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6 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Each relationship has its own share of challenges many people get into relationships without understanding that and after a short while they end up breaking up . There are certainly so many mistakes that leads to break ups in relationships to be able to understand this better here are five mistakes usually made.

1. Lack of respect
No relationship in the world will blossom without respect. This mistake alone can fix most of your problems together if you both decide to put it as a high priority. No matter what happens communication must be in fact so respectful that you both have to make sure that nothing that is being said could hurt the other person in any way.

2. Proving yourself right

Don’t focus on proving who is wrong and who is right. Both of you should be more committed to focusing on the fact that it’s about finding solutions to what’s going wrong for both of you. In fact, the more you encourage each other with kind words and praise each other, the more solution-oriented you will both want to be.

3. Lack of Trust

Many people think that trust is something that once built lasts forever. It is the same mistake as assuming that once we’re deeply in love it will stay forever. In order to keep it ‘forever’, you actually must continue to work on it forever. Don’t risk lying and break the trust that will be responsible for experiencing safety in a relationship.

4. Being lovers but not friends

Being each other’s friend is the most rewarding behavior in any relationship in the world. Invest time to talk deeply to one another and to share what is going on in your daily lives. Being each other’s friend is the true measure to how long your love will last as you grow together

5. Not fulfilling each other’s needs

Each person in the world has needs towards a relationship that must be fulfilled or otherwise will bring disappointment. This will lead to feelings fading away, you know by now how emotions work.

6. Not putting God at Center the of everything

Most relationships fail because many  don’t put God first in their relationship. It is very important to recognize that God is the one who is running that relationship and the need to pray every time .

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