Rest in Power : Janet Kanini Passes On After Cancer Battle

Former NTV presenter Janet Kanini breathed her last in this world on Saturday morning after a battle with lung cancer.


Janet Kanini Ikua
Janet Kanini Ikua

“My friend [Kanini] breathed her last this morning,” NTV anchor Larry Madowo tweeted.

Last year in February the presenter said she was free of Lung Cancer stage Four.

In a long post on her Facebook account, Kanini said an MRI scan conducted on her showed no signs of lesions in her liver, abdomen, bones, lymph nodes and lungs.

Friends and celebrities across Kenya shared the messages of condolences remembering her as a fighter and a winner in the case of adversity.


Janet inspired many souls in her battle with Cancer and even through her interviews after she was declared free.


Rest with Angels Janet.


JANET IKUA : ‘It took me WEEKS to accept my hair loss, I felt like my body was falling Apart’

It took me weeks to accept my hair loss from chemotherapy. I felt like my body was falling apart. This is a difficult situation for men, women and children to deal with. And not just from cancer. There are other conditions that cause hair loss, leading to self esteem issues.

janet kanini stand

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Janet Kanini
Janet Kanini

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There are also medicated wigs available made with bamboo fibre (you can see them in the photo backgrounds) so try them on if they’re more your style.

A final word – one way to get through your illness is to NOT look sick. Dress up, wear make up, dust off those stilettos from the back of your cupboard that are waiting for a special occasion and wear them TODAY. Don’t wait for one special day because every moment is worth treasuring- guys, life can change/disappear in an instant. So get up, look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am beautiful / handsome – inside and out. My body is thinner but it makes my lovely eyes stand out. I’m so weak that I’m shaking but it makes me more romantic with my partner because lazima anibebe ūüėÄ ūüėÄ I am a supuu, a manyanga, a hunk, until I breathe my last I will not stop fighting because Psalm 139:14 ‘I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.’
Have a blessed day. ūüôā

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“I Give GOD Glory For Healing Me” : NTV’s Janet Kanini Is Redeemed From Cancer

NTV Presenter Janet Kanini has been healed from Stage 4 lung cancer that had limited her from working at Nation Media Group. Janet Kanini through a post praised GOD for healing her and all her friends who stood with her through the whole process praying for her.


“My dear friends, relatives, colleagues, supporters, prayer warriors.
I have wonderful news! Our prayers have been answered!

I am redeemed from the afflicti

on of cancer! smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon smile emoticon
God has remained true to His word and healed me from Cancer and I give Him all Glory and Honour and Praise for this far that He has brought me!

Janet Kanini survivor janet kanini stand
My doctors in India were amazed by the results of the PET MRI scan – the cancer lesions that had been in my liver, bones, abdomen, lymph nodes and lungs are gone! They said that many people must have been praying for me because these results are rare in a stage 4 diagnosis, and I told them

“Yes. I have a prayer army. Prayer warriors who held me up when I was too weak to pray and believe.” Janet Kanini shared through a post on her facebook page.

Prayer is truly the key and faith wins as Janet Ikua portrayed through her healing process.

“So I thank you all. You are wonderful people! You have stayed patient and faithful to standing in the gap for me. As I write this my eyes fill with tears – kawaida yangu siku hizi ama? – I’ve become so emotional through this journey! You guys – may God meet you all at your points of need. May He open His floodgates of blessings to you and yours!”

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‘I Know I Am Healed’ : NTV’s Janet Kanini Shares After Completing Her FINAL Chemotherapy

Can Faith move mountains ? Yes it can and NTV presenter Janet Kanini Ikua is on the front line of the faith movers as she successfully completed her session chemotherapy of lung cancer. Janet Ikua Kanini who has already stated that she is healed completed her chemo at Faraja Center and will be heading back to India to get the official confirmation from the doctors.


“Yesterday was my sixth and last chemotherapy session at Faraja Cancer Centre next to MP Shah hospital. I danced at the reception after they took out the needle from my chemo port because I was so happy! Next week I return to India for review where I look forward to the doctors confirming what I already know – that I am healed! Mark 11:22-23 – (Jesus said) “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” (Interpretation shared from I make the choice to place my faith in God and His overcoming power that He has made available to me.

Janet Kanini survivor

In Christ, I proclaim by faith that I am an over comer, a mountain mover, an earth shaker and a history maker. As a born-again child of God, I overcome all obstacles that come my way. This is my birthright – this is my inheritance in Christ.)” Janet Kanini shared through her page.

Janet Kanini’s revelation comes just a day before her 38th birthday and she is so excited to praise GOD more for her birthday.
“Tomorrow I have another reason to praise God – tomorrow is my 38th birthday! Doc says I’m allowed some cake as long as I eat a balanced diet (yaaaay just a lttle!). :> As per Monday’s blood test results I’m slightly anaemic, my haemoglobin levels are kidogo low, so my focus is on building iron with red meat, liver and green leafy vegetables for the next one week.”

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ONE NATION FOR JANET : Top Kenyan Artistes Come Together In Support Of Janet Kanini Ikua

Renown gospel and secular artistes came together on Sunday 8th  at memorable concert held  at  Carnivore ground Nairobi to help raise funds for NTV presenter Janet Kanini  Ikua who was diagnosed with cancer last month.

The event saw the performance of both gospel and secular artistes including  among others Sauti Sol , Daddy Owen , Nameless , Dj Mo , Solomon Mkubwa , Rufftone and  Churchill Ndambuki .Also in the gathering we had a huge team from Nation Media Group who came to support one of their own.

The campaign that was held by the Nation Media Group comes just days after the world marked the World Cancer Month, dedicated to raising awareness about cancer prevention, treatment and how to manage the disease.

Mrs Ikua, who was accompanied by her husband, Mr George Ikua, said the money raised from the show should not only be used to pay her bills but to support other cancer patients, especially children who seek treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

She wept as she narrated how overwhelmed she was by the support she had received, moving the crowd that had turned for the event.

On Twitter, Kenyans started a hashtag, #IStandWithJanet, which was trending for the better part of yesterday.


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#IStandWithJanet : Here Is How You Can Help NTV’s Janet Kanini Ikua Fight Cancer

The darling of many Janet Kanini Ikua is battling a malady, lung caner stage 4 is what has kept her away from our tv screens for the last 5 weeks. She finally  revealed last week how she took the news and how she believes that she will overcome the illness that many around the world find themselves in without notice.

janet kanini stand

A day after posting the status on her facebook page the feedback and messages of goodwill was overwhelming as the post got over 10,000 comments in which Janet stated that she is still trying to comprehend how thousands took a moment to pray for her.

“I am speechless.

My mind is still trying to comprehend how thousands of people I have never met or spoken to can willingly, openly, honestly come forward and take a moment to pray for me and my family. This truly is fellowship; Standing In The Gap for your fellow man. I am actually thankful to be unwell if it means that thousands of prayers are being lifted to the heavens as we renew and strengthen our faith in God who is our Refuge, our Shield, our Fortress.”


On that note her close friends opened an account to support Janet Kanini’s medical cost which should be in millions by now.

“My secondary school classmates and I recently celebrated our 20 year high school reunion. They’re aware of my challenging medical journey over the past 6 months and have taken it upon themselves to assist us with our medical bills, seeing as this diagnosis was so unexpected. I want to confirm that they have started a legitimate Facebook page called Janet Kanini Ikua Medical Fund, organized a paybill number 895790 Account Janet Kanini Ikua, and shared an online payment website link that I’ve posted as follows


They are using the hashtag ‚Ä™#‚ÄéIStandWithJanet‚Ĩ on social media so yes, these are legitimate efforts by people I know.”


You can also contribute on PAYBILL :  895790 ACCOUNT : JANET KANINI IKUA

janet kanini poster

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GLORY TO GOD : NTV Presenter Gets Discharged From High Dependency Unit

Kenyan Tv host , Janet Kanini Ikua, has finally left hospital after weeks of treatment and battling  a severe heart condition .

Janet Kanini

Janet who is a host of N-Soko Property Show had been admitted in High Dependency Unit (HDU) on June 15th 2015 after doctors discovered a blood clot in her heart. The clot which had started on one of her legs had probably gone up or a new one had formed .


She captioned this on her Facebook page:

“I have a kichungi (kisungi) inside me.
No, not the colorful plastic ones that sieve tea. Mine consists of a crushed metal filter that was placed inside my inferior venacava blood vessel last night. It blocks blood clots passing through from my lower limbs to the upper danger zone of heart, lungs and brain. Not that I ever intend to have more clots forming – no thank you! I’m done with that drama!

As with most events since I was admitted in the High Dependency Unit 9 nights ago, last night’s procedure felt like it was straight out of a movie. I was wheeled into the Catheterization Lab in a wheelchair. The white space was neatly segregated into cupboards containing medical equipment of varied sizes, including a huge Fluoroscopy machine that I’ve only seen on telly. There are only 6 in Kenya. I was going to watch the procedure on its screens. Fascinating! Then I was given a skull cap to squeeze my weave into before lots of sterilization processes begun. I got a jab of local anaesthetic before doc professionally went through my femoral vein to access my inferior venacava that ferries blood up towards my heart. The screens showed my spine and kidneys….it was really strange! But it made me respect medics even more because the human body is a complex thing to navigate! The best part is, I wasn’t scared. God has already proven that I will not be a victim to this condition, and so I calmly asked Him to make the doc’s and technicians’ hands steady, their minds focussed and their eyes sharp.

15 minutes later I was done. Pressure was exerted on the entry point to ensure that I don’t bleed, since I’m on blood thinners that make bleeding a risky affair. Then they rolled me back to my room on a hospital bed and I was given strict instructions to stay on my back till morning. That’s probably why I’m so sleepy today… But on the brighter side, doc is OK with my progress so I’m going home today!!!!! (Shangwe na nderemo alilililiiiiii!!!!!) Oh I can’t wait to hold my baby boy and girl and listen to their endless chatter, while reassuring them and hubby that Mama’s here to stay!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday smile emoticon”

We thank GOD that she was healed.

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