socks.

size 8 post

This was quite creative since it got some many people talking on twitter to the point of making the show trend.




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“I Used To Say “Me Siwezi Imba Gospel” Size 8 Shares On How GOD Transformed Her Life

When news first broke out in  April 23rd 2013 that the talented singer Size 8 had left the secular industry and decided to follow Christ many really doubted if it was indeed a true transformation. Size 8 before seeing the light used to be the top female artist in secular where she received endorsements from  top brands in country.

size 8 julie dress

Clearly looking at the lifestyle she used to have things like our expensive cars , being paid huge amounts of money after performing, a good house amongst other things no one could believe that she could make such a move to leave all that to follow Christ.

Some even “prophesied” that she will stay for a few months and then go back to her old ways just like DNA , a famous singer in the country.Months came , a year passed and the blessed singer was still holding on strong to her calling. She kept on releasing songs that one could were aimed at passing a message of hope and trust in the lord.

I remember after releasing Mateke and Moto , Size 8 , released “Yuko na Wewe” a worship song that really passed a strong message about her salvation. The song was aimed at giving people hope and faith to keep on trusting and believing in GOD despite the challenges they are going through.

Having come from a family that is so prayerful Size 8 supported by her husband Dj Mo has been pushing the message of Jesus Christ in all the platforms she gets. Whether it is an event , in church , radio or Tv platform she has been ensuring that she always encourages people to believe in Christ. There was a time she was hosted by the renown Kiss FM presenter, Kalekye Mumo, on her morning show and towards the end of the interview she begged Kalekye to allow her pass a message to the listeners. You would have  thought for a second that she wanted to market herself but the amazing thing is that Size 8 told the listeners to  “keep on trusting in Jesus for HE is the answer.”

That was a  great sign that showed she had truly accepted salvation.

2 years in salvation most Kenyans have come to believe that GOD had truly transformed her to point of others confessing that they got saved after listening to her songs.

Size 8 herself is so much amazed with how she has transformed that she took time to look back and celebrate what the lord had done for her. In a post on Size 8 shared:

“God is too powerful he was able to fully transform me into a new creation a thing I myself thought was impossible……. I used to say “me siwezi imba gospel” now look at God’s miraculous wonders.”

The singer who is also known  Linet Munyali Muraya is seeing the hand of GOD months after giving her all to ensure that her sick mother was getting better. Linet this month was blessed to get  a job as a Tv show host in  a family show dubbed as  “Supa Shopper” . The show is always aired on every Sunday on K24 Tv.

We thank GOD for sister Size 8.


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New Doors Open : Size 8 Reborn Makes A Comeback On Tv

Doors continue to open for gospel singer ,Size 8, whom you previously used to see on Citizen tv’s show , Mahakama,  acting as a defendant and plaintiff.

The beautiful and blessed songstress is now set to grace your screens again with a new show dubbed “supa Shopper” that is scheduled to air its first show on K24 today at 7:30 pm .

There has been a lot of buzz on twitter about the forthcoming show with many using the hashtag #supashopper. Will this be another big show after Jalango with the money and churchill show? well i guess that is a matter of wait and see.

Size 8 was so excited about her new show that she took to her social media page to post this statement:

“God has opened for us new doors. I will be hosting a brand new show on K24 starting this Sunday at 7.30pm.”

Size 8 Facebook post


In another post on his facebook page , Size 8 , expressed her deep excitement and thankfulness to God for opening doors for her.

“Am so thankful to God for what his done for me. He has been so faithful, so loving ,his brought me out of the toughest situation. I have a reason to smile, to dance and celebrate. Someone dance with me.”

We wish Size 8 all the best in her new show.



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TUKO PAMOJA: Pitson, Alice Kamande, Jaguar, Nameless And Many Other Kenyans Show Up In Support Of Size 8

Hundreds of Kenyan Christians and top artists on Sunday 03 May 2015 turned up at NPC Valley road in support of  Size 8’s mother kidney transplant. The event which was organised by the lovely Christian singer Size 8 assisted by her husband saw the attendance of top musicians both from the secular and gospel industry.

jaguar simama

Size 8 and her husband Dj MO organised the event in order to raise funds for her mother’s Kidney transplant. Size 8’s mum has been battling with chronic illness for four years and now it reached a point where she  needed a surgery to assist her in regaining her strength.

mercy masika size 8

It is for this reason that artist like Jaguar, Nameless, Wahu, Pitson , Alice Kamande, Mercy Masika amongst others showed up at NPC Valley road in solidarity with Size 8 and her family.

Here are more photos from the funds drive:

alice kamande simama


holy dave simama

xtian size 8

crowd size 8

If you won’t be able to make it you can send your contributions to :

Paybill 317115

Account : Simama Na mama Size 8



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After Finding His Mum : Willy Paul Joins Size 8 In Nakuru To Spread The “Tam Tam” Love

Today will be that day when Willy Paul will always remember as the day that he located his mother after she went missing for more than 48 hours. Willy Paul with the help of fellow gospel artistes and renown singer Jaguar was able to locate his mum in Eldoret after 3 days of distress and tension.

willy mother post

Willy Paul broke the good news on his face book page by stating that he had found his mum and later was spotted in Nakuru where he joined Size 8 and DJ Mo for the QTV tour that aims to promote the station’s brand.

Here are the photos.

willy nakuru willy size 8 nakuru size 8 nakuru

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There Is No Other Man For Me, Sweety : Size 8 Speaks Of Her Love For DJ MO

The celebrity couple of DJ Mo and Size 8 is a couple that has attracted quite a following since they got married for about a year now. The couple has continued to stand out not because of their status alone but because they have kept GOD 1st and add to that their continuous messages of love that they share about each other on different platforms.

dj mo size 8 groove post

Size 8 was the most recent one to share about her feelings for DJ Mo in a night where she spoke about having nothing but Love for DJ MO. Looking back DJ Mo played a great role as a friend when Size 8 got born again and it seems that connection of true affection is still their in marriage.

Size 8 shared :

“There is nothing but love in my heart for you swity @djmokenya . Taking this opportunity to appreciate you for being in my life. You bring out the best in me and apart from you there is no other man for me.”

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“I Believe In The JESUS You Serve” A Fan Tells SIZE 8 After Getting Saved Through Her New Song “Jemedari”

“This is why I do what I do for GOD …. fame without winning souls to christ is unpleasing to God” this are not my words but those of the amazing award-winning gospel artist Size 8 after receiving a text message from one of her fans who apparently got saved through her new song.

size 8 groove

Size 8 at the beginning of the year 2015 launched her brand new song “Jemedari” on huge daylight screens set in front of thousands who had gathered for the groove party at the Kasarani stadium. In the song Jemedari size 8  says: “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ever think or imagine. Never worry with God as nothing is impossible. “

I believe that it’s this strong message in the song that has been able to minister to her fan who happened to listen to the song twice both at JCC church and Crossover101. Salvation is not easy and so if one is saved the heavens rejoice.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,” Ephesians 2:8

Here is the message she received:

size 8 fan message.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 2 Corthians 5:17

Size 8 was once a secular artist but God came into her life and she got saved. How amazing that now she is now bring many people to the light she saw 2 years back.

Truly GOD is great.



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Namba Nane : Size 8 Starts 2015 On A High By Releasing New Video “JEMEDARI”

size 8 jemedari 3

The song which can be categorized as a praise song was released on the wake of 2015 and reiterates on how GOD has been faithful to Size 8 in her life as a Christian. Unlike the norm where artistes launch their videos on tv shows, Size 8 decided to launch her video in an event during the end year praise experience, Groove Party at Kasarani Stadium.

size 8 groove

After performing her other songs before midnight Size 8 decided to surprise the audience at Kasarani with an exclusive launch of her new video Jemedari on the mighty screens that were set up by Daylight Screens.

Cl-added in white exemplifying purity , Size 8 sings about a message of hope to those who feel like their life has no meaning. She says :

” God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ever think or imagine. Never worry with God as nothing is impossible. “



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“Though I SINNED Before, GOD Still Chose Me To Praise Him In Front Of MILLIONS” : Size 8 Profusely Thanks GOD

Size 8’s heart poured in praise for the almighty GOD after she was chosen to sing in front of millions of viewers at the Old Mutual fun day  that took place this past weekend. Size 8 who was once a secular artiste till she chose to sing gospel music couldn’t imagine that she was actually singing again in front of many Kenyans but now as a gospel singer.

size 8 machakos

Size 8’s major dream has always been to bring many people together in worship and praise in one big stadium which she shared with Uliza Links when we met. This luckily happened on Saturday when she headlined the Old Mutual fun day that was covered by Citizen TV in front of attendees who had come to have a good time.


At the end of the event Size 8 profusely shared on the mercy of GOD and grace that has continuously been sufficient since she chose the light over darkness. She said :

“God is merciful. He has chosen me to sing for him in front of millions and yet I sinned against him in front of millions. He is a God of forgiveness. My heart is full of joy.”

size 8 performing old mutual

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“Namba Nane Nane Size 8” : Size 8 Goes Worship In Her New Single “Send Forth” [LISTEN]

Gospel singer Size 8 reborn has gone into the worship zone in her new single called “Send Forth” which is something different from her other singles as it draws the listener to a moment of worship.

size 8 5

This is the 4th single by Size 8 after choosing Christ and for a fact it will bless many souls. A song that will not be a “banger” but will go a long way to become a song that will be sung by church choirs and worship teams if she teaches them.

Listen to it here.

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“DJ Mo Ume Mpa Niwake Namba NANE” : DJ Mo And Size 8 Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

One year on Sammy Muraya and Linet Munyali look back and thank GOD for the pure blessing of bringing them together in marriage which complements their music.

dj mo salutes size 8

Who could have seen this coming?

A few only cause even close friends did not know when or how the wedding took place. But it did and we must say it was a well planned one as it was a private wedding with only few friends and family attending it.


dj mo size 8 janet otieno post

DJ Mo now and his wife Size 8 are celebrating their union together in marriage and thanking GOD for the opportunity of joining them as man and wife. The couple have been able to achieve a lot together in one year in marriage as now System Unit which is run by DJ Mo has bought a new van, advanced its deejay academy and plays host of Melodia Mix show which is owned by Bonyeza/Roamtech Solutions.

What pure blessings GOD has poured upon this couple.

We congratulate DJ Mo and Size 8.



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Willy Paul And Size 8 Release New Video “Tam Tam” [WATCH]

willy size 8 best post

You have seen them in the gospel scene for sometime now and they have come together to share their GOD given talents together. Gospel artistes Size 8 and Willy Paul have done a song together called Tam Tam coming after they released amazing singles in the gospel ministry by the name Yuko Na Wewe and Kwa Vile for the latter.

dj krowbar tam tam

The video which is themed on Love that comes from above features renown deejays with their spouses including DJ Krowbar, Dj Soxxy , DJ Mo and DJ Moz.

Speaking to uliza links Size 8 says :

“The song is about love and marriage and that true love only comes from God.  We reiterate that if one wants to settle they should seek guidance from God”


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The Collabo Of The Year : Willy Paul And Size 8 Release New Video “Tam Tam”

You have seen them in the gospel scene for sometime now and they have come together to share their GOD given talents together. Gospel artistes Size 8 and Willy Paul have done a song together called Tam Tam coming after they released amazing singles in the gospel ministry by the name Yuko Na Wewe and Kwa Vile for the latter. Tam Tam willy paul ft Size 8 This is the 1st collabo for Size 8 after she gave her life to Christ and add to that the second collabo for Willy Paul in a year after doing Kitanzi with Gloria Muliro. The message in the song is about  love that comes from the father as  Size 8 told uliza links that : “The song is about love and marriage and that true love only comes from God.  We reiterate that if one wants to settle they should seek guidance from God”


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Still Gorgeous : Size 8 Unveil’s Her New Look

Gospel Singer Linet/ Size 8 has rebranded her look from a style that so many Kenyans associated it  with her for a while. Size 8 who was named Groove Award Winner for her video Mateke has changed her hair-do from the red itty bitty and succint style to a more unbound red weave.

size 8 post new

Size 8 will always remain beautiful and fashionable because she always tries to be unique in what she does and wears.

Check her new look

size 8 new look


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Size 8 And Comedian Jalang’o Join Fight Against Jiggers

Award-winning gospel singer Size 8 and renown comedian Jalang’o join several other public figures in the fight against Jiggers .

1st lady size 8

In May 29 2013 the first lady in partnership with Ahadi Trust supported the fight against Jiggers by donating bags of  rubber shoes that were distributed to schools all over the country.At least 1.5 million Kenyans suffer from jigger infestation, 80 percent of them are children between the ages of five and 12.

jalang'o post

This reason amongst  others have pushed our sister Size 8 and Jalang’o to support the affected.

(c) Standard Digital News
(c) Standard Digital News

The two celebrated personalities visited Gatanga Primary School where they donated 2000 pairs of  shoes to the needy.


Source: SDE

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