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UNBELIEVABLE :Renown ‘Limbless Evangelist’ Drives A Car For The Very First Time

Nick Vujicic, popular Christian motivational speaker born without limbs, has recently added a new accomplishment to the list of activities he might have otherwise thought impossible — getting behind the wheel of a car for the very first time.

Christian motivational speaker Nick Vujicic sits behind the wheel of a customized car in the TLC special "Man Born Without Limbs."
Nick and his wife (C) Christian post

Thanks to several engineers, the 32-year-old married father was able to do what many people otherwise take for granted — drive. The momentous occasion was revealed in the TLC one-hour special, “Man Born Without Limbs.”

“Ever since I was a kid, the burning desire in me was to do what everyone else can do,” Vujicic said in a promotional clip for “Man Born Without Limbs.”

Despite being born with a condition known as tetra-amelia syndrome, Vujicic has consistently shown the world that there is pretty much nothing he can’t do, thanks to his fierce determination, faith in God and supportive family and friends.

So in addition to golfing, swimming, surfing, shooting hoops, and playing soccer, Vujicic can now add driving to his list of activities. No wonder he inspires countless people around the world with his story of hope, resilience and faith in God.

Nick Vujicic
Nick Swimming (C) Christian Post

“If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!” Vujicic has been known to say.

Nick Vujicic
Nick playing soccer (C) Christian Post
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‘Limbless Evangelist’ Nick Vujicic : ‘Sex Out Of Marriage Is Like The Devils Wine’

World famous evangelist Nick Vujicic says people who have sex outside of marriage often do so to fill an empty void which can be filled by developing a solid relationship with Jesus.

The 32-year-old Christian motivational speaker, widely known as the “limbless evangelist,” opens up about imperfect love and his marriage to his wife of nearly three years Kanae in their book Love With Limbs: A Remarkable Story of True Love Conquering All.

While he admits that “we’re not experts on marriage,” the couple offers common sense advice (from a biblical perspective) on everything from abstinence to family planning while sharing a very personal account of their own inspiring journey through love.

“I want people to understand in this book that when God made Adam, God made Eve and it’s a design of God to be with someone,” Vujicic told The Christian Post in an exclusive interview. “And not just a relationship (where you hold hands, or have sex, or have intimacy), there is a sacred beauty in the unity of marriage.”

Vujicic, who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, has inspired millions worldwide through speaking engagements and uplifting sermons. He met Kanae, 27, at an event in Dallas back in April 2010 and less than two years later they were married.

In February 2013, Kanae gave birth to the couple’s nearly 2-year-old son, Kiyoshi James Vujicic, and while they are happier than ever, their journey has been far from easy.

As is shared in chapter nine of their new book, the pair struggled a lot with abstinence (particularly during their engagement period), but ultimately they say that waiting until their wedding night was worth the sacrifice.

“Sex out of marriage is like the devil’s wine. How can the Devil’s wine be better than God’s wine? It’s the counterfeit,” said Vujicic who in the book says that he highly recommends a “short engagement.”

“God made sex for marriage, so then Satan took something beautiful and sacred … twisted it and brought lust,” he continued. “I’ve seen many people who use sex in a relationship before marriage as a way that they feel needed and wanted as an affirmation of who they are. We don’t get affirmed by anyone else better than God.”

Prayer, support from loved ones, and a meeting with evangelist Billy Graham, ultimately helped the couple beat temptation. Vujicic says that having developed a strong faith prior to finding his true love was also key to a healthy marriage.

“My value is in God, single or not, arms and legs or not. God’s purpose and God’s plan for my life is all I need. His grace, His salvation, His leading, His plan and nothing else,” he shared. “I was content in my relationship with Jesus Christ before I got married. If you’re single and you aint happy, trust me you aint gonna be happy married…you just ask any married person.”

The Australian-born Serbian preacher admittedly struggled with depression as a teenager and at one point in his life he even questioned whether he could ever find a woman who could love him despite his disability. It was through faith and the bible that he was eventually able to develop his self-worth and today he gives all glory to God.

“What I want people to understand in this book is … instead of just trying to find true love, it’s you being able to truly accept yourself and desiring nothing but God’s perfect plan for you,” he said. “God’s strength, God’s plan, God’s wisdom and not yours. That’s a hard thing to do but that’s the Christian way … when you give your broken pieces a chance and you give God your broken pieces, that’s when he can do a miracle.”

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