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“Faith Isipo Move Mountains Usishtuke, GOD AnakuTEACH Patience Uizunguke” : Juliani Releases ONE DAY [WATCH]

Juliani is one those artistes who will always stand out because of his talent in rapping but at the same time inspiring souls to serve others.

one day juliani

He has now released a very inspirational music video that captures the audience thoughts with the scene portraying a boy who dreams of boarding an airplane one day.

Watch it below

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Bob Collymore Donates His Personal Gym Equipment To Juliani For His Noble Project

Bob Collymore has donated his personal gym equipment christian artiste Juliani, for his mega project labelled Dandora Hiphop City.

bob-collymore post

“Nobody should blame me for putting on weight now, as I have donated my personal gym equipment towards this noble cause. Just like in the humming bird’s story, Hiphop City is an initiative in the right direction.

Juliani national bank ceo post

If each and every single one of us can play their part, I believe we can transform and influence this and the coming generations. This fantastic project demonstrates the creativity, enterprise and passion needed to help transform the face of Dandora that people can be proud to live, work and be associated with,” says Collymore.

The initiative has also been endorsed by other influential individuals like CJ Willy Mutunga and National Bank of Kenya MD Munir Sheikh Ahmed. It’s aimed at creating jobs, apprenticeships and training places for the youth in the sprawling crime-prone Nairobi estate.

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GOD Is GOOD : Juliani Meets With National Bank CEO For Lunch But He Received Another Surprise At The Lobby

Christian artiste Juliani met with National Bank CEO , Munir Sheikh, as the bank opened its doors to work with him under his project of Dandora Hip-hop city.

Juliani national bank ceo post

With that said Juliani would have been excited but little did he know that before he met the CEO at the Stanley he would actually meet two people who would make his day even brighter.

Juliani thanked GOD by saying :

Today was a good day! Met the National Bank CEO for lunch spent more than 2 Hrs discussing banking sector, youth market & synergies to work together! Just before the meeting, I bumped into IMG Sonko & Musembi QTV at the Stanley Loby! who committed in total 90 Bags of Cement for the renovation of the Dandora HipHop City an Art & Business incubator in Dandora. God is Good!

Dandora Hiphop city is a vibrant, creative, transformational art center that uses programs in Music & Art to inspire Kenyan youth towards a deeper appreciation of culture and tradition, empowering them to develop their own creative potential.

The Program’s objectives are to:

• Provide a safe space for youths to share experiences, stories, and projects.
• Give youths a platform to express themselves through arts.
• Teach youths to use traditional and modern musical instruments as a means of expression.
• Give youth alternatives to drugs and crime.

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“I Miss That Man” : Juliani Shares What He Misses About Celebrated Kaberere Who Once Helped Him Get SAVED

The late Peter Kahura Kaberere was a lovely man cherished by many for his heart to serve in the kitchen and in church. Kaberere brought so much joy to people’s life’s and one of such people who  shared a moment with him is renown Christian hip-hop artiste Juliani/Julius Owino.

Juliani post

Award winning singer Juliani on Tuesday evening shared of what he truly misses about Kaberere whom he once called a friend and brother in Christ. Kaberere and Juliani had an amazing friendship such that when he passed on Juliani dedicated a tribute to Kabz as he played a vital role in his journey of salvation.


On his remembrance for Kabz, Juliani shared the following statement  :

“Do you remember how kaberere used to speak and make a mathogothanio conversation and it made sense? I miss that man.”

Earlier in April 7th 2014 when Kabz passed away Juliani dedicated a tribute to Kaberere to his fans showing the connection he once had with our fallen icon in gospel music.

“I knew him as Goodman. I met him when I was still in class five. We shared a mutual Muslim child friend called Feisal. I know Kabs as a GOODMAN, welcoming,warm, funny, Most consistent Christian I know, ambassador of Christ his lifestyle was a clear evidence of this testimony. Without indulging in much details Kabs was a goodman. He never called me Juliani or sijui nini! He called me Atur. The name of my early Christian mentors who helped me get born again and held my hand through salvation. May The good Lord give your wife strength. And when your Kids are all grow up, we will say “Your father was a good man”

Juliani will be having a concert on September 5th at Alliance Francaise.

Juliani Live


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Master Piece!! : Juliani Goes Back To Where He 1st Started In His New Album “Exponential Potential”

So when we first heard the name of the album cover would be called “Exponential Potential” we were like wait a minute. This is a song that made people go ham in hip-hop when Juliani was nominated under the hip-hop category in Groove Awards 2012.

Juliani post

Exponential Potential  album was launched on Tuesday Night 22nd April at the Go Down Arts Centre from 5.30Pm.  At the 1st instant of hearing that the album is called Exponential Potential you would think that its about going out bigger and reaching the biggest potential in life.

juliani new album post

This is not the same for Juliani as he says “Exponential Potential is about going back to the roots where we 1st belonged” . He added that “it is that point before Eve ate the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden which is a place they lived at peace with GOD.”

You would be inspired by this new album which has something out standing with songs like : Jehovah , One Day , Master Piece  among others that you can access at the Orange shop outlets.

You must listen to this new album that was released on his 30th Birthday on 22nd April.



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Juliani Signs A Deal With Orange Kenya

For so many years I have heard of artists crying out that music marketing and distribution is a high hill to climb in a day. This is something that award winning artist Juliani has thought about and has worked on a plan to tackle it.

Juliani And Orange CEO Mickael Ghossein
Juliani And Orange CEO Mickael Ghossein

Juliani/Julius Owino known for his songs “Utawala” , Voters v Vultures and recently featured on Sheria with Sarabi band will be launching his new album  called Exponential potential. To make the launch a success and the distribution to reach the target market he has enetred into a partneship with Orange Kenya. In this partnership Juliani says :

“Exponential potential album will be available across the country and each fans will be able to access the album through Orange money at a subsidized rate.”

Kenya Gospel News

New Music : Juliani Features In A New Gospel Track By Maluda “Easy” (Listen)

juliani maluda post

2014 starts with a great bang as we bring you new music and this is the first track we feature on our website called Easy By Maluda.

Easy is a hip-hop jam meaning how things just happen without struggle because GOD is in it. This single comes after Maluda released a lovely jam called “Hold it Down” whch touched the hearts of many.

Now featuring award winning artiste Juliani in  this new single “Easy” is what Maluda had planned and you can listen to it here on Uliza Links.

Now introducing Easy By Maluda Ft Juliani.


Kenya Gospel News News

(Video) Funny : Juliani Forgot “Utawala Lyrics” When Being Interviewed On National Television (Watch)

Juliani/Julius Owino dubbed the voice of the youth a born again Christian is one guy who is just making headlines in most of the media houses.

Juliani 1

The reason is because he has done so many amazing projects to build the youth and encouraging them to grow through their talents.

Recently he did Voters Vs Vultures song before the March Elections which spoke about bad leadership and how Kenyans should make the right choice when electing leaders “Tusi Bleed Ndio Wa Lead”.

Now he has also done  a song called Utawala which now has thousands of views on you tube and gets a lot of air play on tv. Just to mention Utawala article is  the most read story on our website.

The funny thing is that our brother Juliani forgot the lyrics of Utawala when being interviewed on KTN. It happens to many artistes i would say.

Watch below


(Review) Lyrics And Video : “Utawala” Juliani’s New Song With Kenyans

Most of us have seen the video of Juliani’s new Song “Utawala” with Kenyans which talks about bad leadership.  Bad leadership has been a trending story in our country and also our contintent Africa as  bad Leaders take advantage to misuse public resources.


He also released a lyrics of the video and we decide to share with you. Here is the video and lyrics.



Hard ku get wadhifa una deserve bila cash ama kashfa

hii society kenye wanaeza share ni nyungu ya busa ama kettle ya shisha


Mfuko unasikia echo

utajua thamani ya mali na size ya kifuli

hujaibiwa juu hauna ka kitu worth risking jail time, police bullets for


unaeza argue crime doesn’t pay lakini huezi dismiss justice ina bei

mwizi ana fourty days, 365 days later anaendelea ku grow fatter


Do anything for power, ready to loose their head for presidency bora waione kwa currency


sababu gani siko affected na turbulance nikifly angani

nimezoea the same feeling matatu zikipitia pothole mtaani


CHORUS:Niko njaaa hata siezi karanga              

              hoehae shaghala bhaghala niko tayari kulipa gharama              

              sitasimamaa maovu yakitawala sitasimama maovu yakitawala              

              Ufisadi, ibinafsi ukabila              

              kuuza sura wataki kuuza sera              

              Undugu nikufaana               

              sitasimama maovu yakitawala siatasimama maovu yakitawala


Ndio wa raise funds itabidi u raise hands

growing concerns

breakfast za croissants


hatutaki upunguze bei ya bidhaa

tunataka opportunities ndio tu afford hizo bidhaa


walisema kutembea kwingi ndio kuona mengi

nimeshinda nikitembea ma ofisi  nasijawai ona kazi


siezi cheza Golf venye tiger would

mambo si bara bara chin wu


Naomba journey mercies chakula ifike tumboni ikitoka kwa sahani


Policeman anapiga rungu mwalimu, daktari anamrushia teargas

na mtoto wake anarudishwa nyumbani hana school fees analipwa peanuts.




Sewer za state house na latrine za ghetto ziupatana Nairobi river


No more nita live by hand to mouth

ushawai sikia maskini anaugua gout


Nikiwa na nguvu ya kung’oa reli definately kuinua kura si nzito ukiingiza kwa ballot box

chagua kiongozi wa kweli

Moha, John Allan Namu jicho pevu wakianika mkono refu inapick pocket wanyonge


Navaa mask ka goal keeper wa Hockey waezi ni kerubo


Kenya ni kama Boxing hakuna sub

work with what we have.

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