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Thank You For The Love : Lillian Muli Says That She Is Well And There Is No Such Thing As Her Being Injured

Citizen Tv news anchor Lillian Muli has dismissed the news that were being spread on online media by different blogs that she allegedly was involved in an accident and got injured in the scene. Lillian Muli who has grabbed different headlines for the wrong reasons for the past few days said that she is okay and she is praying for an end to the lies that are being spread.

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Lillian said :

Lillian Muli on Friday night hosted gospel artiste Webi on her show called One on One and later on Sunday night there was a story running that her car had over turned at Kileleshwa at around 10 PM.

We keep praying for Lillian Muli and wish her well in all she does according to GOD’s will.

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Lillian Muli : “Don’t Let Peoples Negative Thoughts Hinder GOD’s Purpose In You”

Life is what you make it, choosing between the short journey to success or the long journey with GOD. Citizen Tv’s anchor Lillian Muli echoes some great thoughts on why you should not let anything move you away from what GOD’s has put in store for you.

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Negative thoughts have one purpose in our life which is ?

Negative thoughts move us away from a goal as they are mean’t to challenge us but many end up listening to them. Lillian Muli speaks strongly of not letting the thoughts move you away by saying :

“Never let people’s negative thoughts about you hinder you from accomplishing what GOD put in your heart. Dare to dream and dare to live it.”

This is really encouraging and we pray that you will not let negative thoughts destroy you but you shall keep going strong for GOD’s purpose in you.

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Citizen Tv Anchor Lillian Muli Shares 30 Great Lessons She Has Learn’t In 2013

Citizen Tv news anchor Lillian Muli is one lovely lady who has has touched hearts of many since she started her career a news caster. She graces the tv screens every weekend to tell you what’s new in the world and at features as a host on the tv show Slim Possible.

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Behind every person there are lessons learn’t and Lillian Muli is not an exception to that as she shares some of the lessons she has learn’t in 2013.

ray talk mbuvi lillian muli

Read below :

1. Stop procrastinating do it now stop making excuses.

2. Stop comparing yourself with other people be the best person you can be.

3. Pray. God listens.

4. Eat less junk, watch what you eat, drink water, go easy on the booze, sleep early, exercise more.

5. Stop impulse buying…plan your finances. Why own a Bentley and live in a rental house smaller than the Bentley.

6. Relationships are like plants care for them, nurture them, call to check up on your friends, spend time with them.

7. Train your thoughts & tongue to be positive words build or destroy. Speak power, speak life, what u say is what you are.

8. Love yourself first then others will follow suit. Your relationship should not define or complete you.

9. Never make excuses for anyone verbally or physically abusing you they are the problem not you!

10. Seek the good in a person and not what you can get out of them. Don’t chase material things or trophy friends.

11. Smile you look way better when you do…look people in the eye, stop being paranoid…

12. Forgive and let go

13. My mum is my best friend today she was so strict when I was younger I didn’t like it now I thank her for that.

14. stop borrowing money from your friends, go to a bank near you.” Hahaha yes

15. I’m not shy at all I always said & thought I was I have since shed that complex. Now I’m doing it going for it!

16. It’s not always about you other people need you to step away from yourself and just be all about them.

17.  I am so sorry for some times being judge-mental some of the people we dismiss & judge are the sweetest, kindest people.

18. I really like myself a lot nowadays I have come a long way my validation comes from God now and not man.

19. Charity is a requirement to him much has been given.

20. Life is short be done with toxic relationships…nothing about drama is healthy. It’s actually draining.

21. don’t take your job for granted don’t whine about it you will only know the value of that job when u lose it.

22. Have you started your business? You need an extra source of income. Side hustle is a priority.

23.  Everyone has a story don’t be ashamed of yours your past doesn’t define you keep looking forward.

24. I’m not stepping out in shoes that are too high or a dress that’s too tight comfort is bliss.

25. you are not allowed to gossip about anyone with me I don’t enjoy that anymore.

26. I have cried, felt pain, lost someone I Loved dearly but I am not angry I am wiser and stronger.

27. I spend too much time on twitter I need to go easy on social media.

28. people are willing to offer a helping hand, give you opportunities, advice you but you need to ask for their help.

29.Ladies don’t sleep with make-up on, cleanse and tone, moisturize.

30. Visit your grandparents I did so on Saturday they blessed me I Love them to bits.


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Citizen Tv Anchor Lillian Muli Is NOT Ashamed Of The Gospel

Citizen Tv Anchor Lillian Muli who was part of Mwafaka Awards 2013 playing the part of MC with Anthony Mburu is for sure finding Love in GOD.

lillian-muli  post

It’s always a great feeling from us when we share about Christ and today we share more from our sister Lillian Muli.

Lillian Muli’s message should encourage you more as she shares about the love she has found in GOD.


Read below :

“Lord, I am not ashamed of the gospel When people ask of the source of my joy give me the words to share so they can know you too.

He cares, he really listens; in his presence I am loved, I am renewed and I am very happy. Thankful for a joy-filled heart. Amen.”

As Uliza Links we continue to pray for her as she continues with her journey in the Lord and her profession an Emcee.


(Photos) How Ray Talk Forum For Artistes Went Down Featuring Lillian Muli Sk Blu And Eko Dydda

Ray Media held their second edition of Ray Talk which is a talk forum for artistes on Saturday 20th July at Michael Joseph Center, Safaricom.

ray talk mbuvi lillian muli

On this Edition they had even made  a greater impact as they had headlined Lillian Muli (Citizen Tv Anchor)  Sk Blu (Sakata Media) and Peter Nduati (Resolution Health CEO) as their facilitators.

The artistes were able to share about their music life with mentors in music including Eko Dydda, Mbuvi and Dj Gee Gee Activist.

See the photos below

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