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“GOD Bless You, My Mainest” : Gospel Singer Kambua Celebrates Her Dignified HUBBY On His EXCEPTIONAL Day

Gospel singer Kambua Mathu celebrated her husband on his birthday and went further to shower blessings upon him as she thanked GOD for their marriage.

kambua 1

Kambua and her husband Jackson Mathu have been married for 3 years now and it’s really noteworthy to see her celebrating what marriage is for her.Kambua-Hubby2

“Happy Birthday to my mainest! God bless you as we count the years together! #birthdaylove #junebabies #foreveryoung” , Kambua captioned.

Kambua said “I Do” to pastor and businessman Jackson Mathu at a wedding garden at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club in the year 2012.

kambua wedding


The couple exchanged their vows at a garden wedding overlooking the artificial lake at the golf course.

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“I Am So Grateful For Having Had Such An Amazing Gift In A Father” Kambua Pays Tribute To Her Late Dad

April 2014 was a very sad month for the Kenyan gospel industry since it saw us losing two great mentors . In the month we lost an inspiring singer Kaberere and three days later the loving father of Kambua , professor Manundu.

kambua n amos&josh

Now a year later many Kenyans showed up at Parklands Baptist church  to celebrate the a life of Peter Kaberere where as Kambua decided to release a new song dedicating it to her late dad.

“I am so grateful for having had such an amazing gift in a Father” Kambua said in her post on facebook as she launched a new song ‘Tutaonana Tena’ dedicating it to her late dad whom she dearly loved.

Kambua went on further to say , “I pray that any one of you that have had to deal with the loss of a loved on will find strength and courage to keep pressing on. There’s life beyond the grave.‪#‎TutaonanaTena‬.”

She dedicated this new video called Tutaonana Tena to her father.

We pray for the families of Kaberere and Kambua that the lord keeps protecting and blessing you.


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I Still Miss You Daddy : Kambua Pays Tribute To Her Late Dad Who Made Her Life Shine Bright

On Tuesday afternoon gospel singer Kambua Mathu paid tribute to her late father Mr. Manundu who blessed many hearts on his show called Walk In Divine Health on NTV every Sunday. Mr. Manundu passed on 8 months ago after succumbing to his illness and Kambua still feels his spirit inside her like it was just yesterday.

Kambua manundu

Kambua took to her face book page to pay a tribute to her dad by saying :

8months on, I miss him just as much if not more…my daddy…my Baba. Maybe one day thoughts of you will not bring tears.”

Professor Manundu who was known for his famous quote “especially you Kenyans,Nyama Choma Country” is truly a man many will remember as he left a gap that only GOD knows who will fill it.

Romans 14:8 says For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.

Revelation 14:13 And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.” “Blessed indeed,” says the Spirit, “that they may rest from their labors, for their deeds follow them!”

One of the most difficult things to deal with in life is the death of a loved one. Even though death is painful we us Christians have a blessed hope – that is the return of the Savior Jesus to catch up His Church and God the Father in Heaven.

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Kambua Is Appalled By The Touts Who Striped A Woman Naked In CBD, Calls It BARBARIC And A DISGRACE

It’s quite sad to see men taking the law in their own hands to the point of striping a woman naked in town. This happened earlier this week when a woman was striped naked in public by Embassava matatu touts along Accra road because she had dressed in decently. Gospel singer Kambua has added her thoughts to such actions and has shunned it by calling it barbaric and a disgrace to the Kenyan society.

Kambua kansas

This is not the 1st time that a woman has been striped in Nairobi not to talk of Kenya at large. It is sad for the woman who gets striped every time as she finds herself with no solace and  has to scream to seek for help from any concerned person around. Kambua feels sorry for the woman who went through that and says she is appalled by the act and says there are many ways to handle such rather than the end result.

“At the risk of having stones hurled at me, let me say this: It is NOT ok to strip a woman naked! I am appalled after seeing what happened to the woman in town the other day. There are many other ways that situation could have been handled. Respectfully. Would it have been OK if she was your sister? Or your mother? Or your girlfriend? It is NOT ok, whichever way you choose to look at it! Honestly, this is barbaric and a disgrace to our society.” Kambua said.

In the bible there are cases where a woman was stripped naked because of adultery/prostitution which makes this issue quite hard to talk about.

Ezekiel 23:10

“Therefore, I gave her into the hand of her lovers, into the hand of the Assyrians, after whom she lusted. “They uncovered her nakedness; they took her sons and her daughters, but they slew her with the sword. Thus she became a byword among women, and they executed judgments on her. “Now her sister Oholibah saw this, yet she was more corrupt in her lust than she, and her harlotries were more than the harlotries of her sister’

This is such a hard case to talk about but we hope that it can be addressed.

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“Usiku Na Mchana Nakupa SIFA” : Kambua Has Released Her New Video “Usiku Na Mchana”

An icon and mentor to many gospel artistes in Kenya, Kambua speaks of how worthy GOD is at all times no matter the season one is going through in the new song Usika na mchana. Award winning song writer,radio and tv presenter Kambua Mathu has released a new music video titled Usiku Na Mchana coming after she did a great song called Bado Nasimama.

kambua smiling usiku na mchana

Usiku na Mchana is Kambua’s 4th single from her new album and is intended to remind people that God is worthy of praise at all times, be it night or day. On her official press release Kambua says that :

usiku na mchana kambua post
“The proverbial night and day signify different times and seasons we go through. Praising God in the dark, stormy night of our lives can be hard, but He remains worthy even when it’s hard to praise…especially when it’s hard to praise.”


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Kambua Safely Landed In USA And She Is Having A Great Time In Kansas City [Photos]

Kambua kansas

Graceful gospel singer Kambua Mathu missed Kubamba Show last Sunday because she left for the USA on that weekend where she was set to minister at the Queens night. Kambua who also hosts Inuka Show on Hot 96 with DJ Moz arrived in Kansas City on Friday and she had the opportunity of  gracing the Queens nights, visiting Dallas and Oklahoma.

After Landing in the USA Kambua posted :

“I made it to the US safe and in on piece . Thankful, and looking forward to the Queen’s Night here in Kansas City tonight! Lots of love and blessings to you!”

See photos :

kambua kansas 3 Kambua kansas 2 Kambua Kansas 1

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She Is Back With A BANG : She Brought You BADO NASIMAMA And Now KAMBUA Has Released “Usiku Na Mchana” [LISTEN]

Award winning song writer,radio and tv presenter Kambua Mathu has released a new song titled Usiku Na Mchana coming after she did a great song called Bado Nasimama. An icon and mentor to many gospel artistes in Kenya, Kambua speaks of how worthy GOD is at all times no matter the season one is going through in the new song Usika na mchana.

usiku na mchana_Kambua

Usiku na Mchana is Kambua’s 4th single from her new album and is intended to remind people that God is worthy of praise at all times, be it night or day.  On her official press release Kambua says that :

“The proverbial night and day signify different times and seasons we go through. Praising God in the dark, stormy night of our lives can be hard, but He remains worthy even when it’s hard to praise…especially when it’s hard to praise.”

Kambua Usiku Na Mchana

The new song is a praise song and produced by Saint P. Listen to it below

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See How Beautiful Kambua Looked Like When She Was A Baby And She Liked MANGOES

Citizen Tv Host/Radio Presenter/Singer Kambua Mathu has in deed come from far in music and her personal life.

This was evidenced last week when she released a throwback of  herself as a baby during those days when one took a picture and it took so long to be given your copy by the photographer.

kambua betty post

Back then young Kambua Manundu was so innocent to this whole world that she never knew that she was carrying a mango in a photo. Probably that’s where she grew fond of mangoes ? but one thing that has been a blessing is that GOD gave her a talent back then that has made her to touch so many life’s through her skill in song writing and singing worship music.

See young Kambua below :

kambua and the mango


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Now This Is Amazing : Kambua Gets Surprised With A Beautiful Drawing Of Herself [Photo]

Sometimes we don’t have to do big things to make a difference as its only little ones that matter at times as one guy did to Kambua on Tuesday morning. Gospel singer Kambua was surprised by a guy named Willis Kirui who sent her a depiction of herself on paper clearly showing his skills on drawing.

kambua corture

Kambua while on her daily chores was wowed by a picture which we can rate it at “very creative”. The picture clears puts out Kambua as she is in the picture she took at the Corture  photo shoot as shown.

Kambua sketch

On seeing it Kambua said :

“So this morning a gentleman by the name of Willyz Kurui sent me a sketch that he did. I think he is a VERY gifted artist. Also, he really made my day. ‘It’s the little things and the joy they bring…’ May you also find simple joys today! “

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Lovely Kambua Spends Time With The Gifted Moipei Quartet [Photo]

Worship singer , Tv and Radio presenter Kambua spent her Madaraka day with the talented and blessed sisters of The Moipei Quartet.The five joined several other Kenyans  including among others  our president Uhuru Kenyatta , Deputy president William Ruto, First Lady margaret Kenyatta, Mrs Rachael Ruto , Government secretaries at the State House Gardens to celebrate one of the special days in Kenyan history, Madaraka Day.

kambua moipei quartet post

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Kambua, DJ Moz And Krowbar Scoop Awards At Juliani’s Media Party

For a fact media plays a major role in pushing for publicity of an artiste’s music. This can be seen through the rise of public figures whom one could not have not noticed them if they didnt have music.

Juliani post

Juliani is one of the artiste’s whom the media has been like a friend/family to, in raising awareness abouth him through playing his music. On this note he hosted a media party on Thursday evening to award/appreciate persons in media who have supported his music before he releases his new album Exponential Potential.

This was something different being hosted by an artiste as seldom would you see this but Juliani did it. The winners were voted for by his fans through social media campaigns that he had set up and outrightly the personality with most votes was chosen.

In the gospel family were the following winners :

Best Gospel Tv Presenter : DJ Moz

Best Gospel Female Radio Presenter  : Kambua

Best Gospel Deejay : DJ Krowbar

Other winners were :

Best Informative blogger : Robert Alai

Best Tv Presenter : Larry Madowo

Best Investigative Journalist : Moha Jicho Pevu

Best Magazine : Pulse

Best DJ : DJ Creme

You can get the new album of  Juliani on June 5th at Orange Shops or Orange Money by sending 0772916694 


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Kambua,Maich Of BMF Join Michelle Obama & The World To Find Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls

Kenyan Gospel Artists Patrick Maina of BMF and worship singer/presenter Kambua have joined United States First lady Michelle Obama and the world in an online  campaign to bring home the 276 girls kidnapped from their school in Nigeria by Boko Haram  militants on April 14th this year.

BOG Maitch BMF post

It is sad  hear that nearly  300 hundred innocent girls abruptly gone missing in a country  because of a few heartless militants who are using them as scapegoats to get their demands. Is with this reason that America’s First Lady Michelle Obama posted a picture of herself online holding up a sign saying #BringBackOurGirls.

BOG Michelle-Obama post


This act of leadership was embraced by many people from all parts of the world and soon after more and more pictures of people holding the same signs this including our brother Patrick Maina Of BMF and sister Kambua were being uploaded on social media.

mumbi post

Maich and Lovely Sister Kambua are blessed people who are known to be always standing for the truth and  ready to preach the gospel this being  seen by their bold actions in campaigns against this abduction that  has already become a world issue.

We pray that the Boko Haram Millitants can heed to this call to release the innocent girls.


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My New Look!! : Songstress Kambua Shaves Her Gorgeous Long Hair [Photos]

Successful women = short hair.

This is the new trend that women try to keep up with as they move from long hair. Our beloved sister Kambua Mathu has joined the list of that trend as she shaved her long hair to give herself a new look.

kambua corture


This took place just weeks after she hosted the “This Is My Story” concert at Nairobi Baptist Church in which she was spotted wearing long hair. Since then she was inolved in family meetings as she planned for the last send off for her late dad professor Manundu.

this is my story post

The new look I must say brings this beautiful lady and sister in a different way and its something that doesnt give one alot of work to prepare. Let’s keep it short ladies. Right ?

(c) Betty
(c) Betty
(c) Betty
(c) Betty

Kambua now joins the list of women with short hair including Lupita Nyong’o , Margaret Kenyatta and Widow to Nelson Mandela Graca Machel.

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Make Up, Dressing : Kambua Reveals 10 Things You Need To Know About Her

At times we write news and tell you about whats happening in our country in respect to gospel news. Today we give you something that we came across a while back on which things our beloved sister Kambua likes and these are :

kambua corture
(c) Couture Africa

Describe your style in a nutshell

My style is elegant, chic, trendy, and in some ways authentic.

You have a fetish for…

Shoes and hats. I have so many of them. I like to match them with everything I wear. In the recent past I’ve had to control my fetish for shoes, and have become a very intentional shopper.

Catch me dead wearing

Luminous colors! I absolutely love color, but when I feel that luminous shades stretch me a little too much. They are too hard on anyone’s eyes. I’d rather have a bright, rich shade, than a luminous one.

Gold or silver

Gold AND silver! haha. Ok, mostly silver. I find that I can accessorize easier with Silver, it is also a lot trendier than gold which seems a bit more traditional. I wear gold mostly when in African attire.

Your fave perfume?

I am torn between Princess by Vera Wang, and Euphoria by Calvin Klein. They both capture the essence of who I am.

 You can never leave the house without…

My cell phone, lip balm and/or gloss, and my wallet.

On a romantic dinner date you wear…

A dress. Most probably something, short, cute, and fun! With boots or heels depending on the weather.

You feel most comfy wearing

Jeans and a sweater. When in public I feel comfortable and presentable in a dress. The dresses are also my signature look.

Are you into accessories?

Absolutely. I love necklaces with big pendants and earrings. I have a fetish for rings too. I collect them in all shapes and sizes.

 So, big or small earrings?

Big! Earrings make such a strong statement, and I think the bigger they are, the bolder the person seems. They of course need to be stylish, not just big. I also keep in mind that having big earrings will in most cases mean sacrificing a necklace, so as not to seem overly accessorized. At formal occasions, I do small earrings (pearls are great)…they speak elegance.

(c) capital lifestyle



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Kambua Sends A Lovely Thank You Message To Everyone Who Stood With Her

Our beloved sister Kambua Mathu made a return to her duty as a radio presenter on Inuka Hot 96 Fm on Monday morning after a tough period she has been through the week.

kambua new post

Kambua who lost her dad professor Manundu through illness on April 9th had one of the most trying times in life but has kept hope alive. She in turn has sent a thank you message to all friends and family who supported her during the tough period.

I quote :

I would like to say thank you to all of you that stood with my family as we bid farewell to daddy. I am truly grateful for every text, call, fb post, tweet, hug, prayer, and many other ways that God used you to encourage us. May you be forever blessed. Love,k

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Kambua Writes A Touching Tribute To Her Late Dad “Professor Manundu”

This month of April has been a sad month for all of us in the gospel ministry as we have experienced the death of two ministers of the word. It is quite sad but we only need to keep praying, because this world is not our own home. Eternity is where we belong.

kambua new post

Our sister Kambua lost her dad Professor Manundu who usually hosted a tv show with her called “Divine Health” on NTV every Sunday morning. This must have shocked her as it came only three days after we lost our brother Kaberere but Kambua kept saying our “GOD Is Faithful”.

Now Kambua has opened up about the passing on of his friend and Dad and this is what she had to say :

On Wed, the 9th of April heaven gained a very special angel, the man I have called daddy for almost three decades. Beyond the sadness is peace in knowing that daddy lived a full life, loved us, served people, and loved God unreservedly. Life is not the same without him, but I am so blessed to have had such a precious gift in a dad. Rest in peace daddy…dance with the angels…

Please join us on Thursday @ NPC Valley Road 2.00pm for a memorial service, and Saturday at Makindu for his farewell.

Blessings and love to you all.k

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