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Mavuno Launches An Event That Aims To Bring A Godly Change In The Society

After a successful event last year that hosted about 900 leaders from around the world Mavuno Church will be holding it big again this year at the Fearless Summit 2015.

Fearless Summit is an annual gathering of church and marketplace leaders passionate about bringing godly change to every sector of society.


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Mavuno To Hill City : Mavuno Unveils Its New Church To Its Congregation [Photos]

Renown Mavuno Church usually based in Bellevue South C Nairobi relocated on Sunday 2nd March to its new church which is a fifteen minute drive from Bellevue.

mavuno church outside

The church was founded in 2005 as a church plant of Nairobi Chapel,and was initially located at the South C Sports Club. However with limited capacity for growth(and a terrible road leading up to the premises), the church moved to its previous location at Belle Vue.

Later on Mavuno Church so it was important to move again and they found a better place along Mombasa Road. Mavuno  relocated to the Mavuno family headquaters, down Mombasa road on March 2nd 2014. The senior pastor who is Pastor Muriithi Wanjau officiated the relocation and it was the first church to be launched in the Mavuno family of churches.

Mavuno main vision still stands no matter where they locate to which is :

” To plant culture defining churches in every capital city of Africa and the gateway cities of the world. 
Mark 16:15 – He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

mavuno hill city

After heavy and excellent preparations in the earlier weeks the congregation was set to make entry into their new Church on Sunday morning. Good it was as GOD blessed their paths with the 1st Church service.  See Photos

mavuno 11 mavuno 10 mavuno 9 mavuno 8 mavuno 6 mavuno 5 mavuno 4 mavuno 2amos and josh mavuno


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Reasons Why A Section Of Kenyans Disagree With The Mavuno “Church Poster”

The mavuno church poster which was published on social media with aim of preaching sexual purity to the youth received a number of reactions and comments with many advocating for the church to continue with its intended plan of ministering to the youth , others seemed not to agree with the church’s perceived  intention.

mavuno poster post

Here are some of the reasons why a number of Kenyans disagree with the Mavuno Church poster:


In an attempt to address the sexual rot of our generation,& lure young guys to Christ, we MUST NOT get inspiration from the world to do so

ngunjiriwambugu's avatarNgunjiri Wambugu @ngunjiriwambugu

@kaburiwangari -My prob’s not, not reaching out to pple to come to church;it’s not telling him that he’s got sin; so that he comes to Church


*Miss Joanne* ‏@misikj  58m

#checkpoint there are other ways to reach the youth…better ways than that…so stop with these excuses they are annoying @YvonneOkwara

NEW SINGLE #WATESI ‏@KimsaArunga  

The standards of God are not the standards of dont teach the standards of God by applying the standards of men #checkpoint #WWJD

jones ‏@kalzjones  

#checkpoint i thnk its not though the message is ok. the thing is we cannot follow the church we follow Jesus….

Mike Gitonga ‏@mikegitosh  15m

Proverbs 14:12 – There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. @mavunochurchorg. #Checkpoint

Alice Ogada ‏@ogada700  

Be careful, it’s God who can only deal with the hearts of men and no one else. #checkpoint Jesus saves. Not you!


Many folks here defending #Mavuno about reaching out to question for you..what would Jesus do?..would he use explicit material?

There you have it. Comments from people who don’t agree with the poster terming it a bit too far.

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Comments From Kenyans Who Agree With Mavuno “Church Poster”

Here are comments of Kenyans who agreed with Mavuno Church poster that had created a buzz on social media.


mavuno poster post

Nick Korir ‏@NickKorir  

“We will not play church as people are dying” Muriithi Wanjau – True Fearless Influencer! @muriithiw @mavunochurchorg @KTNKenya #checkpoint

djkrowbar's avatarDJ KROWBAR @djkrowbar

Personally I believe @mavunochurchorg had the best intentions with the ad. I just think human weakness got the best of us. cc @kanjiimbugua

njeri_nelly's avatarNjeri @njeri_nelly

@mavunochurchorg am a proud mavunite especially today. Let us continue to influence our society n transform people’s lives


Wandia Njoya @wmnjoy

Now Kenyan education needs a conversation like the one the church just had with @mavunochurchorg I’m now inspired to be a fearless academic

RonaldOkoth_'s avatarRonald Okoth @RonaldOkoth_

If ur looking4 a church with a youth 4 Christ agenda then go to @mavunochurchorg Pastor @muriithiw will lead u to Christ jus as he did to me

VioletBusaka's avatarViolet Busaka @VioletBusaka

@kanjiimbugua @mavunochurchorg @muriithiw go go Mavuno!! Preach Christ.God’s using you to transform lives through that series

breemokaya's avatarBree_Bree @breemokaya

Mavuno is a REAL church dealing with REAL issues. I am part of the #fearless #mavunochurch #checkpoint @mavunochurchorg Good work Pastor M

vickykenya's avatarVictoria kenya @vickykenya

“We will not play church as people are dying –@muriithiw @mavunochurchorg @KTNKenya # checkpoint #wearefearless

Roy Gitahi @GitahiRoy

@mavunochurchorg As usual addressing issues that matter if parents were to honest Sex is a topic that they need addressed @muriithiw

@frankondere Thank you for the bold work you are doing at #TeenzKonnect @mavunochurchorg


There you have it. The comments from those who feel that the poster was okay.


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Pastor M: “What You Focus On Determines Your Reality”

Renown Pastor M alias Pastor Muriithi Wanjau of Mavuno Church is truly a blessed man of God as he always ensures that no single day will pass without him sending God’s message of hope to his people.

Here is his God sent message to you.

What mentality are you taking to work today?

Black man single
A grasshopper mentality focuses on the problems, while a God centered mentality focuses on the opportunities. A grasshopper mentality inspires fear in others while a God-centered mentality inspires faith in others. A grasshopper mentality destroys your dreams, while a God centered mentality breathes life into your God given dreams.

Remember, ‘what you focus on determines your reality’!

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