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MR GOOGZ to Gospel Artistes : “DO Songs That Reach Hearts of Men And Not For DEEJAYS To PLAY”

Gospel minister Mr Googz has enlightened christian artistes by advising them to think past deejays when it comes to releasing songs that will reach masses. Mr Googz in a note advised gospel artistes to focus more on reaching hearts of men to turn back to Christ rather than doing songs for deejays to play.

mr googz post

Mr Googz said :

The reality of what is happening in the gospel industry shouldn’t be a shock to them that are in tune with the Holy Spirit. The trouble is not even the fact that DJS are not playing music BUT RATHER the focus of the musicians complaining. Let me say this first and foremost, to my real soldiers who have stood for the truth and have refused to compromise or sell their birth rights for a GROOVE, or a SAFARI live concert that denies you the freedom to witness, KUDOS. FOR some of us I guess we really don’t care JESUS IS BIGGER than all that garbage.


Now back to the guys complaining about DJS not playing their music. My advice to you is this, from the beginning you should have known who you are serving. Secondly, DJS OR NO DJS JESUS CALLED YOU, with a message and if He called you then He has a way out for you. A DJ cannot make you or break you if all along JESUS was the one who made you, BUT on the other hand if you began by paying DJS to play your music then the DJS made you, and that my friend obviously means that they CAN BREAK YOU.


Here is my advice to ALL. Grow beyond DJS , RADIO STATIONS, TVS, and concerts that pay peanuts and see the real value of who God called you to be from His word. Instead of doing music that DJS can play do music that ministers to the hearts of men. Instead of seeing DJS and TVS as the only avenue for your career as a musician to become BIG see them as avenues to evangelize and make Jesus known to the lost souls-NOT YOU. All these things being said between DJS n musicians is all talk. And by the WAY GOD IS IN THIS THING. He said He will disrupt this so called “gospel industry” n He is doing it na Bado. Jipangeni if God called you n anointed you nobody can stop you.

The real truth is coming out. What you thought you were because of the DJS n TVS is slowly dawning on you that it was an illusion. Only God can make you n sustain you, man can cheer you up today tomorrow spit n curse you. They did the same to Jesus.Give yourself to God, get his word in YOU. The bible says everything else will PASS away but the word will ABIDE for ever. For those of you who thought you were going to be there for ever wake up, change your focus before it is too late. Shika word. The word will make you n if it does no man, DJ, TV, demon, producer, or whosoever can successfully STOP you, in fact GOD will make you so BIG that they will look for you.
Lastly I challenge you ALL BELIEVERS to THINK BIG. Refuse to be a victims. Buy radio stations and TVS.


The problem is that we have too many believers who using the riches n resources God has given them to build their own kingdoms n not God. Chukueni hii salvation seriously n OCCUPY till JESUS comes back. Conquer for Jesus, buy and sell and advance the kingdom-let your resources be for kingdom advancement.

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You’re A Gospel Artiste And You Like Sagging ? You Will Be SHOCKED To Know How SAGGING Started, Mr Googz Reveals


The act of sagging among artistes is not something new, it has been there for years from the time when we used to listen to music on tapes. This trend is still there today and most budding gospel singers and dancers have taken it as a “SWAG” when walking across the streets of Nairobi or in a live performance as it was in the case of Bahati who found himself apologizing to his Facebook fans. Why would you show the whole country your body some fans asked ? . Is it such a big deal ?. Mr Googz explains

mr googz

How Did Pant Sagging Start?

A Tale From A Former Correctional Employee Pant sagging started in male correctional facilities many years ago, no one knows exactly when. It was a sign that one Inmate was the ‘girl friend‘ of another and that they were willing to have rear end sex with them whenever it was wanted by the other half of the couple.

Over time it became a gang signal, and the color of the boxers that were showing indicated which gang the guy belonged to. So few young people DON’T know this, but I have a feeling if they did, they would hike them up real quick!

New Living Translation proverbs 3:12

For the LORD corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights.”

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“The Last Time I Received My Payment From MCSK Is 5 Years Ago” Mr Googz Reveals After Bien Of Sauti Sol Raised Concerns

On Monday 20th October MCSK hosted their 3rd annual awards gala at Carnivore grounds with Charles Njagua receiving the major award as the top earning artiste in 2014. With the beautiful lights and great sound the organisation had something else coming their way as some artistes felt that the society doesn’t cater for their needs.

bien baraza

One of those artistes to talk live on National Television at the awards was Bien Baraza of Sauti Sol who raised his concerns about the management of the society after receiving their award on stage.

mcsk post

With the emcees not being prepared on his speech, Bien gave his two cents on how the media needs to protect its own first before going out. This let out some reactions from the attendees and even from other artistes who were watching.

Mr Googz who was watching revealed that he is also not amused by the society and feels that there is something very wrong in the payment of artistes.

mr googz new


He said ;

Clearly one member of Sauti SOL is not amused at the MCSK seeming display of love for Kenyan musicians, truth is am not also amused.

“I Have watched Morris the CEO of MCSK give a speech and a quick run through of who MCSK is, and one thing he said is that MCSK IS for MUSICIANS and that the artistes supposedly run the society ..that’s kinda like saying Kenyan government is for Kenyans and that Kenyans decide what happens, REALLY? that is NOT TRUE sir, the same way politicians increase their salaries without doing an opinion poll is the same way MCSK guys get into office Kenyan artistes are tired of this and we need proper, loyal transparent LEADERSHIP in our nation.

As MR GOOGZ am 5 years now since i received my last payment from a society that claims to be OWNED by ME is a clear indication that something is totally wrong. Now the worst is that the last time i was there i was given a check that had an issue and i had to wait some few weeks later to just get somebody to attend to me, by the way that was 5years ago.

Something Must happen and the same way the political regimes have been altered, i see a shift and it is going to take place.”

Whats your take

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“Key Reasons Why Some Artistes Remove The Name JESUS From Their Lyrics” Mr Googz Reveals

Pastor/gospel minister Mr Googz has launched his new revolution music called Jesus Every Where. If you closely follow Mr Googz teachings and sermons you will notice that he has so much zeal to save souls from sin through Jesus. This he has exemplified in his new single called Jesus Every where in which he boldly shares of how the name Jesus has so much power to transform.

Mr Googz Jesus Everywhere

On his official press release he says :

“Jesus Everywhere is a song to let you know that I am bold about Him, I am called by Him, Anointed by Him and I have been given authority over all the world, Satan, his demons and ALL his works. This Holy Spirit was given me for to witness forking JESUS and not for my own interests. This song is full of power because His Name has the absolute power that no being can withstand.

The songs inspiration came from Acts 1:8 where Jesus our Lord and Savior said we who are born again shall be filled with power (‘dunamis’-greek word meaning “divine ability to achieve supernatural results”)
When God gives us ministries, this power is available. However, some begin to misuse it and take out “Jesus” out of their lyrics, sermons, contents, and replace Him (Jesus) and His message with secularism so as to try and be relevant or ‘cool’ to the world.This they do in an attempt to try NOT TO OFFEND anyone with the Name of Jesus.

This I noticed after I got born again and one day as I was seeking for answers from the Lord during my regular devotions He told me that it’s possible to sing about Him from the beginning of a song to the end. He then proceeded to give me this song (Jesus Everywhere) and told me that He will use it show the world and anyone called to be an ambassador of Jesus that it is possible to sing about Him from start to finish without being irrelevant.

King Jesus is the only relevant and constant person to sing of for eternity. He told us in His word that the ability (The Holy Spirit) will come to help us be His witnesses of HIM and not any other thing.”

Listen to his new single “Jesus Every Where”

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“The Time For Gospel Music To Be Revolutionized Is Now” Mr Googz Shares With Gospel Artistes

Mr Googz is one of the gospel artistes in Kenya who will give you a story and you will be left amazed if not moved by his counsel through the word of GOD. He comes out as a star behind the shooting star which is Jesus Christ who took him from secularism to the light of the gospel.

mr gooz 4

Mr Googz on Monday morning shared on why the time is now for gospel music to be revolutionized and the aspect of following success the GOD’s way.

The time is finally here for Gospel Music to be revolutionized. We have so far seen a great display of infancy and borrowed secularism in this great and honorable ministry given to us by King Jesus,-but remember God CANNOT be Mocked and every TREE that MY father has not planted will be CUT down.

Lessons have been learnt by few{who have made some tremendous adjustments} but the vast majority are still in pursuit of gain and power instead of being THE LIGHT into the world, it is a shame. But in the midst of all these, Jesus is still LORD and He knows them who are His. Keep standing for the truth and no matter how hard it gets for you as a gospel musician remember that You are more than a victor and that as long as King Jesus is on your side, SUCCESS the GODWAY is a guarantee and nobody can take it away from you.

This is a true reality:
MARK 8:34-38
34 Then he called his disciples and the crowds to come over and listen. “IF ANY of you wants to be my follower,” he told them, “YOU MUST put aside your OWN PLEASURES and shoulder your cross, and follow me closely. 35 If you insist on saving your life, you will lose it. Only those who throw away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will ever know what it means to really live.
36 “And how does a man benefit if he gains the whole world and loses his soul in the process? 37 For is anything worth more than his soul? 38 And anyone who is ashamed of me and my message in these days of unbelief and sin, I, the Messiah,[f] will be ashamed of him when I return in the glory of my Father, with the holy angels.”

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GOD Changed Me : ” I Used To Be A Useless Secular, Lost, Full of Pride and In Bondage To Addictions Guy” Says Mr Googz

Mr Googz on Tuesday evening took a message of hope to his friends as he shared about his transformation to becoming a born again Christian. Mr Googz revealed how he used to live and later on brought to light the new Googz whom GOD washed sins away and is now being  used for the great commission.

redemption googz2

Mathew 28:19-20 is the verse that guides any born again Christian and Googz has been working on this since he saw the light as he says in his song Redemption.

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to.”

Read his piece :

“When you hear Mr. Googz I want you to see God’s divine hand that took a useless secular, lost, full of pride and in bondage to addictions guy- and through His mighty Love and Grace CHOSE him and washed him in His own blood, and made him a new creation.This He did not because I asked Him to do it -i didn’t have enough sense to know what was best for me-

So the next time you hear the name MR. GOOGZ- i would love you to see how God’s divine power can pick the vilest of all and transform them into a glorious miracle of a man-LISTEN God LOVES YOU NOT BECAUSE YOU ARE GOOD but because He just loves and cares for you

My friend Give your life to Him and watch Him pick your life that is wasted and turn it around JUST because HE LOVES you. GOD LOVES YOU.

IF you agree that am a different man then believe God is able to take your life and make it a wonder. ONLY BELIEVE HIM- BELIEVE IN JESUS ACCEPT HIM, NOW”

Photos courtesy [Ben Kiruthi]

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“I Saw The Light” : Mr Googz Reveals How He Got Converted From Secular Industry To Gospel [WATCH]

Mr Googz was famously known in the secular world for some famous hits but it came a time when he had turn the light off and walk in the true light of salvation. Mr Googz is now back, not in the secular industry but in the gospel ministry with a new video called “Redemption”.

redemption googz2

Redemption is a story of how the old secular Mr.Googz got converted, this is vividly articulated in my first three lines of the 1st verse.

”The day dat i made that confession- i saw di light am a different creation- my life took a different turn an His life in mi life is a divine connection”

redemption googz
“The song is a an introduction of the NEW me, every word in it is a reality in my life and a firm conviction.” Mr Googz revealed after releasing his new song.


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He Is Back: Celebrated Gospel Artist Mr Googz To Release New Video “Redemshan” (Photos)

mr gooz 4

Christian youth pastor and renown gospel artist Mr Googz is set release his much awaited new video “Redemshan”. The inspirational man of God says that the  song Redemshan aims to make christians realize that GOD loves them and that he sent his Son Jesus who died on our behalf and so redeemed us to himself through the cross.

In an statement on social media Mr Googz said:

“It’s been a long time coming, as we register a new chapter, it is important that everyone realizes that God loves them and he sent his son who died on our behalf and so redeemed us to himself through the cross. God loves each one of you”

Photos courtesy: Mr Googz

Mr googz 1 post

mr gooz 2 post

mr googz 3 post



Mr Googz Devotion : “Have You Lost Commitment With GOD?, GOD Still Loves You?”

We introduce our segment of helping each other grow in Faith as brothers and sisters who love one GOD.

Pastor Googz now talks about bringing our selves back to GOD when we fall down in Faith. At times we feel like NO, GOD cannot forgive me for the wrong things i have done for i am a bad person. Well, don’t worry as GOD still Loves because he sent one and his only son Jesus Christ for us.

Read the devotion by Mr. Googz and be encouraged.

Today the Lord Jesus has sent me to you, who was once a vibrant, no compromising believer, but lost your commitment and fellowship with the Lord as a result of peer pressure and wrong company.

The Lord Jesus told me to tell you HE STILL LOVES and CARES FOR you..even though you have lost your moral dignity and currently you are in a lot of mess -everyone that you knew before they have turned their backs on you because of your mistakes-they have written you off because you are living with somebody who you are not legally married to, you have or you are expecting a child, you are whatever you may be, i have good news for you- God’s Love for you did not diminish the day you veered off the way…here is proof

Jeremiah 31-3 The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.

I would love you to see that God said HE LOVES YOU with an NEVER ENDING LOVE…in other words whether you make mistakes or not His love and attitude to you does not change, as a matter of fact you are the one who is feeling like God hates you-which is a LIE from the pit of hell..satan is trying to keep you in trouble by putting guilt on you and using IMMATURE BABY Christians to criticize and ridicule you.

Christ never died for you because yu were good? He died for you while you were a filthy sinner, so now that you are born again and have just done something wrong does God now hate you for-ever, the very God who died for you while you were a sinner? No! He loves you…
Ro 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

My brother and my sister, arise and shine for your Lord Jesus loves you soo much..He said He leaves the 99 sheep that are okay and goes out of His way to look for you as a lost sheep to restore you, why? because you are very precious to Him.

It cost Him His life to get you He is not about to quit on you or write you off, He said.. Mathew 28-20.. and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen….Ne 9:31 Nevertheless in Your great mercy You did not utterly consume them nor forsake them; For You are God, gracious and merciful..HEB 13-5 For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
So what next…well simple first agree that you need help and that you have sinned before God, secondly use 1John 1-9 that says..If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

After you have confessed your sins…turn away from them..then find a CHURCH that has and teaches the WORD of God, not the nonsense we see in other places where mediocrity and worldliness is the order of the day, stay away from any place where they are embracing this new age rubbish..because that will not help you be rooted in God..

Next thing begin to serve in church…don’t miss any meetings, change your old company and get a new one that will inspire you and help you focus in your walk with God..lastly make sure your new pastor knows the whole story and follow His or Hr instructions carefully

for the idiots who will keep on referring to your past mistakes and call you by past names, they are not a factor in your life anymore. It is not what they say or think that should matter to you, let what God your father says and calls you be your inspiration…CONGRATS can’t wait to hear your testimony….GOD LOVES YOU!!


Have Your Say : “Gospel Gigs And Raves Are A Total Nonsense” Mr Googz

Mr Googz a young Christian pastor who got born again from the secular industry had an interview with pulse where he talked about the current gospel industry.

googz 1

Read it below and have your say?

Pulse: It has been two years since you released your controversial single, Gospel Celebrity. What was the inspiration behind the song?
Mr Googz: I gave my life to Jesus in 2005 and stopped doing secular music and all the other things associated with it. After crossing over into the gospel scene, I was surprised to discover that gospel artistes did not live the kind of life they preached.

googz 1

P: You have been vocal in telling off fellow gospel artistes who don’t live the way of the light?
M: I am concerned and vocal about the fact that the line between gospel artistes and secular artistes has become too thin. That is why you will never hear me being invited to any concerts. They do not, and cannot invite me. They know I stand for nothing but real truth and I will not bend.

P: You sound bitter about this…
M: I know where I was when God got me out. I know what addiction is and I do not want to return to sin. We are supposed to be the shining light of the world. It should not be a question of gospel artistes living like celebrities, but rather, they should get God glorified through their actions. The truth is gospel artistes have compromised their faith so much that you can no longer differentiate them with secular stars?

P: They say you have to look like the world to reach it…
M: Do you identify with those in the world by doing what they do, or do you identify with them in the light of God’s word? You do not have to conform to the standards of the world to spread the gospel.

P: What do you think of cliques that reportedly run the Christian entertainment scene; only working with certain people and getting your song played by them depends on allegiance?
M: God is just. We should depict and exhibit his character. What this cliques should know is that one day they will not be relevant.

P: What do you think of gospel gigs and raves?
M: It is total nonsense.

P: Why do you say so?
M: There is no verse in the Bible or example where Christians meet together to dance until morning. What is the essence? Christians used to meet up to hear the word of God and to pray but in these raves you will never hear of a pastor being called to preach. I do not have problem with Christians having fun, but all things must be done in the confinement and light of God’s word.

P: Take us down memory lane.
M: I grew up in the Zimmerman suburb of Nairobi, attended Ainsworth Primary School in Eastleigh, and later Highway Secondary School. I then teamed up with Vinnie Banton and released the Wasee (Githurai) hit, recorded at Ogopa in 2002. The song also featured Mr Lenny.

P: You also worked with Deux Vultures and Longombas, right?
M: Well, we left Ogopa Deejays in 2003 and together with Longombas and Deux Vultures we formed the Bad Man Camp.

P: You got saved in 2005 after the hit songs Githurai (2003) and Yuanitaka (2004) with many people assuming that it was a marketing ploy to get your music back on track. How did you handle that?
M: I had always known there was a bigger picture, there was always a vacuum in my life, and when I gave my life to Christ, I decided to let my life speak for itself. People now realise that I am sincere.

P: What happened to your music career after you crossed over?
M: The first single I did was He Is Real followed by No More Crying and then I released the album This Love in 2008. The single Fourth Man did very well and gave me a foot into the Ugandan market. I got a deal with Coca-Cola to do a school tour with one the biggest radio stations in Uganda — Power FM.

P: We hear you have a new project coming up. Can you shed light on this?
M: I have been working on my new album called Revolution. It is almost complete. I have also been working with Saint P and Edward Holland Jr from the United Kingdom on the Riddim culture. I am shooting the video for my first single called Redemption, this month.

P: Give us a little glimpse into your personal life?
M: I have been married for five years, and have a son and daughter. We all love to do outings together as a family. When I am not at the studio or performing, you will find me at home chilling with my family.

– With Shirley Genga

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