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Gospel Artiste Ringtone To Set Up His Own Foundation

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko will be setting up his own foundation with the main purpose of reaching out as an artiste.

Ringtone has been seen in the media fighting for rights of artistes who are reportedly mistreated by music society and now he says its time he does something by setting up his own foundation.

Ringtone post

The Ringtone Foundation will be working with the youth across the country in the aim of empowering them to achieve more in their lifes.


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I Feel That It’s My Calling : Gospel Artiste Ringtone Starts A Mentorship Programme To Reach Out To Street Kids

Renown gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko is one of the top artistes who never misses a headline on the print world. Probably for the wrong reasons at times but this time he has decided to do what he terms as his calling from GOD.

ringtone street kids

Ringtone Apoko has started a street mentorship programme that is aimed at reaching street kids in the country at large. Ringtone started his tour of the streets in Nairobi at Kariokor where he had a talk with street kids and even gave them something to eat in return.

ringtone streets

Speaking to Mpasho he says :

“I have started a street mentorship program to reach out to the boys and girls on the street. I plan to mentor, motivate them using my experience, feed them and give them ideas on how to survive on the streets in peace like I did. I intend to travel across the country and do this in major towns.

Last week I launched the program in Kariokor in NAIROBI and I managed to gather over 200 street boys and girls and there street families. I feel that God has blessed me and opened doors for me so that I can share and inspire people especially those from background like where I have come from.

I urge the minister in charge of children affairs and the minister for devolution to work with people like me because we have a rich experience from the streets that can help the government to solve the streets children issues and crime at large.”

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TEREN TEREN!! : Ringtone’s CRUSH Confession For Radio Presenter Carol Radull Goes Horribly Wrong

Now the 1st time I saw this story I was like where did this story come from? Later on I logged onto my Instagram and there I saw a picture of ringtone and Carol Radull. It was just a friendly office photo nothing more.

Then again when I read the caption it read. “Carol Radull was snatched from me and that’s why I will not get married again.” This was a joke by Ringtone and one Carol Radull didn’t want to be taken for that long marathon that Ringtone had started jogging for or should I say ‘joking for’.


Ringtone as an artiste had gone far this time to pull a joke for one of the most talented sports anchors in Kenya who is married. A lady who has been a silent fan of uliza links behind the scenes.

This was a joke gone bad and Carol Radull was not having anything with it.

She said :

“Where did this come from.  I find it inappropriate to post this”

Ringtone later apologized for the post.

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Ringtone Went To Nigeria And He Came Back With A Great Collabo With 3 Amazing Nigerian Artistes


Award winning gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko known for his songs Jubilation , Pamela and Muziki ni Dawa has done a great collabo with 4 Nigerian gospel singers titled “Hakuna Matata”. The song which has been done by DJ Gosporella from Nigeria has featured 3 other artistes who are Ringtone , Nikki Laoye, Inner Man and Provabs.

Dj Gosporella had an opportunity to share how the song came to be and he said :

“It was immediately after the 3rd edition of the annual Easter Sunday event, Gosporella Family Funfest. A whole lot of things had happened in the course of that event and Waoh! in reflection of how God pulled us through those trying times, I realised that there is actually no need to fret as God is true to His word.

When God said “Be anxious for nothing ’cause I care for you”, I experienced the full reality of it so I had a brain wave and called some of my friends who had featured in the Funfest including our Kenyan import for the event, Ringtone Apoko, who was still savouring the hospitality of our great country and the result is Hakuna Matata. We intend to shoot an international video in Kenya and Nigeria soon to promote the song”

Download the song here


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Even After Someone Tried To Run Him Over Ringtone Still Released His New Video “Muziki Ni Dawa”

Ringtone  has released a new video called “Muziki Ni Dawa” which has given him a couple of challenges if not one. Since he had planned to do this video Ringtone has been faced with obstacles that would make someone run away from his purpose but he never did.

ringtone new post

Ringtone shared of how some one  tried to run him over by adducing evidence of the case during his video shoot. This was probably something many have not seen in video shoots as the only hiccups people face is time or technical hitches.

video shoot ringtone post

This incident shook him for sometime Ringotne says, but he never gave up as a matter of fact, after arresting the driver of the car they still shot the video. Muziki Ni Dawa has now been released and the main message of the song is  thanksgiving to GOD for music. Ringtone tries to reiterate on how music has touched many life’s and even healing people through the song.




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Jubilation Singer Ringtone Made An Ambassador

Award winning gospel singer Ringtone Apoko is in the year of Jubilee that is the year of celebrating GOD’s favor as he gets another prestigious job.

ringtone jubilation post

Ringtone Apoko known for his song Jubilation has been made Road Safety and awareness ambassador. This comes after Ringtone was chosen as one of the artistes to perform at the Kenya At 50 Celebrations.

Ringtone recalls how he lost his friends in an accident when they were coming from a concert and this made him want to do something about it. Doing something about it, later on he was an ambassador and will be part of a road safety awareness caravan starting 9th December.

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Ringtone Releases His New Video “Mungu Yupo” (Watch Here)

Singer Ringtone Apoko Has done a New Single After his Campaign in the political arena called Mungu Yupo.

Ringtone coming from humble back grounds terming it as ”from grass to grace” has been an example to many who are struggling in life. GOD has been there for him and even until now he is still in the gospel ministry.

Speaking of struggles the new single talks about the presence of the Lord being there around us no matter what the circumstance might be.

Watch the video below


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