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‘I DO’ : Citizen’s Waihiga Mwaura Weds Gospel Singer Joyce Omondi

When love takes over no one can deny is the saying and the graceful gospel singer Joyce Omondi will attest to that as she is set to marry the love of her life, sports anchor Waihiga Mwaura.

The last time we met the two together was in August 2013 at the Mwafaka Awards and Waihiga Mwaura together with Jatelo (Joyce’s brother) had accompanied her at the gala nomination.

joyce waihiga post

Joyce was a co-host of the popular Rauka Gospel Music show on Citizen TV with Njugush of K-Krew before leaving the show in 2013 to pursue a Masters degree in International Development at the Georgetown University in Washington.

2 years later after clearing her masters Joyce Omondi returned back to the country and now it felt right for her to make the next move in her life which to settle down with the man after her own heart.

The born again Sports anchor Waihiga Mwaura will be the man waiting for the gospel singer at the altar as they plan toget married at the classy Naivasha Lodge on December 18th, having been divinely connected through work at Citizen Tv.

waihiga joyce

“On this day,
I give you my heart,
My promise,
That I will walk with you,
Hand in hand,
Wherever our journey leads us,
Living, learning, loving,

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‘I Am A CONQUEROR!!’ : Joyce Omondi Graduates With A Masters Degree at Georgetown University In USA

Former Citizen tv host Joyce Omondi who hosted Rauka gospel show with Njugush has finally graduated with a masters degree at Georgetown University in USA. Joyce Omondi graduated on Friday at George town University with a Masters of Science in Foreign Affairs which concentrated in International Development plus honors certificate in International Business and Diplomacy.

Joyce Omondi Graduates
Joyce Omondi Graduates

Joyce Omondi had left Citizen Tv to further her studies in International Development in the year 2013 and it seems that her dream of schooling was surely valid then. On a statement shared by her on her facebook page, Joyce Omondi spoke of how the road has been and above all thanked GOD for his incredible grace.

joyce graduates 1

It’s still sinking in that this journey has come to an end! These past two years have been some of the most difficult, joyous and life-changing years of my life. The road to this point was filled with laughs, tears, sleepless nights, loneliness, and joy, but above all God’s incredible grace!

joyce mum

I want to thank my precious family and friends for their tremendous love and encouragement; for pushing me on when I felt I couldn’t go any further and upholding me in prayer in the many days where words would fail me.
Beloved, ‪#‎KWELI‬ Baba Yumwema and we truly are ‪#‎CONQUERERS‬ in HIM! To God be ALL the glory for the great and mighty things HE has done!

joyce msf

Joyce Omondi was born in Nairobi and studied in the Kenyan city before proceeding to Knox College in the United States between 2006 and 2010 where she majored in both Economics and Integrated International Studies (IIS). She was a Sophomore Senator and a Knox Ambassador while in college.

She learnt to sing and play the piano, and started performing early in life at church gatherings in Woodley, Nairobi and later graduated to singing in the Church choir. In Knox College she was part of the Harambee Choir.

On returning to Kenya, Joyce released a series of gospel singles and collaborations including Conqueror and Kweli which means “Truly” in Swahili. Kweli is one of her most popular hits and was dedicated to her Dad who survived the 1998 bomb blast at the American Embassy in Nairobi.

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I’m Thankful To GOD : Former Citizen Tv Host Joyce Omondi Completes Her Masters Degree

Former Citizen Tv Presenter Joyce Omondi has completed her masters degree that she started two years ago at George town University based in United States of America.

joyce omondi grad school

Joyce Omondi is an award winning gospel artiste who graced Citizen Tv every Sunday morning on Rauka show with Njugush before she left for USA in July 2013 to pursue a masters degree in international development at George town University.

Joyce Omondi on Thursday morning shared of her excitement by thanking GOD for his amazing grace and started counting down for the graduation that will be taking place pretty soon. 

“I AM DONE!!!!!! Sat for my last final exam of grad school this evening!! Grad school = CHECK {insert intense screaming here}

It’s been a challenging and exciting 2 years! And I can’t believe it’s finally come to an end. I’m SO grateful for the Lord’s grace in carrying me through. Never would have made it without Him!
The countdown to graduation officially begins now!!! smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon”

joyce omondi rauka

Joyce Omondi will be graduating pretty soon as she plans for her return to Kenya to continue with her music ministry.

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Joyce Omondi Elated As She Visits TD Jakes’ MEGA Church In Dallas

Gospel singer Joyce Omondi shared of her ecstatic mood when she graced TD Jakes Church famously known as the ‘Potter’s house’ in Dallas USA. The artiste who is currently pursuing her masters got to live her spiritual dream when she attended a church that she has always wanted to worship in.

joyce omondi td jakes church

Joyce Omondi on a happy mood stated :

“Always wanted to visit Bishop T.D Jakes’ Church… Potter’s House!”

The Potter’s House is a megachurch in Dallas, Texas, USA founded by T. D. Jakes and is ranked as the 10th largest church in the USA as of 2008 based on attendance of 17,000.

(c) Potter's House
(c) Potter’s House

The church building was established by televangelist W. V. Grant as the Eagles Nest Family Church. It is located in southwest Dallas right next to Dallas Baptist University.  Grant after a court case later sold the facility to T. D. Jakes, a fellow televangelist, who renamed it and relaunched it as The Potter’s House.

To handle expansion, the church built a 191,000-square-foot (17,700 m2) sanctuary at a cost of $45 million, paying off the debt in four years. The auditorium was completed in August 2000 and features cascade seating, a large stage, a choir loft that can seat 450 and a state-of-the-art audio-visual system.


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IT’S COLD : Joyce Omondi Got SNOWED On In USA But Still Delivered Her Special Message Of Thanksgiving

Award winning gospel singer Joyce Omondi did not look back on the snow showers that were falling on her at the States where she is currently living and studying. Looking at the positives Joyce Omondi delivered her message of hope and explained to her followers on how GOD is creative in his own by mastering the finest details while creating us.

Joyce snow

She said :

There were snow showers today and I couldn’t help but think of the creativity of the Maker of Heaven and Earth. He’s mastered the finest details of all he created including you and me. I’m thankful for the little reminders of His Sovereignty and how He uses them to put a smile on my face

Joyce Omondi recently released a video called Nifiche with Rigga in which she exemplified how she can’t do anything without GOD and recognized that life is meaningful and worthwhile in Christ alone.

She will be residing at the USA for a speculated time as she continues to pursue her masters.

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Does It Look Good Joyce : Check Behind The Scenes Photos Of Nifiche Video By Joyce Omondi

Joyce Omondi made a return in her music by doing a video with talented hip-hop artiste Rigga who recently got married to Saitonne. With the other side of Rigga rarely looked at, Joyce put him up to task to feature in her new song and Rigga didn’t disappoint.


NIFICHE is a prayer anthem for 2015 and beyond. John 15 is a powerful chapter in the Bible that reminds us that God is the ultimate source. In Him is where our lives find purpose and value. God calls us to remain in him and He in us because no branch can bear fruit without a vine. And so truly, “apart from [Him] we can do nothing” (v.5). Joyce Omondi says.

Check behind the scenes photos

rigga behind rigga and joyce behind ken heman behind rigga camera

Joyce Omondi smiling - Nifiche
Joyce Omondi smiling – Nifiche
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Hip-hop Artistes Can Sing Too : Rigga And Joyce Omondi Collabo In A New Song And Rigga Did Sing Exquisitely

Gospel artiste Rigga who is famously known for his song Sina Chorus and Ring Finger has featured in a new song by Joyce Omondi but not as a hip hop artiste. Hip-hop is a tune that Rigga has developed in as an artiste but the other thing that Rigga has been blessed with is a voice and he exemplified it in this new song Nifiche by Joyce Omondi.

Joyce Omondi in Nifiche
Joyce Omondi in Nifiche
Rigga In Nifiche
Rigga In Nifiche

Both with lovely voices they met one Gideon Kimanzi who produced the song which is another beautiful song from Joyce Omondi coming after she released Uinuliwe.


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PIC OF THE DAY : Joyce Omondi Hanging Out With Delightful Moipei Quartet Sisters

While she was still in Kenya Joyce Omondi had time to hang out with the talented sisters called Moipei Quartet who have graced major stages in the world. Joyce Omondi was shooting her latest video called Uinuliwe when she met with Moipei Quartet.

joyce omondi with moipei


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Back To Class : Joyce Omondi Heads Back To School At The USA And She Is Excited

Award winning gospel singer Joyce Omondi is back to school at the USA  for her 2nd year at the George Town Universit based in Washington DC. Joyce Omondi who had made a return to Kenya in May will be continuing to pursue her masters degree in International Development  for the 2nd year. 
joyce omondi new york thumb post

Joyce Omondi  left Rauka gospel show in 2013 to pursue something she always wanted to do which is studying International Development.  After clearing her 1st year in school she made a return back to Kenya in the month of May 2014 where she launched her new video live on air at NTV called Uinuliwe.

In August 14th she had to leave again as she wasn’t  done with school which was evidenced by the post she shared on face book :

“I bless God for his journey mercies back to the US. Thank you so much to those who have and continue to pray with me. Already missing Kenya  but looking forward to accomplishing what brought me here by God’s grace!”

After landing in USA and sorting her books Joyce later on shared a picture on her 1st day to school which said :

“First day of my second year of grad school! Can’t wait to look back at this picture in a few years and reminisce on the Lord’s goodness “

(c) Joyce Omondi

This will be another learning curve for Joyce Omondi who has been rising in her ministry as a gospel singer.

She said  it was difficult to be away from home when we talked with her when she was away for her 1st year in school and we join her in prayers as she continues to study at George Town University for the 2nd.

“It is difficult to be away from home. School is intensely busy and demanding. It was quite a steep learning curve in the beginning trying to get adjusted. But the Lord saw me through.

Each day is about trusting in Him to strengthen, favor, comfort, and guide. I’m pursuing my masters in International Development at Georgetown University.” 

We wish Joyce Omondi all the best.



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It Is Well : Joyce Omondi Pays Last Respects To Her Late Grand Father

Former Rauka Tv Host Joyce Omondi paid last respects to her late grand father who passed on in the month of May. Joyce Omondi had one sad moment during this past weekend as she attended the funeral of her Grand Father.

uinuliwe joyce omondi post

When a member of a family passes away it affects us because it brings alot of emotions of the past moments  of joy and saddness that you had with the late person. Joyce Omondi was in that situation on this past weekend as she witnessed the burial of her late Grandfather whom she called a friend and elder father.

She posted on her facebook page :

This weekend has been filled with tears, grief, sadness, and deep loss as we escorted my beloved grandpa on his final journey. But it’s also been filled with love, hope, encouragement, peace and the kind of joy that only God can give. Thank you to all our friends and family for their love and support. In everything, Bwana Yesu ainuliwe. Love, JO

We as uliza links stand with her in prayer.

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After Returning From States : Joyce Omondi Releases Her New Video “Uinuliwe”

Our sister Joyce Omondi has released her new video called Uinuliwe just days after she returned from States for her holiday.

uinuliwe joyce post

Joyce Omondi cleared her 1st year at Georgetown University where she is a student graduate.

Watch her new video

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Welcome Joyce : Joyce Omondi Makes A Return Back Home After Months Away

Our beloved sister Joyce Omondi is finally back in Kenya after she left last year in August to pursue her masters in United States of America. Joyce Omondi jetted in the country on Wednesday evening touching down to a place she calls home.

joyce omondi states post

Joyce Omondi was the host of Rauka gospel Sunday hosted by Kubamba Krew on Citizen Tv. She was later to leave the show because she felt it was time for her to pursue her studies which she did and on May 10 2014 she cleared her 1st year.

Now she is back from Georgetown University and we hope to see her back in the music ministry though for a while before she jets back to the United States.

Joyce Omondi will be releasing her new single called Uinuliwe soon.

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Groove Awards Winner Joyce Omondi To Give Her Fans A Special Present

Did someone tell you that we love Joyce Omondi ? Well if that person didn’t tell you that, then we are glad to tell you that we love Joyce for what she is doing in her music ministry and if you ask her she will tell you how far we have come. 

uinuliwe joyce omondi post

Now to music things, Groove Awards winner Joyce Omondi who is away in the United States, pursuing her masters at George Town University is set to release another single after she did Kweli. This woman of GOD is surely blessed in heart of worship and this is what she will be doing when she says “You GOD Be Praised” in “Uinuliwe”.

Well if you know what this means then you have to wait for it as we don’t want to spill alot of beans. Keep it uliza links.

Watch Kweli By Joyce Omondi Below :

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Graceful Joyce Omondi Is Celebrating A Special Man In Her Life

I am a conquerer with Christ my savior, my Jesus … Victory is won. He who the son sets free is free indeed

Former Rauka Tv Host is one lady who has inspired many young ladies in music for her heart of worship. Having left Kenya for Georgetown University at the United States where she is currently pursuing her Masters Joyce Omondi still shares a strong bond with her family friends and fans.

joyce omondi new york thumb post

The bond she shares is what she exemplified when she dedicated a special gift to her  special man “Her Dad” on Wednesday morning.  They do share a close bond with this special man who has been supporting her since she started her music showing the love that a father has for his daughter.

Joyce Omondi in return has dedicated  a beautiful tribute to her dad who is celebrating his birthday today. She wrote a touching tribute to her dad which stated as follows :

Today I celebrate a special man in my life… my daddy!  His amazing testimony inspired my debut single and album Conquerer and I just give God glory for the incredible blessing and inspiration that he is to my family and I. When God says YES, nobody else can say NO! Jeri Mulungu ni mudzo sana sana! Happy Birthday daddy!!!! Love you tons!! JO

Here is Conqueror By Joyce Omondi

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Joyce Omondi Takes Citizen Tv’s Willis Raburu On A Tour At Washington DC , USA

The Truth Meter lad has always made many people smile for his creative skill of creating comic in serious business of politics. Now the aspiring News Anchor at Citizen Tv decided to share the great smile abroad as he met up with his “sister in Christ” Joyce Omondi at the United States where Joyce is currently residing.

Willis raburu joyce omondi post

Joyce Omondi created time and they met up with Willis  in Washington DC where she played the role of  host and Willis the role of a visitor. Here is what she posted :

Look who’s in my hood!!  Managed to catch up with Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu and take him on a small tour of Washington DC! Had a great time at the DC Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend and enjoyed lots of sunshine… finally! 

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Joyce Omondi Records A Special New New Year’s Message To Her Fans (Watch)

joyce omondi new york thumbLovely song writer and singer Joyce Omondi has done something special for all you her friends who support her music.

Having been away for months now we caught up with Joyce Omondi and she decided to record a new year’s message to all her friends and fans who support her music ministry.

Watch below as Joyce shares a brief update and passes on her New Years message!

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