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Pitson of ‘Lingala ya Yesu’ Is Now A Proud Father

Peterson Ngetha, known as Pitson is now a proud father. Pitson who made a huge mark in his music career with the hit song Lingala ya Yesu was blessed with a baby boy on 28th December 2015.

Karol Mwai and Pitson
Karol Mwai and Pitson

While everyone was enjoying their festivities, Pitson received the best news since his marriage of his wife’s successful delivery of a new bouncing baby boy weighing 3.2Kg via his social media accounts with a post that read:

“Our little bundle of joy has arrived, my wife @karol.mwai and I @therealpitson are ecstatic to welcome little @havilahgeither into the world.”

Pitson and his wife Karol when she was expectant
Pitson and his wife Karol when she was expectant

The singer and his wife, Carol Mwai named the new born baby Havilah Geither meaning, ‘a place of God’ ( Genesis 2:10-11). He immeaditely opened Instagram and Twitter accounts for him and posted a heart warming message that marked the baby’s first ever post on social media. The post read in part;

“Hello World. I joined you here at 2:54am on this 28th day of December… I’m a healthy baby! I weigh 3.2kgs… My sweet Mummy @karol.mwai and my loving Daddy @therealpitson have named me Havilah Geither… Havilah… Meaning, “a place of gold”! (Genesis 2:10-11) Please pray over my new life as you welcome me. Thank you

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Ukipewa KIJIKO Tu : Pitson Puts His Guitar Aside To Learn How To Cook On Joey Muthengi’s Kitchen

Award winning gospel singer Pitson put his guitar aside to test his cooking skills on Joey Muthengi’s kitchen on Sugar and Spice show. With an amazing Chef playing the role of a teacher in the Kitchen, Pitson did proof that his skills are more than just playing a guitar by acting as an assistant cook in the kitchen.

Pitson and Joey Muthengi
Pitson and Joey Muthengi
Pitson Singing
Pitson Singing
Pitson In The Kitchen
Pitson In The Kitchen


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Another Remix Of The Year ?? : Olenkodikod Remix Is OUT Featuring Mbuvi , Pitson , Ruri And SOC Who Killed It TOTALLY

Olenkodikod remix by Diddy Kimer is now out officially and it features 4 talented gospel artistes who are Mbuvi, Pitson, the amazing Ruri sambili and SOC. This song which has lovely catchy beats will capture the hearts of  listeners across Kenya and get many heads nodding while increasing their radio volumes.

olenkodikod remix


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Love You Babe : Pitson And Wife Exchange Words Of LOVE As They Celebrate 1 Year In Marriage

Karol Mwai new

A year ago Karol Mwai was getting married to his best friend Pitson who was a banker, an uprising artiste in the gospel music circle and had just made a mark with Wanajua Ni Kulenga Tu. 12 months later she could say that she is married to a ‘different’ man because now Pitson is a renown artiste in the East African music circle after his song Lingala Yesu transformed his life to a new level. Talk of events , awards and what else? new opportunities for Pitson? the list is endless.

Pitson and Karol

The couple celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary after they wedded at the end of last year on 7th December at St.Paul’s University when Pitson had just released the audio of Lingala Ya Yesu. Having been friends for like 8 years Pitson and Karol are what we call from friends to Love. The two have been patient and hopeful to GOD till when they wedded on a ceremony that they will live to remember.


Karol and Pitson both exchanged unique words of Love as they celebrated their anniversary by saying :

“Never has a year gone by so fast.Cant believe its one year already.

You have added value to my life. Thank you for the many sacrifices you have made at my expense.

I don’t regret walking down the aisle to you. I love you babe.Kindly grow old with me Pitson Geither.”


kilele pitson post

I LOVE U are words just three,
which mean so much on our 1st ANNIVERSARY.
so this is what i want to say,
Karol Mwai
live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!
Happy 1st Anniversary.


Marriage is a beautiful thing and this lovely couple is enjoying each moment as GOD propels them forward.


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Should He Ask For Half The Fare ? : Pitson Finds A Matatu Named After His Song “Lingala Ya Yesu”

“Imekuwa ni muda Baba Sija Kuimbiwa Lingala Baba” This is one of the famous line that Pitson usually sings when he starts performing his hit song called “Lingala Ya Yesu” that scooped Groove Awards 2014 song of the year.

(c) Niaje
(c) Niaje

Now 2 months after the song was awarded at Groove Awards Pitson has found a matatu named after his song “Lingala Ya Yesu”. How humbling was this for him to see how a single song can touch life’s to the extent of being used as a branding item in a PSV Matatu.

Pitson Lingala Ya Yesu

On that note Pitson who recently signed a deal with RBA took to his page to share how the song has touched life’s by sharing the pic of the Matatu.

This is really good but on a lighter note should Pitson ask for half the fare that the conductor collects on a daily basis as the name brings clients to the Matatu ?


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Ukipewa Ka Guitar Tu : See How Pitson Looked Like When He Started Dreaming About “Lingala Ya Yesu” [Photo]

(c) Niaje
(c) Niaje

The Lord is faithful and in deed he has been to our brother Pitson Geither who is not only a Groove Award Winner but a happy husband to Karol Mwai. Before success there is something called a journey where an artiste started dreaming about his/her music and one Pitson is not exception to the same. 

pitson lingala post

Pitson who is famed for his song Lingala  Ya Yesu and Wanajua Ni Kulenga Tu with Mwenyehaki has gone through mountains and hills to be where he is now. Pitson has a story which when told will leave you inspired on how GOD is always faithful to his children.

Pitson has really  seen the Lords faithfulness in his life since he started worshiping in Christian Union back then in Eastleigh high school to now where he is receiving endorsements by companies as a gospel artiste.

Life is not easy but in the end you will smile as Pitson is.

pitson back in the day




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Dee Holy Dave And Pitson Make Cover For This Top Magazine

They were all crowned Groove Awards winners 2014 for Wanabe and hit single Lingala ya Yesu and now they had time to tell the tale of how they came to be who they are today. Dee and Holy Dave who did Wanabe and Pitson who did Lingala Ya Yesu have made cover for a top magazine in Kenya called the Salon Magazine for the July Issue. 

dee holy dave pitson post

Get to find out more about them and what they love to do in this Issue.

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My Babe : Pitson’s Wife Dedicates A Lovely Message To Her Hubby After “Lingala Ya Yesu” Won Groove Awards 2014

Karol Mwai the wife to Pitson who composed Lingala Ya Yesu has dedicated a lovely note to her hubby who is on everyone’s lips. Pitson was awarded at the 2014 Groove Awards with the Song of the year award for his remarkable masterpiece “Lingala Ya Yesu”.

(c) Niaje
(c) Niaje

Pitson’s wife, Carol Mwai has been one of the most supportive friends Pitson has had for now 8 years since they met. Carol Mwai was there as a girl friend when Pitson was awarded with the Collabo of the year in 2013  and in 2014 she was there as the wife to Peterson Githinji/Pitson.

Marriage is a beautiful thing and this lovely couple is enjoying each moment as it comes together. To celebrate the victory Carol Mwai wrote a lovely message to congratulate her husband Pitson for winning song of the year at Groove 2014 in a post that evidently shows the love they share.

Karol Mwai new

Read below :

“Babe you have made me sooo proud…i am honored to have yu as my partner for didn ‘t come as a surprise to me;i knew 8 years ago when we met that you had it in you and on that night as you squeezed my hand in anticipation in that auditorium I still knew it. congratulations my love.”

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Ukipewa Ka Guitar Tu!! : Maina Kageni And Fans Go Euphoric After Playing “Lingala Ya Yesu” [See Reactions]

The one song that has taken over the airplay in radio stations and tv stations in Kenya and East Africa is “Lingala Ya Yesu” by Pitson. Barely 8 months after its release the song has gone to create a buzz from its content that one ministers and two reiterates the true message of Christ in Lingala genre.

lingala pitson

The same impact of the song was witnessed on Tuesday Morning when Clasic 105 Presenter Maina Kageni played the song on Classic 105 and add to that shared a part of the lyrics with his fans.

maina kageni post 1

You would be surprised at the reaction of the fans as everyone was elated and exulant by the song.

After Maina Kageni said :

Lingala ya Yesu haikuwangi complicated. 

Here are some of the reactions he got :

Catherine Isia i love the song dearly

Magi Pluto Waliniambia lingala poa nifunge mshipi katikati ya tumbo,,,,,

Gen Kalavas Na hao ma dancer nguo zimewabanaaa hahaha

Cikù Beth P Nick Ka guitar tu. I love that song’s video.

Shih Nice nliskia lingala nkuongea ukiimba kwa wimbo,den……?

Kennedy Kiprotich true dat unasifu yesu tuu

Gen Kalavas Sio lazima utoboe Kila mahali ndio video ishike

Sash Mish Batoto bakenya bataipenda…..lingala ya yesu

Jayne Waithera Lingala ya Yesu wangu,nikusifu nikusifu,Yesu juu. Hiyo ngoma iko tops

Emmanuel Jnr Unasifu unasifu Yesu juu…

Sheerow Barbz Wananiambia Lingala poa nikuongea katikati ya wimbo,naongea na sina la kusema

For sure GOD has opened doors for Pitson to touch life’s and we continue to pray for him in his journey of faith.


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Should “Lingala Ya Yesu” Be Nominated For Groove Awards Song Of The Year?

Lingala Ya  Yesu was released late last year by the one and now celebrated “Pitson Geither”. The song has really hit people deep in their heart and minds with the lyrics speaking of certain acts which people do to impress but not impress GOD.

pitson lingala post

The song does not only minister to you but it is a big song not only in Kenya but the whole of East Africa. Late last month we revealed that when we posted the comments that were being shared by Christians in Tanzania.

lingala pitson

Now the daunting part is whether the song should be nominated for Groove Awards song of the year. The reason why I am asking this is because the song is currently the most listened to song and add to that one of the most played songs in local radio stations including the vernacular ones.

The song will for sure win an award if nominated but might not be nominated because its not an old song not having spent an year. It only marks like 8 months in the music industry making it fall short by 3-4 months.

This will be a subject of discussion if not this year then probably next year when Mo Sound host their Annual Groove Awards.

What do you think : Should Lingala Ya Yesu Be Nominated For Groove Awards 2014?

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Tanzanians Go Wild After Listening To “Lingala Ya Yesu” By Pitson [See Reactions]

They say a song will always go deep from the 1st contact with the ear to the point where it touches the soul/heart. Music is medicine as Ringtone said in his new track “Muziki Ni Dawa”because it doesn’t have any boundaries, it brings happiness no matter the distance. 

pitson lingala post

This has been seen through the new song by Pitson called “Lingala Ya Yesu”. The song has not only received massive airplay in Kenya but it seems this song has crossed borders and now is deep in the heart of East Africans.

The latest positive reaction we have received is from Tanzanians who are always cautious of content and I must admit Pitson did hit the nail on the head on this one.  See their reactions.

lingala ya yesu comments

Kenya Gospel Music Music

(Watch) After His Grand Wedding Pitson Releases A Song Talking Of “Lingala Ya Yesu:

pitson thumb

Award winning gospel singer Pitson has released a new single called Lingala Ya Yesu coming after his wedding to Carol Mwai.

Watch below

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