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His 1st As A DAD : Hip-hop Artiste Kenn Eddy Krezi Releases A New Video Shot At The USA

Gospel singer Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song Testimony and Miracles has done a new video called Nothing featuring delightful friend Taylor Roybal. The new video has been directed by  award winning video producer  J Blessing who was at the USA and captures the aspect of nature and life in the scenes.

kenn eddy krezi nothing

‘Nothing’ is a song talking about how we as humans are nothing without God. In this song Kenn Eddy Krezi has featured Taylor Roybal, a dear friend to his family and a new artist in the industry.  Furthermore it is a song talking about how we as humans are nothing without God. In this song Kenn Eddy Krezi has featured Taylor Roybal, a dear friend to his family and a new artist in the industry.

Kenn eddy krezi wife

Watch it here

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Kenn Eddy Krezi Met With J Blessing In USA And He Shot His 1st Video As A DAD

Gospel singer Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song Testimony and Miracles has done a new video called Nothing featuring delightful friend Taylor Roybal. The new video has been directed by Mwafaka Awards Video producer of the Year J Blessing who is at the USA and captures the aspect of nature and life in the scenes.

kenn eddy krezi nothing
‘Nothing’ is a song talking about how we as humans are nothing without God. In this song Kenn Eddy Krezi has featured Taylor Roybal, a dear friend to his family and a new artist in the industry.

‘Nothing’ is the first single from Kenn Eddy Krezi’s new album coming later this year and  the first song after starting this new season in his life as a husband and a dad.


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After Revealing His “Mzungu Wife” : Here Are The Beautiful Wedding Photos Of Kenn Eddy Krezi And His Lovely Wife

In one of a few pieces we do on uliza links it is always  important to celebrate one of our brother/sister out there. Today we celebrate gospel artiste Kenn Eddy Krezi who got married late last year to his true love named Hannah.

Kenn eddy krezi wife

Kenn Eddy Krezi is one artiste who stands out because he is true to his word and the song testimony and miracles can attest to this statement. His love for ministry made him meet up with one lady by the name Hanna whom they later exchanged vows in a ceremony graced by close friends and family.

Kenn Eddy Krezi wife wedding kenn eddy krezi wedding Kenn eddy krezi wedding 2 Kenn Eddy Krezi wedding 1



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“Why Did They Not Put Me On Tam Tam Remix ? : Kenn Eddy Krezi Unveils His Beautiful “Mzungu” Wife

Tam Tam remix by Willy Paul and Size 8 is one of the songs that is trending currently as it talks about love and a true woman who comes from GOD. Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song “Testimony” feels that he needed to be part of the video so that he would testify about the love he has for his wife with other gospel personalities who were mentioned in the song.

kenn eddy krezi new 1

Kenn Eddy Krezi who is away in the United States says that Willy Paul should have called him at least when he was coming back to Kenya. This would have given him a heads up on when to turn up for the video shoot so as he would not miss the video shoot with likes of DJ Moz, Dj Soxxy , DJ Krowbar and DJ Mo.

dj soxxy tam tam

Kenn Eddy Krezi graduated to the marriage life when he was blessed to find love with one beautiful lady from the States. After the pick up lines he got married late last year and was blessed with a handsome baby boy who he terms as the next “Kenn Eddy Krezi”.

Kenn eddy krezi wife

Kenn Eddy Krezi for a fact is one person whom GOD has guided through ups and downs in life and plays a major role in an organisation called Revived by Love Ministries.

Having looked at his story . Should Kenn Eddy Krezi been part of the video or who else should have been included?


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Meet These Amazing Kenyans That Skip A Meal For 2 Months To Donate It To People In Mathare Slums

Revived by Love ministries is one of the most inspiring initiatives we have to come to learn of.

The thing that stands out for them is that they go out to give physical and spiritual food to people in slums by skipping a meal for about 2 months.

revived BY LOVE

The man behind this initiative is gospel artiste Kenn Eddy Krezi who is known for his songs “Testimony” and “Miracles”. The ministry has been doing an amazing job impacting lifes of other Kenyans who hunger and thirst for both Physical and Spiritual food.

revived 4

Speaking to Uliza Links Kenn Eddy Krezi said :

“Everyone skips one meal every week for like two months and then save the money you could have spent in your meals.We then put it all together and buy bibles and foodstuff and go for a door to door outreach in random houses in Mathare and feed them physically and spiritually.Our main aim is to Establish hope through Jesus’ Love”

They will be going to Mathare slums on July 26th from 10 am and if you wish to join them call the number below :



Me 4 my neigbour


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Ken Gun Salute!! Gospel Artist Kenn Eddy Krezi Spotted Shopping For An Ak 47 And Shot gun [Photos]

So rarely would you find a church minister in a gun shop as someone would say to do what ?

kenn eddy krezi ak

Kenn Eddy Krezi decided to do something out of the norm by passing through a gun shop at the United States where he is currently residing in Colorado.

Taking 3 types of gun from their docket he held them and aimed in the sky as if he was seeing a target high. Probaly aiming at the devil as thats our main target as Christians?

IMG-20140507-WA0002 IMG-20140507-WA0004


But not to worry its nothing seroius as he was just window shopping.


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Kenn Eddy Krezi Re “Surfarces” With Lovely Chuchu

Kenn Eddy Krezi is one talented hip-hop music comparable to his mentor in music “Eko Dydda“. He has decided to give his beloved audience something new this season after he released his blessed single called “Miracles”.

kenneddy chuchu surface

Kenn Eddy Krezi will be bringing you a new single called “Surface” with amazing and lovely songstress Chuchu.  This will be another single Chuchu has featured in after her 2 singles “Beautiful” and “Upendo”.

He reiterates the message as :

“Many times in our life we sin and feel so condemned only to forget that the reason Jesus died was so that we were free from condemnation. At times the devil lies to us of how hopeless we are and how we are abandoned by the Love of God but remember the Love Of God remains enough no matter what we do. So,basically the song is for  everyone who at some point in your life you feel like you are broken in the sight of God,you are so much of a sinner not able to be forgiven,you feel like the devil has taken charge of your life,you are messed up and don’t think that God can accept you back.

Its just a reminder that through it all you are still God’s child and when His son died every sin was washed as white as snow and we were saved by grace.Just as the prodigal son to our Father (God) we are always worth it and it’s only through Him and with Jesus as our chief corner stone we are able to stay  strong.

If He is our foundation and we SURFACE in Him we will be able to soar in the life storms.”

Surface is the first single of his  forthcoming album titled ART OF WORSHIP which is just his style of hiphop and you can download it here



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How It All Happened: Kenn Eddy Krezi Talks About The Car Accident That Nearly Took His Life

Our Brother Kenn Eddy Krezi was involved in a horrific car accident that shocked most of us on one Sunday morning January 2014.  He is now doing well and here is the story of how it all happened.

kenn-eddy-krezi post

I have been staying in the Colorado state of USA since I came…I have been busy ministering to lost souls here,evangelizing, reaching out to the broken and also recording more Worship music.


It was about 1:05 PM on the 25th of January when I was just from meeting my producer Paul from planning the album recording stuff with My friend Joe and bro Julius.

We were in Windsor,Colorado.

And as we were driving away,a huge truck ran into a stop sign while we were on the highway.

And before we knew it,the truck drove into us. Right into our car.

I heard a huge,deafening blast…And I went numb.

We almost rolled down the slope but it had snowed the previous night before so the car got stuck in a mound of thick cold snow…

And then the car veered off and was flipped in the air…we flew off the road and landed in a ditch…

My brother Julius got me out through the window…struggle by struggle…

It was hard to pull me through…and as he did so,My face was deeply cut and lacerated.

Blood stared oozing…I had deep,bloody cuts allover my face and arms as You can see in the photo…

Were it not for the seat belt,I bet I would have been thrown through the window and hurt more…

The funny thing is that,within 5 minutes,the police,firefighters and ambulance were all there! Allover the place!!

I hear that’s normal here in America.

Police response is so quick…and efficient! All I saw was sirens,police cars,yellow tapes,cars and more cars..

Gosh,it looked like a movie scene for a simple Kenyan like Me….

I was immediately taken to the emergency care because I was bleeding profusely.

I was then transfered to another Hospital where I was stitched by some of the BEST Doctors in the world.

I was even reduced to using a Wheelchair since I couldn’t walk or move myself around!!

Eventually,the stitches were removed off my face….and my face is doing quite well.

But I have to go for check-up for my neck and muscles to a chiropractor every two days for a while.

I have NOTHING But gratitude to show to God.

I feel like preaching, But I won’t.

I am reminded of the song,BECAUSE HE LIVES,I CAN FACE TOMORROW.

And surely,I am ALIVE today Because He Lives.

Not Because I was Lucky. Or smart. Or sharp. But BECAUSE He Lives.

I am more than thankful.

And Because He Lives,YOU will see tomorrow, You will overcome death,You will soar to the skies and You will taste the Goodness of the Earth.


If God is for Us,Who can be against Us??

May He keep You,restore You,Guard You,Replenish You,Answer You and Meet You at the point of Your needs.

Amen and Amen.

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Glory To GOD!! Kenn Eddy Krezi Doing Well After A Grisly Road Accident

Gospel Singer Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song Testimony , Miracle who was involved in a horrific road accident while in ministry at the United states is now doing well.

kenn-eddy-krezi post

The accident caught many by surprise as it took place on a day when every one was in Church. The news of his recovery has given us hope and built our faith in prayer as GOD answers prayers.

Kenn Eddy Krezi says thank you to you all and I quote : “Thanks for all your prayers and messages,whatsapp,fb,calls and blogging and for the love y’all showed me.I am doing way better and thank God for the healing.One thing remains ,GOD LOVES ME I love you all”

We give all Glory To GOD.  Watch his new video “Miracles”



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Pray For Him!! Talented Kenn Eddy Krezi Involved In A Horrific Road Accident And Injured

Its sad that somethings happen to us while we are ministry but we believe GOD has a great purpose in our life.

kenn-eddy-krezi post

Gospel Singer Kenn Eddy Krezi known for his song Testimony , Miracle has been involved in a horrific road accident while in ministry at the United states. While riding along the road a truck rammed into their car and they were left with bruises.

kenn eddy krezi injury car


According to Kenn Eddy Krezi he says :

Was just from meeting my producer Paul from planning the album recording stuff.with My friend Joe and bro Julius from Windsor,a truck ran into a stop sign while we were on the highway and drove into us.

We almost rolled but God saved us.My brother got me out through the window and I got lots cuts from the windows.Thats how my face looks like.I have 14 stitches on my face but am all healthy.this made me thinking of how life is so precious and God loves me.Live everyday like it’s the last day on earth.God loves me..keep me in your prayers 

Lets Keep Him In Prayers Family!!


(Audio) Kenn Eddy Krezi Unplugs “Wishes Forever” On Inuka Hosted By Kambua (Listen)

Bringing up new talent is what is important and also giving them a platform to showcase their talent.

kenn eddy krezi new 1

Kenn Eddy Krezi did the same on Inuka when he unplugged new kids on the block “Recapp” new single “Wishes Forever”

On unplugged Wednesday hosted by Kambua Queen Ndinda we present the unplugged segment by Kenn Eddy Krezi.




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Kenn Eddy Krezi Invites You To Meet His Neighbor At Mathare Slums

Kenn Eddy Krezi is one lad you would love and get touched by, not just because he sings but he testifies in his words.

kenn eddy krezi new 1

Kenn Eddy Krezi and Revived by Love ministries presents Me 4 My neighbor 5 on Saturday 7th September. Me 4 My Neighbor is a bi-monthly charity mission organized by Revived By
Love Ministries (a charitable organization founded by Kenyan  Hip Hop act
Kenn Eddy Krezi) whose mission is to establish Hope.

me 4 my neighbor 5 post

In every two months, Revived By Love Ministries and friends go to the slums of Mathare to
establish hope through the love of Jesus.To attain this,the organization and it’s friends,supporters,well-wishers,companies,churches and other organizations skip a meal weekly and save up the money for two months to buy foodstuffs and Bibles then head to the slums then visit less privileged families and share the word of God with them and support them with the foodstuffs hence the mission Me 4 My Neighbor.

The initiative has been running for ten months now having had 3 successful missions;visiting 26 families witnessing to 16 souls and building a house for an old granny in the slums.

Revived By love Ministries calls on fellow Christians out there to join in the forthcoming fifth mission happening on the 7th September 2013.

If you have an extra Bible in good condition or you have any monetary support you would like to offer then contact/send us on our official number
0707581571..Find them on twitter @RevivedbyLove @kenneddykrezi

Kindly ask fo

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SAD!! Top Kenyan Gospel Artistes “Conned” By Event Organizer

This is one of the stories that we got during a recent talk with one of  Kenya’s gospel artistes. Is this something that is now going on for a while or its something that just happens and no one listens to?

cycoz kelele rise and shine

The side of the story we heard is that an event organizer “failed” to pay the agreed amount to some of our Kenyan gospel artistes.
On Saturday, the 17th of August, at an event dubbed ‘The Recharge’ held at Nairobi Cinema, organized by The Recruit Wing, turned out to be one of such events.
The Recharge Poster
Gospel Artistes Christ Cycoz, Kelele Takatifu, Kenn Eddy Krezi, S.O.C, Chuchu, Guardian Angel and Son A De Fada who had been booked two months prior for an undisclosed amount by DJ Freejoh,
Kenn Eddy Krezi
soc thumb
fell victim after showing up for the event, only to be told by the organizers, that they wouldn’t be able to pay them the amount agreed upon, keeping in mind that the artistes had cancelled all other events that they had been approached for scheduled on that fateful day.
A scuffle that lasted for almost two hours ensued when the organizer
Jeffrey Kamau
identified as Jeffrey Kamau (pictured) tried to throw a punch at Didi of Kelele Takatifu after they said they wouldn’t go on stage before coming to an agreement that would favor both the stakeholders despite the sudden breach of contract.
“Hawa watu wamezoea wasanii sana ati juu wameokoka,” a fan could be heard shouting a midst the crowd that had gathered.It is evident that such occurrences are not new in the fast rising Gospel Industry, as event organizers use artistes’ names in order to hype their events only for them to turn out to be a well-orchestrated HOAX.Fans usually turn out in large numbers only to be disappointed that artiste they saw ‘on the poster’ was a no-show, not knowing the events that unfold behind the scenes.

“Its not even about the money, its about respect and guys sticking to their word,” Ben of Christ Cycoz said.

Whats Your Take??


Kenn Eddy Krezi A Kenyan “Gospel Hip Hop Talent” To Watch Out For

This article is purely a review article of the artistes talents.

kenn eddy krezi new 1

Hip-hop Music was usually just an English thing as its said Hip hop music, also called hip-hop, rap music, or hip-hop music, is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping.

Only to come later in Kenya and find talents like Juliani and Eko Dydda who just made “sheng” to rhyme with the English word.  Now we have new talents who have been their for a while but now are growing pretty fast in the gospel ministry including Maluda Rigga Kelele Takatifu and also Kenn Eddy Krezi.

Kennedy Krezi
Kennedy Krezi

At first when I heard Kenn Eddy Krezi song Young Kenyan and Saved I was left with no words as the song had a deep message of uniting Kenyans.  Now Kenn Eddy Krezi has a new song called Testimony which has just shown how GOD has blessed this brother in gospel hip hop.

As He says “Testimony” is a song that explains the works of God,taking you from nothing to something.  It encourages one to believe he/she can do anything through Christ Jesus, who gives Us strength.” 

Looking at Kenn Eddy Krezi the thing that makes him a different singer is his simplicity in his “lyrics” . Like the video of “Testimony” its pretty simple but it has a deep message and I feel this guy is going to save souls through his new music.


Lets wait, learn and see how Kenn Eddy Krezi turns out in his Ministry as we pray for his endeavors.

Probably to fill the shoes of Eko Dydda or Juliani?

Watch Below Testimony By Kenn Eddy Krezi

Kenya Gospel Music Music

Kenn Eddy Krezi Releases A New Video “Testimony” (Watch)

Gospel Hip hop artist Kenn Eddy Krezi of Revived By Love Ministries has released a new video which he calls his “Testimony”.

Testimony is more of a worship genre but in hip hop version which comes after  he did Young Kenyan And Saved.

Kenn Eddy Krezi is  also one of the gospel artsites who came up with the idea of Hip Hop Clean Up which is a Hip Hop Tour to represent GOD through hip hop.

check out the video below.


Christ Cycoz Kenn Eddy Krezi Kelele Takatifu And SOC To Clean Up Mombasa

Hip-hop music is one of the first genres of music to be introduced into gospel music and without a doubt these young soldiers of Christ will be taking gospel hip-hop to a whole new level.

hip hope clean up1

Gospel hip-hop artistes Kenn Eddy Krezi, Christ Cycoz, Kelele Takatifu and SOC will be heading to Mombasa to clean it up through the word of GOD. The event called Hip-hope Clean Up will be going down on the 7th of June at JCC Buxton from 7pm till Dawn.

This will sure be a must attend as its something they have decided to do to save souls to Christ. To join them in the event will be amazing gospel dancers including : Exodus, Electric, Waletao and Da Dove.

The Emcee will be Mc Jose and Mcee Rawnie and on the decks will be Dj Syke. Make a date as entry is absolutely free.

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