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YES ‘I DO’ MY LOVE : Renown Gospel Artiste Weds Beautiful Girl Friend And Mbuvi Was BEST MAN

When the sun shone its dazzling rays on Saturday 13th December along St Andrew road the bride and groom graced St Andrews church to say I DO before GOD who would unite them till death.

gerriey 2

What a special day  this was for gospel artiste Gerriey Wainaina who cl-added Red attire matched with black. He had finally reached end of one journey and anxiously waited for the start of the other that would make him named husband.

gerriey 1

Gerriey started his music ministry at his home church, St. Andrews PCEA, a platform that has seen him bring hope and faith through music. This same place is where he decided that he would tie the knot to his girl friend Vionna who has been a friend to him even when she was living out of the country.

The wedding bells finally rung and the bride walked in to the room cladding her white wedding gown that would symbolize purity before the congregation that had gathered in the church. On the other end was Mr. Gerriey wainaina with his best friend Mbuvi Mbuvi who played the role of best man for someone whom they have shared a lot in life.

With a smile Gerriey Wainaina got the moment of sharing his wedding vows to his bride Aurora who was accompanied by beautiful brides maid who also wore the theme color of the wedding. The same came for Aurora who brought out her vows which she had prepared for a long time to the man whom she will be united with for life.

gerriey 3 gerriey parents 1 gerriey 4

This was a day that the two would live to remember as everything they had thought of when they were little was finally happening before there own eyes. Saying I DO to the ONE!!.

The reception of the wedding was held in the same venue where the beautifully colored cake was cut by the groom and bride. There was a major surprise for the guests too as renown Judge Ian Mbugua sung for the couple.

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Gospel Artiste Mbuvi Had Planned To Teach Kericho Resident’s How To Run But Got Another Surprise Instead

Gospel artiste Mbuvi Mbuvi took his Ndukatavye Mundu tour to Kericho “the land of tea” an area which is so famed for raising the best athletes who scoop medals around the world. With all the expectations that he had before performing his new song Ndukatavye Mundu, Mbuvi had planned to teach the congregants a new way of dancing after they win a race on a national level. Perfectly he had planned for the performance but something new was coming on his way.

mbuvi mutui museo

Mbuvi braced and prepared himself for the best stage performance accompanied by Denno of Mbona Mbona and Mr Ndilima but as he was heading to the podium he was surprised with two birthday cakes by the members of the church with his name well branded on top of the cake “Happy Birthday Mbuvi”.

cake mbuvi.

Noticing that he was caught unawares he said, “Shh Ndukatavye Mundu” meaning don’t tell anyone but the camera’s were on point capturing him while receiving his piece of cake.

mbuvi and denno

Mbuvi cutting cake

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Mbuvi Mbuvi Brings You The Earliest Christmas Present : “Shhh!!! Usiambie Mtu”

Months after releasing a lovely song “Aningning” that received massive airplay on tv and radio celebrated gospel sensetion Mbuvi Mbuvi is back with another great gospel jam, Ndukatavye Mundu.


‘Ndukatavye Mundu’ is a Kamba word that means ‘do not tell anyone’  in which Mbuvi has uses as the title of the song to teache against doing good only to get praise from others.

The song approves of those who are there for others, not just to be seen by others, but as a character trait. This song also preaches against vices such as gossip and boastfulness that bring our society down.

Ndukatavye Mundu is based on a scriptural teaching done by Jesus found in the book of Matthew 6:1-3. Though scriptural based, it’s a song intended for the society at large since there are certain behavioral changes that a society needs to adopt in order to be progressive.

NduKatavye Mundu (don’t tell anyone)
Ndukatavye…. Mundu X3 (don’t tell anyone)
Ndukatavye Mundu
Kiliilya Kiliilya … kilya (keep it to yourself)
Kiliilya Kililya… Kilya, Kilya (keep it to yourself)
Ndukatavye Mundu


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He Brought You Aning Ning Dance And Now Mbuvi Is Saying Shhh!! “Ndukatavye Mundu” [LISTEN]

Mbuvi is one of the most energetic praise singers in Kenya currently and it seems GOD is propelling him higher and higher as he keeps praising him with zeal. He is now back with another praise song called Ndukatavye Mundu which touches on issues of behavioral change in the society.

mbuvi mzazi 2


The song Ndukatavye Mundu teaches against doing good only to get praise from others instead of it being a character trait of a good member of society. The song approves of those who are there for others, not just to be seen by others, but as a character trait. This song also preaches against vices such as gossip and boastfulness that bring our society down.

Ndukatavye Mundu is based on a scriptural teaching done by Jesus found in the book of Matthew 6:1-3. Though scriptural based, it’s a song intended for the society at large since there are certain behavioral changes that a society needs to adopt in order to be progressive.

Ndukatavye Mundu is produced with the intention of it having a cross-over appeal. Its strength is that it’s a comically sang song on an extremely groovy beat that demands attention from all and sundry. The beat is extremely done with the intention of it appealing to right about every show, stage, radio or tv, a proper fusion of modern and local sound.

A huge strength of the song is that the term Ndukatavye Mundu is almost recognizable by all members of society thanks to an extremely popular play produced last year that was successful. This guarantees the immediate presence for the song as soon as it hits the radio and Tv waves, and is expected to hit the charts running.

The expectation for another big song from Mbuvi after the massively successful runaway hits Kwata Kawaya, and most recently Aning’Ning Dance should more than adequately surpassed once the song’s video is released.

Listen below :

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She Couldn’t Be Left Out : Kiss 100 Presenter “Adelle” Joins Mbuvi’s Dance Classes

Renown Mbuvi Mbuvi has been going round media houses to launch his new song called Aning’ning'[Listen] coming after he released Mutui Museo. The interesting thing about his media tour is that Mbuvi does not only bring music with him as he also brings his new dance move along called Aning’ ning’ Dance.

Mbuvi Mzazi post

Having taught renown Mzazi Willy Tuva of  Mambo Mseto on how to “Aning’ ning’ dance” and being hosted on Kass Tv by Lillian Rotich and Citizen Nipashe by Kanze Dena,  it was time for him to take his dance fever to the lovely Adelle of Kiss 100. This was a bit different for Adelle but she did pull it through showing that she can never be left out in the trending dance move.




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Who Said Mzazi Can’t Dance? : Mbuvi Teaches Mzazi Willy Tuva How To Dance [See Photos]

Mbuvi just released his new song Aning Ning Dance and he has decided to embark on spreading the Aning’ Fever to everyone he meets. This week he took the “Dance fever” to Citizen Tv presenter Mzazi Willy Tuva and check if Mzazi could be able to handle it.

Mbuvi Mzazi post 1

On his surprise Mzazi actually proved that he is way better and did the Aning’ dance better than Mbuvi. See photos

mbuvi mzazi 3 mbuvi mzazi 2 mbuvi mzazi 1


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Ngavana Kawaya : Mbuvi Releases A New Video “Aning’ning’ Dance [WATCH]

Mbuvi Mbuvi has released another new video called “Aning’ning” jus after he did his other song called “Mutui Museo”.

aning mbuvi post

This song in spite of its very high BPM is a worship song with the chorus reiterating that : “You are the one i love Lord, with all my heart, and there is no one else like you Daddy”.

In his words Mbuvi says

It’s a simple love song to God saying: My heart pants for you, my Joy, my Sun and my Light, My life is in your hands, my Love is forever yours.
When I am lost you show me the way, when i am sick you heal me, For all that you have done for me, and for all the Love you have shown me.
I have no one else like you Lord.

Watch the video below :

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Mutui Museo In Fly Town!! Ngavana Mbuvi Headlines A Tour That Will Greatly Impact The Youths Life’s

Gospel artiste Mbuvi Mbuvi who recently released his new song Mutui Museo that talks about a good neighbor has been making rounds in Nairobi to push an agenda that will greatly impact the lifes of the young people in Kenya. 

mbuvi mutui museo

Mbuvi took to Kawangware to hold a tour for his new song “Mutui Museo” and he was joined by the Dosika Revolution that encourages the youth to save more. The objective of this firm is great as they look into the future of the youth and try to make sure that they will have something to hold on to.

Speaking to uliza links Mbuvi said :

“I believe that through this tour we will be able to encourage young people to get into a culture of saving whereby we will end up having our own investments just but to mention : Insurance , Property , Supermarkets and a foundation that supports the needy.”

In that tour Mbuvi had some light moments too as he shared some cool pics.

IMG-20140513-WA0006 IMG-20140513-WA0000 IMG-20140513-WA0001 IMG-20140513-WA0002 IMG-20140513-WA0003 IMG-20140513-WA0004 IMG-20140513-WA0005


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Mbuvi “The Ngavana” Has Released A New Music Video Talking About His Neighbor [Watch]

Gospel artist Mbuvi also known as  NGAVANA KAWAYA from Kivevelo County has released a new music video talking about a good neighbor.  The song comes after he did some amazing singles including Sweet Ndwale remix with Emmy Kosgei.

mbuvi ngavana post

The new song titled Mutui Museo means Good neighbor and its a call to all to come together and work as one in order to have high achievements in the society.

Watch it below and pray it blesses you.


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[Photos] Here Are Exclusive Scenes From Mbuvi’s New Video “Mutui Museo”

Celebrated gospel artist Mbuvi Mbuvi is at it again straight from where he back started with a new single called “Mutui Museo”. His music has praise in it and not just praise but a lot of it as he brings a zeal to serve Christ whenever he has an opportunity to sing.

mbuvi mutui museo

He is now back with a new single called “Mutui Museo’ [Good Neighbor]’ with a video shot in an environment that exhibits colorful vegetation.

In the hook of the chorus he reiterates his core message by saying :

Tuikwatane Moko Twike X2 Lets get together and actX2

Maundu maseo  do good deeds

Maseo ma Wendo good inspired by Love

Mutui….  Museo  good neighbor

Museo … Na Maendeeyo goodness with development

With the video already in line of being released we got some exclusive pics of the shoot and here they are.

mbu55 (1) mbuvi 4 - Copy mbuvi9 - Copy mbuvi - Copy mb88

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[Photo] Mbuvi Proves That He Can Cut A Cake With A Microphone

So this is not a story but just a pic that we wanted to share with you taken when the main man Mbuvi Mbuvi graced Alex Milenye’s wedding with Hope Muturi on Easter Monday.

mbuvi mbuvi post

Mbuvi having been called to do his act pulled his best trying to showcase his skills on the cake too.

Mbuvi cake post

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Renown Singer Mbuvi Reveals Secret To Financial Freedom

Financial independence is a state of having sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities.

mbuvi safari club post

This is the exactly what gospel singer Mbuvi Mbuvi whose goal is to impact a nation and inspire a generation is advocating for when he was invite to grace the Dosika Revolution launch hosted by Sevenstar Investment Group at the Nairobi Safari Club Hotel.

Mbuvi who is set to launch his new single “Ndukatavye Mundu” soon did not just advice the youth to invest but also did what he usually does best and that is to engage the crowd with his amazing songs. I must say this our very good brother is truly a performer that you would want anytime to attend your event.

Check this out:

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Kwata Kawaya Singer “Mbuvi Mbuvi” Given A New Somali Name “Roble Mohammed”

The act of being assigned a specified (usually proper) proper name is called re-naming a person. Mbuvi Mbuvi who is loved for his great zeal of praise has been renamed and not just to a normal name but to a Somali name.

mbuvi mbuvi post

This was just a surprise to him as he was taking coffee at the Valley Coffee Shake restaurant when he was renamed. The new name is “Roble Mohammed” and we are not sure if Mbuvi Mbuvi will accept the name as first he doesn’t know the meaning and secondly he is a Christian.

Mbuvi “new name” comes just weeks when another brother of our’s Bamboo got a new name “Abraham” which is a christian name.


How? Mbuvi Mbuvi : “I Repeated Class One” (Must Read)

Mbuvi Mbuvi a praise and worship singer in the gospel ministry is quite one interesting but humble brother in Christ.

MBUVI: I’ve been through a lot!

After releasing the remix song and later the video for remix of Sweet Ndwale i just found an interesting part to share about him.  On an interview by Sunday Nation  Mbuvi shared of his early child hood having been born with a young mother (aged 19).

I must say Mbuvi has come from far as the Lord has seen him through all the ups and downs in life.

The interesting part of the story is that Mbuvi repeated class one having come from the rural area to an urban Nairobi where Swahili is an official language. This is what he had to say :

“When I was in Standard One, after my mother got married and she decided to live with me. What is interesting is that I had to repeat Standard One.

In the village, we were taught in our mother tongue, so I could not understand anything in Nairobi. It was quite hard; at some point I even hated being a Kamba because it didn’t sound cool anymore.”

Well those are some facts i have just known about of our lovely brother Mbuvi Mbuvi categorised as (Mbuvism). Blessings!!

Music News

(Video) Mbuvi And Emmy Kosgei Release “Sweet Ndwale Remix” Video (Watch Here)

Finally we have the video of Sweet Ndwale Remix by Mbuvi And Emmy Kosgei which is a dedication to all mothers out there.

mbuvi and emmy 11

Keeping in mind that mothers day is on Sunday 12th May this would be a great dedication to your mother to just tell her you Love her.

The Message that Mbuvi puts across is :
“There is no love like a mother’s love. I thank God for all mothers and potential mothers, for without them, none of us would truly be. Thank you LORD for my Momma Pamela Ndwale, and all the other mothers you have given me the world over. We love because we have experienced a mother’s touch of Love!”

Watch the video and share
Now Introducing Fresh And New Sweet Ndwale Remix by Mbuvi Mbuvi and Emmy Kosgei Directed By Docta Eddie.


New Music Alert !! :Mbuvi Releases Remix Of “Sweet Ndwale” With Emmy Kosgei (Listen Here)

Mbuvi Mbuvi Song writer, singer and also a passionate minister of the gospel of  Jesus has released a remix of his song Sweet Ndwale.

The song had been done by Mbuvi and was able to scoop  Kisima awards in 2005 and now he has decided to take it a bar higher by doing a collabo with Praise and Worship singer Emmy Kosgei.

The Song is a dedication for mothers as they are the arsenal of most of us, taking into consideration that mothers day is around the corner.

mbuvi emmy We could say this is the new sound Mbuvi will be venturing into as this coming weekend he will also be launching the video of the song. You definitely have to keep it locked at Uliza Links as we will keep you linked with new video when it drops.

Now Introducing fresh and new Remix of Sweet Ndwale By Mbuvi Ft Emmy Kosgei. (Dedicate this to your mother) Blessings

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