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“Though I SINNED Before, GOD Still Chose Me To Praise Him In Front Of MILLIONS” : Size 8 Profusely Thanks GOD

Size 8’s heart poured in praise for the almighty GOD after she was chosen to sing in front of millions of viewers at the Old Mutual fun day  that took place this past weekend. Size 8 who was once a secular artiste till she chose to sing gospel music couldn’t imagine that she was actually singing again in front of many Kenyans but now as a gospel singer.

size 8 machakos

Size 8’s major dream has always been to bring many people together in worship and praise in one big stadium which she shared with Uliza Links when we met. This luckily happened on Saturday when she headlined the Old Mutual fun day that was covered by Citizen TV in front of attendees who had come to have a good time.


At the end of the event Size 8 profusely shared on the mercy of GOD and grace that has continuously been sufficient since she chose the light over darkness. She said :

“God is merciful. He has chosen me to sing for him in front of millions and yet I sinned against him in front of millions. He is a God of forgiveness. My heart is full of joy.”

size 8 performing old mutual

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Has Kenya Gospel Music Lost Taste ? You Would Listen To The Current Gospel Music And Still Continue Drinking In A Bar

May the Lord guide us in our ministry.


Someone asked this question : “When you listen to the current gospel music and you are sitting in a bar, would you still continue drinking?”. The answer would be 90% Yes.

This brings the question of “Has gospel music lost the aspect of touching the soul or rather is it touching more of the body?”

Music for a fact has grown as now we have different styles of music so it will be hard to compare songs sang in the 1990’s with the songs being sang now. Secondly the listeners have changed, the current ones would like to listen to certain type of beats and probably music that flows to the current trends.

This is good to music but the question that pops up is that, “Do we have to sing songs that match the tastes of people to make them live a normal life or should we rather produce music that reaches out to GOD?”.

If Don Moen’s music or better still Christina Shusho’s music is turned on in a bar, I can tell you for a fact a drunkard will rise from his feet and be convicted in his mind. But what state are we in ? The gospel music which has grown and being played on probably all entertainment spots is not saving the soul rather someone will just continue sinning when they listen to it.

Are our artistes going on the right track or its okay as music is good as it reaches out to many.?

When will you sit at home and listen to music that makes you think of Jesus rather than the artiste?

Are we just singing positive music and not Gospel Music ?


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28 Christians Arrested While Holding A Prayer Meeting, It’s Against The LAW?

A group of 28 Christians holding a prayer meeting were arrested by Saudi Arabian police last week.

Prayer-comforting-Bible-verses-and-uplifiting-praise-and-worship-music-are-ways-I-am-encomforting verses

The group was abducted from the home of an Indian Christian in the city of Khafji, near the Kuwaiti border. They have not been heard from since their arrest.

According to Fox News, a Saudi government minister claimed to have no knowledge of the arrests, which have been reported in several Saudi news outlets.

Arabic-language news site Akhbar-24 said that the religious police were tipped off about the house church meeting.

There are contradictory reports about the group that has been captured – some saying that just adults were arrested, while the Saudi Gazette reported that men, women and children were taken.

Several Bibles were also confiscated in the raid.

“Saudi Arabia is continuing the religious cleaning that has always been its official policy,” said Nina Shea, director of the Washington-based Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom in an interview with

“It is the only nation state in the world with the official policy of banning all churches. This is enforced even though there are over 2 million Christian foreign workers in that country. Those victimized are typically poor, from Asian and African countries with weak governments,” she said.

It has been suggested that King Abdullah has tried to ease tensions with the West over religious intolerance by establishing the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in 2011.

However, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is a government agency that employs a special police force to implement Sharia law, in the state where the official religion is Sunni Islam.

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, and Mecca draws about 2 million Muslims in pilgrimage every year.

It is against the law for a Muslim to convert to a different religion, known as apostasy, which carries the death penalty, along with blasphemy. It is also illegal for non-Muslims to proselytise; Bibles cannot be handed out and crosses or other non-Islamic religious symbols cannot be worn publicly.

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Gospel Singer Rosy Ohon, Wife To “Musa Faulu”, And Mother To Joy Of Machachari Celebrates 13 Years In Marriage

Weddings are special as they mark a long term union between two love birds in the presence of the Almighty GOD. Rosy Ohon known for her songs Eshe Baba , Watoto, Nibariki and lately Tabasamu is celebrating 13 years in marriage.

rosy ohon new post

Rosy Ohon who is termed as a mentor and a mother is married to one guy who is familiar to many called Don Ohon “Musa Faulu”.

musa faulu post

Donald Ohon who is a GOD fearing man and husband has played a major role in both tv and radio commercials for the Faula Bank hence named Musa Faula.

rosy ohon and husband post

Rosy Ohon has a family of public figures as after the husband theirs young Joy who is a tv actress on tv show Machachari that airs on Citizen Tv. Further more her other daughter has followed her dad’s footsteps as she plays a role in the Oreo advert.

joy new machachari post

Surely this family is blessed and GOD has been a great rock in their endeavors. On marking this special day Rosy Ohon says :

“I’ve stuck with this man, I’ve been faithful and true to him, by God’s grace for 13 years and still counting cause am not about to quit! Today i celebrate with my one and only husband, God’s faithfulness in our lives as we celebrate our 13th marriage anniversary, “am still hooked to you for a very long time….Donald Ohon, I love you always”


We wish them a happy marriage.

Watch Eshe Baba By Rosy Ohon.

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After Being Robbed At Gun Point,Singer Ole Willy Is Moving Forward Stronger

Ole Willy is one of the bright stars in the gospel ministry based in the beautiful location called Eldoret. Ole Willy had a scary start to 2014 as he was robbed at gun point by thugs in Nairobi while waiting for his mentor Daddy Owen to pick him up.

ole willy daddy owen post

This might have shocked him, (losing his iphone and Ksh.20,000 ), probably left disheartened by the thugs, but Ole Willy didn’t back down. Ole Willy  shook up himself and marched forward with his life as obstacles are there to make us grow and not draw as back.

ole willie post

Ole Willy in the end has released his new song “Maskio Ya Mungu” meaning that “Ears of GOD can hear our prayers”.  Bringing in the verse of :

Isaiah 65:24

Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.

Watch the new video and may it bless you

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Gospel Artists Share Love On Valentines Day At A Childrens Home In Kibera [Photos]

Grace Kay, better known as @AnotherKOT is a Publicist, Marketer and events organizer who decided to invite a few of her friends to go and spend time with the less fortunate at Kibera.

kibera st catherines

 “Romans 13:8  Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.”

Xtreem Awards and CEO and founder Peter Mulei, Gospel Artists Simbo Owade, LJay Maasai, Martin Psalmist, Denny C, PRODUCER Miracle were among the ones who attended the noble event among many others.
Gift Hampers and books were also given as they sang and danced, preached and spoke hope to the children. In the end, it was all smiles as they left in the evening. see photos

DJ MO Chosen To Be The Gospel DJ At The Nescafe Party

Seen it on tv for weeks now , an ad talking about the Nescafe Red-sensation party with the aim of awakening dreams.

mo post

Set  for Saturday November 2nd  this Nescafe party will be graced by thousands of people as their have something different which is recognizing and promoting talent.  Among the Deejays chosen to headline the event is  Groove Award Winner DJ Mo of System Unit.

Working with Churchill before in the Kid’s festival sponsored by Milo now it seems they will be working together in the Nescafe Party which Churchill is part of.


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Gospel Singer Emmy Kosgei Wins An International Award In United Kingdom

Our beloved sister Emmy Kosgei has done it again as she won another Award on Friday 25th October at the Beffta Awards.

emmy kosgei new post

It all started after her wedding when she was surprised by another gift termed a nomination for the BEFFTA AWARDS (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Art) in the Best International Gospel Act Category.

BEFFTA Awards is a distinctly special awards ceremony honouring the best showbiz and entertainment personalities in the black and ethnic communities in the UK, USA, Africa, Caribbean, Canada and globally.

Light Camera and Red Carpet was the affair at BEFFTA awards gala and the moment came and as we waited anxiously so was victory on Emmy Kosgei’s side. She scooped the award after a campaign gone successful by friends and fans who voted for her online.

This award goes to her cabinet of awards among others including Groove Awards and Africa Gospel Music Awards.


After Jetting In From Canada Eunice Njeri To Leave The Country Again

Our beloved sister who have such a close relation with Eunice Njeri is one worshiper whom  you say the Lord has blessed abundantly in singing.

eunice njeri

Eunice Njeri will be heading out of the country again after she arrived from Canada where she was part of ministry to contribute money for planting of churches.

eunice njeri post

Her ministry is at heart and once she came back to Kenya she joined hands with one wonderful lady of faith Lady Bee and later with Grace Mwai as they took ministry to the schools.

bee eunice bee

What a friend we have in Jesus and now sister Eunice Njeri will be ministering the love of Christ in Congo. November 24th – 1 December will be the date and she will joined by other ministers of the word from DRC.


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Link Poll Results : The Current Favorite Kenyan Gospel Deejay Is (View Results)

We did our polls for the current Kenyan gospel trends and after a successful poll we can now reveal the current Kenyan gospel favorite deejay.

Frank deejay

This poll was different as we did not focus only on the skill as it was also based on how a deejay ministers through the word of GOD.  As we say they are just vessels of GOD and all glory should go to GOD. Here are the results :

poll deejay
Deejay Krowbar voted as the favorite Kenya gospel deejay. Glory be To GOD


(Photos) Red Carpet Africa Gospel Music Awards 2013

Check out the amazing photos of the Africa Gospel Music Awards  red carpet and stage performances.



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(Research) So Many Youthful Christians Are Having Sex Before Marriage

According to the National Association of Evangelicals, 80 percent of unmarried evangelical Christians between ages 18-29 admit to having had premarital sex, a shocking figure when measured against the number of pledges made in youth ministries and wristbands worn endorsing abstinence around the country throughout the late ’80s and early ’90s.

For a generation fed a steady diet of “just wait until you’re married for sex,” why are so many of us losing our virginity before we say “I do”? What is causing the growing chasm between our Christian belief and sexual purity?

So What Causes All This?

The Love Of Worldly Passions

Even after some one gets born again most of us are not willing to leave the worldly passions just to mention worldly movies, events,music among other passions. These movies at times have scenes that are filled with immorality and when we continue watching them they affect our true stand with the Word.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure also plays a huge part in the fall to sexual temptation. Most Christians still hang out with friends who haven’t dedicated their lives fully to Christ.  This plays a major role in bringing them to cases of what their friends mostly do through peer pressure.

Lack Of Meditating Upon The Word Daily

The word of GOD is light and the moment you stop feeding your spirit upon the word of GOD you return yourself to the power of the flesh. For us to overcome sexual temptations we need to live by reading the word of GOD on day to day basis.

Full Commitment To GOD

Some of the youth don’t have a closer walk with GOD. They know the word but they don’t apply it their lives.

Avoiding Conversations About Abstinence

Christian adults must carry on the conversation of abstinence to the next phase. It’s not just a youth issue. If we could more openly discuss the tingling we feel, the occasional knockout attraction we have to the opposite sex or the times where our sex drives lull, I believe we might find that we’re able to maintain purity much later into adulthood.

We’ve got to get talking and see ourselves afresh as sexual beings, moving gradually and prayerfully through stages of sexual expression until marriage where it’s fulfilled. Because “not yet” is much easier to digest than “no.” Our sexuality, today, is an integral part of who God has created us to be, and like all things must be celebrated while also put in submission to Christ.

Romans 6
What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? 2 By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? 3 Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? 4 We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.




(Photos) Daddy Owen And Gloria Muliro Among Others Unveiled To Headline “Niko Na Safaricom Live” Tour

The big event that is usually organized to act as a marketing tool for mobile service provider Safaricom named Niko Na Safaricom Live, Is Back.

daddy owen gloria

The Launch was done on Tuesday at the Carnivore grounds and you know it gospel artistes could not be left out. This time they decided to take Groove Awards Female Artiste Of The Year Gloria Muliro and Kisima Award Winner Daddy Owen

The tour will be going around the country where revelers will get an opportunity to learn more about the products of the Mobile Service Provider as they enjoy performances from the artistes.

Check Photos Below


Daddy Owen and Gloria will not be alone but will be joined by other gospel acts as guest artistes which include : Eko Dydda Jimmy Gait, Allan Aaron and Eric Omondi as the Emcee.


(Photos) Christina Shusho Showcases The Awards She Has Scooped At Her House In Tanzania

So we just bumped into these photos taken during an interview with Clouds Tv and we felt we should share with you.

Here are pics of Christina Shusho At Her House In Tanzania and the awards she has scooped.



SAD!! Mary Mary, Erica And Tina Campbell Father Passes On

Mary Mary is an American contemporary gospel duo, consisting of sisters Erica Atkins-Campbell and Trecina “Tina” Atkins-Campbell who broke onto the music scene with their popular song “Shackles (Praise You)” have lost their Father.


Erica and Tina Campbell, better known as Mary Mary, announced on Twitter that their father, Eddie Atkins, passed.


We join the lovely ladies family in prayer



Sammy Dee Of BMF Starts His Own Video Production Company

Now you have seen the creativity behind some of the video’s in Prince Cam Media such as Number One By Kevoh Yout, Mateke By Size 8, Ndakhuyanza by BMF and also another video By Jimmy Gait Called Marungu (Directed With Young Wallace).

Sammy Dee of BMF is not a singer but is also blessed in video directing as he has done among many other videos from the named above.

The Company he has started is called Clean City Media and  deals with Music Videos, Documentaries, Wedding Coverage, Editing, Graphics, TV Shows, TV Commercials, Production Consultancy & Feature Films.

If you would like any Job done by professionals with excellence, drop the company an Inbox or email

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