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I Have An Amazing Relationship With My Sweetheart : Pastor M Of Mavuno Celebrates His Wife On His 45th Birthday

pastor muriithi

Senior Pastor at Mavuno Pastor M is a great man of GOD who has been saved by Christ and is living under the abundance of the grace of GOD. With that said, 45 years ago this man called Pastor Muriithi Wanjau was born and today he took stock of his journey as a christian and when he married his amazing wife Carol Wanjau.

Pastor M and Carol Wanjau
Pastor M and Carol Wanjau

Pastor M thanked GOD for the people whom he met on his journey to 45 and celebrated others who helped him to be the man he is today.

He said :

Any high school or college students reading this? The decisions you are making now will probably set the direction of your life forever, so make them wisely. No pressure smile emoticon.

Apart from my parents who taught me godly values and Pst Oscar who taught me leadership, I’ve had a couple of extremely important life-altering conversations. One was with my friend Tim Mutinda, who was the first person I heard speaking about purpose. Another was with a mentor Gerald Mahinda who shared some thoughts about life stages that have set the course for my life’s major transitions, including a really big one that begins this year!

carol wanjau pastor m wife

By God’s grace, I have an amazing relationship with my sweetheart, and we are partners in every way imaginable. We have three amazing kids who every day cause me to marvel at God’s grace to us. We have awesome parents and siblings whom we love hanging out with.

I absolutely love what I do for a living and the people I do it with. And I am part of an amazing congregation of fearless influencers who are changing the world!

THANK YOU JESUS – for the gift of life, love, and purpose. You gave it to me all those years ago and I give it completely and totally back to you. It’s all about you. ‘For me to live is Christ and to die is gain’. Let’s do this

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“Recent Land Grabbing By Connected Individuals Shows That We Have A HUGE Character Crisis ” Pastor M Says

Our beloved country has recently been headlined by demonstrations in the CBD of different counties. This is always caused by actions of certain leaders warranting Kenyans to move to the streets to stand against it. Pastor M of Mavuno believes that the reason why some leaders show acts of impunity is because we are facing a character crisis in our society.

pastor muriithi

Here is his sermon.

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke about the importance of Character as an essential component if you want to position yourself for long-term success. Character has been defined as ‘who you are when no one’s looking’. Another word for character is ‘integrity’.

Recent headlines involving grabbing of school land by connected individuals and arrogant displays of impunity by an elected leader demonstrate the huge character-crisis facing our society. Our ‘outward focused approach’, which is more concerned with PR, spin, and reputation management than on integrity robs us of God’s blessing and endangers our future as a nation.

Character is an essential leadership trait. Even for the very talented, your talents will open the doors for you, but it’s your character that will keep you there for the long haul. Without character, you might still succeed but your success will eventually destroy you!

Do you practice what you preach? Are you known as a person who always keeps their word? Are you humble and approachable to your juniors as well as to those above you in status? Is your brand a true reflection of who you really are?

I don’t ask these questions because I have my act together. I’m not what I’d like to be, but I’m surely not what I used to be! This year, I’m praying God will help me grow more into a leader of character!

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“Kanjii Played A Huge Role In What Mavuno Came To Be” : Pastor M Shares How He Met Kanjii Mbugua

Some relationships or friendships are not planned but they just happen. The same applies for the case of Kanjii Mbugua who has led worship at Mavuno Church for years now senior pastor at the church Pastor M.

The two have led ministry in the church for years now and someone would ask how did these two meet ? Not worry Pastor M revealed how they met and how GOD has used them both to bring souls to his kingdom.

kanjii uganda 1

I met my friend Kanjii Mbugua in the mid 90s, when Carol and I were Masters students in the US. Several young people approached us to mentor them and so we began to meet them every weekend for bible study, something we did over several years. I mentored 4 guys and Carol would meet 4 ladies. The 4 guys I mentored had been friends since childhood and relocated at different times to study in the US. They were all musically talented and after a little while decided to form the singing group Milele.

Kanjii uganda post new

The first time I heard them sing, let’s just say it wasn’t a very musical experience 🙂 They worked hard though and in a very short while, they began to sound amazing and get booked to sing at different events. It wasn’t too long before they were touring across the US and other nations and making quite an impact in the process!

Meanwhile, our little bible study grew and eventually, we merged with another group to launch a church called KICC, which continues to meet till this day. I and the pastor leading the other group were ordained to lead this community, with my primary focus on the youth, a group that soon grew to over 100 strong. The Milele boys formed the core of the church’s worship team along with some of the ladies Carol had mentored. Kanjii would often joke that when I went back to Kenya and started a church, he would become my worship pastor. At that time, it sounded rather farfetched!

pastor m

So fast forward to 2005. Carol and I had resisted strong pressure to stay in the US and relocated back home to work with Nairobi Chapel (a story for another day) and we were now being sent out to start a new church. I prayed hard for a gifted worship pastor because I knew good music was important for the demographic I was called to reach. The person I was hoping would do it wasn’t looking at all interested and the clock was ticking!

So one day I’m coming from the barbershop and I have a strong urge to visit Kanjii’s studio (he had come back home and just began what would grow to become Kijiji Entertainment). I walk over and watch him record some music and then decide it’s time to leave. He escorts me to the door to say goodbye. At that point I distinctly hear God say, ‘Ask him’. Rather confused because this had not been my agenda, I ask Kanjii what he’d think about being worship pastor for the new church I was about to start.

I’ll never forget what happened next! He reached into his pocket, pulled out a piece of paper and said, ‘I thought you’d never ask!’ On that paper was a list of names of people he wanted to recruit for our band! By that evening, each of the guys had signed on and we had the first Mavuno worship team!

kanjii post

The rest as they say, is history. Kanjii played a huge role in defining who Mavuno became, as he led us in defining a new worship style for our generation that has impacted many churches in our city today. He and his team at Kijiji have had a huge impact on music and entertainment. I’m so excited this weekend that he gets to lead us in worship, with music from his first solo worship album, ‘Rauka’.

Surely, only God! Even way back when, our heavenly Papa was raising the leaders who would work alongside Him to turn ordinary people into #FearlessInfluencers of society, one person at a time!

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So You Like WEDDINGS!! : Here Are Reasons “Why Marriage May Not Be For You” , Pastor M Shares

So we ran across this article by renown Pastor M of Mavuno church and we felt it timportant to share with you. 

Heart Beach Words

After 20 years of marriage, I’m convinced that marriage isn’t for me! Before you jump to conclusions, please read on.

pastor m

Back in the day, finding a spouse was not a complex proposition. Your folks shortlisted the suitable candidates and chose the one who’s family was most complimentary to theirs. Complex terms like love and personal choice were not part of the equation! But in our very different world, many people struggle with the question of how to locate the One. “What if I end up with someone who makes me miserable?” The result? Commitment phobic people who are mortally afraid of entering marriage because of the misery they fear it might cause them. And subsequently after marriage when the going gets tough, many end up convinced that their unhappiness is because they made a mistake and married the wrong person!

Recently, I read an article recently by author Seth Adam Smith who made the same discovery I made when I faced the same fears, years ago. His commitment-phobia came to a head as he was planning his engagement to his high school sweetheart and best friend. Was he ready? Was this the right person to marry? Would she make him happy?

wedding 2In his confusion, he decided to confide in his dad about his fears. His dad’s response floored him. Instead of empathizing with him, he told him that he was being totally selfish because marriage was not for him. “You don’t marry to make yourself happy; you marry to make someone else happy. More than that, your marriage isn’t for yourself, you’re marrying for a family. Not just for the in-laws and all of that nonsense, but for your future children. Who do you want to help you raise them? Who do you want to influence them? Marriage isn’t for you. It’s not about you. Marriage is about the person you married.”

Seth’s blog post received 2 million views in 36 hours and when I last looked, that had jumped to 24 million. As countercultural as his message was in our culture today, it evidently struck a cord. .

One of the biggest problems in our lives today is caused by our expectation that the people around us are there to make us happy. Life is after all, the pursuit of happiness. Whether it’s our spouse, our friends, our boss, or our workmates, we only want to hang out only with people who contribute to our personal bliss. But this is a selfish extractive approach that is based on not on what I give to others but on what I can get from them. It turns us into net consumers and not net contributors.

So the next time you find yourself wondering if you married the right person, turn the question round and ask ‘how can I be the right person for the person I married?’

For more check his blog here

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Pastor M Shares: Resist The Devil And He Will Flee From You

pastor m thumbMan of GOD pastor M alias Muriithi wanjau  of Mavuno church shares why you should resist the devil who seeks to intimidate so that we can forget who we are.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour’ 1Peter5:8
Lions often don’t roar when they hunt! Unable to run very far, they typically silently stalk their prey, coming very close before pouncing for the kill. I once heard that older lions, unable to run fast anymore, hunt by coming as close to the prey as possible and then emitting a loud earthshaking roar. The animal that normally would have easily outrun the lion is paralyzed by fear. In that moment, the lion pounces and kills.

I believe this is how our enemy works. He seeks to intimidate so that in our fear, we forget who we are. Whatever challenge you meet today, whether in your office, in traffic or at home, take a moment to remember who you are as a child of God. Stand in your quiet authority as a child of God and refuse to be intimidated! Resist the devil, and he will flee from you! (James 4:7)”


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5 Things That Women Wish Men Knew By Pastor M

We came across this article posted by Mavuno Church and we thought we should share with you.

pastor m preaching11


Many a times we enter into these discussions of relationships without engaging both sides of the gender. Now Pastor M has indulged both parties and shares “What Women Wish Men Knew” on their Finders Keepers Series.

what women want in a man

Lets begin as we did last week with a disclaimer:

    1. This is reality from a woman’s perspective. Let me encourage the men, please make it your goal to understand. I know it will open up truth for you in your relationship or marriage if you do so.
    2. Some of what we discuss will apply specifically in marriage while some will apply more for those not yet married…
    3. These are not the only things women wish men knew but some important ones


Ladies need affection the way men need respect! A woman needs to regularly know that she is cherished and loved. Affection means that we need to know we’re the most important thing in our man’s lives. Treat us gently, show us care, pay full attention to us, look us in the eye when you’re talking to her.

We know you don’t get very deep in your relationships with your boys, but it can’t be the same way with us. Many times when you find a bitter woman, you will generally find that her significant other has starved her of affection. But the opposite is also true! Generally, ladies want you to treat them the same way after you’re married that you did when you were pursuing them! The bible affirms how important affection is for women: Ephesians 5:33 says, ‘each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband’.

What men hear: For most men, this sounds like a never-ending demand! You know men get into pursuit mode when they are looking for a mate. Once they find her, they move on to other important things like providing school fees and saving the world. If we were to focus on chasing you the way we did when we were in pursuit mode, nothing else would ever get done!


Men are extremely competitive, especially when it comes to work. It can also be a source of great insecurity for them. It’s easy for men to feel threatened by women’s success. She starts to do better than you or to earn more than you and all of a sudden, you’re very non-communicative or unhappy. You need not feel threatened by our positions or achievements; we prefer for you to celebrate them as though we are one! Even as we support you in your dreams, we want you to reciprocate.

What men hear: It can make men insecure, especially if women are not sensitive to the fact that we really do want to be providers to our family. Our egos are pretty sensitive on this one, and just telling us to get on with it doesn’t help. Men are in a very unfamiliar world that tells us to treat women like ladies and yet teaches the ladies to compete harshly with us!


As ladies, we want to feel you’re involving us in your decisions, and in your challenging times. Too many men go ahead and make huge decisions and then we have to live with the consequences together. Or they go through stress and their wives are the last to find out when the auctioneers show up at the door! We want to feel we’re your partners.

What men hear: You know as men we’re trying to protect you! It’s what we saw our fathers do! We die for the family! How can we practically involve you and still be your protectors!


Ladies want you to be involved with your children and with the home. In today’s world where both spouses are often in the office, we share the role of providing but you don’t always share the role of nurturing! We want you to be men who take up your responsibilities and honour your commitments.

What men hear: To be honest, many men hear you asking them to become domesticated. Men want to be wild at heart and the picture of a man in an apron is not very aspirational! We also want to provide employment to fellow Kenyans!


What are we saying here? Treat us gently. Guys can be very rough with each other and sometimes this translates to how they treat the ladies in their lives. It’s never cool to be rough with a woman. Also, don’t brush off our fears; we may not always be as brave as you but that’s why we need you to protect us! Even if we come across as independent and strong, we still want to be protected. The lady in us comes out when we’re treated like a lady. If men play their role, women will ease into being feminine and gentle!

What men hear: I think we resonate with this one. You’re saying, ‘look after the women in your life’.

We’ve learnt in this series that we are completely different as men and women. We don’t understand each other. We also don’t understand what love is. If you ask people today what love is, you’ll get definitions like…

love is holding her hand and feeling your heart skip a beat,
love is gazing tenderly into his eyes. Or as one person put it,
‘love is a feeling you feel when you feel that your are about to feel a feeling that you’ve never felt before’ .
But the bible’s definition is a little different… it’s described in 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8. Here’s what it says…

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails.

Have you noticed none of these things are ‘fun’ or ‘romantic’? Have you noticed nothing there about looking into her eyes? As someone once said, ‘Love is a dramatic action that goes against what I am naturally inclined to do and reaches out to the other even when I don’t feel like it.’ And the only way we can offer such unconditional love is because it’s the same type of love that God offers to us!


– Never give up on your marriage – because when you move to another person, you’ll find out that they were not the real problem! You need to determine even before you begin that divorce will never be an option. Incompatibility is no reason for divorce, every couple has areas of incompatibility (the primary one is that a MAN is getting married to a WOMAN!) and that’s why we need God in our marriage! None of us have what it takes to stay happily married.

As we said last week, the best marriages are not the ones where people have been able to change each other but the ones where people have learnt to accept each other. As someone once said, every good marriage is made up of two good givers and two good forgivers.


– I pray this begins to help you see how to be the kind of person that the person you hope to marry would hope to marry. And whether or not you do get married, I pray that you will learn to relate with honour to friends of the opposite gender, protecting and not taking advantage of one another’s areas of vulnerability.


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Pastor M: “What You Focus On Determines Your Reality”

Renown Pastor M alias Pastor Muriithi Wanjau of Mavuno Church is truly a blessed man of God as he always ensures that no single day will pass without him sending God’s message of hope to his people.

Here is his God sent message to you.

What mentality are you taking to work today?

Black man single
A grasshopper mentality focuses on the problems, while a God centered mentality focuses on the opportunities. A grasshopper mentality inspires fear in others while a God-centered mentality inspires faith in others. A grasshopper mentality destroys your dreams, while a God centered mentality breathes life into your God given dreams.

Remember, ‘what you focus on determines your reality’!

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Pastor M : “Excellence Is Not Something You Put For A Show”

Don’t you just love how Pastor M speaks as he has these words that just moves you to keep going and that’s what I call the favor of GOD.

pastor m thumb

Its been a while since we shared articles about our pastor’s and today we return back with another great motivational article

Meet Pastor M as he shares about Excellence and you can read below :

Excellence post

He was practically sprinting because of how late he was for the important meeting. He mind was on overdrive, striving to come up with an acceptable excuse. Finally, he opened the door to the boardroom. To his great relief, most of the other attenders had not yet arrived. Only the company secretary was there, and everyone knew she was always on time. After greeting her happily, he said, ‘Phew, I thought I was late!’

Okay, that’s a fictional story. But it’s one that is replayed many times every day in our city where we often run on AMT (African Mean Time)! The thinking is that if everyone else came later than me, then obviously I can’t be late. But this just a symptom of the fact that our standards of excellence are not based on an internal frame of reference but on what others around us are doing.

So guess what happens in Nairobi when you start an innovative business? Some sharp Kenyans will ‘copy paste’ it and soon everyone else will be doing it! This practice is not just the preserve of small ‘jua kali’ businesses. A few years ago, a local bank developed the innovative idea that they could lend to the ‘un-bankable’. After years of backbreaking labor, it finally began to pay off. So every other bank quickly rushed to copy what they were doing! ‘Copy and paste’ seems to be a national value. Have you ever noticed how identical most of our news programs are on TV, including the intro clock at a certain time? If you watch in black and white and ignore the company logo, it’s impossible to know what channel you’re watching!

pastor m preaching11

Now I need to say at this point that there’s nothing wrong with doing market research or with adopting what is obviously working elsewhere! But we need to be careful that we’re not just following the herd, dependent on what others are doing. The inevitable result is inconsistency and mediocrity.

The good book has a great story about a civil servant named Daniel who regularly got promoted regardless of which government was in charge. After sixty years of public service, his envious opponents commissioned an audit of his work to try and get him fired. But it was futile! As the story goes, ‘Finally these men said, “We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God.”’

Daniel’s excellence was not based on who was watching or on what the competition was doing. It came out of knowing who he was and what God expected of him. You see, excellence is not something you put on for show. It’s not something you do for money or promotion. If you develop a lifestyle of excellence, you don’t come to meetings late because you know no one else keeps time. You don’t change your game plan every time the competition changes theirs. And you don’t need someone to look over your shoulders to get your work done well!

Follow Pastor M on Twitter : @MuriithiW

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