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The GOSPEL INDUSTRY Under ATTACK : A Deeper LOOK On Stories Of Rose Muhando, Gloria Muliro And Betty Bayo

What is happening to our favorite gospel artistes ? top comedian Churchill asked a week ago. On the same question I bring my question of what is happening to the gospel ministry as I usually call it.

the gospel

Did the artistes fall into one big trap all at once or is it just an attack by the evil one on the body of Christ ?

Recently we have heard different stories of gospel artistes trending on various newsrooms and its quite sad to see such content being aired of gospel artistes whom thousands look up to. Why now or why is it hitting from one gospel artiste to the next ?

Who is happy when all these is happening ? Am not. Because if I am then what happens to the thousands of followers that had a little hope about Christ because of these artistes. It is a battle of different spirits at this moment and one person who is rejoicing is the devil as our Mighty GOD can not be happy when he see’s his children fall. But there is hope

shiru wa GP

Shiru Wa GP was one of the artistes that was affected last year. She gave birth two twins and barely a month after giving birth she lost one of the babies with the hospital bill amounting to 3 million shillings at one time. This was a hard task for Shiru Wa GP who had sold most of her personal effects to cover the hospital bill that was outstanding. But there was hope.

A few months later Betty Bayo’s story came up. Her now claimed husband was not the man many would believe in. He was allegedly using GOD’s word to get funds from people and the famous 310 Kanyari popped up. Everyone was going 310 on social media with all kinds of memes being photo shopped.  But there is hope


Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

We thought that was over but no sooner had we started the year than our sister Gloria Muliro walked out of her marriage because she was going through a lot in her marriage. The husband and friend she was looking up to had changed and now she is seeking for peace of mind as we pray that they reconcile sooner if GOD wishes to. I never took any side to support Gloria or Her husband because I know the reason why they got married, was not for personal interests but for GOD. But there is hope.

gloria and omba 1

2 weeks after Gloria Muliro’s story now its Rose Muhando being accused of committing abortion of her 7 old month baby and now investigations are being done to know if this story is true or not. Whether she did it or not its quite sad to see that happening to one of the biggest artistes in East Africa whom many followers are looking up to. But there is hope.

rose-muhando fb

The stories are endless and some are not mentioned.

The same happened to me once as I was battling some great temptations as a christian and lucky for me my story never came out like for our top artistes.

Unlike for me and you who make mistakes behind the scenes an artiste’s life is not private. They are public figures and represent the body of Christ in their ministry and everyone expects them to be perfect.

Artistes are facing big battles in life and we should pray and hope that the body of Christ shall stand out when the devil comes to prey.

It’s not easy for them and I wouldn’t want to join the group that sits out there and laughs when Gloria Muliro is breaking up with her husband or when Betty Bayo is fighting for her name because of Kanyari or Rose Muhando struggling with abortion stories.

I will stand up and pray for them rather than condemn them as when they fall so many other souls lose hope in GOD and I wouldn’t want to be part of that.

What about you ?

1 Thessalonians 5:11

who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him.11Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

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‘GOD Has Been Faithful’ : Shiru Wa GP’s Surviving Baby To Be Discharged From Hospital

The surviving twin baby of Shiru Wa GP will finally be discharged from hospital after staying in the incubator for more than 3 months. The baby who was born prematurely (with her brother who passed) has since her birth been in the incubator at Mp Shah hospital where Shiru Wa GP has been visiting frequently.

shiru wa GP

Shiru Wa GP says that the baby is in good health and believes that by Friday she will be free to take her home by GOD’s grace. “It has not been easy for us but God has been faithful. I never knew people loved me that much. They showed their love in kind and prayers and we can never be thankful enough. Our child is doing very well and it’s all by God’s favour,” reports the star.

She added that her husband – who works with Co-operative Bank – has been one of her strengths during the difficult period. “He has always been by us. Not even a single day has passed without him coming to see his daughter.He is a wonderful partner and has been one of my sources of courage,” she added.

We pray for Shiru Wa GP’s family and wish her well.



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Following President Uhuru’s Foot Steps ? : Meet Shiru Wa GP “The Soldier”

soldier uhuru

His Excellency the President , Uhuru Kenyatta clad an army  wear on Tuesday morning waking up the nation to a new style that he has adopted to.  He is the cool , freestyle President that Kenya has been surprised by and yesterday he made many smile when he clothed the army uniform while presiding over the Kenya Defense Forces Day at the Kenya Military Academy in Lanet, Nakuru. Gospel singer Shiru Wa GP seemed to have made the same move as she shared a photo of herself wearing an army wear.

uhuru soldier 1

uhuru soldier

Earlier in September H.E President Uhuru  contributed 1 million shillings towards Shiru Wa GP’s medical fund that was billing to about 2 million shillings. She was so grateful to the President who seems to be a great fan of hers as when he won the election the song that he requested on his first radio interview was her song.

shiru wa gp soldier

What a President ?


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“Thank You H.E Uhuru Kenyatta And I Have A FREE Concert For Everyone” Shiru Wa GP Gives Thanks To All

Shiru Wa GP has come out to thank every one who supported her and her family during this trying time in her life. A total of 6 million shillings was contributed by her fans on Kameme fm and president Uhuru Kenyatta who donated 1 million shillings to offset the outstanding hospital bill.

shiru wa GP post

On that note Shiru Wa GP has decided to make changes on her planned fundraising concert that was supposed to be held on 19th October. Shiru Wa Gp has confirmed that the concert is still on and rather than it being a fundraising concert it will be a thanksgiving one. All fans are invited to come and thank GOD for what HE has done for her in such a moment when it seemed so dark.

shiru wa gp fund thumb

She posted :

“To The Almighty God,Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, to all the media personalities, to all my fellow musicians,to all my fans, to all my friends and my entire family,Thank you for your support (prayers n financial) the Love, I have no words to express my gratitude for what you have done to me. May God remember you in your moment of distress,answer your prayers and may He meet the desires of your heart. You will never lack.God bless you abundantly. Join us on 19th October at St.Andrews PCEA for the Thanksgiving Ceremony. Entry is FREE FREE FREE of Charge.God bless u as you come.”

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And The Blessings Keep Flowing : President UHURU Donates 1 Million Shillings To Shiru Wa GP Medical Fund

How much more surprises are we expecting for Shiru Wa GP?


News just in is that H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta has donated a whooping 1 million shillings for Shiru Wa GP as she continues to collect money for her medical fund. Yesterday evening Kameme listeners contributed 5.2 million shillings for Shiru Wa GP and now the President has added his contribution to it to mark the total contribution to 6 million shillings.

shiru wa GP njogu njoroge

This is GOD for sure looking at what Shiru Wa GP went through having just lost her new born baby barely a month after he was conceived. A week later her other baby was in hospital admitted at Mp. Shah with all this going through her head.  It was too much.

But GOD has a way of working through men and the contribution of the President has confirmed that.

Njogu Njoroge who called for contributions for the artiste confirmed the news by posting :

“After President Uhuru was declared President elect, i interviewed him on air on Kameme Fm.He concluded by requesting a song “Ni kuri Ngai Matuini (There is a God in Heaven) by Shiru wa GP..And this morning President Uhuru Kenyatta donated KShs. 1 million towards her medical fund.Surely, there is a God in heaven.(Total collection Kshs. 6.2 million”

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She Only Needed 2 Million Shillings But Now Shiru Wa GP Has Received 5 Million Shillings

Great news for Shiru Wa GP as she has received more than she bargained for in her need of cash to pay her hefty hospital bill. Listeners of Kameme continued to contribute since yesterday morning to help her and by by yesterday night they had raised a total of Ksh 5.2 Million shillings.

shiru wa GP njogu njoroge

What a great Tuesday Shiru wa GP had yesterday. Probably she just wanted to share about the fundraising event that she had planned on 19th October at St Andrews PCEA. Speaking to Uliza Links she confirmed that she only needed 2 million shillings to pay the hospital bill which was still rising due to her child being admitted at MP. Shah.

She had reached a hard place in her life having sold most of her valuables in order to raise the cash for the hospital bill. With little hope left Kameme listeners came in numbers to support Shiru Wa GP to raise the cash and for a fact they raised more than anyone had expected.

The radio presenter confirmed that the total amount raised as per the close of the day was Ksh 5.2 Million shillings and counting. This is more than one blessing but GOD can surely work miracles when it seems darkest.

Glory be to GOD.

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GOD Is Too GOOD!! : Kameme Listeners Contribute 3 Million Shillings To Shiru Wa GP

We received this news today in the morning from e-news when they shared with us on what Kameme Fm listeners did for Shiru Wa GP.

Shiru Wa GP had planned a fund raising concert to help cover her hospital bill of Ksh 2 Million shillings but now it seems she might not need that.

shiru wa GP njogu njoroge

It seems there might be no need for the concert as Kameme listeners early on Tuesday  morning raised a total of 3 million shillings to cover the bill in just 2 hours.

Posting on his official face book  the presenter who hosted Shiru Wa GP by the name Njogu Njoroge said :

“This morning i hosted Ciru wa GP.She has been going through a lot plus huge hospital bills. Kameme Fm listeners generously contributed over 3.2 million Kenya shillings in a record 2hrs.God bless you so much my brothers and sisters.”

This is quite amazing from the listeners who heard the plea of their sister who has blessed many with her inspirational music.

Glory be to GOD.





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A Fundraiser Has Been Set Up For Shiru Wa GP To Help Cover Hospital Bill Of Ksh. 2 Million Shillings

Shiru Wa GP has gone through one of the most trying times in her life as a christian and as a mother. Having been blessed by a child and later losing him after a month Shiru Wa GP would really need our support now more than ever.

shiru wa gp fund thumb

Shiru Wa GP was recently admitted in hospital together with her other new-born child which has led to the rise of the hospital bill to about Ksh. 2 million shillings. Speaking to Shiru Wa GP herself she said that there will be a concert held for the purpose of offsetting the bill that has been a major burden for Shiru Wa GP.

Shiru Wa GP’s other surviving new-born, Esther as per Friday was still admitted at Mp Shah and she has been going there to see her as she recovers.

The fund-raiser had been set up but news just in  reveal that Kameme Listeners contributed Ksh 3 Million Shillings for her.

Now there might be no need for the fundraising concert.


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Not So Good : After Losing One Of Her Twins, Shiru Wa GP Other Baby Is Admitted At Mp Shah

Shiru Wa GP  was Blessed with twins.

One of the twins passed away just a month after being born.

The other twin is still admitted in hospital.

Shiru Wa GP was admitted in hospital with a heart problem.

We received this news on Thursday evening from a close friend to Shiru Wa GP that she is not doing well after being blessed with twins.

shiru wa GP

Disturbing news for Shiru Wa GP’s family as now her surviving new born baby Esther is currently admitted at Mp Shah hospital just a week after the burial of the other child who left us quite soon.

This turn of events are quite unfortunate for the gospel singer who has for years blessed many with her inspirational music. Its so sad to see her in that state looking at the fact that she was also admitted in hospital with a heart problem before being discharged.

On that note the family is calling upon fans and friends to pray for her and urge them to come in numbers to contribute for her hospital bill which has risen to 2 million shillings.




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Very SAD : Shiru Wa GP Loses Her New Born Baby

This month has been pretty bad in terms of sad news from robbery to accidents and now we release another sad news. Celebrated gospel singer Shiru Wa GP is mourning after she lost one of her twins late last week who was barely a month old.

shiru wa GP

Earlier in August the Lord had showered blessings upon the family of  Shiru wa GP when she was blessed with twins. Now we share some disturbing news that fell upon the family after one of the twin by the name of Anthony who was meant to be the twin brother to baby Esther passed away.

The baby passed on Thursday 11th September which is just a month after he was delivered to this world by his mother on August 12th.  Shiru wa GP posted :

“The longer the wilderness the greater the glory. …#Magerio Maya ti magutunina#God renew my strength and my family’s”

The child will be laid to rest tomorrow on Thursday at Kiambu Mugumo where  the family will gather to show their last respects to the new-born.

Please pray for the family.

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“I Thank GOD For Baby Esther And Anthony” Shiru Wa GP Shares Her Joy After Being Blessed With TWINS

The month of August was in deed a month of pure blessings as 4 of gospel personalities were blessed with beautiful babies. Shiru wa GP was one of those personalities who delivered bouncing babies including Rosy Ohon, Masha Mapenzi and DJ Soxxy’s wife.

shiru wa gp soxxy rosy

Shiru Wa GP who was awarded at Groove Awards 2014 for her song Laleiyo with L jay Maasai has poured out her heart in praise and worship to the Lord after blessing her with twins. She shared about the joy with her fans as she welcomed baby Antony and Esther who  now join the GP’s family.

She posted :
As this month closes(today) I want to thank God for this far n the blessing of the twins Baby Esther and Baby Antony.I also thank my friends,all the media personalities and all my fans who celebrated with my family thankyou for the well wishes.Thankyou also to those who have stood with me through this journey through your support and prayers,no words can express my gratitude. God bless you and may good health,peace and abundance be your portion…love you all

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Rosy Ohon Started Then Soxxy And Now Shiru Wa GP Has Been Blessed With TWINS

It seems August is the month of blessings as now we have three gospel personalities who have been blessed with children. Yesterday afternoon news broke that the renown gospel singer Shiru Wa GP who brought us Agiginyani is now a proud mother after she got twins.

shiru wa Gp

Its the season of babies now as Rosy Ohon and DJ Soxxy’s wife were blessed with babies last week which was the start of August.  Now Shiru wa GP has joined that line by not having just one but two beautiful babies meaning she got double blessing from GOD.

Shiru wa GP was recently awarded with L Jaay Maasai for the song Laleiyo as the Rift Valley song of the year at Groove Awards 2014.


We thank GOD for the blessings and we will keep you posted as more information comes in.

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After Landing From UK , Shiru Wa GP To Be Hosted On The Biggest Tv Show

Agiginyani songstress Shiru Wa GP has blessed so many hearts by her music and now she is set to be hosted on the biggest tv show.

shiru wa Gp

Shiru Wa Gp moved from Kenya to United Kingdom to share the word of GOD through music and now she has been called to be the guest artiste in the topic comic show. Churchill show will be hosting songstress Shiru Wa GP to share about  her life in ministry and also the challenges she went through as an artiste.

churchill mwalim

Catch Shiru Wa GP on Sunday on NTV Churchill show to know more.

Kenya Gospel Music Kenya Gospel News Kenyan Gospel Website

Kenyan Gospel Singer “Shiru Wa GP” (Agiginyani) To Be Hosted In United Kingdom In UK Gospel Tour 2013

Kenyan gospel singer Shiru Wa GP who is a Mwafaka Award Winner will be hosted in United Kingdom this September as she journeys on her United Kingdom Gospel tour.

shiru wa Gp

Her Tour Schedule Will be :

shiru wa gp tour

1st show Sunday 01/09/2013 From 6PM @
500 High Street North, Manor Park, London E12 6QN.

2nd Show Saturday 07/09/2013 from 6PM@
Jesus Celebration ministries JCM Luton Centre, Inkerman Street, LU1 1JD

3rd Show Sunday 08/09/2013 from 5PM
Revival House Oxford(VRCC)
Regal Community Centre, Ridgefield Road, Oxford, OX4 3BY

For Bookings call Victorious Events on 07875560473


(Review) Shiru Wa GP Launches New Album “Nyungu Wa Ngai”

On Friday 17th the Maximum miracle center was packed to capacity as people came to witness God’s doing, which was the launch of Shiru Wa Gp New Album.

shiru wa Gp

“Nyungu Wa Ngai” is the name of the Album that “The Agiginyani Mistress” Shiru Wa GP launched last Friday.

The event kicked of at about 7 pm with artists such as Paul Mwai, Betty Bayo, Ben Githae, Sammy Irungu Dennis Mutara amongst others gracing the event. After the prior performances at about 11;30pm,  Shiru wa G.p marched to the stage as the crowd went wild in dancing to the famous Agiginyani hit song.

She then invited L-jay Maasai who sampled Maasai for Christ before performing alongside Shiru wa G.p there new song Laleiyio .The energy on stage was immense and the crowd was on there toes.

If you remember Shiru Wa Gp is A Mwafaka Award Winner 2012 because of her vernacular songs which always is a blessing to many. This is her

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