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GOD IS GOOD : Ex-Street Boy Who Sang ‘Mwema’ By Mercy Masika Gets Full Scholarship

It all started with a viral facebook video where young boy Bradley was seen singing to Mercy Masika’s hit single Mwema. Now the kid is singing all the way to an academy after a guardian by the name Daizy Kayech took him in from Kisumu where he was residing.

Bradley who sang Mwema by Mercy Masika
Bradley who sang Mwema by Mercy Masika

Ms Kayech on Thursday gave an update on Bradly writing:

“Today marks a new beginning for Bradley. He is favoured to have been accepted at Sankofa Academy-Syokimau on a 100% scholarship basis. He is privileged to be under experienced teachers who formerly worked at peponi school, Makini,Braeburn & Agha Khan.

If you can get your child to this school, that will be the best decision you will ever make. Their curriculum is well thought out. Much Appreciation Sankofa Academy-Syokimau -Syokimau for opening your doors for Bradley. God in heaven will bless you.”


Kisumu resident Lisa Liz recorded a video of a young boy singing Mercy Masika’s song -Mwema and uploaded it to her Facebook page with a quote, “Could someone tag Mercy Masika?

The talented 9 year boy is TREDDY BRADLY, a class 3 pupil  at Kondele Primary School. Despite coming from a struggling family backgroundand missing many class sessions, Brad is a smart, intelligent & talented kid who has usually maintained the top  5 position in every exam, since enrollment. He is the second among 3 siblings (they are 3 boys, and he is the middle born)with eldest 11 years and last one 5 years.The 3 siblings,their alcoholic parents together with their grandmother live in the same house and she (grandma) fends for them all. The grandma operates a stall in Migosi area.

Nine year old Bradly is joining class three at the academy as he goes on with the recording for the television show that he is a finalist in.


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After hitting with Nikupendeze, Check Out Mercy Masika’s New Video [EXCLUSIVE]

Groove Award winner Mercy Masika is working on a new video after touching hearts with her two videos titled Nikupendeze and Mwema.

mercy masika sitting

Uliza Links went behind the scenes to follow up on what the gospel minister has been doing and this is what we came up with {In Pictures}

IMG-20160718-WA0000 IMG-20160718-WA0001 IMG-20160718-WA0003 IMG-20160718-WA0004



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“Nasiwezi Jizuia” : MWEMA By Mercy Masika Has Taken Over RADIO, TV, MATATUS And Now RIVER ROAD

Wako Mwana Ukamtuma Duniani Kisa na Maana, Tupate Uzima Jamani. Ishara Kwamba Unanipenda Zaidi Ivyo Nishaelewa Sifa Nitakupa Zaidi.

These are the words that Mr Vee thought about when he was writing the 1st verse of Mercy Masika’s new song Mwema that has attracted such a huge media rotation since it was released in December 2014.  It was probably just another well written song by Mr Vee but now 5 months since it was released, the song has now hit over 90,000 views making it a contender for the song of the year at Groove Awards 2015.
mwema by mercy masika

Just a few weeks after it was released Uliza Links felt the need to promote the song as the song of the week as at that time it was important to share what we felt was right content for our readers. On a low key it got a thousand of views but little did we know that a few months after featuring the song on our blog that it would become one of the biggest songs in Kenya now being played on most platforms.

While walking across the streets of River Road you will be surprised to see how the song is being played by different music vendors.  The song has literally taken over the playlist in Nairobi as the continuous requests that hit radio and tv contact lines is just amazing.

Probably even Mercy never saw this coming but the blessings that have come from it is just remarkable. Now the continuous rotation has not only brought so much praise to Jesus but has also brought Mercy Masika back to the limelight after she went below the radar since releasing Emmanuel.

Now looking at how the song is being requested on most tv and radio stations it portrays how a good song will always ‘hit’ the greatest mark even if you have very limited resources. The video is not that classy, has no dancers or effects but the message of the song just sinks into the soul of someone who is seeking Christ showing that content is what matters in a song and not the striking expensive video as Pitson said in Lingala ya Yesu.

Glory has to go to GOD in this truly and for one more time we share the song with you.

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Another Beautiful Song : WATCH MWEMA BY @MERCYMASIKA

This week highlight song is Mwema By Mercy Masika.

mwema by mercy masika

Written by Mr Vee.
Produced by Timothy Boikwa/Still Alive Records.
Video by Steve Hunter/Media City [2014].


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This week we feature “This Life” by Mercy Masika coming after she did Emmanuel.

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She Has Blessed Many With Her Songs And Now MERCY MASIKA Is BACK With A New Video “This Life” [WATCH]

Celebrated worship singer Mercy Masika is back with a new release named “This Life”. Having been away studying and in ministry Mercy Masika has now brought her new tune after she did Emmanuel back in 2012.

mercy masika sitting

Mercy Masika who is loved by many for her track “Milele” portrays a story of her life in her latest release “This Life”. From primary school to high school the video showcases how Mercy Masika’s journey has been and the challenges faced.

mercy climbing

this life mercy masika






Watch the video below :

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Gospel Singer Mercy Masika Loses Her Mother in Law

Sad news is that our beloved sister Mercy Masika is bereaved as her lovely Mother in Law is no more.

mercy masika

“It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up.

And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try and readjust the way you thought of things.”

mercy emmanuel

Mercy Masika known for her songs “Milele” has lost her mother-in-law. Mercy Masika says “lost my mother in law yesterday, still coming to terms, she was not ill, she just passed on in her sleep”.

Keep our sister Mercy Masika and her family in prayers.

Romans 14:8 For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.

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Mercy Masika Nominated For Global Rock Star 2013!!!

Gospel singer Mercy Masika and a mentor has been nominated for Global rock star for her song Emmanuel.

mercy masika

Emmanuel ( GOD with Us) was her latest single  which she released in late 2012 which got her a nomination on Groove Awards 2013. Now she has been nominated for Global Rockstar 2013.

Global Finals of GLOBAL ROCKSTAR 2013 presented by AKG have started and 73 national winners from all continents made it to the Finals.

For the first time in history, an online music contest with such musical and cultural diversity is conducted!

They are proud to bring together 73 amazing artists from 73 different countries of all continents in the Global Finals.

Recall 1 will end on 7 October 2013 at 4 p.m. CET
The top 60 of the charts will then advance to recall 2 + the Jury will award 4 wild cards for Recall 2.

Decide who advances to the next round, you’re the Jury!

On 20 December, the winner of GLOBAL ROCKSTAR 2013 is announced.
1st Prize: 10.000 $ + Top equipment from AKG worth 15.000 $

Here are the national winners and therefore finalists of GLOBAL ROCKSTAR 2013 ordered by continents:

Cameroon: WINENUS – How can u
Egypt: NOUR – War and Peace
Kenya: MERCY MASIKA – Emmanuel
Malawi: BOYMAGIC – Go dumb
Mozambique: STEWART SUKUMA – Felizminha
Namibia: DJ EL-NINO – Real Life
Nigeria: JID VOCALS – None compares
South Africa: LYNN BUTLER – Roller Coaster
Tanzania: SARAHA – Jambazi
Zambia: THE HOLSTAR – Past, Present and Future

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Mercy Masika : “If I Was An Actress On Citizen Tv’s Mother In Law”

Every one has a talent and most of them end up pursuing the line of career where they are gifted at.

mercy masika mother in law

We call her our sister but most of you know Mercy Masika as a worship singer and also a mentor to upcoming gospel singers. We had a conversation with her and a random question popped up.

mercy masika 1

What if  you were acting “Mother In Law” Of Citizen tv what role would you play.  She paused a bit and later said the three roles that befits her character would be :

By the way,I could play the role of  :

A pastors wife

A prophetess in church











A visiting friend

What Role Would You Like To Play?


Focus On Mercy Masika : “My Journey As A Gospel Musician”

Our Segment of getting to know more about our brothers and sisters in the ministry of the gospel is back.

sing ye all a new song

Today meet our lovely sister Mercy Masika, a praise and worship singer and a mother of two  (a girl and a boy). On her music career as gospel musician she has scooped several  awards and also currently she is a Groove Award Nominee 2013 (Video Of The Year Category – Emmanuel).

What makes her stand out as a lady is her passion for ministry of the Gospel and if you have seen her singing( At Jcc Church) you will agree with me that Mercy has that kind of love for the Lord.

Read her  music journey Below

Mercy Masika Muguro

I started singing in church at a very tender age. My parents travelled a lot on missions and my sister and I accompanied them. I have pictures of us singing when I was four.

With help from my mother, I recorded an album at 11, titled Nobody Like Jesus. Throughout primary and secondary school I sung. And every weekend we had invitations to sing in other places. In Form One, I released my second album titled Roses will bloom again, which I did with Reuben Kigame.

After Form Four, aged 18, I released Amukomete, with the realization that you have to reach your own people. This album introduced me to the world. My latest album, Milele was launched last year (For which she won ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Female Artist of the Year’ Awards at the 2008 Groove Awards).

mercy masika 1

The murky waters

When I plunged into music, I resolved to put my challenges aside. I was convinced that bitterness would only stand in the way of achieving my goals. It was not easy though. Many people for instance, took me for granted.

Some would refuse to honor their pledge to pay me after a day’s performance. But I learnt to disregard this since my motto was: So long as people are blessed, it is fine with me.

I think gospel is doing well in terms of concerts and gatherings.

Future plans

“I plan to do music fulltime. Music is what I do best and the industry in general has been growing since 2002. Gospel music differs from secular as we speak life and hope. For me it is not about the fame or money; I am happy when my music ministers to someone hurting or when it helps them experience God.

I believe that anything God gives me should be used to bless others. I have a project in Yatta, where poverty is a grave challenge. I work with women in this project that is called Aka Oi (Wise women). I am currently raising funds to help the women make something of their lives.

On the side, I make and sell jewellery — just completed a course on cooking and i must say its fantastic , a hotel, bakery and catering mentor ship on the way it is my hobby.”

Hope you learnt a  little more about Mercy Masika. Blessings

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