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After 15 Minutes In The Service, A Pastor Stops A Funeral Service Of A GAY Woman

The pastor of a Colorado church caused outrage when he stopped a funeral for a lesbian woman after realizing that a video tribute to her life showed her with her female partner Christina Higley.


Vanessa Collier, 33, died in a shooting incident which police say may have been suicide. She had two daughters, aged seven and 11. Her funeral service was held at the New Hope Ministries church in Lakewood, whose Pastor Ray Chavez – who was not officiating at the service – called a sudden halt to the proceedings after about 15 minutes.

The congregation of several hundred moved across the road to a funeral parlour and concluded the service there.

However, Pastor Chavez has been widely criticised for his actions and protesters gathered outside the church yesterday chanting slogans and carrying banners labelled “Dignity in Death”, “Bury the Dead” and “Love Trumps All”.

Higley wrote on Facebook: “Vanessa’s services were NOT refused because she is a ‘lesbian’. Her services were refused because we would not let New Hope Ministries ‘edit’ her life which was a slideshow of our family photos including our engagement and family photos of her and I with our two children! It never crossed my mind that it would be an issue considering we paid to use their facility ONLY. We brought in our own Pastor to facilitate. I would completely understand if we were asking to be married

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Just Like JONAH ? : A Pastor Thrown Out Of A Sailing BOAT After The Travellers Hit Bad Weather At SEA

Nigerian Christians migrating to Spain for a better life were allegedly thrown overboard after a pastor was blamed for the worsening weather conditions.


Two Cameroonian migrants have been arrested by Spanish police following accusations that they threw up to ten Nigerians overboard, according to Sky News.

After hitting bad weather, a Nigerian pastor – one of around 50 sub-Saharan African migrants making the journey in an inflatable boat – began to pray that they would not sink. Some of his fellow Nigerian migrants prayed with him. Some survivors say the Cameroonian men accused the pastor of causing the stormy weather and then pushed him and the others praying overboard.

When the survivors arrived in Spain, they appeared afraid of the two Cameroonians. This aroused the suspicions of officials.

A statement from the Spanish police, shared on The West Australian, says that “the detainees blamed the bad weather on the Nigerians who were praying and used the boards that covered the bottom of the boat to assault and throw overboard the pastor and the other Nigerian passengers.”

The 50 migrants departed from northern Morocco on 3 December in an inflatable boat without a motor. They were hoping to make the nine-mile journey across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain.

The boat was found adrift off the coast of Almeria, southern Spain, two days later by Spanish coast guard officials. There were 29 survivors, including a three-year-old child. The rest of the passengers who did not survive “perished due to the rough conditions of these types of voyages,” say police.

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Help”My Church Is Over-Paying Me” Preacher Says

How great are the life’s of those who share the word of GOD ? Its a great part of life for those who are deeply involved in ministry of the word of GOD.

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Now a minister of the word cries out that the Church is over paying him? What do you think should the be the right move when the church is in debt and the pastor is being paid a certain amount. Is it the right thing to the reduce the salary of the Pastor or come up with a new plan to cover the deficit.

bible money 1

Read below :

According to Christian post a young pastor say’s the church he now serves went through a split a year or so before he arrived, and the smaller congregation struggles to keep up with the financial needs. Presently, they are running a deficit of perhaps $10 thousand a year, forcing them to draw on reserves.

The church has a number of fixed expenses, he says, such as utilities and insurance, that cannot be cut. Even if they eliminated all literature and supplies, the deficit would still not be covered. His suggestion is that they cut his salary by $10,000 a year.

The leadership refuses.

The pastor went on to say that his pay is presently above the recommended level for a church their size, based on a report from Lifeway Christian Services. So, cutting the pay seems the logical alternative, he felt.

What to do? The pastor wants his pay cut and the laity refuses.

What do you think is the right move for the church to make?


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Whats Your Say?? A Pastor Says NO!! To Women Who Wearing Weaves To Church

One interesting story I would say which brought out a lot of reactions from majority of congregation which is usually women.

A Pastor recently told his female staffs not to wear weaves to church. He believes that women wearing weaves presents a false image of themselves and are associated with women who have low self-esteem.

“Our black women are getting weaves trying to be something and someone they are not. Be real with yourself is all I am saying,” pastor Aamir told American Preachers.

woman in weave

American Preachers reported that pastor Aamir admits he was raised in a strict household and his mother and father are members of the Islamic faith.He also acknowledges that he cannot legally ban weaves, but still does not approve of them.

“Long hair don’t care. What kind of mess is that? I don’t want my members so focused on what’s on their heads and not IN their heads,” he told

“I lead a church where our members are struggling financially. I mean really struggling. Yet, a 26 year old mother in my church has a $300 weave on her head. NO. I will not be quiet about this.”

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