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“Kaberere was an Amazing Husband and I Miss Him Everyday” : Njesh, Widow of Kabbz

Two years on Kaberere still loves deep in the hearts of christian faithfuls, not because of his untimely demise but because of the impact he had made upon people’s life’s while he was still alive.

A man of honor as he is/was described Kaberere on 6th April 2016 – 2 years after he passed on – was remembered on by gospel artistes and tv/radio personalities.

Njesh and late Kaberere Peter
Njesh and late Kaberere Peter

“I celebrate Kabbz because he was truly a man of honor: an amazing husband, father and my best friend. I miss him every day, but I take comfort in the knowledge that he lived to the fullest and to the glory of God above everything else. Sometimes, I picture God welcoming him with open arms and saying ‘My son, you have done well.’ Mary Njeri paid tribute to Kaberere.

We will miss you Kabbz. See pictures of him below :

njesh and kabz post kabz njesh new wedding njesh kabz post njesh post kabz-njesh-new



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Mini Mwanake Usiku Nitalala : Thanksgiving Service For Late KABERERE To Be Held Today

The late gospel icon Peter Kahura Kaberere will be celebrated today at Parklands Baptist, a year after he passed on.

kaberere thanksiving


Various gospel artistes are expected to grace the occasion that has been organized by his wife Mary Njeri, a.k.a Njesh Wa Kabbz and will be focused on celebrating the special moments of his life.

The event starts from 2-5pm.

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Your Music Still Speaks To Us : Christians Celebrate The Life Of Kaberere A Year After He Passed

On Sunday 6th April Christians on social media remembered the life of Kaberere as someone who touched their hearts through his words and his music. From his friends at Mo Sound to other who grew up with him in music, Kabbz was remembered as a man who made them laugh and inspired them to achieve more from the little they had.


Here are some of the messages :

Today i have been quiet and dint have anything to say just reflecting on this exact date,One year ago when i lost Peter Kahura Kaberere a brother that we fought so many battles with to help contemporary gospel music grow.THOU YOUR GONE YOUR WORKS STILL SPEAK SO VERY LOUD!!!!!! To Njesh Wa Qabbz and the Kabblets my prayers are.constantly with you.

  • Lenah Ochieng

Very painful and so sad every time I think about it , it’s so fresh like it just happened. Still love you in your absence and love your family. May the Lord Keep them and comfort them daily. R.I.P my dear brother

Waheart Nyora

Today marks exactly a year since d legendary ‪#‎PeterKaberere‬ went 2be wth d Lord. I took tyme 2go thru his fb n twitter timelines, i read every detail he ever wrote or posted, u should’ve seen d look on my face, his great sense of humour kept me smiling throughout, he sure was a pple’s man, he talked abt God matters wth so much passion.

  • Esther Mbati

Thinking of you today!!its exactly one year since Peter Kahura Kaberere went to the Lord..what a coincidence that today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord!!!be encouraged dear.

  • Mary Wanjiru Ngome

Kaberere I cant believe its one year already…. seems just like it was yesterday. I believe you’re singing in heaven with the angels. Njesh Wa Qabbz always praying for you,Ula and Halia. Baraka. Miss you Qabbz

  • Petal Kenz

This is that weekend…
It feels like yesterday, yet it’s been 12 months…
You’ve been in my thoughts all week…
Not a single day goes by without remembering something about you…
Indeed you planted valuable seeds into all those who knew you…
A great son, brother, husband, father, cousin and friend…
I miss you Qabbz…
I celebrate you Qabbz… Peter Kahura Kaberere
Continue your rest bro, you always sang of an amazing heaven

  • Minnie Ngina
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You Still Live In Our Hearts : Widow Of Kaberere Pays Tribute To Her Late Hubby, A Year On

The day Peter Kahura Kaberere passed on will be that day when everything just stopped, the time , the mood and even the thoughts were all diverted.

Many Christians who knew him went like : Did this just happen ? Is it really Kabbz who has passed on ? Someone who was so healthy and full of life ?

Our phone started ringing, twitter mentions , whatsapp messages it was a day that we would always remember.

njesh and kabz post

All these questions might have been the same shared by Njesh Wa Kabz who at that time was waiting to deliver their 2nd baby who was later to be born hours after his burial in Lang’ata. She remembered his life yesterday 6th April by  stating that his music is now heavens melodies and adding that his legacy still lives in our hearts.

wedding njesh kabz post

She said :

“Kabbz a year sounds like a day…. You Live in our hearts and on Jesus’ feet. Your songs are now heavens melodies!!”

Kaberere was seen as a mentor in the gospel industry and his passing on that day through an electrocution was shocking to many who loved his songs and his way of living life.

In an interview with Eve woman two months ago Njesh stated how life has been without Kabbz and the fact that GOD has been in control in everything.

kabz njesh new

“I have my low moments but I know that God is in control. Kabz death is about God. It has not been easy, but I have learnt to count on God. He gives me strength to face each day and be there for my children,” she says.

According to Njesh, death has taught her many things, the most important being that we must always show love and appreciate those we hold dear to our hearts since we don’t know about tomorrow.

“It feels empty being without him, both at home and at work, since we worked in the same company. My son Ulani, always has this notion that his dad has gone away to work because when he was still alive he used to travel a lot for work-related assignments.

Kabbz was a worship singer who we will always miss. Talented , humble and so generous. A Man after GOD owns heart.

R.I.P Kabbz


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Do You Miss Gospel Singer Kaberere ? : Here Is A NEW Song From Him That He Never Released [LISTEN]

The passing of gospel singer Kaberere got many Christians in Kenya by surprise as a man who was healthy, energetic and full of life had passed on in an unlikely car wash accident.  Kaberere survived by his wife Njesh and two children before his death had released some amazing music that would bring a listener to the presence of the Lord just to mention Natamani , Just A Way , Kiburi among others.

kaberere post

With his great passion for music just before his death he had gone to the studio a couple of times to work with his producer and some of those songs have not been released yet. One of it that has made it out is Mfalme that he did with hip-hop artiste Kamlesh Kagaba and delightful singer Jaya.

kaberere mfalme post mfalme kamlesh and Jaya

Mfalme with a lovely tune attributes God’s worth as the Supreme King in everything in our life despite the highs and lows that we go through. Inspired by the book og Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” the song capture the mind of the listener to think about GOD as his/her father and Lord.

It’s the 1st song off Kamlesh new album breaking news and for a fact this song is a true blessing.

Listen to it.


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“I Miss That Man” : Juliani Shares What He Misses About Celebrated Kaberere Who Once Helped Him Get SAVED

The late Peter Kahura Kaberere was a lovely man cherished by many for his heart to serve in the kitchen and in church. Kaberere brought so much joy to people’s life’s and one of such people who  shared a moment with him is renown Christian hip-hop artiste Juliani/Julius Owino.

Juliani post

Award winning singer Juliani on Tuesday evening shared of what he truly misses about Kaberere whom he once called a friend and brother in Christ. Kaberere and Juliani had an amazing friendship such that when he passed on Juliani dedicated a tribute to Kabz as he played a vital role in his journey of salvation.


On his remembrance for Kabz, Juliani shared the following statement  :

“Do you remember how kaberere used to speak and make a mathogothanio conversation and it made sense? I miss that man.”

Earlier in April 7th 2014 when Kabz passed away Juliani dedicated a tribute to Kaberere to his fans showing the connection he once had with our fallen icon in gospel music.

“I knew him as Goodman. I met him when I was still in class five. We shared a mutual Muslim child friend called Feisal. I know Kabs as a GOODMAN, welcoming,warm, funny, Most consistent Christian I know, ambassador of Christ his lifestyle was a clear evidence of this testimony. Without indulging in much details Kabs was a goodman. He never called me Juliani or sijui nini! He called me Atur. The name of my early Christian mentors who helped me get born again and held my hand through salvation. May The good Lord give your wife strength. And when your Kids are all grow up, we will say “Your father was a good man”

Juliani will be having a concert on September 5th at Alliance Francaise.

Juliani Live


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KTN’s Anto Ndiema Baby Shares A Birthday With Kaberere : See Photos Of The Cute Baby Now 1 Year Old

anthony-ndiema-baby-joshua post

In July 10th 2013 we shared some great news of  KTN Tukuza Host  Anto Ndiema having been blessed with a cute baby boy. The baby has now turned one year old and the major coincidence is that baby Joshua shares a birthday with  renown gospel minister who passed on Peter Kahura Kaberere.

Kabz ulani

Anthony Ndiema who has touched many lifes on his two platforms on radio and tv [Safari and Tukuza] had the pleasure of thanking GOD for one  great year for cute baby Joshua. The story doesn’t end there as former Tukuza host Mwende Macharia also had a baby on the same day  as Ndiema’s wife making it 3 birthday celebrations on July 10th.

What a celebration of new born and a great minister of the gospel.

We as uliza links thank the Lord.

See photos of the baby

Baby joshua 1 baby joshua 2 baby joshua 3

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Celebrating Kabz : July 10th Was Kaberere’s Birthday, We Look At His Great Life

Kaberere was one of the most celebrated personalities in Kenya gospel ministry for his great heart. Today we remember that great heart Kabz had by celebrating his life as 10th July was the date when Kabz was born.

kabz njesh new

Kaberere lived a large life,  of happiness , of kindness, of fun, and of GOD as he always pursued what would make life beautiful not for himself but for everyone.

Kaberere also known as Kabz after his surname began his music career at the gospel group JoggC and was member of Zaidi Ya Mziki and had launched a solo musical career. We will remember him for his songs like Kiburi, Nisamehe , Natamani with Eunice Njeri , Mitego  , Mwanake , Just A Way among many others.

Kabz ulani

Kaberere also worked at Mo Sound Ltd, the company that hosts the annual gospel awards Groove Awards and the major partner to Safaricom Live concerts.

Unfortunately his life was cut short in the month of April at his carwash on a  Sunday afternoon which left many surprised by the news.  At the time of his death he was married to Njesh Kahura and had a son [Ulani] and was expecting his second child who was born just a few hours after his burial.

njesh and kabz post

Kaberere lived for GOD and pursued his heart as a born again Christian. He taught us not to hold on things of this world which are materialistic but hold on things that would lead us to heaven.

As you remember his life and pray for Njesh with the two kids,we ask that you may live for Christ if you are struggling with sin try to work on your salvation and pursue Jesus Christ today just as Kaberere did.

Happy Birthday Kabz

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Lyrics : Mwanake By Benachi Ft Kaberere

Verse 1

Usinione nimechakaa unitilie dharau
Mimi binadamu, umesahau?

Here are the sample lyrics of Mwanake by Benachi ft Kaberere

Verse 1

Unaishi kwa dhamani,
Mimi naishi kwa imani
Mbele zako mimi sina haki,
Mbele zake mimi mwenye hadhi
Fahamu kuwa Mola ndiye aliniumba mimi na wewe

Mimi mwanake, usiku nitalala
Mbele zake maulana, sote tuko sawa

Verse 2

Ulinipuuza mie, eti sifai kuwa nawe
Uliniona mie, eti hati ya kula nawe
Sahani moja tupotiliwa chakula
Nyumba moja tulipofaa kuishi pamoja


Wema wake taji la upendo juu yangu
Ndani yake nilikuwa na uwoga wote uwe kimya

(c) Africa Gospel Lyrics

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J Blessing Releases Kaberere’s New Video “MITEGO” [WATCH]

After doing Just A Way with Mr.Vee many  followers of his worship music always wanted to know what this lovely guy has been up to.  Sadly Kaberere is not here to watch his new video called “Mitego” which he had planned to finalize just a day after his death on Sunday 6th April.

mitego kaberere post

The song goes deep as it is a prayer to GOD to protect the singer from traps set up by enemies in this life. Kaberere tried to put the same in the video as he played the role of someone who had the lost his job and later GOD provides a better job for him.

Its a message of GOD’s faithfulness that Kabz always wanted to share which you will see in the video.

Watch the video below which was done by J Blessing.


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Fare Thee Well Kabz : Hundreds Turn Out As Peter Kaberere Is Laid To Rest

The day that we would all say our final last respects to our brother Peter Kahura Kaberere came on Friday 11th April 2014.  Kabz was laid to rest 5 days later at Lang’ata Cemetery after he met his death at his car wash on Sunday 6th April.

kabz casket post

We will miss him for his heart of worship and most definitely for his great zeal to serve. These were some of the words that were echoed at his Memorial Church service at Citam Valley Road where Hundreds came to give the final send off to the brother who we once shared a meal with.

Among others who attended the Memorial and Burial service include : His Family, Daddy Owen, Bishop Kiuna , Kathy Kiuna , Bishop Teresia Wairimu , Mc Jessy , Big Ted , Jalang’o, Boniface Mwangi , DJ Mo, DJ Sadic, Dj Soxxy , Deejay Celeb , DJ Sanch, DJ Touch , Grace Mwai , MOG, Mr Vee, Wilbroda , Jimmy Gait and Gloria Muliro.

The service was a quick one, as Christian believers know that death is a  stage in life and after it theirs eternity.  This only took period of an hour as Kabz was laid to rest later in the Afternoon.

Emotional it was as friends and family started to tear when the casket was lowered and this is the point where it really kicked. It was really sad but hopeful at the same time as Kabz lived a large life in Christ as his wife Njesh had shared a day earlier.

We will miss him , but the thing that we should learn from Kaberere is that we have to live right and be the true servant as GOD wants.

RIP Kaberere.


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GOD Be Praised : After Laying Kaberere To Rest His Wife “Njesh” Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

We can only say thank you Jesus for the great news that broke after we laid our brother Kaberere to rest on Friday 11th April. All glory and honor be to our GOD for Mary Njeri the widow to Kaberere, who has now given birth to a bouncing baby girl. njesh and kabz post This is a turn of events that just took place in a period of a weeks time. Last Saturday 5th April Kaberere and Njesh had a baby shower at their home for their unborn child. Later on Sunday Kabz passed on and after the sad week the family laid to rest Kabz on Friday 11th April. Little did we know what GOD had planned as the new baby girl was to be born just a week after the baby shower and Kabz unfortunately couldn’t see the new born baby.

njesh post

On being asked on which name she would give the baby Njesh replied a few days earlier that its only Jesus and Kabz would know the name. This joy has come a day after we let Kabz go and all we can say is to continue praying for Njesh, first born Ulani and the second born baby girl. Glory to GOD.

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Celebrated Peter Kaberere To Be Laid To Rest On Friday

The Bible says in the book of Ecclesiastes 3 :

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:  a time to be born and a time to die”

Kaberere memorial post

Our brother Kaberere will be given a proper send off by the family and friends on Friday after he bid us goodbye for now, on Sunday 6th April. The funeral service will be held on Friday 11th April at NPC (Citam) Valley Road and the burial will take place there after.

The organizing committee had suggested that the burial will take place at Langata cemetery but this will be confirmed after the funeral service.

Lets come out and give our brother his last respects.

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Billy Frank Who Produced The Lovely “Natamani” Song By Kaberere & Eunice Njeri Writes A Touching Tribute To Kaberere

Here is a tribute written by award winning audio producer Billy Frank  who to the late Kaberere.  Billy Frank was the producer behind the lovely worship song “Natamani” done by Eunice Njeri and Kaberere.
The super producer that’s what you use to call me and you always made me lough whenever we talked you always had something funny to tell me ..
eunice njeri kabz
The last time we spoke was in a wedding and we were to record some zuok music when In July this year  but that was not to happen These are the times that will challenge our resolve Living in the days of the fallen
A voice that once spoke of strength,hope and encouragement 
Now sings in heaven with the Angels 
We can’t replace you Qabs ..this gap will forever be here ..!
Your choice is made so go your way we painfully have to release you and admit that God loves you more than we do..
With a new dawn we rise in renewed strength
billy-frank-us-4 post
Knowing we right behind you sooner or letter knowing that you fought a good war ..I celebrate you ,I salute you 
you are in a better place my friend and brother …my heart loves you always and I we will surely miss you..
Billy Frank
Watch Natamani By Billy Frank

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Esther Passaris : “Kaberere Was A True Gospel Music Pioneer And An Inspiration”

The death of our brother Kaberere has been a major blow to many Christians who listen to his music but lets not get discouraged for he served his purpose.

esther passaris post site

Esther Passaris ,businesswoman and social entrepreneur who vied for the Nairobi Women Rep Position has shared her thoughts of the late pioneer of  gospel music. She has shared thoughts of how deep Kaberere’s music reached and the great inspiration he left in most Kenyans.

On her official tribute Esther Passaris  said :

“I join my fellow Kenyans in mourning Peter Kaberere , a true gospel music pioneer and an inspiration to many. May you rest in Eternal Peace.”

We continue to pray for his wife Njesh who is awaiting her second baby.

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“Glory To GOD!! Be Encouraged Kaberere Lived A Full And Large Life” Wife To Kaberere “Njesh” Shares

She is one of the closest friends to Kaberere and from their close friendship they got married. “Njesh wa Kabbz” as many know her is one who might miss him most but she is has decided to encourage us to trust in GOD.

njesh wa kabbz post

Njesh has finally spoke after the passing of her husband who left us on Sunday 6th of April. Rather than going into tears she has ended up encouraging her friends and family by saying that Kaberere served his great purpose in life.

Here is what Njesh said :

“To God be the Glory!be encouraged Peter Kaberere lived a full and large life and is now with the angels…His work has been completed here on earth. ..those who were touched by his music. were touched by God. ..those that do not know God this is the time….”

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