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‘Cheating on my Wife is like Cheating on GOD’ : Kirk Franklin

After 20 years of marriage, Kirk Franklin says being unfaithful to his wife would be comparable to cheating on God, and advises men not to cheat on their children and the Kingdom of God in search of something “newer.”

kirk  and tammy franklin post

“Men can be dumb at times, and want what’s newer, fresher, or what our other ‘head’ thinks is better. But to fail Tammy is to fail God. To cheat on Tammy is to cheat on the Kingdom, my children, and even you. Those who trust me to chase Christ with everything I got,” Franklin said, according to BET. “I’m not perfect, but I’m still in love with Tammy.”

The 46-year-old gospel music recording artist, songwriter and producer revealed that the pair met when they were young. Although Tammy came from a good family, Kirk did not and was challenged to change by his future wife.

“[She’s a] prime example of how a good woman can change a man without breaking him down. She didn’t compromise her standard but helped me reach it,” Franklin recalled. “Every song you’ve heard over the last 20 years, she wrote it. She was every lyric, every key change spelled her name.”

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Kirk Franklin Terms Creflo Dollar’s Quest To Buy A $65 Million Jet As A ‘Shortage of Character’

In Franklin’s new blog titled ‘The High Cost of Character’ the popular singer wrote, “When a pastor wants people to buy him a private plane while a missionary in Somalia bathes children with sores, that’s a shortage of character. When I camouflage my ‘greeds’ to look like ‘needs’, that’s a shortage of character.”


The entire blog speaks to the importance of having a good character regardless of the sacrifices that have to be made. “We don’t have a shortage of greatness, we have a shortage of character,” he declared.

Franklin directly addressed Dollar’s video campaign for a new private jet, which has since been canceled because of the media backlash. The popular televangelist claimed that he needed a new jet to further the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

creflo dollar plane post

He specifically requested $300 from over 200,000 supporters.

But for Franklin, the issue is not a money issue it’s more so a character one. He maintained that speaking out about it, is his way of holding the well-known pastor accountable.

“I agree you cannot legislate morality in our culture, but you cannot avoid holding people accountable,” Franklin wrote, “You can’t let people slide by just because they are charismatic and can ‘kill’ a room.”

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‘Our Music Has Lost Touch’ : KIRK FRANKLIN ‘Feels’ That Gospel Artistes Are Too Focussed On Sales Than Souls

American artist Kirk Franklin recently opened up about the pitfalls of the gospel music industry in an article on the Patheos website honoring the late gospel musician and pastor Andrae Crouch.

Steve+Harvey and kirk franklin

Franklin, who popularized the songs “I Smile” and “Every Day With Jesus”, revered Crouch as “the greatest songwriter in the history of gospel music.” The legendary songwriter, 72, died on January 8 after suffering a heart attack.

He compared the music made during Crouch’s time and now, and lamented that the musical impact differs greatly because people’s priorities are now apparently mixed with their own personal agenda. Instead of worshipping and honouring God, he feels artists focus too much on record sales and worldwide recognition.

“Our music doesn’t affect people the way it used to. It doesn’t create movements like it did during Andrae’s time,” Franklin wrote. “Is it because today’s worship leader is too busy trying to get the record deal, the applause, a higher church salary, and that crossover song? (The guilt is all over my hands, people!)”

“Every step we take away from the cross — and the cross alone – every time we focus on sales over souls… the goal gets lower and lower,” he added.


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Happy Anniversary Baby: Kirk Franklin Celebrates His Wife After 19 Years In Marriage

They have been through ups and downs but one of gospel’s most recognizable  royal couples, Kirk and Tammy Franklin have withstood the test of time.The loving pair officially marked 19 years in marriage on Monday 21.


Its by God’s loving grace that the lovely couple have managed to be strong together for almost now going two decades. Celebrating the 19th year Kirk posted this on his Facebook page:

“It takes a lot for a man to fall in love…it takes even more for him to stay there. Happy Anniversary Baby! #1996”

Steve+Harvey and kirk franklin

Ulizalinks wishes the couple best of luck and continues to pray for their marriage.


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Kirk Franklin And Solly Mahlangu To Hold One Of The Biggest Gospel Concerts On One Stage

Celebrate American gospel musician and choir director, Kirk Franklin and South Africa’s renown worship singer and pastor , Solly Mahlangu are set to Hold one of the greatest gospel concerts  in South Africa.


The two acclaimed gospel musians will hold one of the biggest worshiper concerts where  on September 28th at the Moses Mabhinda stadium  Durban South Africa.This will be a  day of worship where a message of hope , healing and deliverance to the current generation  will be delivered .

Several other South african gospel artiste are schedule to grace the stage on the day this including the amazing South Africa worship singer Sfiso Newane.

kirk franklin and solly mahlangu

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