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25 Years Of Freedom : The World Celebrates Mandela’s Release 25 Years Later

The world celebrated Nelson Mandela’s release from Prison for the 25th consecutive time since his 27 year jail term made South Africa a pariah state.

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The event marked not only the culmination of a campaign which began almost as soon as he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964, but the beginning of the end for the apartheid regime

The release had been trailed by the government of President F W De Klerk, with journalists gathered at the then DF Malan Airport in Cape Town for the arrival of VIPs for the occasion.


The Nelson Mandela Foundation records that they were summoned to a press conference that afternoon with the president, who began: “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to have disrupted your Saturday afternoon.

“In pursuance of my opening address to Parliament, I am now in a position to announce that Mr Mandela will be released at the Victor Verster Prison on Sunday the 11th of February at about 3 pm.”

Unknown to any of them, he and Mandela had had a six-hour meeting in Cape Town the previous evening. De Klerk had told him that he was to be flown to Johannesburg and released in Soweto. However, Mandela had objected: he wanted to be released from the Victor Verster prison where he had spent the previous 14 months and he wanted seven days’ grace for “his people” to prepare for the event.

Later he recalled: “He said to me, that ‘we will fly you to Johannesburg and we will keep you elsewhere … on Sunday afternoon we will hand you over to your people’. I said ‘No, that’s not fair because you are not giving our people enough time to see me, I mean to prepare for my release. Give me seven days. Let them prepare.’ The government wouldn’t agree to that.”

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(Photo) Meet A Man Who Looks Exactly Like Nelson Mandela

South African founding father Nelson Mandela is one man who was and is still loved by many as he touched hearts by his spirit of non-discrimination.

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Now after Mandela has been laid to rest we introduce to you a man named as Nelson Mandela look alike. The man goes by the name of Ayanda Mbatyoti  termed the younger face of “Nelson Mandela”.

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The 37-year-old has minor celebrity status in South Africa as a Nelson Mandela lookalike. He performs his famous speeches, earns cheers at political rallies and, in a reference to the struggle hero’s clan name, was once told by an aghast Mandela: “You are young Madiba.”

Now he is coming to terms with the death of the man he imitates and admires. “I couldn’t believe it,” he said last week in a voice spookily reminiscent of the late president’s own. “Mandela is a true hero of the people. He fought black domination and white domination.

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Should that not transpire, Mbatyothi will have to do. “I’m going to be a reminder. People show their children: ‘That’s Mandela.'”

His comments are “Mandela is my hero and his death will not put me out of work, as his spirit lives in his boyhood village of Qunu and will continue to spread worldwide.”

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Nelson Mandela Dead : World Mourns Loss Of Great Icon “Madiba”

First president of South Africa, South African icon, Nelson Mandela , a man who became a symbol of the anti-apartheid movement, and one who gave up nearly 30 years of his life in prison, passed on at the age 95 .

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President Jacob Zuma’s announcement of the death late on Thursday shook South Africa. The streets of the capital Pretoria and of Johannesburg were hushed, and in bars and nightclubs, music was turned off as people gathered to quietly talk about the news.

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A sombre Zuma told the nation in a televised address that Mandela “passed on peacefully in the company of his family around 20h50 on the 5th of December 2013”.

“He is now resting. He is now at peace,” Zuma said.

Tributes began flooding in almost immediately for a man who was a global symbol of struggle against injustice and of racial reconciliation.

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10 Things You Should Know About Nelson Mandela

Most Kenyans know Nelson Mandela as the first  president of South Africa, a man who became a symbol of the anti-apartheid movement, and one who gave up nearly 30 years of his life in prison.

He remains a hero to South Africans as well as to the international community, and will continually represent the struggle for freedom. But it’s easy to forget that even legends are human.

Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Nelson Mandela.

1. Mandela’s tribal nickname is “Rolihlahla,” meaning “Troublemaker.”

Other accounts translate Rolihlalhla to mean “to pull a branch from a tree,” which, of course, is something only a troublemaker would do. It was his teacher, Miss Mdingane, who gave him the English name “Nelson,” much to the relief of journalists everywhere when he became famous.


2. Mandela was expelled from university after less than a year.

After finishing boarding school, Mandela headed to Fort Hare Missionary College. Less than 12 months later, he was expelled from college for helping to organize a strike against the white colonial rule of the institution. One might call this foreshadowing.

 3. The United Nations decreed his birthday as Mandela Day.In 2009, the U.N. declared Mandela’s birthday, July 18, as Mandela Day to mark his contribution to world freedom. The holiday calls on individuals to donate 67 minutes to doing something for others, reflecting the 67 years that Mandela had been a part of the anti-apartheid movement. 

4.  Mandela is often referred to as Madiba, his Xhosa clan name

Mandela is a member of the Thembu, a Xhosa clan, and is often referred to by his clan name, Madiba. It is a sign of the incredible diversity of people and languages in South Africa. The country has 11 different official languages.

5. Mandela’s father had four wives, and Nelson is one of 13 children.

Mandela’s father, a local chief and councellor to the Thembu king, died from tuberculosis when his son was 9. Before that, he fathered 13 children by four wives, four boys and nine  girls. After his father’s death, Mandela was put under the guardianship of Jongintaba, the Thembu regent.


 6. Mandela has received more than 250 awards for his accomplishments.

Among these awards is the shared 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with F.W. de Klerk, the last president of the apartheid government of South Africa (he too is widely credited as an instrumental force in ending apartheid). Additionally, Mandela has received more than 50 honorary degrees from international universities worldwide, became the first honorary Canadian citizen in 2001, and received the last Lenin Peace Prize from the Soviet Union.

7. Stevie Wonder dedicated his 1985 Oscar for “I Just Called to Say I Love You” to Mandela.

After Stevie accepted his award in honor of Nelson Mandela, the government-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation banned Stevie’s music from the airways. It wasn’t until Mandela was elected in 1994 that Stevie was finally allowed back in South Africa.

8. Mandela outlived his two oldest sons.

Mandela had six children, but tragically lost his two oldest sons. Thembi died in a car crash at age 25. Mandela was in prison at the time of the death and was unable to attend the funeral. Another son died of AIDS in 2005 at age 54. While Mandela’s administration was criticized for not doing enough to fight the AIDS epidemic in South Africa, he established the Nelson Mandela Foundation in 1999 following his retirement to help fight the spread of AIDS.

 9. Mandela ran away from home at age of 19.

When his guardian tried to arrange a marriage, Mandela ran away from home in 1941 and headed to Johannesburg. He began to work as a night watchman at Crown Mines, but was fired after it was discovered that he was the Thembu regent’s runaway.

10. Mandela spent his first night after being freed from prison in Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s home.

Tutu had his helpers prepare his own favorite meal of chicken curry, rice and green salad, followed by rum raisin ice cream and custard.

At least now you have learnt little bit of something about Nelson Mandela.



Doctors Advised Nelson Mandela’s Family That His Life Support Should Be Turned Off

Doctors advised members of Nelson Mandela’s family that his life support should be turned off court Documents showed.


Doctors advised that Nelson Mandela’s life support should be turned off because he was in a ‘permanent vegetative state’, court documents show.

The declaration from members of the former president’s family came as part of a family dispute over the graves of three of his children.

In documents dated June 26 they said: “He is in a permanent vegetative state and is assisted in breathing by a life support machine.

“The Mandela family have been advised by the medical practitioners that his life support machine should be switched off.

“Rather than prolonging his suffering, the Mandela family is exploring this option as a very real probability.”

South African President Jacob Zuma

The “certificate of urgency” document was obtained from a lawyer representing Mandela family members who had successfully sought a court order to return the children’s remains to the revered South African leader’s childhood home.

The legal battle was launched after Mr Mandela’s grandson Mandla Mandela had them moved from the family estate in Qunu to his own village 15 miles away.

The document was presented to South Africa’s Eastern Cape High Court as President Jacob Zuma reported that Mr Mandela’s health had faltered and cancelled a trip to Mozambique.

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Nelson Mandela’s Health Condition Termed “Critical” On Monday Night

Former president Nelson Mandela remained in a “critical” state in hospital on Monday, and the presidency warned against false hope for a recovery for the 94-year-old elder statesman. But nearly 12 hours after official word that Mandela’s condition deteriorated, there was no new information forthcoming, despite intense global interest.


In various interviews throughout the morning, presidential spokesperson and close friend to Mandela, Mac Maharaj said the government would continue its policy of not disclosing clinical details but said a “sombre mood” would be appropriate at this time.

Outside the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria, media from around the world maintained a vigil – keen for any detail or visuals for eager audiences. After two weeks in hospital, news of Mandela’s health largely dropped off the global news agenda but it again lead bulletins and newspapers in countries ranging from Singapore to the United States on Sunday night and Monday morning.

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Nelson Mandela Wished ‘Happy Father’s Day’ By Jacob Zuma

Many of us celebrated Happy Father’s Day on Sunday Gifting our Father’s with all kinds of special gifts and messages.

Turning the map round to South Africa the 1st President, Nelson Mandela is not well as his health condition has been a concern for most of us.

The current President on his speech did not forget to wish the former president and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela a Happy Fathers Day. he said and i quote :

“Former South African President Nelson Mandela continues to get better in a Pretoria hospital” current President Jacob Zuma

He added that the revered ex-leader remained in a serious condition as he recovered from a lung infection.

“Over the last two days, although he remains serious, his doctors have stated that his improvement has been sustained,” Mr Zuma said.

Speaking at a national event to mark South Africa’s Youth Day, he also asked the audience to join him in wishing Mr Mandela a Happy Father’s Day.

Zuma continued in saying that  Mandela “continues to engage with family,” according to the prepared text of a speech released by the president’s office. Family members are visiting Mandela daily.

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