Reasons Why He/She Is Not Returning Your Calls

Communication is a major factor in any relationship friendship or marriage. In some relationships you find that the two couples have a great communication but in others its not just there.

A few weeks ago i heard a conversation between two ladies across the street and one was them was like ” I have called him a few times and he is not returning my calls”. Only to find out that she had called a multiple of times.

Wait a minute!! thats way too far for one person to handle If your communication is at that state then you need to work on it together and talk about it.

We are going to look at some of the reasons why a guy or girl may not be returning your calls.

He/She Is Busy

I Know this is the first reason that a person will jump too when you ask them why he/she didnt pick your call. Well it could easily be a lie but we cant count it out, it could be a valid reason why. That is something you need to communicate with the other person so that you can fix the “busy issue”

You Are Too Pushy

We can term this simply as being seen to be desparate. Calling after a period of time to check on someone is great but to some people its not just their thing. Some people might appreciate but others would be angered especially when you call after every hour or its you who keeps on calling. Let the calling be going in rounds, that is you make sure that your not the one who keeps calling every time.

Either He/She Is Bored With You

Men aren’t the only ones who like change. Women crave excitement, passion, and all that other good stuff they write about in relationship books. Sometimes men just don’t have the kinds of interests to keep a woman’s attention. It may reach a point where both of you dont just click that is their are no more sparks in the relationship.

That doesn’t mean the end as all relationships have up and downs and that is something that BOTH  of you need to work on to ignite the sparks back.

He/she Needs Some time Alone

In every ones daily life a person needs some time alone or call it private time. Some people just need that time so that they can think straight and others to plan. If you are always around him/her and not giving them the space they need then that is something you need to work on.

He/She Is Not Interested

I Know this is toughest reason you don’t want to hear but its a very likely reason. The person might not be interested in you or you are just not compatible especialy when it takes a lot of  time for him/her to respond.

Remember when a person is Interested in you he/she will always reserve sometime for you no m


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