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The New Mbuvi!! : Gospel Singer Victor Mbuvi Re-brands

With 2016 on it’s 2nd month gospel singer Mbuvi has decided to take a new turn in his music career by re-branding his style of singing. Many at times have Kenyans followed and known Mbuvi for his nature of singing in vernacular language of Kamba, not any more.

mbuvi mbuvi post

Mbuvi is set to start singing in other languages of Swahili and English in order to sell his brand even better and reach out to other people who love his music but can not relate.

In a statement sent to Uliza Links Mbuvi said :

“There is no better way to ReBrand than to sing a Love song to the one I owe My life, My love and my art to… My Lord God and savior Jesus Christ.

#UMoyoni, is my first single that will bear the brand #VictorMbuvi, in a long line of songs and albums am yet to release.

mbuvi safari club post

There is no better place to belong than to Jesus who gave His life for me. There is no better time to release this song, than when everyone is making a big deal about love, on Valentine’s.

My heart pulsates and long s to be with Him always. Jesus you are always in my Heart – Umoyoni”

mbuvi umoyoni

Watch the video below :


UMoyoni lyrics

I belong to you,

You belong to me,

I am yours, you are mine

We belong together

Moyoni mwangu nimejawa na hisia za pendo lako

Oh, a special kind of love,

Hakuna mwingine awezaye nipenda hadi kifo,

Oh, a special kind of love

I no longer have to fear no more,

Coz I, I got you in my heart,

I no longer have to fret no more,

Coz I, I got you in my heart.

Umoyoni, Umoyoni Mwangu X4

Mungu wangu, nitakutafuta mapema

Nafsi yangu yakuonea kiu

Maana fadhili zako ni njema, kuliko uhai

Midomo yangu itakusifu

This love, special kind of love

Coz I no longer have to cry X2

I no longer have to fear no more,

Coz I, I got you in my heart,

I no longer have to fret no more,

Coz I, I got you in my heart.

Umoyoni, Umoyoni Mwangu X4

Tu es dans mon Coeur

Tu es mon amour

Tu es mon ami

Mon Dieu

I no longer have to fear no more,

Coz I, I got you in my heart,

I no longer have to fret no more,

Coz I, I got you in my heart.

Umoyoni, Umoyoni Mwangu X4

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After Mbuvi Meet The New Star From “Kivevelo” Kamba Gospel County

Mr Ndilima is no doubt the King of Kiinze (Kamba dancing style) taking after Victor Mbuvi the Kivevelo and Kwata Kawaya hit maker who happens to be his mentor.

mbuvi christmas


Mr Ndilima is in deed the next star to watch out for from #KiveveloCounty (Kamba Gospel County) after he released Kinyuriru which saw him get a Groove Award nomination early this year.

mr ndilima

Things do not usually turn out for the best when an artiste turns a new leaf in his music genre but one Mr. Ndilima got the best out of his latest song Sasa Ni Offical.  Composed for the bride and groom,  Sasa ni Official has become one of the biggest wedding songs that sounds in majestic speakers of wedding ceremonies around the country.

When Uliza Links talked to him about his new genre Mr Ndilima said :

“I wanted to try out a different sound and keep discovering my self musically. As an artiste its a big risk to try out new sound but its a surprise when people love it and increase fan base too”

He added “My joy is when people see me and see a Kamba musician…I am proud to represent my culture and my country.”

Mr .Ndilima has now released another new song Mwiai Akuathime (God Bless You) which is an encouragement to soldier on despite the challenges that one one goes through. He says God’s blessings are surely ours hence no one should give up.

Recorded by Docta Eddie the song has a sing along chorus which you don’t need to be a Kamba to understand it and will be released online  on 27th Dec 2014 with the official video to be released on the 2nd week of January 2015.

Mr Ndilima confirmed.

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The Kamba Zanta : Gospel Singer Mbuvi Reveals His Christmas Present That Will Light Up Your Christmas Mood

wasikuu kuu post

The most energetic artiste not to talk of gospel artiste Mbuvi Mbuvi has launched his new Christmas song that will light up the Christmas moods to a whole new level. Wasikuu Kuu Is the new energetic and dance able song that has been composed by Mbuvi to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December.

Mbuvi says :

Christmas is a celebration of Christ birth. For us in Africa, we usually go home to our ancestral land to commemorate this wonderful time with our relatives… there is usually pomp, dance and flair occasioned by a lot of feasting as depicted in this African video

Watch it here


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Another Remix Of The Year ?? : Olenkodikod Remix Is OUT Featuring Mbuvi , Pitson , Ruri And SOC Who Killed It TOTALLY

Olenkodikod remix by Diddy Kimer is now out officially and it features 4 talented gospel artistes who are Mbuvi, Pitson, the amazing Ruri sambili and SOC. This song which has lovely catchy beats will capture the hearts of  listeners across Kenya and get many heads nodding while increasing their radio volumes.

olenkodikod remix


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Mutui Museo In Fly Town!! Ngavana Mbuvi Headlines A Tour That Will Greatly Impact The Youths Life’s

Gospel artiste Mbuvi Mbuvi who recently released his new song Mutui Museo that talks about a good neighbor has been making rounds in Nairobi to push an agenda that will greatly impact the lifes of the young people in Kenya. 

mbuvi mutui museo

Mbuvi took to Kawangware to hold a tour for his new song “Mutui Museo” and he was joined by the Dosika Revolution that encourages the youth to save more. The objective of this firm is great as they look into the future of the youth and try to make sure that they will have something to hold on to.

Speaking to uliza links Mbuvi said :

“I believe that through this tour we will be able to encourage young people to get into a culture of saving whereby we will end up having our own investments just but to mention : Insurance , Property , Supermarkets and a foundation that supports the needy.”

In that tour Mbuvi had some light moments too as he shared some cool pics.

IMG-20140513-WA0006 IMG-20140513-WA0000 IMG-20140513-WA0001 IMG-20140513-WA0002 IMG-20140513-WA0003 IMG-20140513-WA0004 IMG-20140513-WA0005


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[Photo] Mbuvi Proves That He Can Cut A Cake With A Microphone

So this is not a story but just a pic that we wanted to share with you taken when the main man Mbuvi Mbuvi graced Alex Milenye’s wedding with Hope Muturi on Easter Monday.

mbuvi mbuvi post

Mbuvi having been called to do his act pulled his best trying to showcase his skills on the cake too.

Mbuvi cake post


One On One With Mbuvi : ” I Am Venturing Into A New Sound”

Mbuvi Mbuvi Gospel Singer and writer is set to launch his new sound.

mbuvi thumb

Dubbed Mbuvi Version two, Mbuvi is set to venture into a new sound. We sat with him and told as why he is venturing into a new sound.

mbuvi version 21


What songs have you done that people recognize you with :


What is the Meaning Of  “Mbuvi Version Two”

“The LORD is doing a new thing in and through me.

I feel i need to change my sound to accommodate an even broader market. I feel there is more to my gifting and calling than i have previously let on so I am compelled to do music in a way that is inclusive of a worldwide market. I have teamed up with a management team that truly believes in my potential and we are already onto some productions.”

What will it involve ?

The first one though has to do with celebrating and thanking God for the 50 years of Kenya’s independence. Its a song that will be in English and Swahili, embracing my newly acquired sound.

What word inspires you as you head into version two :


Well we cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for Mbuvi Mbuvi and keep it locked for all Mbuvi News.



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