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Christian Rapper Lecrae SHINES At The 2015 BET Awards

Popular Christian rapper Lecrae stood out at the 2015 BET awards after he bagged the award of the Gospel artist of the year 2015. Lecrae was in a group that had big names in the gospel circle such as Michelle Williams ,Erica Campbell , Deitrick Haddon, Fred Hammond and Mali Music.

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BET awards took place yesterday June 28th at the Microsoft theater in Los Angeles.

Winning an award at the BET is no mean feat since it is one of the biggest awards in the world.


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Lecrae: “You Can’t Celebrate Gifts Without Celebrating The Giver, I Wanna Celebrate JESUS”

Lecrae took home his second Grammy last week as he won the award for Best Contemporary Christian Song/Performance for his song “Messengers,” which also features the Christian music group for KING AND COUNTRY.

lecrae post

During his acceptance speech he took some time to reflect on his faith in Jesus Christ.

“Love and respect to everybody out here because this is a celebration of gifts. And there’s so many people out here who are gifted, but obviously you can’t celebrate gives without celebrating the giver of all gifts. So I want to celebrate Jesus for gifting us all with the gift of love and sacrifice,” he said.

He also thanked his family, his label Reach Records, and all the writers on the song that includes for KING AND COUNTRY. He also thanked the band during a brief interview that took place after he received the Grammy award.

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“This is Lecrae and I would love to thank for KING AND COUNTRY for their incredible contribution,” he continued.

Some of the other writers chimed in thanking the “original messenger” and the “true creator of all music.”

This makes for Lecrae’s second Grammy win as he took home the award for Best Gospel Album for Gravity in 2013.

Aside from this big win, the rapper’s had an amazing six months scoring the No. 1 album on Billboard Top 200 with Anomaly, and performing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” twice. He’s also been vocal about current events, including the racial conflict in Ferguson, Missouri, which took place after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot by officer Darren Wilson during a physical confrontation that took place after Brown committed at strong-arm theft at a QuikTrip convenience store that was later burned to the groud by protesters.

His Reach Records imprint also inked a deal with Sony Red distribution which the rapper also took time to thank during his Grammy speeches.

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Beyonce , Pharell And Lecrae Thanked GOD After Winning Grammy Awards, Check What They Said

As much as the event is seen as a secular event, Beyonce, Pharell and Lecrae didn’t forget to thank GOD after they were named Grammy Award winners.


Pharrell Williams made a huge statement Sunday night. It was not only because he won three awards that night including Best Music Video, Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Urban Contemporary Album, but it was his performance that expressed his message loud and clear.

Williams sang “Happy.” But instead of singing the line “happiness is the truth,” he sang “happiness is the Lord” instead. He didn’t end his gratitude there. After the performance, he thanked God because he forgot to do it during his acceptance speech.

“I forgot to say it earlier God, but as You can see I’m at Your service, Lord,” Williams said on stage.


Beyonce, who also won three Grammys Sunday night including Best R&B Song, Best R&B Performance and Best Surround Sound Album, didn’t forget to thank God as well.

In her acceptance speech, she said “Wow, thank you guys so much. This is such an honour. I’d like to thank God… This has been such an incredible year. I love y’all… I’d like to thank my beloved husband. I love you deep. My daughter who’s watching, Blue, I love you.”

Beyonce also performed a gospel song last night titled “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.” This performance actually ranks as the number one best performance of the night by Billboard.


LeCrae, a rapper who’s known for his Christian beliefs, also gave his thanks after winning Best Christian Contemporary Song/Perfomance. He said, “You can’t celebrate gifts without celebrating the giver of all gifts. So I want to celebrate Jesus for gifting us all.”

(c) Christian Today

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Lecrae And Erica Campbell of ‘Mary Mary’ Awarded At Grammy Awards 2015

Christian artistes Erica Campbell and Lecrae were among 2 other gospel artistes to be awarded at the just concluded Grammy Awards 2015. Erica Campbell won the best gospel album for her song Help and Lecrae won the best contemporary christian performance of the year.

lecrae and erica campbell

Here is the list of christian winners.

Best Gospel Performance/Song
Help-Erica Campbell Featuring Lecrae-
Sunday A.M. [Live]- Karen Clark Sheard
I Believe-Mali Music
No Greater Love- Smokie Norful [WINNER]
Love On The Radio- The Walls Group

Best Gospel Album
Help- Erica Campbell [WINNER]
Amazing [Live]-Ricky Dillard & New G
Withholding Nothing [Live]-William McDowell
Vintage Worship-Anita Wilson
Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song
Messengers – Lecrae Featuring For King & Country [WINNER]
Write Your Story – Francesca Battistelli
Come As You Are – Crowder
Shake – MercyMe
Multiplied – Needtobreathe
Best Roots Gospel Album
Forever Changed-T. Graham Brown
Shine For All The People-Mike Farris [WINNER]
Hymns- Gaither Vocal Band
A Cappella- The Martins
His Way Of Loving Me-Tim Menzies

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‘Clean Up Your Closet And Don’t Live A Double Life In 2015’ Award-Winning Grammy Awards Gospel Artist Tells His Fans

Lecrae took to Facebook on Tuesday releasing a new video issuing a challenge to people who subscribe to his page.

The video pertains to the new year and he hopes to inspire people to make a change in their lives in the coming months.

Lecrae-reachrecords2 post

“So I’ve been thinking, for 2015 how about we clean out our closet; how ’bout we get rid of the skeletons; how ’bout we don’t live a double life; how ’bout we walk in integrity,” said Lecrae in a Facebook video posted to his page. “As difficult as that may sound, what if we lived that way.”

The Grammy Award-winning rapper went on to further explain that he believes people hold themselves back from this due to their need for acceptance and approval, which Lecrae believes could kill them in the end.

“I always say, if you live for their acceptance you’ll die from their rejection,” he asserted.


Lecrae believes people could better themselves by establishing circles of trust that keep them accountable.

“I think a lot of times we don’t have people in our lives who can really challenge us to be the people that we were created to be because we’re scared to hear the truth about ourselves,” he added. “We’re scared of the rejection or the pain or what it may take to hear some of the real things about ourselves.”

Lecrae discussed three different circles of friends and acquaintances that he has in his life, with the largest being one he shares very little personal information with, and the smallest being the one he shares his most intimate secrets and struggles with. The smallest one allows him to be accountable in all things.

“These are people that I trust, and I don’t mind sharing my deepest darkest stuff with them because they’re making me fight to be who I was created to be. I’m not trying to pretend to be somebody that I’m not. And I think we need those circles,” he continued.


He also said people need to examine their own motives and figure out why they’re doing all the things that they’re doing. He then pointed to a specific scripture which reveals that even when mankind thinks he’s doing the right thing, he might not be.

Lecrae goes on to cite the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 4.

“I care very little if I’m judged by you or by any human court. Indeed, I do not even judge myself. My conscience is clear, but that doesn’t make me innocent. It’s the Lord who judges me. Therefore judge nothing before it’s appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He bring to light what’s hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God,” (1 Corinthians 4:3-5).

He concluded the video by making the point that people should feel encourage by Paul’s statement, in that God is the ultimate judge, and even with impure motives people can still be used to carry out God’s purposes; and at their appointed time of judgment they’ll receive a reward for what they’ve done.

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Christian rapper lecrae: “We’ve Limited Christianity To Salvation And Sanctification”

Christian rapper Lecrae is one of the few to cross the great divide between ‘Christian’ and ‘secular’ music – and part of an even smaller group to do so without a guitar in sight.

lecrae post 1

In September his seventh album, Anomaly, was the first ever to appear at the top of the Billboard 200 chart and the gospel charts simultaneously.

And from this unique position, he has developed some strong views on where Christian culture has gone astray.

“We’ve limited Christianity to salvation and sanctification,” he said in an interview with the Atlantic. “Christianity is the truth about everything. If you say you have a Christian worldview, that means you see the world through that lens – not just how people get saved and what to stay away from.”

Lecrae is especially critical of the way that the Christian music industry has at times limited artists’ creativity as an expression of their faith, and instead become a routine reproduction of biblical messages.

“The exploitation of believers just to turn a profit – so you care less about making a quality product – so you care less about making a quality product, you just want to keep telling the same stories and repackaging them over and over just to exploit people – I have a problem with that,” he said.

Lacrae Bart Miller post

He said his job was less a vocation to redeem the rap industry, known for its preoccupation with sex, drugs and violence, and more an opportunity to use his gifts.

“Everyone’s job, everyone’s vocation, is an extension of their faith and how they see the world. Every job is an act of service,” he said.

And it is because of this calling – to do our jobs well in order to serve God – that he believes there needs to be more emphasis on creating good music.

“In the same way that Jesus was a carpenter, I don’t know if he put his message into all the things he built with his hands – I think he wanted to make good quality craftsmanship,” he said.

Rather than just looking to biblical stories for source material, Lecrae feels Christians should be using their creative gifts to pose questions and challenge social norms.

“Many times, that’s how people see Christian art, or Christians making art: They see the art as having an agenda,” Lecrae said. “Christians have really used and almost in some senses prostituted art in order to give answers instead of telling great stories and raising great questions.”

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DJ Sadic Dreams Come True As He Meets With LECRAE, TAMELA MANN And Hezekiah Walker In USA

Award winning gospel disc jockey DJ Sadic finally experienced his long awaited dreams after meeting with renown gospel singers in USA. DJ Sadic met with not only Tamela Mann but Hezekiah Walker,  Tye Tribbet and Lecrae at the glamorous 45th Dove Awards that were hosted yesterday night.

Lecrae Sadic

DJ Sadic was so excited by the experience that began a while back when he got an invite from GMA who usually host the epic gospel Dove Awards.

He finally left the country a week ago and on Tuesday he experienced his true dreams of sharing a moment with the likes of Tamela Mann , Lecrae , Hezekiah Walker, Tedashi and Tye Tribett.

sadic leaves for USA

Speaking to Uliza Links DJ Sadic says that its more than just an event for him as he is in a mission to learn more about music looking at the fact that he is a deejay.

“I got an invite from Gospel Music Association [GMA] who organize Dove Awards with the main aim of uniting the gospel music industry. I will be involved in various meetings and conferences and i can say it is a learning process for me”.  DJ Sadic said.

He went on to share his excitement with his followers on his facebook page by saying :

God said “your gift shall make room for you before great men” I believe Him!!!

Hezekiah walker sadic

Sadic Tamela Mann

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Christian Rapper Lecrae: I Fight Hard To Influence Culture, To See People’s Lives Transform

In a behind the scenes look at his studio and the photo shoot for the album cover of his last release Anomaly, Lecrae told Billboard:

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“As a rapper who is a devout Christian, you would think I would struggle or wrestle with compromise because a lot of hip-hop is full of violence and misogyny and so forth but it’s not really a struggle for me because it’s not my reality. It’s not the life that I’m living.”

The rapper, said even winning a Grammy for his 2012 album Gravity has not phased him because he is more focused on reaching those who love rap music.

Lecrae-reachrecords2 post

“I think when I see people win an Olympic medal or win a Grammy, they just have this breakdown moment like I fought so hard but for me, I didn’t fight very hard to win that award. I fight hard to influence culture, to see people’s lives transform,” said Lecrae.

Music, Lecrae explained, is a platform. “A musician has a unique opportunity to be a voice for equality, for unity, for love, for justice but if they really want to take it a step further, go and get your hands dirty,” he challenged.

Anomaly is Lecrae’s seventh studio album. He said the album’s name reflects his experience as a devout Christian who understands rap culture.

Anomaly is currently number one on the Billboard 200 list. It is the first album to top both the Billboard 200 and the gospel charts in the same week.


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The Gospel Going VIRAL : Lecrae Hits No.1 On Billboard Charts With Over 88,000 Music Sales

Talk of the gospel hitting marks in different charts.


Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae currently has the No. 1 album in the country with his newest releaseAnomaly.

The album topped the Billboard 200 with the most sales last week, passing Maroon 5’s V and Jhene Aiko’s Souled Out with 88,000 sales. The other two have 80,000 and 70,000 respectively.

Lecrae will be appearing on national television with a spot on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ tomorrow night.

(c) Breath Cast News

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After Becoming The 1st Christian Hip-hop Artiste To Hit Number 1 In Itunes, Lecrae is Now To Host The 45th Dove Awards

This year’s 45th annual Gospel Music Association Dove Awards will be hosted by the renown christian rapper  Lecrae who weeks back became the first christian rapper to hit number one on Itunes.


The awards night, which celebrates the year’s best in Christian music, takes place on October 7 at the Allen Arena at Lipscomb University in Nashville, United states of America.

“I can’t wait to be a part of what I believe will be a historic evening,” said Lecrae in a press release, “Co-hosting with a great friend and talented artist makes it even better. Be careful though, who knows what will happen when Bart and I get together.”


Natalie Grant, Hezekiah Walker, Matthew West and Erica Campbell will be performing and are also nominated for awards.


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Lecrae Makes History After Becoming The 1st Christian Hip-hop Artiste To Hit Number One In Itunes

Lecrae made history with his brand-new single “All I Need Is You” this week, becoming the first Christian hip-hop artist of all time to ever reach the number-one spot on iTunes.


The rapper spoke with The Christian Post about the achievement this week and stated that he does not view it as something to brag about.

“I don’t look at it that way,” the rapper said to CP on Wednesday. “I think it’s phenomenal to make music that challenges people to think on morality, spirituality and the betterment of society. Many people do that. Some sing country or jazz – I rap. At the end of the day I’m not here to hold up the banner of a genre. I am here to hold up the banner of Truth. It’s way bigger than genres and charts. I’m fighting to be a voice in culture. A voice in a dark world.”

Lecrae-reachrecords2 post

“All I Need Is You” topped iTunes’ Hip-Hop/Rap song chart, peaking at number one shortly after its release on Tuesday. The achievement not only makes Lecrae the first Christian hip-hop artist to ever garner the top spot, but the rapper is also the first Christian hip-hop artist in history to reach number one on the iTunes song chart overall. Lecrae does not view his success on iTunes as something to brag about in an exclusive with The Christian Post.

Meanwhile, “All I Need Is You” is the newest single off of Lecrae’s seventh studio album “Anomaly,” which is scheduled to hit stores Sept. 9. The song quickly mounted the iTunes Top Songs Chart before peaking at number one on Tuesday, surpassing even Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” that was released the same day. “All I Need Is You” also replaced Jessie J’s “Bang Bang” at the number one spot on iTunes.

The 34-year-old rapper is a multi-award winning artist, including a four time Dove-Award winner and 2013’s Best Gospel Grammy Award winner with his album “Gravity.”

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Lecrae To Release 7th Studio Album “Anomaly”

lecraeChristian Hip hop legend and reach record boss lecrae publicly announced his plans to release his seventh studio album this August branded “Anomaly”  .

The christian rapper shared this information through a hand wirrten messages using hand  twitter and instagram platforms.

“New music. Same movement. Continue to tell your #Anomaly story.”

lecrae-anomaly- post


Christian Rapper Lecrae Advices Lil Wayne And Rick Ross

Grammy award-winning rhymer  Lecrae this week addressed renown hip-hop Artists Lil Wayne and Rick Ross .


Instead of focusing on what he disagrees with about their music, Lecrae encouraged both of them to talk more about the ups and downs of life. Lecrae said:

“The averag e person is trying to figure out what the heck to do with their lives, and how to russle with ups and downs,” said Lecrae . “I’d love to see Rick Ross and Wayne address that stuff, but it makes rappers feel less like supermen. It’s not shame to either one of them but I think their fans would love to hear that.”



Christian Rapper Lecrae Talks About Signing With Jay-z

Lecrae, the 33-year-old Christian rapper, recently responded to a story about him signing with main stream rapper Jay-z.


The rapper born Lecrae Moore clarified rumors of him signing with rap mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter in a recent interview.

“[Laughs] At this point in time, no,” Lecrae told Ebony. “Essentially, he was looking for some conscious artists and my name was thrown into a pool of other artists and that’s as far as it went.”

Lecrae let it be known that he would not consider the business move.

“Nah. For multiple reasons, but one majorly, I’m an independent artist, I’m a label owner,” Lecrae revealed. “I love my independence. I love being able to create the story.”

While many have questioned Jay-Z’s religious beliefs, Lecrae said that there were some parallels between he and the popular music mogul.

“And I want to do in many ways what Jay-Z is doing for the mainstream. He’s inspiring a lot of people to think they can do something on their own,” Lecrae said. “I want to inspire people that they can do it on their own and not compromise their faith and beliefs, as well. So, that’s what I stand for.”


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