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Keyshia Cole: Anything Is Possible Especially With GOD By Your Side

Keyshia Cole is making a conscious decision to step away from the negative fodder being dished out on social media and keeping her priorities in order.

Cole, the 33-year-old singer-songwriter, has always been vocal about her struggles in life and even filmed many of them for reality television cameras. While fans have witnessed her reconcile issues with her mother’s drug addiction and issues with siblings, Cole recently dealt with marital issues in a very public way off of television screens.

The singer has insinuated that her estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson was not being faithful in their marriage and the two engaged in a war of words in front of countless fans on social media. Cole realized it was a mistake to air the grievances about her marriage on social media and even took to Instagram to apologize to the public and make nice with her estranged husband for the sake of their son.

“At the end of the day @Daniel_GibsonJr is what matters! Was I wrong for bringing [it] to social media? #YES! And we both Apologize for that,” Cole wrote on Instagram March 16. “So we went out last night to discuss priorities and what#AsolutlyComesFirst #NoArguing #NoFighting#Daniel #Keyshia #DanielJr”.

Now that the dust has settled, Cole recently said in an interview about beginning her journey of healing while keeping the focus on God, her career and son.

“At this moment I don’t know what’s going on with this and what’s the point of it not being able to be worked out. The thing is I’m trying to build myself and my career and I can’t do that if I’m always stressed out about a relationship that isn’t working,” Cole said. “I can’t lose myself trying to figure out a situation that isn’t able to be worked out. I think spiritually, I have to realize that and just do what’s best for my child.”

The singer is no stranger to overcoming adversity as her mother Frankie’s battle with drug addiction caused her to give Cole up for adoption. Instead of letting the circumstances of life get her down, Cole worked hard to make her dreams of becoming an entertainer come to pass and believes that her faith had something to do with that and the success in all of her varied ventures.

“Honestly if you stay focused and driven on what your motivations, are I feel like you can succeed in anything you want to do. I honestly believe that because whatever I have put my mind to I’ve been able to accomplish no matter what cards I was dealt,” Cole said. “I’m a strong believer that if you keep your faith right, you’ll make sure you get what you want out of life because it’s possible. I mean, anything is possible especially with God by your side.”

As a mother, the singer understands the importance of teaching her 5-year-old son Daniel Gibson, Jr. (DJ) the importance of prayer. Her own foundation of faith stems from being raised in the church where she learned about the power of prayer at a young age.

“My mother took us to church every Sunday, Wednesday Bible Study, student Bible Sunday. It was instilled in me at a very young age,” she recalled . “But I definitely felt connected very young and prayed all the time as a child. So it’s the same thing that I try to teach DJ. We’re working on that, so he’s learning how to pray himself.”

Although Cole will be the first to admit that she does not have things all figured out, she would not necessarily warn her teenage self to do anything differently either.

“Everything is a lesson. Everything that you go through builds who you are and builds your character of the person that you are,” Cole said. “I wouldn’t tell myself not to do this or do that. You’ve got to try to stay focused, take the best view and try to be more positive because it could really take you under and damage you if you allow it to.”

Still, Cole is going to focus less on life’s problems and give more energy to what matters most.

“You’ve got to stay focused, keep your head above the water and I think that’s mainly where my priority is now,” she said. “Sometimes you’ll be caught up in the midst of it and I decided myself to pick a healing direction and work in that direction. That’s where I’m going to get my results from as a woman, as a mother.”

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