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Good Bye Myles : Myles Munroe And Wife Ruth Laid To Rest In Bahamas [IN PICTURES]

The Bahamas – People from all walks of life — locally and internationally — assembled at the Diplomat Centre for a Celebration of Life for the late Dr. Myles Munroe and Pastor Ruth Ann Munroe, on Thursday, December 4, 2014.

Leading the list of dignitaries and guests at The State-Recognized Funeral were: Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling, Governor General; The Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, Prime Minister, and Mrs. Bernadette Christie; Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis; Senators, Members of Parliament, Senior Government Officials, members of the Diplomatic Corps and leaders of the international religious community.


Dr. Myles Munroe was senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship, where his wife Ruth Ann Munroe served as co-senior pastor. The couple died November 9, 2014 when their private jet crashed into the Grand Bahama Ship Yard. Also on board that ill-fated aircraft were Dr. Richard Pinder, Pastors Lavard & Radel Parks and their son Johanan Parks all of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship; pilots Frakhan Cooper and Captain Stanley Thurston and American Diego DeSantiago.

Funeral_1 Funeral_2

Tributes were paid in liturgical dancing, praise and worship, with special selections by Vision singing the remake “ Brand New World, and the Original Visionaires singing “ Living With Jesus on the Other Side’”– the group Dr. Munroe was a part of in the early 70s. Grammy Award-winning Gospel recording artist CeCe Winans also rendered “ Don’t Cry for Me” – one of the Winans’ greatest hits.

Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie revered Dr. Munroe as “a man who never forgot his roots; a man who was passionately involved in Bahamian nation-building and who played an important part in that process over the course of more than three decades.”

He added, “So, let us make no mistake about it therefore, while Dr Myles Munroe was unquestionably a globalist, an internationalist, in scope of his Christian ministry and in the reach of his teachings and travels, he was at the same time a profoundly committed nationalist; a Bain town-bred Bahamian through and through.”

Funeral_3 Funeral_4

Senior Pastor Dave Burrows of BFMI said, ”We are gathered here to pay our final respects and tributes to two extraordinary human beings. Today, in some ways we are saddened but in other ways, we celebrate lives of purpose and destiny.”

He best described Dr. Myles Monroe, his mentor, as “a transformer; [in] that through his relationship with God and in his pursuits, no one he encountered was left without being transformed.” And in Referencing the Bible, Pastor Burrows described Ruth Ann Munroe as “a good thing.”

The Munroes left two children son, Chairo (Myles Jr.) and daughter Charisa who likened their parents to a ‘king and queen.’

“We have lost one of the greatest fathers and mothers; and… king and queen, who have ever lived,” she said.

“Yet is it only by faith that I can stand here before and declare with much authority that Pastor Myles and Ruth Ann Munroe are not dead but are buried alive in me and my brother.”

She said that their parents were born into a life of purpose and they died fulfilling that purpose. “They transformed people into leaders and leaders into agents of change.”

It is my personal passion, dedication and commitment to help as many people as possible discover and fulfill their original purpose for life and maximize their true and full potential.
I will give all my energy, time, talent and gifts to serve the success of others.
They deserve the best and I want to give it” – Dr. Myles Munroe

R.I.P Myles

(c) Bahamas Weekly

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For The Respect Of The Family : There Will Be No Public Viewing Of Myles Munroe Body, Family Says

There will be no open casket viewing of the bodies of renowned pastor and motivational speaker Myles Munroe and his wife, Ruth, at a national memorial planned for the couple in the Bahamas next Wednesday.

Dr.-Myles-Munroe post

The lives of the Munroes, who died along with seven others in a fiery jet crash in the Bahamas on Sunday, Nov. 9, will be celebrated during a five-hour event at Thomas Robinson Stadium in the Bahamas.

Kevin Harris, spokesman for the Bahamas Faith Ministries founded by Munroe, said that while there will be speeches, music and singing among a number of activities, fans of the Munroes will not be allowed to view the bodies out of respect for the family. He said the family made the decision not to have an open casket after they had identified the bodies.

“They were IDed by all the family members, and all the family have confirmed that there will be a closed casket ceremony,” said Harris.

The bodies of the renowned evangelical pastor and his wife, along with three of seven others, including senior vice president and fellowship pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries Richard Pinder, and pilots Captain Stanley Thurston and First Officer Frahkan Cooper, who died with them on Nov. 9 were returned home to family and friends in the island’s capital of New Providence Monday in preparation for multiple memorials and funerals.

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R.I.P Myles Munroe : The Burial Date And Memorial Service For Dr. Myles Munroe And Wife Has Been Confirmed

The Bahama’s Faith Ministries and the world will finally have the opportunity of saying good bye to Dr. Myles Munroe when his body  will be laid empty on December 2nd. Munroe left a wide gap in the role of leadership when he sadly passed on when the plane he had boarded fatally crashed leading to the loss of 8 other life’s including his wife.

The Board of Governors of Bahamas Faith Ministries International along with the families of Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder  announced the burial and memorial services for the late leaders in which thousands are expected to grace.
The Home Going Service for Dr. Richard Pinder will be held on Tuesday, December 2nd 2014, at Bahamas Faith Ministries International Diplomat Center on Carmichael Road in Nassau, Bahamas.
On Wednesday, December 3rd 2014, the Life & Contributions of Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe will be celebrated during a National Memorial Service of Thanksgiving & Praise. We anticipate hosting this event at one of our major national facilities that will announced as soon as all official confirmations have been realized.
The official Funeral or Home Going Service for Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe will be held on Thursday, December 4th 2014, at Bahamas Faith Ministries International Diplomat Center on Carmichael Road in Nassau, Bahamas.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Prime Minister, the Rt.Honorable Perry G.Christie, his Cabinet as well as members of the Government for their condolences, words of kindness and support to date. We are in communication with the Government and other relevant stake holders as we continue to fine tune our plans.
We intend to announce shortly a number of additional events leading up to the Home Going & Memorial Celebrations for Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder. At that time we will also announce the service time for each event.
We are however pleased announce that several organizations and churches from around the world have already planned and announced Services of Thanksgiving & Celebration in honor Dr. Myles and his wife Pastor Ruth Munroe. Thanksgiving Services are confirmed to be held in several countries including Africa, Canada, Europe, Papua New Guinea, Barbados, several Latin American countries and at various churches throughout United Stated of America. We are awaiting final confirmations from additional countries.
The Board of Governors with the blessing of the family is also pleased to announce that a Special Memorial Organizing and Planning Committee has been commissioned to assist the family and the board with the planning and organization of the official Home Going and Memorial Celebration Services.
This Special Memorial Organizing Committee will be Chaired by Veteran Broadcaster, Business Executive & President of the CEO Network Deborah Bartlett who also serves as one of our Pastors at Bahamas Faith Ministries. Media Executive, Radio Personality and CEO of Harris Media Group Kevin Harris have been selected to serve as Deputy Chairman and Pastor Jay Mullings who is one of the five founding fathers of Bahamas Faith Ministries International will serve as Honorary Chairman.
We have literally been flooded with calls and well wishes from all over the world. We have also received a number of phone calls from several Head of States including Presidents of Countries, Prime Ministers as well as well known Pastors, Singers, Actors and Dignitaries expressing their sympathies and who have all indicated a commitment to attend.
The Memorial Organizing Committee has already established a Command Center here at Bahamas Faith Ministries where all calls, emails and request for information regarding Home Going and Memorial Services can be addressed. The direct phone contact to the Command Center is 242-461-6429.
We intend to once again release additional information regarding all services within the next few days.
On behalf of the Family of Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder, we would once again like to thank the Bahamian people as well as people from around the world for their expressions of love, well wishes and support. It truly means a lot to us.

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“Let’s Not Mourn But Celebrate His Life” : Son Of Myles Munroe And Daughter Speak To The Press After Plane Crash

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island – On November 12th, just three days after the fatal plane crash, the family of Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe held a press conference in the ballroom at the Grand Lucayan Hotel.

myles munroe son statement
Press were asked to decline from questioning in light of the difficult loss they have endured.
Giving welcome remarks was Jerome Edmonson. He then introduced the son of Rev. Munroe, Chairo (Myles Jr.) who read a statement surrounded by his family. Later Jamaican minister, Dr Peter Morgan, President of the International Third World Leaders Association gave some words.
“We are not sure how or why, something like this would be allowed to happen to such great individuals, but still, God is in control. The past few days have been the most difficult times for my sister and I, my family and all of those affected by this loss.”
“We are all saddened by this tragic event, but we are comforted and encouraged by the outpouring of love and support from everyone around the country and those around the world at large,” said Munroe

Myles Munroe’s Family Issues Statement at Grand Bahama Press Conference from mackeymedia on Vimeo.

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“The Greatest Tragedy In Life Is Not DEATH, But A Life Without A PURPOSE” Some Great Quotes Of MYLES MUNROE

Prolific best selling author and internationally renowned preacher and business coach, Dr. Myles Munroe of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and his wife Mrs. Ruth Ann Munroe, died in a plane crash earlier today in the Bahamas.


A man who lived with purpose, Myles Munroe is no more as he passed on in a plane crash on Monday morning. Living a legacy is what he did and we take a look at the great quotes of Dr. Myles Munroe.


  1. “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”
    ― Myles Munroe

  2. “It is the same way with dating. The time you are most prepared for dating is when you don’t need anyone to complete you, fulfill you, or instill in you a sense of worth or purpose.”
    ― Myles Munroe, Waiting and Dating

  3. “People generally fall into one of three groups: the few who make things happen, the many who watch things happen, and the overwhelming majority who have no notion of what happens. Every person is either a creator of fact or a creature of circumstance. He either puts color into his environment, or, like a chameleon, takes color from his environment.”
    ― Myles Munroe, Understanding Your Potential

  4. “Being open to correction means making ourselves vulnerable, and many people are not willing to do that.”
    ― Myles Munroe, Waiting and Dating

5.“One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped.”
― Myles Munroe

6.“A woman may be beautiful but have poor character. A man may be a business genius, making money left and right, but lack common courtesy, sensitivity, and compassion.”
― Myles Munroe, Waiting and Dating

  1. “God did not create woman from man’s head, that he should command her, nor from his feet, that she should be his slave, but rather from his side, that she should be near his heart.”
    ― Myles Munroe, The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage

8.”Hard work and diligence are essential to success, but they require an internal motivation. That internal motivation is Vision”

  1. “Vision is a conception that is inspired by God in the hearts of Human”

10.”God loves dreamers”

11.You need to treat your finances as a resource God has provided to fulfil your vision, not a tool to fill your life with luxuries”

12.You are not saved for the sole purpose of going to heaven; you are saved to finish your assignment on earth”

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The Great Author That Touched So Many Life’s : We Look At The Life Of Myles Munroe

It was very sad to hear the death of one of the best inspirational speakers,Myles Munroe. Myles Munroe lived a large life of purpose  with his main aim targeted at making the life of others better through his skill of writing.

Dr.-Myles-Munroe post

We look at his life and how he met his death while on a plane to Bahamas.

Myles Munroe was born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1954 and had been a lifetime resident of the Bahamas. He has degrees in fine arts, education and theology from Oral Roberts University (1978), a Master’s degree in administration from the University of Tulsa (1980), and he has been awarded a number of honorary doctoral degrees. He also served as an adjunct professor of the Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University. His wife, Ruth Munroe was copastor with him at BFMI. He had a son Chairo (Myles Jr.) and daughter Charisa and said that his family is his greatest responsibility and his marriage his most sacred trust.[citation needed]

Dr. Munroe was a pastor, teacher, administrator, author, a father, a husband and motivational speaker. He travelled throughout the world as a speaker addressing governments leaders, businesses, schools/universities and church congregations. He personally addressed over 500,000 people each year on personal and professional development, and he received hundreds of invitations every year to speak worldwide.[2] Dr. Munroe has appeared on Benny Hinn’s This Is Your Day program, where he spoke about the Kingdom of God.[3]

Dr. Munroe placed an emphasis on the Kingdom of God and believed that the whole Bible, along with the message of Jesus, revolves around the kingdom and not a religion. He said, “My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follower is a leader. My belief is, if that person is placed in the right environment, the leader will manifest himself or herself.”

Myles Munroe was the author or coauthor of over 100 books, study guides, and audio tapes currently in print,[6] and he is a contributing writer for various Bible editions, journals, magazines, and newsletters, such as The Believer’s Topical Bible, The African Cultural Heritage Topical Bible, Charisma Life Christian Magazine, and Ministries Today.[citation needed]

In 1998, Dr. Munroe was awarded the Silver Jubilee Award for providing 25 years of outstanding service to the Bahamas in the category of Faith.[7]

Also that year, Myles Munroe was named to the Queen’s Birthday Honours 1998, OBE.[2]

In 2004, he was named the Oral Roberts University Alumnus of the year and received an honorary doctorate from them.

Myles Munroe died November 9, 2014 in a plane crash in Grand Bahama Ship Yard, Bahamas. His plane flew low and was mangled in a crane. He, his wife, daughter and six others died in the crash

His works cover Christian interpretations of the Kingdom of God as well as guidance on love, sex, family relationships, and finances. His works are available in English, Spanishand Portuguese.[citation needed]His most popular works include:

  • Myles Munroe on Relationship
  • Pass it On
  • Kingdom Principles: Preparing for Kingdom Experience and Expansion
  • Rediscovering the Kingdom
  • The Most Important Person on Earth
  • Understanding Your Potential
  • Waiting and Dating
  • The Spirit of Leadership
  • The Principles and Power of Vision
  • Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer
  • Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman
  • Understanding the Purpose and Power of Men
  • God’s Big Idea
  • Overcoming The Crisis
  • Principles and Benefits of Change
  • Releasing Your Potential
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SAD : MYLES MUNROE And Wife Reportedly Die In A Plane Crash

Prolific best selling author and internationally renowned preacher and business coach, Dr. Myles Munroe of Bahamas Faith Ministries International and his wife Mrs. Ruth Ann Munroe, died in a plane crash earlier today in the Bahamas. According to The Associated Press, the plane, a Lear LEA -1.05% 36 executive jet, reportedly struck a crane at the Grand Bahama Ship Yard, exploding on impact and crashing into the ground near a junkyard area.

myles and wife post

The Bahamas Ministry of Transport and Aviation reported that the Lear 36 executive jet departed the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau, Bahamas at 4:07PM for the Grand Bahama International Airport, a privately owned international airport in Freeport, Bahamas with nine people on board.

The plane crashed while making an approach for landing at Grand Bahama International Airport at 5.10pm, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation said. The crash killed all nine people on board the private jet. The identities of the other people on board have not yet been confirmed. The cause of the crash was not immediately determined, though there had been heavy rain across the region. A full investigation is expected to begin on Monday.

The crash occurred as people were gathering in Grand Bahama for Dr. Munroe’s 2014 Global Leadership Forum which starts tomorrow, November, 10. Former mayor of Atlanta and former U.S Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young scheduled to speak at the popular leadership forum, released the following statement through his foundation: “Ambassador Young expresses his deep sadness over the tragic death of his friends Dr. Myles and Mrs. Ruth Munroe. He offers condolences to the Munroe family and the families of the other souls who lost their lives as a result of this shocking plane crash.”

Africa’s richest woman and oil mogul, Mrs. Folorunso Alakija is also expected to speak at the leadership forum.

Known for his work and teachings on leadership, purpose and maximizing your potential, vision, individual and national transformation, Dr. Munroe was the senior pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship, where his wife, Ruth Ann, served as co-senior pastor. They leave behind two children, daughter, Charisa and son, Chairo (Myles Jr.) Munroe.

Dr. Munroe died living out his purpose in life; spreading the gospel of Christ.


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