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Larry Madowo: WhY Kenya Sevens Rugby Team Used Qatar Airways And Not KQ

It is Christmas in all parts of the country now after the phenomenal performance by the Kenya National rugby sevens team in Singapore. Hundreds of Kenyans have today ,19th April, been at the JKIA and millions glued to their screens waiting anxiously for the arrival of the team that has made Kenya a talking point in the world.

Our great sevens team did us proud during the Singapore sevens after the beat the mighty Fiji sevens team by a margin of 30 tries to 7 .Kenya being considered as the underdogs caught many by surprise with the great display the  put from the onset of the series that had all the top teams in rugby sevens present.

Their win made many Kenyan feel proud of themselves and thereby making the government through  the ministry of sports and culture organised a great reception of the team at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.Many Kenyans anticipated that the team will jet in using the Kenya’s best airline , Kenyan Airways , but this was not to pass. The team jetted in at around 2:30 pm as  expected using the Qatar airlines plane something that did not go down well with many Kenyans.

Most took to the social media to share their frustrations on why they had to use  a foreign airline instead of our own. This online conversation caught the attention of renown Tv present Larry madowo who is currently in Switzerland . Larry felt that there was no basis of complaining as it is a norm for  the qatar airlines to carry rugby  players at no cost.

He shared a 30 seconds video clip on Facebook that did not go down well with many:

“Everybody criticizing Kenya airways for not flying them in , Qatar airways gives free tickets to teams that is why they flew them and they fly every team even the US team which is sponsored by Emirates. So if you are calling out the national airlines for not flying them in thinking you will get shares and look intelligent? you are not looking intelligent you are looking ignorant!! you do not have to comment on everything sit down okay!”

This statement aroused feeling on social media . Here is the public’s reactions to that:

Eric Wainaina : I think your the one who is not intelligent ! Qatar are smart and there PR team is on point, KQ could have take the Opportunity to fly in the Kenyan team because of two reasons ! 1. There are National Carrier and its a National team !
2. For PR and just because there are the official Sponsor
Why should KQ allow Qatar to take all the Glory and yet KQ worked for it ??? WHO IS THE FOOL NOW ????

Lenny Njagi: It’s a legit question that need answers. We care that much about our airline

Kombo RayWe know that Larry, we’re over it already!

Paul Oduor Lonyango: wow nice foto u look great in kenia shirt bro na thanx 4 informing kenyans about it its only that our systems back home hakuna transpiracy lots of thing r done chini ya maji sana kox of corruptions na huku majuu they have system ya calling press conference before team leaves na giving journalist forum 2 ask all the questions they kan think of the kaptain of team na coach face the media na all information is out if we have that chance at home all kenyans will be informed tickets r free na hata kwa auditing za accounts hiyo issue willl not surface kox kila mtu will know tickets ni free nway enjoy your stay swiss iko expe tuu sana na enjoy sunshine mpaka 8pm weather poa sana be blesed



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Larry Madowo Interviews Lupita Nyong’o And She Complimented His SOCKS

Ntv news anchor Larry Madowo got to be the 1st Kenyan journalist to interview Lupita Nyong’o after she landed in Kenya for the a wild aid breakfast briefing at Kempinski Villa Rosa. Lupita Nyong’o had arrived in Kenya to advocate against killing of elephants in Kenya, with more than 30,000 being killed every year, and after the conference she had a full lengthy interview with Larry Madowo.

larry madowo lupita

Larry Madowo has been that kind of journalist who will always want to put himself above the rest and on Tuesday he proved it, when he interviewed Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o. His style of dressing was official but his pair of socks were a bit off but he stated that he still killed it as Lupita complimented his socks during the interview.

larry socks

larry lupita

“I really do intend for my children to have that same experience,” she said at the breakfast briefing.

“I am proud of my Kenyan heritage, and part of that heritage is the incredible wildlife haven that is in our care,” she said, speaking with an American accent in English. “Poaching steals from us all.

Lupita will be working closely with the people involved to protect the animals and conserve the wildlife.

Lupita 2

More than 30,000 elephants are killed every year to satisfy demand for ivory in China and the Far East where it is worth more than $2,000 (1,790 euros) a kilogram.


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Larry Madowo Meets With Former South Africa President Thabo Mbeki And Tries To Take A Selfie With Him

Renown news anchor Larry Madowo tried to pull a new selfie feat when he met former South African president Thabo Mbeki in Barcelona.

Larry Madowo thambo mbeki post

With the craze that Larry Madowo has for selfie’s he tried to take one with the former president who served nine years as the second post-apartheid President of South Africa but it seems Thabo is not a selfie guy as he humbly declined his offer.

As much as his spirit was let down Larry Madowo didn’t give up and still got the photo that he needed which was taken by Thabo Mbeki’s wife.

Larry said :

“President Thabo Mbeki doesn’t like selfies so he asked his wife Zanele to take the picture. Good morning from Barcelona.”

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Sorry Sorry A Hardred Time : ‘Pastor’ Kanyari Failed To Appear For A Tv Interview And His Apology Message Was A SURPRISE

The alleged pastor victor Kanyari failed to appear for the trend interview on Friday evening after Larry Madowo had shortlisted him as one of his guests alongside renown news reporter Jeff Koinange. As usual Larry Madowo hosts short interview sections and for the 1st time he decided to do a long interview with only two guests on his lists but Kanyari failed to honor his part.

kanyari jeff larry

Larry Madowo said :

Pastor Victor Kanyari has an open invitation to come on #theTrend even after this cancellation. We look forward to hosting him sometime in the future

larry madowo kanyari message

Once the message was put on-screen most Kenyans who were watching the show couldn’t handle their emotions as they took to social media to express themselves. Even Jeff Koinange used his fire extinguisher to cool down Kanyari literally on camera.

Eddie Githinji

“Kanyari shud be forgived, he just aporogised in a ranguage olmost similar to english!”

Eunice Wathiaka

“sorry sorry 310 times”

Maxwell Massey

“haha tunaerewo ni kasi kusikana sana kama kifikifi”

Bornface Munyui Sanchez

hehehhe….ata mtusi mtumichi kanyari hawezi catch feelings,yeye ana cash shillings….so pris liv him aloan

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Over A Thousand Retweets : The Selfie That Larry Madowo Took Live At Groove Awards 2014 Goes Viral [See Photo]

When will you ever see Larry Madowo without his phone ? Never Ever is the answer. Its that simple.

The selfie thing seems to be the bread of today as people cant do without it in each place they grace. Larry Madowo is one of them and as usual he took a selfie that “we didn’t ask for” at Groove Awards 2014 held on Sunday 1st at KICC.

selfie groove larry post
(c) Larry Madowo

Its so amazing on the impact of social media in Kenya as when the selfie was taken within a span of a few minutes we were talking of hundreds of retweets later on to mark over a thousand retweets. Not like the one Ellen DeGeneres took at the Oscars but it was a good start to engage the audience watching live.

selfie larry

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After 10 Years Away: Henrie Mutuku Finally Launches Her Video On The Trend

Manzi wa Maana Herie Mutuku as we had informed earlier on in another article here is back and back with a big bang. This was been proven by the massive love she has received from the entire gospel fraternity on the trend as she launched her new video “Langu”.

henrie mutuku post

Before she launched her video her interview was full with surprises from the gospel family mainly gospel artists and Djs like Emmy Kosgei, Dj Mo, Dj Soxxy  and Size 8 just but to mention a few, who sent shout outs through video link. It did not end there she was surprised yet again host Larry madowo this time by the appearance of a veteran gospel artist who is currently a peace ambassador, Rufftone Igi Igi.

larry henrie selfie post 1

Rufftone took Henrie Mutuku back in the days about 12 years ago as in a song they sung together ‘Usichoke’. Their performance left the large audience reminiscing with sending countless tweets on how they love the song and how much they respect both artists.

Henrie who has been away for 10 years as she was pursuing her personal interest has managed to release her new video live on one of Kenya’s biggest show  the Trend thereby making her one among st very few other artists to release a video on the show.

Watch the video below


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You Have Been Fooled : Larry Madowo Pulls A Cool April Fools Prank On His Followers

So they say when its April 1st, You know it is ? It’s Not The Trend but the best of all pranks.

larry madowo post

NTV news anchor Larry Madowo surprised his fans with news that would leave his loyal fans heart broken. Larry posted on his social media accounts that he would be leaving NTV Kenya and join a team that will be starting a new newscast in Rwanda probably “NTV Rwanda”.

larry ntv post

In the process you would have found yourself believing this because it looked convincing if you didn’t know what date yesterday was.  The other reason to make you fall into this chain was that he was actually in Rwanda at that moment.

This is what Larry posted :

I’ve always loved Rwanda and now, I get to stay. I have agreed to lead the newsroom of a new TV station opening here in June. So long, Kenya
The fans and followers felt into the trap as you could see from the comments.

Okwonko Kabaila got me lol..

Winnie Mbithe wow. gud to know thanx I never knew why Icalled foooooooooooooools day

Edward Nkonge You got me

Sadique Mwiti i just admit you got me…

Anne Nyamu Wee come back to Kenya. This is where you belong!!! How do you expect our weekends to be…. without the trend of course?

That was a good one.

Kenya Gospel News

Larry Madowo And Vicky Rubadiri Set To Visit Majengo Slums

NTV anchor’s Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri are one of those great news caster’s  as they finish each others lines and also have the same tastes when it comes to forgotten holidays.

vicky larry

They will be going out of the news room this time around as they journey on a visit to Majengo slums for the Simama Outreach. Simama outreach is a mentorship programme hosted by NTV Cross over host Faith Muturi and she will be co-hosting the event with high profiled personalities starting 25th November. The guests include : Victoria Rubadiri Larry Madowo Leading sportsmen , DJ Sadic, Roughtone, DJ Mo ,Mbuvi , ALice Kamande , Eko Dydda , doctors , architects , investment advisors , mechanics and others.

faith muturi post

To get to play a part in this programme you can contact Faith Muturi on :

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