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Many People Prepare For Their WEDDING DAY But Forget To Prepare For The MARRIAGE : Sarah Fana

Kenyan based christian singer Sarah Fana Hagos feels that people tend to prepare so much for the wedding and in turn forget to prepare for the marriage that ties them for the rest of their life.

The singer whom by faith will soon get married stated that people need to draw more attention in preparing for the marriage which in itself is the main thing of the union between couples, unlike the big day.

sarah fana

So many people prepare for their ‘Big day’..their wedding day which is absolutely the ‘Accessory’ of marriage and forget to prepare for the marriage itself which is the main thing!‪ #‎quite‬ a journey, amlearning, preparing. Almost there..will of Godaboveours

Many marriages have truly had challenges surviving due to less focus being given to the marriage itself. Is that many get married for their own interest before GOD’s interest ? and does it really matter ?

Woman Receiving Engagement Ring
Woman Receiving Engagement Ring

Sarah Fanah’s statement comes just days after she delayed her song release to mourn the loss of her Eritrean brothers and sisters who died while on transit at the Mediterranean sea.

Hi all; you must be wondering why I didn’t release my latest video‪#‎Nitakuimbia‬# last week as I had nations (Ethiopia and Eritrea); we are mourning so many of our Eritrean/Ethiopian brothers and sisters who died last week in the boat that capsized in the Mediterranean sea and those who were brutally butchered by the ISIS group in Libya.God willing I will be releasing it next week.may all RIP and may God bring justice and restoration to our wounded nations

Though mourning, the heart of ministry still shines in Sarah Fana who has always strived at being a blessing to more souls through her music.

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The Hair Needs Combing : A Friend Starts A Campaign To Help Sarah Fana Buy A HAIR COMB

sarah fanah post

 Sarah Fana Hagos who studies at Day star university has been having a hard time combing her hair recently and her classmate at the school has noticed this and is campaigning to help her out. Now who thought that a hair look could make a person to start a campaign ? 

Sara fana hair

Her friend by the name Ivy has noticed the problem that Sara Fana is going through with her hair and has decided to start a campaign to help her out. ‘Someone buy Sara Fana a comb’ is the campaign and any one who feels like they can help  Sarah should contact her friend for any donations.

Though the 1st campaign is comic in nature Sarah Fana has been involved in other serious campaigns to help fight Ebola out of Africa. Sarah has been working with Kora Awards after they chose her as their good will Ambassador in Eritrea to empower the African society on ways of preventing Ebola virus contraction.

With all the job that she is getting, has Sara Fana been working so hard that she forgot about her hair ?

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Newly Appointed KORA Awards Ambassador “Sarah Fana” Is Ready To Fight Ebola

Celebrated Kenyan gospel artist , Sarah Fana Hagos, who was recently appointed as the Kora awards good will ambassador of Eritrea has officially joined world leaders in the fight against Ebola. Working under the Kora awards initiative of empowering the African society on ways of preventing Ebola virus contraction , Sarah, is committed to ensure that this great message reaches the masses.

Ebola is a rare and deadly disease caused by infection with a strain of Ebola virus. The 2014 Ebola epidemic is the largest in history, affecting multiple countries in West Africa. It is spread through direct contact with blood and body fluids of a person infected by and already showing symptoms of Ebola. Ebola is not spread through the air, water, food, or mosquitoes.

Kora awards are fully aware of this fact and that’s why the have joined many organisations in the world to help fight this deadly virus.Through ambassador Sarah they have short a small Youtube video clip that has really great information you should know.The campaign has also been introduced on twitter under the hashtag #KORAfightsEbola.

Sara Fanah  who lives in Kenya and has embraced it as her home was on October 20th officially  awarded a certificate of accreditation as the good will ambassador for Eritrea. She was very humbled by this award and had this to say:

“I have Officially received the ‘certificate of accreditation’ as KORA AWARDS GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR representing my origin land ERITREA!I am honored,humbled and I give all the glory to Jesus who has seen this for me!#It doesn’t matter where I live,my dreams are still valid#”

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After Thugs Shut Her Door, GOD Opens A New Door For Sarah Fana As She Gets Appointed As An AMBASSADOR

Sarah Fana Hagos is celebrating another break through in her life as an artiste as she has been appointed as the Kora Awards Ambassador. Things have not been so easy for her during the last month as one she was robbed and two she had to be admitted in hospital after thugs shot her on her ribs.

Sarah Fana Groove post

In the process of recovery and with little hope of what might happen next GOD has surprised Sarah Fana with some great news in her music as a gospel singer.  Kora Awards last week sent her a letter as they officially appointed her as their Ambassador for the country of Eritrea. Sarah Fana Hagos as at now is the new Kora Awards Ambassador for Eritrea and she will be working with them to push for music in the country which she once called home.

sarah fana 111

Sara Fanah who lives in Kenya and now embraced it as her home shared her story with us and said :

“I am over joyed and I really thank God and you,the Kora Awards for this amazing appointment,I HAVE GLADLY ACCEPTED to be the KORA AWARDS Ambassador in Eritrea,thank you very much and I am looking forward to be working with you,God bless”

This is pure blessings for Sarah Fana who has faced so much in her life as a christian.

No matter what predicament, problem or difficulty you are facing the Lord has a way when there seems to be absolutely no solution in sight. God always provides a solution to any problem we are facing in the will of God. Let us look at the guidelines in complying with God’s will so we can experience His all sufficient grace, His enabling power and His sovereign working in our life.




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“Though My Body Is Shaking, GOD Is GOOD” Sarah Fana Recalls Her Robbery Incident A Week Later

A week after the robbery incident that left Sara Fana shot in the rib, she shared with her followers of her current condition and how the gruesome experience had left a dent in her life. Sarah Fana was robbed by armed gun men in the Month of September near Hurlingham and this incident still makes her shake because of the fear that grips someone once he/she is robbed.

sarah fana hagos post

Sarah Fana Hagos who is known for her songs Nakuabudu and El-Shaddai shared with her followers on how she feels a week after the gun men shot and robbed her. She posted :

It is exactly one week since that fatal and horrible incident that almost took my life happened.Even though my body is still shaking,I am still afraid of darkness,my head aches,my legs tremble and still feel disoriented..I am strong enough to say and declare that GOD IS GOOD…because of your supernatural protection, I am able to see this day. for you have fought for me I am alive today.Lord,I have a new song for you..I have a new praise..I sing..though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.I am grateful Lord..I have seen and testify your faithfulness….Thank you so much everyone for your prayers,inbox messages,visits and emails.I want to tell you that today I am very much OK and strong.I appreciate all of you..may God bless and protect you.Love you all.S

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“I Am Okay, GOD Saved Me” Singer Sarah Fana Shares Ordeal Of How 4 Gun Men Robbed And Attacked Her In Hurlingham

On early Thursday morning we received news that our dear sister Sarah Fana Hagos was shot in Hurlingham by 4 gun men while leaving school on Wednesday night. Today we can gladly confirm that our sister Sarah Fana is well as the injury on her body was not as bad as we had earlier thought.

Sarah Fana smiling post

Speaking to Uliza Links on Friday afternoon Sarah Fanah revealed how GOD saved her : 

We meet her at her home sitting with her friends at a coffee shop based in Highrise area. After noticing us she comes and thanks us for coming to her place and offers us a seat.

She feels happy that we came to visit and that’s when she starts telling us the  frightening ordeal:

“On Wednesday evening at around 8pm I was leaving for home after submitting my research work to my lecturer at Day star university where I  study Psychology.” Sarah Fana starts the conversation with her mood not so lit up.

Later on she passed by the ATM in Hurlingham and later went for home in another car that she boarded to leave for her place in Highrise area.

“After alighting at the stage where I usually alight a group of four men suddenly approached me and demanded that I give them all that I had.”

“I was with my cousin who had saved all his work in his laptop and hard disk and he asked me not to struggle with them and just let go.”

After obliging to their request and giving her hand bag and laptop the men were not satisfied and forcibly took her inside their car and drove off.

The motive of the men pushing her inside their car was not so unfamiliar as they wanted to make her with draw all the money she had in her bank accounts as they noticed that she had ATM cards in her purse.

Sarah Fanah with tears in her eyes says to Uliza Links : “An hour after another they would take me round the area to different ATM machines that I had cards for and withdraw large sums of money till I reach the limit of withdrawing. ”

This continuous withdrawal continued up to around 5am in the morning where they decided to take her to Kawangware area to finish their job.

“With them noticing that I might have recognised their faces the gun men started arguing on whether to end my life or leave me to go. I remember one of them saying “we have all the money let us let her go” while the others were like “she has seen our faces and might reveal us to the police”.

Finally they decided to drive her back to Hurlingham area and felt it was important to finish their job where they had started.

Sarah Fanah recalls with tears : “One of them pulled out a pistol from his pocket and pointed it towards my body on the rib side and shot me”

Shocked she was and frightening it was, as she had never experienced such kind of act in her life.  One of the gunmen pointed the gun on her ribs and shot her and like a sharp cut she felt something pierce inside her body.

Hurriedly they took off and left her on the road side to bleed to death but GOD had other plans for Sarah.

She vividly recalls that a neighbor whom she has known for sometime was the one who picked her on the road when she was traumatized and lying helplessly on the ground with her body bleeding.

The good Samaritan after recognizing that she knew Sarah she took her to Nairobi hospital where she was admitted for more than 8 hours after undergoing the operation.

Sarah fana fabz post

The doctor revealed that the bullet didn’t go so deep into her body only that it had a cut in her upper skin.

She was discharged at around 5pm in the evening and we met with her on Friday morning where we praised GOD for saving our sister.

Sarah Fanah is fine as she can walk and will be going back to class on Saturday.

We give all glory to GOD.

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SAD : Beautiful Kenyan Gospel Singer Was Shot By Thugs In Hurlingham, Nairobi

 Gospel singer Sarah Fanah Hagos was on Wednesday night attacked by armed gun men near her home in Hurlingham


Sarah Fanah is now okay and she shares her story (click to read)

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Amazing : A Kenyan Gospel Artiste Sister Reunites With Family After 22 Years

Sarah Fana Hagos is a Kenyan based gospel singer having stayed in Eritrea in her early childhood before re-locating to Kenya. This lady who has two songs Elshaddai and Nakuabudu  has an amazing story of how GOD protected her when she was faced persecution in her country.

sarah fanah post

Sarah Fana Hagos  shares an amazing testimony of how her sister who lost contacts with her family reunited with the family after 22 years. This happened on Thursday 6th February 2014 when Sarah Fanah broke the news to Uliza Links.

sarah fana hagos post

According to Sarah Fanah :  On Friday was one of the days God showed her His faithfulness. She says : “I have a big sister called Saba and she went to Eritrea with husband in 1992 because the hubby was re posted . Later the issue of Eritrean deportation came and the communication between Eritrea and Ethiopia stopped. So,she has never seen or talked with the rest of the family in Ethiopia for 22years and she was reunited on Thursday. She went through Sudan to Ethiopia.”

Sarah Fanah was overjoyed by the outcome and she adds “At least I have Seen her 9yrs ago because I was in Eritrea. I really thank God for remembering my family because this was one of the things I asked God to do for me and its a sign that God is about to reunite all Eritreans scattered all over the world with their loved ones again and he shall raise us higher as a nation.”

Wow what an amazing story. We thank GOD for this great reunion. What would you have done after meeting your sister/wife after 22 years ?


Kenya Gospel News

(Photos) Sarah Fana Hosts A Self Empowerement Workshop And Awarding Ceremony

Gospel queen Sarah Fana Hagos hosted a 3 day workshop which was oriented on empowerment.

sarah fana 111

Here is the highlight of the workshop teaching, worship and certificate award ceremony.

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