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This FAR Is The LORD : Princess Faridah Looks Back At Her Dancing Days, This Photo Might Surprise You

She was the talk of the town, everyone speaking about how good she was in Chakacha as that’s how she was named the princess of dancing.

faridah post new


She was still a Muslim back then being chased by high-profile men including a President’s son before she saw a vision that made her to choose Jesus over money , family and fame. Princess Faridah decided to be born again and till now she still praises GOD for saving her.

farida back in the day

On Thursday she recalled how far she has come as a Christian and posted this photo that shows how ‘scary’ that life was.

My #TBT pic many years back during those dancing days. This pic reminds me of where God has taken me from and how His Mighty Hand picked me when I was deep in sin.
Exceptsfrom my

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Former Chakacha Queen Princess Faridah Robbed After Thugs Broke Into Her Car In The CBD

News this morning is that former queen of Chakacha Princess Faridah was robbed last night in the CBD by two thugs at around 9pm.

faridah post

Princess Faridah who is known for her song ‘Bwana Wa Mabwana’ was caught with shock on Wednesday night when she found her car broken into and valuables missing. Little did she know that while she had parked her car at City Market and left to grab something that two thugs would break into the car and collect what they saw was valuable to them.

The thugs took her wallet among other things but it seems their 40th day of stealing had finally reached. A good samaritan had spotted them breaking into the car and sounded the alarm to the pedestrians.

After a couple of minutes of running round in circles the two thieves were finally caught and unlucky for one who was a lady she found herself beaten by pedestrians leaving her wounded before she was taken to Central Police Station.

Speaking to Uliza Links Princess Faridah said :

I am still shocked with the incident but I thank GOD for my life. I was able to recover a few items including my make up bag and wrote a statement at Central Police Station.

Princess Faridah had recently toured CBN studios in USA where she met the celebrated Pat Robertson in a journey where she spoke about her music and conversion from Muslim to Christianity.

We thank GOD that she is okay.


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After Touring CBN In USA : Former Queen Of Chakacha Princess Faridah Shares About Her New Found LOVE

Former Queen of Chakacha Princess Faridah has released a new song called Mpenzi Wangu coming after she toured USA at the CBN Studios. Princess Faridah made Kenyan history by being the first gospel artist from Kenya to grace the CBN-700 club studio in America where she was invited by CBN to share about her story and her journey to salvation from being a muslim.

Now she is back and with an elated mood she brings good news of her new found Love in Jesus.

She says :

My Lover …..Who is He?………….(mpenzi wangu ni Nani)
The one that loves me …Who is He?…………(Anayenipenda ni yupi)
The one that cares for me …Who is He?………(Anayenijali ni Nani)
The one that saved me…Who is He?………………….(Kaniokoa ni yupi)

Listen to her new song.

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He Is A Good Man : Princess Faridah Defends Pat Robertson Remarks About Kenya, After His Apology

Televangelist Pat Robertson is one man who has been on the lips of most Kenyans after his remarks of “Towels in Kenya could have AIDS’. An uproar was what happened next and later on CBN took to their face book page to apologize for the error made.

Princess Faridah pat robertson

Princess Faridah who is currently away at the USA for an interview on CBN shared reasons why she feels Pat Robertson should be forgiven.

Read her statement :

When I arrived in America this week, I was not aware of the controversy surrounding a remark Dr. Pat Robertson made last week on “The 700 Club” television program.

On the same day I first visited the CBN studios in Virginia Beach, Virginia, The Christian Broadcasting Network had already apologized for the misinformation and deleted the comment from it’s online archive. Here is the apology published on “The 700 Club” Facebook page which is followed by more than a million online subscribers:

“On last Thursday’s The 700 Club broadcast, Dr. Robertson was responding to a viewer’s question about a mission trip to Kenya and getting Ebola. In his answer about the health dangers posed by such a trip, Dr. Robertson misspoke about the possibility of getting AIDS from towels. CBN recognized this error immediately and removed that statement from the online archive. CBN apologizes for any confusion.”

Many people are unaware of how Dr. Robertson is constantly scrutinized and immediately denounced in the media for anything he says that could be incorrect, politically offensive or misunderstood. Sadly, none of the media outlets who eagerly spread news of the unfortunate remark, with the purpose of condemning CBN, have followed up with news of his official apology. Nor are they likely to do so. Apologies don’t sell newspapers or go viral on the Internet.

I am not defending Pat Robertson because I don’t believe that is my responsibility. However, when I consider the millions of people whose lives have been blessed through the ministry of CBN, Operation Blessing, Orphan’s Promise, Regent University and countless hours of worldwide programming offering hope to hurting people, this particular mistake seems minuscule and a poor reason for damning a good man who has done so much good in his 84 year lifetime. We all have elders who occasionally make incorrect or ignorant comments. That is a simple fact of growing old.

But how many people will publicly condemn and permanently silence their grandparents or other relatives for one wrong statement, especially when there was no evil intention of causing pain or hurting innocent people?

I am personally thankful for the grace and forgiveness granted me by my Heavenly Father for things that I have done wrong in my lifetime. I hope I will always extend that same mercy and blessing to good people who want nothing more than to share the love of God with as many people as possible.

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“I Celebrate The Only Man In My Life” : Princess Faridah Dedicates A Lovely Note To Her “Prince” Husband

After releasing her new single “Singeweza” the elegant Princess Farida celebrated her dear husband on his birthday on monday. The Princess dedicated a beautiful piece to her prince husband who has played a major role in her journey in salvation since she converted from Muslim to Christianity.

princess faridah post (1)

The Princess on Early Monday dedicated this special piece to her hubby saying :

Family help me celebrate this special day n wish the only Man in my life, Lover, Best friend, Mentor, Husband, My all, Father to our lovely Daughters.. A Happy Birthday. Honey I will always love u. God bless u.

princess farida husband

Isaac who is the husband to Princess Faridah has been her number one fan as whenever she has an event you wouldn’t miss his face around the corner or behind the scenes.

We celebrate him as he continues the ministry that GOD gave him.

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She Has Been Away But Now Princess Faridah Is Back, This Is What She is Up To Now

Princess Faridah life story is one that will live you amazed on how GOD can choose someone from a different religion to use for the glory of his Kingdom. Having been a Muslim before and a queen of Chakacha, Princess Faridah is one lady that one would say has moved from palaces to mud huts and to the Kingdom of GOD.

faridah post

The princess is now back with a new project that she has been working on for months since she released her last single called “Bwana Wa Bwana” back then  in 2013.  Faridah has now released a new song called Singeweza that speaks on how GOD was there for her and helped her grow through the tough moments in life.

princess faridah singeweza post

The mother of two is quite happy and celebrates the joy that GOD has brought in her life through Singeweza.

Watch it below :


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After Converting From Muslim To Christian Former Chakacha Queen Is Leading Her Daughter To The Same Light

princess farida bwana wa mabwana

The beautiful gospel singer Princess Faridah who converted from Muslim to Christianity years back has been like a mother to many Kenyan girls who are struggling out there with lusts of this world. Since leaving the Chakacha world she has in deed grown in the ministry with support of GOD and her husband who played a major role in her life when she was just a babe in the Christian world.

princess faridah post

In marriage she has been blessed by a beautiful daughter called Hadassah whom she believes will have a great future ahead. Being one of the two daughters she has, Princess Faridah makes sure that she guides her through the scriptures and the right way of living in this world.

To show her love for the daughter Princess Faridah dedicated this beautiful piece to her daughter :

haddasah princess

Today marks 4 years since you came into this world Precious Hadassah , You have brought joy , added flavor, cheerful, a great companion to your sister Shekinah. May the Lord Shine His face on you, May you Impact your generation for the Glory of God!

Princess Faridah will be making another return to the music scene with a new song which you need to watch out for.

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So What Does Princess Faridah Do Every Night Before She Sleeps [See Photo]

princess faridah post (1)

The graceful Princess Faridah has grown deep in ministry as a gospel artiste since she converted from Islam to Christianity years ago. Something interesting that she has come to do since she got born again is that she has developed a habit of reading GOD’s word since her road to salvation started.

princess faridah post

Princess Faridah revealed that every night before she calls it a day she has to check her favorite book which she delights on  called the Bible.  This is something that has really challenged many Christians to stick to and Princess has put it out for others to follow suit.

princess faridah Bible

“Every Night we go to bed, we have no assurance to wake up the next morning but still we have plans for tomorrow.
THATS HOPE! Keep it ALIVE!” , She said.

princess faridah coast

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Former Chakacha Queen “Princess Faridah” Lands A Job As A Tv Host

Former Queen of Chakacha Princess Faridah whose life story is a living testimony of how GOD uses people to change lives has landed a job as a tv host. Princess Faridah who is known as a dancer, singer,mentor and writer  surprisingly has more than 4 talents in her closet of “talents”.

princess faridah post (1)

GOD has blessed the “Bwana Wa Mabwana” singer as now she will hosting a gospel show called “Melodia Mix” on K24. Melodia Mix show is the freshest gospel MIX TV show. Melodia Mix is a gospelTV show aired on QTV and KBC every Sunday from 8:30am and on k24 from 9:30am to 10:00am.

The show’s main aim is to promote gospel music as they try to sell music during the show combining a countdown and interviews. Princess Faridah adds a great taste to the show as she engages the audience through preaching the word of GOD.

GOD Bless Faridah.

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Former Chakacha Queen Turned Gospel Artiste Celebrates Her 9th Wedding Anniversary

Love comes from one heart and is shared to another and that is when one has to make the decision of saying the lovely words “Will You Marry Me”.

faridah wedding post

Princess Farida who rose to fame in the 1990’s as the Queen of Chakacha in the secular world will be marking that special day when she met the man of her dreams. Love has no limits and that is what this lovely couple shares when her husband loved her the way she was. 9 years ago they took the vow to love each other as husband and wife and today they are celebrating that union.

princess farida wedding

Princess Faridah has released two videos currently “Maisha Bila Wewe”  and “Bwana Wa Mabwana” and will be releasing her next single done by producer Bizzy B.


Princess Faridah Reveals How “Former President’s Son Wanted To Marry Me” In Her New Book

Princess Faridah who is a former Queen Of Chakacha and recently released her new song Bwana Wa Mabwana has revealed how former President Son and Mr. Universe wanted to marry her in her New Book.


All this and more can be found in her new book just launched called The New Me. This is must read as it reflects on how GOD transformed the old Queen Of Chakacha to the new Princess Faridah “Princess Of GOD”.

faridah chakacha

 The New book release by Princess Farida amazing journey never once told includes :

farida princess

-Her rise to fame
-How the dance chose her and took her to heights she had never known
– How she introduced her smaller brother kanda king into dancing

-She had been invited to dance for several presidents including president of U.A.E

-How the, former Mr Universe and Former President’s son had wanted to marry her,it took the presidents intervention,

-Her encounter with God on the planes cockpit.
Keep it here  for more details on how you can get the book.

After Switching From Secular, Princess Farida Releases Her 2nd Video “Bwana Wa Mabwana” (Watch)

The amazing beautiful and also born again Princess Farida has done a new music video called Bwana Wa Mabwana.

princess faridah11

Under the record label of Link Video Global, this is will be her second video after Maisha Bila Wewe which she did after switching from secular industry.

The message is quite deep as Princess Farida says : “It  is a cry to God to hold and protect me from falling .  Asking God to preserve me and show me his ways that i may not be ashamed.”

The video will also be launching on your favorite gospel Tv shows starting with Ntv Cross Over Chart this Saturday.

Now Introducing Fresh And New Bwana Wa Mabwana By Princess Faridah On Uliza Links.


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