Get Well : Rose Muhando Hospitalized

Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando has been hospitalized after she was bitten by a snake.

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

Tanzania’s Global Publishers reports that the singer was attacked by a snake on Tuesday while entering her compound gate in Dodoma. The reptile bit her on the leg.

Her neighbours immediately rushed her to a hospital in Dodoma’s Area C.

rose muhando pasaka

“I feel for Rose, she is going through a lot of challenges. It is just the other day her legs and arms swelled. She had not fully recovered from this swelling. Now her condition will worsen following the snake bite she suffered at her home,” said a source as quoted by the outlet.

Global Publishers reached out to Rose Muhando on phone, but the call was received by a man who introduced himself as Ms Muhando’s brother.

“The phone has been left here at home. My sister (Muhando) was rushed to an Area C hospital for emergency treatment after a snake bit her on the leg when she was entering the gate. The bite was severe, and the snake was very huge,” said the man

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Rose Muhando : I Don’t Fear Getting Pregnant I FEAR SIN

Renown Tanzanian worship singer Rose Muhando today revealed in an interview with Citizen radio presenter Syombua Mwele that she absolutely has no fear of getting pregnant and that the only thing that will can make her fear is sin.

rose muhando and syombua mwele
Syombua Mwele and Rose Muhando

Months ago there were claims that sister Rose had aborted her pregnancy something that she strongly says that are untrue and unfounded. She further explained during the ‘Pambazuka’ radio show that she is a married woman with three children , two boys and one girl.

” Syombua nataka kuambia Wakenya kwamba siogopi mimba, mimi naogopa dhambi. Mimi si msichana, mimi ni mama na nina watoto watatu, wavulana wawili na msichana mmoja.”

Rose weeks ago released her latest single  featuring Kenyan gospel singer LJ Maasai.Watch


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The GOSPEL INDUSTRY Under ATTACK : A Deeper LOOK On Stories Of Rose Muhando, Gloria Muliro And Betty Bayo

What is happening to our favorite gospel artistes ? top comedian Churchill asked a week ago. On the same question I bring my question of what is happening to the gospel ministry as I usually call it.

the gospel

Did the artistes fall into one big trap all at once or is it just an attack by the evil one on the body of Christ ?

Recently we have heard different stories of gospel artistes trending on various newsrooms and its quite sad to see such content being aired of gospel artistes whom thousands look up to. Why now or why is it hitting from one gospel artiste to the next ?

Who is happy when all these is happening ? Am not. Because if I am then what happens to the thousands of followers that had a little hope about Christ because of these artistes. It is a battle of different spirits at this moment and one person who is rejoicing is the devil as our Mighty GOD can not be happy when he see’s his children fall. But there is hope

shiru wa GP

Shiru Wa GP was one of the artistes that was affected last year. She gave birth two twins and barely a month after giving birth she lost one of the babies with the hospital bill amounting to 3 million shillings at one time. This was a hard task for Shiru Wa GP who had sold most of her personal effects to cover the hospital bill that was outstanding. But there was hope.

A few months later Betty Bayo’s story came up. Her now claimed husband was not the man many would believe in. He was allegedly using GOD’s word to get funds from people and the famous 310 Kanyari popped up. Everyone was going 310 on social media with all kinds of memes being photo shopped.  But there is hope


Ephesians 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

We thought that was over but no sooner had we started the year than our sister Gloria Muliro walked out of her marriage because she was going through a lot in her marriage. The husband and friend she was looking up to had changed and now she is seeking for peace of mind as we pray that they reconcile sooner if GOD wishes to. I never took any side to support Gloria or Her husband because I know the reason why they got married, was not for personal interests but for GOD. But there is hope.

gloria and omba 1

2 weeks after Gloria Muliro’s story now its Rose Muhando being accused of committing abortion of her 7 old month baby and now investigations are being done to know if this story is true or not. Whether she did it or not its quite sad to see that happening to one of the biggest artistes in East Africa whom many followers are looking up to. But there is hope.

rose-muhando fb

The stories are endless and some are not mentioned.

The same happened to me once as I was battling some great temptations as a christian and lucky for me my story never came out like for our top artistes.

Unlike for me and you who make mistakes behind the scenes an artiste’s life is not private. They are public figures and represent the body of Christ in their ministry and everyone expects them to be perfect.

Artistes are facing big battles in life and we should pray and hope that the body of Christ shall stand out when the devil comes to prey.

It’s not easy for them and I wouldn’t want to join the group that sits out there and laughs when Gloria Muliro is breaking up with her husband or when Betty Bayo is fighting for her name because of Kanyari or Rose Muhando struggling with abortion stories.

I will stand up and pray for them rather than condemn them as when they fall so many other souls lose hope in GOD and I wouldn’t want to be part of that.

What about you ?

1 Thessalonians 5:11

who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him.11Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

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Rose Muhando Expected To Grace An Event In Nyayo Stadium And Hellena Ken Is Excited To Sing With Her

Award winning gospel singer Rose Muhando will be expected to grace the National Bible Peace Crusade at Nyayo Stadium withstanding her illness that shook her weeks ago. Rose Muhando will be among other artistes that will grace the Crusade that has been organized by GBS Kenya and one Hellena ken has shared her excitement of the moment of worship that will be present at the stadium.


“Today am singing at Nyayo stadium alongside Rose Muhando at the big peace crusade… The place looks great…talk of going to another level!!
Glory be to Jesus. Amen.” Hellena Ken said early on Thursday morning.

The Main speaker will be Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of the Good News Mission and the senior pastor of the Good News Gangnam Church in Korea.


The crusade starts other artistes expected to perform include Rufftone , and Vicky Gitonga.


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Get Well Soon : Rose Muhando Had A Surgery And Asks Fans To Pray For Her

Award winning gospel singer Rose Muhando has recently missed a couple of concerts that she was invited to. Many event organizers had wondered what had happened to her but reports from Tanzania say that Rose Muhando has not been well for sometime now.

rose-muhando fb

Rose Muhando who recently released her new single “Facebook” had a surgery on her leg after it had complications with a vein. With the pain increasing Rose had to be admitted at a hospital in Dodoma province and doctors did a surgery on the lower part of her leg.

According to a local newspaper in Tanzania, Rose Muhando said :

“I am not well, I just had surgery on my leg and the doctors had to operate the thumb of my leg. My facial appearance has changed due to the operation and now i just have to stay at home to recover.
I will be going back to the hospital again in the coming week and I urge all my fans to pray for me.”

Rose Muhando has been shortlisted in a prayer meeting here in Kenya this November and its quite unlikely that she will attend.

We as uliza links wish her well in her recovery.

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Meet The Kenyan Gospel Artiste Who Is Doing A Collabo With Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando is one of most celebrated gospel singers in Tanzania and Africa at large. Her unique style of praise has attracted a great audience and now one lady from Kenya is set to match that up by doing a collabo with her.

rose-muhando fb

From Kajiado county she hit with the song Aira Magilani Enkai which has got massive airplay in Tanzania more than Kenya. Talk of breaking boundaries and just like Rose Muhando Maryanne Tutuma is a known musician in Tanzania more than Kenya.

Maryanne Groove maryanne performing

This would surprise many right ? and now she is set to do another surprise when she releases her new song with Rose Muhando done in Swahili.

Maryanne Naipasoi Tutuma, left the nursing college in her third year to pursue music on full-time basis and since then she has kept growing.  She has performed on the national stage and even crossed borders to Tanzania. One of her albums was produced by Russian TV as an acknowledgment of her talent.

rose maryanne

Speaking to Uliza Links Maryanne Tutuma says that Rose Muhando has been her close friend and a ‘mother’  to her and have been sharing ideas on how to grow each others ministry.


Now they will be doing a Swahili song that is set to move Maryanne’s music to another level and bring a new tune to her fans who are mostly come from Rift Valley area.


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Facebook Song : Rose Muhando Surprises Fans By Releasing A New Song Called “Facebook” [Listen To It]

You love her for her great zeal to serve GOD through praise as she always sticks to it in all her songs. Now Rose Muhando has gone further to release a song titled face book which I must say left many of her fans surprised but loving the song.

rose-muhando post

For the first time through Easter Festival held in the date 20.04.2014 in the national stadium in  Dar es Salaam Rose Muhando spent 7 minutes and 35 seconds to explain her words through her new song called  “Facebook”.  The song which is the new album Kamata Pindo La Yesu suddenly gained popularity and leading all who were there to say “facebook facebook Rose Muhando”.

Listen to it here

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Exclusive : Rose Muhando Releases Her 5th Studio Album “Yesu Kunguta” (Watch)

East Africa’s Award winning gospel artiste Rose Muhando will be releasing her new 5th Studio Album “Yesu Kunguta” this January 2014.

rose muhando post

This new album comes just after Rose Muhando released her new video “Mungu Anacheka” and “Wololo” which was monetized in Vevo. This new album will have 8 tracks and will be a physical album sold across the whole of East Africa that is  : Kenya , Uganda , Burundi , Tanzania , Zambia , DRC and Zambia and Worldwide in all digital platforms.

Watch the exclusive press release by Rose Muhando

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Rose Muhando Releases A New Video “Wololo” (Watch)

Rose Muhando is loved by many for her energetic spirit of praise in her songs which have made her an award winning artiste. On that note music label Vevo so her music plays and now certified her as an artiste so that she can now be earning royalties.

rose muhando post

Rose Muhando has been signed by Vevo which is a website and company co-owned by Sony which is her recording label company. Her first video under the label is Wololo which comes after relesing Mungu Anacheka .

Watch the new video



Rose Muhando : “A Near Death Disease Led Me To Convert From Muslim To Christianity”

We have a few articles written about Rose Muhando and so we decided today to do a feature about Renowned gospel singer from Tanzania Rose Muhando.

rose muhando post

Rose Muhando who is an award winning gospel singer has been well known for her energy in praising GOD and she always leaves the audience blessed. Things don’t just fall into place for everyone as Rose Muhando is one of those who have passed through mysterious and tough experiences.

She is a born again Christian but she was a Muslim before she turned to christianity and now well known gospel singer. Read below interview on Standard a while back.

“People think that I have a good, smooth life; totally wrong. My life has been plagued by misfortunes from youth.”

Rose Muhando grew up in Ndumila village, Morogoro. She would attend school and afterwards go for madrasa, the Muslim religious school.

“Soon, this routine changed. A mysterious disease that left me bedridden for three years attacked me. My skin was peeling, and I had a gushing wound in my head that oozed smelly pus.”

Muhando dropped out of school as her parents took her to several hospitals, but her ailment could neither be diagnosed nor treated.

“My parents also took me to witchdoctors, but no luck there. Finally, they took me home and I lay on a bed awaiting my death.” But one night, remembers Muhando, as her parents sat outside their grass-thatched house, probably reflecting on their fate, a bright light engulfed their house.

“I saw a bright light. Then a hand clad in white, with a scar in the palm descended from the light and touched my wound,” she pauses, eyes shining, continues

“Then a soft voice, exuding authority said, “I am Jesus. I have healed you. Wake up and go serve me.” The light disappeared. Muhando says she ran to her parents shouting, “I am healed, I am healed. They were astounded. For three years, I had not lifted myself from the bed.”

Muhando went back to school to the shock of her teachers, and enrolled in class four. She completed her primary education, but did not progress to high school. While in primary, Muhando loved to sing, she had not joined a Christian church yet.

“I did not know who Jesus was. But while in class seven, the same voice would speak to me regularly, urging me to serve him, ‘Jesus’. I became a loner as I feared my school mates would hear the voice speaking to me.”

It so happened that one of their family friend and neighbour was an Anglican. On narrating her healing and the voice, the woman took young Muhando to church. The week following her first time in church coincided with Easter.

“On Easter Friday, I was baptised at 3pm, the same time Jesus, after he was crucified, had said imekwisha (It is finished). That marked my new beginning.”

Muhando joined the church choir, Mama Joshi in Majengo, Moshi, where she composed and taught the choir new songs.

In 2003, Chimuli Anglican Church invited her to Dodoma where she recorded an album with the St Mary’s choir.

The same year, under the sponsorship of Nathan Wami, she recorded her first album, Mteule Uwe Macho, which went on to achieve unprecedented success in Tanzanian gospel music landscape.

She is not married, but she has three children, aged between nine and 14.

“I live in Dodoma with my children. The first born, Gift Sheheba and the last born, Maxmillian, love to sing while the second born, Nicholas Winton, is quite and loves to pray.”

She spends most of her time composing songs. On Sunday, she preaches and goes for music tours.

She does not mention the father of her children, but vows never to get married. Her aim is to serve God with her music.


New Music Alert!! : Rose Muhando’s New Song Tenda Wema (Listen Here)

Tanzania Gospel Singer Rose Muhando is one lovely lady and term her one of the most energetic and passionate worshiper of GOD.

rose eldoret 11

After she released her single Mungu Anacheka on her new album, she now has a new song called Tenda Wema. Tenda Wema described as a song with a message of “do good” in respect to the way you live.

We have it with us her new song and we now introduce it you.

Fresh and New Tenda Wema By Rose Muhando On Uliza links. Hope it blesses your soul.


Music Alert!! : Upendo Nkone Christina Shusho Bukuku And Rose Muhando Peace Song (Listen Here)

These lovely women of faith always amaze you by their singing not only are they full of passion in singing to the Lord but they also have the Love for their country. They did a peace song initiated by David Robert, a while back meant to put their country together from the force of division of Peace.

iponye shusho

The song is Called “Iponye Tanzania” and is done by different artistes from the gospel ministry in Tanzania and they include : Upendo Nkone, Christina Shusho, Rose Muhando, Bahati Bukuku, Masanja Mkandamizaji,Jennifer Mgendi ,Flora Mbasha,Martha Mwaipaja and Upendo Kilahilo. 

From our source we have the exclusive music by the artists but most importantly is to say we are humbled by the efforts of all these artistes , directed towards the good of their country.

Here is the Song Iponye Tanzania Exclusive on Uliza Links


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