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“SHAME On Us ‘People of GOD’ For Bashing At Octopizzo’s Role At Groove Awards” : Kris Eeh Baba States

It started with a photo of Octopizzo on the red carpet and later it was followed by him being given a platform to present the Groove Awards hip-hop song of the year award at the ceremony.


Octo went further to advise gospel artistes to sing for souls and little did he know that after the event concerns would be raised by gospel industry stakeholders who felt that Octopizzo was not supposed to stand on the podium and award a christian artiste.


Probably the person who should have been asked to comment was Kris Eeh Baba as he was the one who received that award and he even embraced Octopizzo as he gave him the award. Probably this was a moment of conviction for Octopizzo to turn back to the light but it seems the setting was just not the right one as the stakeholders stated.

Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo
Kris Eeh Baba speaking after being awarded by Octopizzo

Kris Eeh Baba on his part contacted uliza links and stated that he was actually happy that Octopizzo presented the award to him because he not only presented the award but gave a profound word of advice.

I am happy @octopizzo presented me the award. Not because of the award….but because of the message he brought to the people. How many times does the bible have to remind us of the course and the reason for everything? Scriptures zilisema,”If you do not worship God, He will command the stones to do so.” Octopizzo was in the right place with the right message and I quote him,”Gospel artists wanafaa kukumbuka kazi yao, you sing to win souls not to get fans.” If any saved person has an issue with his message, I guess he/she should check his/her priorities.

He might not have been the instrument we expected God to use….but what do we know about God! His ways are higher than ours and His thinking is not our thinking. Moses was a Murderer, GOD USED HIM. David did countless sins, GOD USED HIM. Paul was the worst for persecuting the early Church, GOD USED HIM. OCTOPIZZO IS NO DIFFERENT.

My biggest prayer is Octo sees the light and to know God at a personal level. But with the current bashing for the “people of God”….hata kuokoka ni ngumu. Shame on us.

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”My Biggest SECRET Is Knowing GOD And Not My Swag Or Stage Performance” : Kris Eeh Baba Reveals

Award winning christian artiste Kris Eeh Baba has stated that what keeps him going is the fact that he knows someone greater than him. Many would think that to stand out its all about stage performance and Swag but for Kris Eeh Baba his purpose is more of having a close walk with the Almighty GOD, the great I am.

kris yuyu 1

“Most peeps ask whats my secret. Well. THERE YOU HAVE IT.

Its not my swag, its not my insanely good stage performance, its not my African rhythm that makes people move when my songs play, its definitely not the looks…kuna wengi wanatesa zaidi….and its not what i own.

ITS SIMPLY WHO I KNOW. The secret is a king knowing when to cast away his crown, his golden robes, his titles….and go back to the mercy seat. After all is said and done….after the crowds cheer, after banking them cheques, after receiving all em compliments….always remembering that there is a GOD….who is above all things.

I have never paid even a single shilling for the air i breath. I owe Him everything,” Kris Eeh Baba stated.

Kris Eeh Baba’s journey as a Christian artiste has been really inspiring looking at one time he paid only Ksh.200/- to record a single with his producer Majic Mike.

Kris Eeh Baba and majic Mike
Kris Eeh Baba and majic Mike


His journey has been led by GOD and if you listen to his lyrics you will see how he tries to reach out to the heart of the listener.

What’s your Secret ?


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Kris Eeh Baba Might Sell His Land After Knowing The HIGH School Fees He Has To Pay For His Sister

Gospel artiste Kris Eeh Baba is dismayed after he got to know about the school fees he has to pay for his small sister.

kris yuyu 1

Kris Eeh Baba’s younger sister cleared school last year and now that the selection is over his sister landed a national school selection moving her to another level of furthering her studies. Little did the joy of being selected to a National school come with some immediate consequences than Kris started thinking about how deep he will go in his pockets.

Kris Eeh Baba will be paying a whooping 89,000 shillings for the sister’s school fees which is quite an outstanding amount no matter where you come from.

He shared about this by saying :

“Is it me alone ama hizi National schools zinalipisha school fee Overboard? My small siz is supposed to join kesho but jameni….89k? Bila kununua uniforms bado. Eh!”

kris jembe

It seems Kris Eeh Baba will have to sell his land now that he solely depends on.

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Mchezo Kando!! : Kris Eeh Baba Decides To Focus His Energy On Things That Matter Most

After doing his great collabo with top zambian gospel artists , renown gospel singer Kris Eeh Baba has decided to take things a notch higher in 2015.

kris yuyu

Eeh Baba who is loved by many for his unique raping skills and dance moves is planing to have a more constructive year in his music career. The  lad who I believe has a great career ahead of him was hosted on Tuesday at Tribeka by Mambo Mseto’s Willy .M .Tuva along-side  Bahati and Thee MOG in a show that gives artists a platform to unveil their new music.

Hours after the event Kris who seem excited posted a photo of himself with Bahati, Willy Tuva and Boss Of Thee MOG revealing his decision for 2015.

See below:

kris n bahati

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WATCH : Muganga Remix By @DJLapoze And @KrisErroh

The song of the week is Muganga remix which was done by DJ Lapoze and Kris Eeh Baba.

muganga reloaded

Muganga Reloaded is a second version of the original song by Dj Lapoze titled “Muganga” normally written as mganga. Mganga is a swahili word that means doctor and this song depicts Jesus as the doctor of all doctors and the overall provider…This time featuring one of the biggest and most talented gospel artist in Kenya Kris Eeh Baba.

Muganga wangu ni yesu (My doctor is Jesus) #Mugangareloaded

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Joke Of The Week : DJ MO Tells Kris Eeh Baba To Pay 150,000 If He Wants A Date With His Cute Sister

kris yuyu 1

System Unit’s DJ MO told Kris Eeh Baba openly that he has to pay 158,000 shillings if he wants a date with his baby sister. With the team mafisi crew being led by Kris Eeh Baba on the look out , DJ Mo saw it proper to protect his sister from anyone who has any hidden intentions of  dating her behind his back hence laying down the conditions.

DJ Mo New pic

Posting on his instagram page DJ MO told Kris Eeh Baba to pay shillings 158,000/-  for an air ticket then later on they can have talk about the dating thing.

DJ MO’s sister Viggy has been away in the diaspora for sometime now and DJ MO has been playing the role of a loving brother of the last born.

dj mo kris erroh

With that laid out on the table it seems Kris Eeh Baba would have to sell his land and even his cows to make cover for the payment of the date.

Kris hasn’t responded yet after DJ MO told him about the amount but we wonder what he will do to achieve his goal.

Whether this will happen we will wait and see if Kris can take the bold step. 😀

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After Katikia Yesu : Kris Eeh Baba And Mutua Drop Another Sizzling Gospel Anthem “YUYU” [WATCH]

Kris Eeh Baba and Mutua have released another great tune after they did Katikia Yesu back in 2012 that made Kris Eeh Baba get awarded as hip-hop artiste of the year at Groove Awards.

kris mutua

Yuyu is the new single by Kris Eeh Baba which proclaims a message of praising GOD higher than self and is inspired from the book of Romans 3:30.

kris uliza tisho kris yuyu 1

Many at times we would find ourselves glorifying our actions rather than glorifying GOD which makes one to live in the flesh rather than in the spirit. This is something that the song addresses as it rightfully places GOD as mighty above men in the tagline “Less of Me , More of You”.

This song for a fact will go to hit many stations in and around the region and we hope it will bring many souls to Christ.

kris yuyu



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Kris Eeh Baba Launches An International Anthem Featuring Zambia’s Magg44 And Abel Chungu

Kris Eeh Baba who brought to us Eh Baba , Mmh Baba, Katikia Yesu and lately Dawa Ya Mede has released an international anthem by the name Mimina. Mimina which means “Me and Christ” is a new single by the Erroh president and features international award-winning artistes from Zambia Magg 44 and Abel Chungu.

Mimina POST

From the Red republik studios to Link Video global recording studios the new music vdeo Mimina showcases how the video was well planned in the late hours of the night. With a great song you need a good guitarist and the master record selector DJ Krowbar was in it too.

Bringing great minds of Majik Mike and J Blessing together this was the start of a great project that would be remembered by Kris and his manager.

Watch the video below

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Kris Eeh Baba To Rally Matatu Drivers And Touts Of Embassava Sacco To Visit Accident Victims In Kenyatta Hospital

Award winning gospel artiste Kris Eeh Baba will be doing a great course this coming week when he plans to visit Kenyatta Hospital with Matatu Drivers and touts of Embassava Sacco.

kris eeh baba erroh wear post

Kris Eeh Baba is now the brand ambassador for the One Touch One Life NGO and his 1st as the ambassador will be on 30th August where he is set to rally all the Matatu drivers and touts of the Embassava Sacco to visit the KNH ACCIDENT SECTION.

The Matatu drivers and touts will donate accident equipment like wheel chairs and crutches to the accident victims at the hospital. This is in essence for them to show their care to accident victims and are committed to end road accidents in our country.

KRIS EEH BABA is calling out all volunteers to come join him for this good course..there will be blood donation to the accident victims on that day..

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Exclusive Music : Here Is The International Collabo By Kris Eeh Baba Ft Magg44 And Abel Chungu

Kris Eeh Baba who brought to us Eh Baba , Mmh Baba Katikia Yesu and Lately Dawa Ya Mede has released his new music called Mimina. Mimina single features international award winning artiste from Zambia Magg 44 and Abel Chungu.

Mimina POST

The song is now out with the video to follow it too. The audio has been done by Majic Mike and Video Produced by J Blessing.

Listen to it here exclusively.


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Kris The Watchman : Kris Eeh Baba Plans To Go Round Kenya, See What He Did In Thika

On Friday 13th June from 7pm it was all glamour and uproar at the MKU CHANCELLOR’S TOWERS when long-awaited KRIS EEH BABA landed in Thika county .

kris eeh baba erroh wear post

The concert dubbed ‘’KRIS EEH BABA LIVE ALBUM TOUR ‘’ kicked off on a high note when a student from MKU well executed the National Anthem in solidarity to the current situation in our Nation , this was followed by a very inspiring Sermon by Pastor Anthony Wachira the Talanta Crew Chaplain .

Dr Ofweneke and Mc Abel kept the crowd cracked up due to their unending funny jokes and interesting activities that involved the crowd immensely .The massive crowd of about 2000 people were kept on their toes by mesmerizing back to back performances by the likes of Benachi , PID , Diddi Kimer , Soc and Pitson.

The climax of the event came when the much-anticipated artist for the evening stepped on stage , this was none other than KRIS EEH BABA, and yes he did not disappoint instead he got the crowd wowed by his energy on stage, great choreography from his dancers Jims N Dims .The chemistry between him and his dancers was out of this world .Kris Eeh Baba left the crowd longing for more and more as he sampled his new music that will be featured in his debut album dubbed ‘’WATCHMAN THE ALBUM’’

Kris Eeh Baba is planning to tour the whole country with the intention of promoting his forthcoming album launch that will be held in Nairobi in December, his next tour will be in Narok County ,his tours are managed by Talanta Crew Management Limited

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Congrats : Kris Eeh Baba Made An Ambassador

Many have quoted that being an artiste is more than singing as it comes with certain prestigious jobs and ranks. Award winning gospel artiste Kris Eeh Baba who is set to amaze Kenya with his new song Mimina, featuring Pompi, Abel Chungu and Magg44 felt the other side of music when he was made an Ambassador of a great initiave named Amazing Kenya.

kris eeh baba erroh wear post

Amazing Kenya is an Initiative seeking to showcase Kenya’s beauty and diversity in resources and who better to work with them other than the lyrical prowess and Afro Rap Maasai , Kris Eeh Baba.

kris amazing Kenya post

Kris together with his Amazing Kenya team will be travelling across the country to capture and film Kenya’s diverse splendor. With the hope of changing Kenya the team recently toured Mahiga Primary School where Kris addressed the kids and urged them to conserve the environment and participate in the maintaining the beauty of our country.

kris jembe

Kris Eeh Baba on his statement said : “He will not stop until he sees his country gain its beautiful glory .He is set to tour the whole nation together with the Amazing Kenya team capturing and filming the country’s diverse splendor.”
The Amazing Kenya initiative is powered by Elimu Tv and Princecam Media.

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Kris Eeh Baba To Take Over Thika Town With Pitson And SOC Behind Him

After having a successfully  tour in Mombasa county Award-winning gospel artist Kris eeh baba of Talanta Crew will now be touring Thika Town.

kris thika tour

Eeh baba will tour  Mount Kenya University (MKU) in Thika town on Friday 13 June 2014  where he is scheduled to perform new tracks from his upcoming album.The talanted artist is preparing a big show at the MKU and is requesting that all Thika residents to turn up in large numbers.

A list of  well-known gospel artists are also scheduled to perform at the event , the include among others Pitson, Mwenyehaki and S.O.C .

Event Time: 5 PM – 11PM

Entry: Free

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Kenya Meets Zambia: Kris Eeh Baba, Magg44,Pompi & Abel Chungu Team Up To Bring You An African Hit

Kenyan gospel artist Kris Erroh of Talanta Crew and the International gospel artistes Pompi, Magg44 and Abel Chungu have teamed up to bring you a great african gospel Jam.

kris Magg44 pompi post

Kris Eeh baba and the three Zambian gospel artists have been planning for long to do the gospel collabo song. Finally it has come to pass , they have managed to record a song whose audio has been produced by the amazing audio producer Majick Mike and video by  the talented Jblessing. The audio and video are to be released later on in the month.

Several acts featured in the coming video are including among others Kris Eeh Baba, Pompi, Mag44, Abel Chungu & Dj Krowbar.


Keep it Uliza Links as we will keep you posted as soon as the audio and video are out.

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Check Out How Kris Eeh Baba Looked Like During His Teenage (Photo)

Kris Eeh Baba post

Kris Eeh Baba is one of the most respected gospel hi-pop artist especially after releasing his lovely hit songs “Mmh Baba” and “Katikia Yesu”. Despite the great achievements in his life Kris has come from a humble background and has maintained his respect for others since his teenage.

See photo of young Kris below:

kris erroh teenage post

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All Is Set : Kris Eeh Baba To Host His 1st Live Concert

Award winning gospel hip-hop artist Kris Eeh Baba is set to take his music a notch higher as he embarks on hosting his 1st live concert. Kris Erroh will be hosting his 1st Live concert tour which will act as a platform to bring his music to his audience.

Kris Eeh Baba concert post

Themed Kris Eeh Baba Live, the concerts will be hosted on different towns around Kenya with Mombasa being the first stop. This will be one great experience for the revelers as they will have time to not only see Kris Live but also get an opportunity to listen to the songs in his album called “Watchman The Album”.

Speaking to Uliza Links, Kris said he wants to set standards in his music and we must say we can’t wait to see how great this will turn out. The concert in Mombasa will be hosted on 30th March at ACK Guest House,  located at Likoni, Shelly Beach Road from 2-6pm.

Entry Is Ksh.100/=



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