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I Will Miss You SON : J Blessing’s Tribute To His Baby Kyle, Who Passed On After 6 Months

Video producer J Blessing took time off yesterday evening to note down a heartfelt tribute to his late angel Baby Kyle who passed 6 months after birth. J Blessing celebrated his life through the word of GOD and stated that his son’s life was of purpose as Baby Kyle enabled people to forgive each other and that the body of Christ stood with them.

j blessing kyle post

Words can’t say enough. Today we celebrated the life of #KyleBlessing. Our grief is real, our tears are real but so is our hope in God.

We witnessed Kyle’s legacy unfolding today as we celebrated his life. Men, women and children held hands as we declared words of forgiveness and Love to one another.

We appreciate everything that everyone did for us. In our moment of great trial, the body of Christ stood with us and let it be seen that we have love for one another.

Psalms 133:1 says, behold how good and how pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity.


J Blessing went further to thank each person and friend who showed up physically or spiritually to give them comfort during their moment of grief.

I would like to appreciate each and everyone of u, that has been our support system. May God richly bless you. For your giving,prayers and encouragement. I appreciate.May God bless and expand every boundaries with Favor.

In the words of the late Myles Munroe, Don’t die old, die empty.

I will miss u son

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J Blessing Becomes The 1st Kenyan Public Figure And Video Director To Be Recognized By GOOGLE

Award winning video director Jibril Blessing has made a mark in the Kenyan music industry after he became the 1st public figure and video director in Kenya to be recognized by Google. 

J Blessing who has directed award winning videos for top artistes in Africa and beyond was verified by you tube for the being an outstanding contributor of content online.

blessing shoot ug

Verification badges are applied to a YouTube channel’s connected Google+ identity. This badges help visually confirm the authenticity of a brand.

When you find the badge on a channel for a popular celebrity or business, you can be sure that the channel actually belongs to them. The verification checkmark only appears to the right of the channel name, and “Verified” appears in a popup if you point your cursor at it.

Jibril Blessing alias J Blessing Is a Video Producer/Director and a C.E.O at Link Video Global. He has done music videos for top artists such as like Jimmy Gait, Esther Wahome, Kambua, MOG, Eko dyda, Dunco, Ngashville , Alemba, Alice Kamande, Gloria Muliro, Billy Frank, Eunice Njeri, Mercy Masika, Marcy Wairegi ,Betty Bayo, Loise Kim, Ben Githae, Tetete group, Kevoh yout, Kriss mhh baba, Izzoh, B.M.F, Mr. Seed,Willy paul, Exodus from Uganda and others and now he directs Churchill Show by Mwalimu Churchill.

This is a great step for the cinematographer who now joins K24 and Diamond Platinumz who have been verified in East Africa.

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Will You MARRY ME : Celebrated Gospel Artiste Proposes To His Girl Friend WHILE Shooting A Video With J Blessing

Celebrated christian artiste based in Uganda proposed to his girl friend while at a video shoot with J Blessing. The artiste who is known for songs like ‘Sidda Mukyalo’ , ‘Genau’, ‘Anjagala’, ‘I Do’, ‘Muve Mundolo’ and ‘Fire’ decided to take his relationship status to the next level by surprising his girl friend with a ring and echoed the four magic words.


Coopy bly had met his girl friend Anne MARIE in the year 2013 while volunteering with an NGO. Anne Marie had been going to Uganda since she was 16 years and she always visits for about 2 to 7 months where she engages in social work before leaving. After working together on a couple of activities the two decided to take their friendship to the next level and that’s when they started dating.

The artiste having found a companion who would suit him decided to surprise his girl friend by proposing on a video shoot that was directed by video producer J Blessing in UGANDA.


Coopy Bly is just starting his journey in the music industry; however he is still considered one of the most influential youthful gospel artists in Uganda. In the past year he has also had great success in appealing to older generations because of his style and deep, meaningful lyrics.

When asked what he has planned for his fans this year (2014), Coopy Bly quoted 1 Corinthians 2:9; ‘What no ear has heard, no eye has seen, no human mind has conceived, what God as prepared for those who love him’. Coopy Bly is expected to launch his second album in 2014, after shooting a number of music videos, including ‘Onsalangako’, ‘Anjagala’, ‘I Do’ and ‘Kilo’. So stay tuned for what is expected to be a big year for Ugandan Gospel artist, Coopy Bly.

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The Young Blessing : J Blessing And His Wife Chantelle ‘Toklezea’ Welcome A Cute Baby Boy

J Blessing who runs a video production company called Link Video Global is now a proud father after his wife Chantelle delivered a bouncing baby boy whom they named Kyle.


Baby Kyle’s 1st public photo was shared today in the morning by the couple whom for the past few months have kept their relationship under the media radar.

Chantelle posted on her Instagram on Monday as she celebrated her birthday by saying :

“Today twenty something years ago i was born, I’m thankful for everyone who has been a blessing in my life,but mostly I’m thankful for my little family,my husband and son mean the world to me…… Happy birthday to me.” she captioned the photo.

chantelle baby boy

We wish them the best in their marriage.

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J Blessing Is Always Behind The Cameras But Can He Cook ? : Joey Muthengi Hosts J Blessing In Her Kitchen

Award winning video producer J Blessing hanged out with the graceful Joey Muthengi on her tv show Sugar and Spice which airs on Ebru Tv Africa on Zuku tv. With his job being mostly behind the cameras Joey Muthengi decided to put on him on the spot by giving him an hour to share about his job and what it takes to be a cinematographer.

J Blessing Talks To Joey
J Blessing Talks To Joey

J Blessing at the show also got to try his cooking skills in Joey Muthengi’s kitchen where she usually cooks a particular dish on every show with Chef Mike.

blessing joey 2

J blessing on Sugar And Spice
J blessing on Sugar And Spice
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I Am Glad GOD Saved Me : J Blessing’s Office Robbed By Armed Gunmen

On Sunday evening video director J Blessing called me to find out if I was okay. Probably I had passed by the office as I usually do and left him a “call me message”. But I hadn’t, as I was on an off day. Rarely would he call me on Sunday to say the least and he confirmed it by saying that he was robbed.

blessing shooting post

Armed gunmen were trying to break into his office on Sunday evening and surprisingly while his employee was passing by the office to pick up something he shockingly found them near his office. Having noted something fishy  he would have screamed for help but they showed him what would make him go mum. A gun was what was shown and in deed it would shock anyone at first sight as it did for him.

j blessing post

The employee who was now completely shaken complied to their commands and while watching they ransacked his office trying to take anything that they thought would be valuable.

They ransacked the office trying to take any expensive office equipment they could easily access. Moving from LCD screens to IMAC computers to, you name it. They never mind when they are robbing you they take what they can.

Not everything was easy to steal as some equipment were tightly fitted and they hurriedly left the office after stealing what they could. [To be updated after investigations]

This is another robbery that has taken place in the gospel industry in just a few months after audio producer Tim of Still Alive was robbed by thugs while he had left the office. They always come when you are away.

Luckily no one was injured.

Please pray for J Blessing and his ministry.

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J Blessing Takes Kanjii Mbugua To Shoot His New Video Near Tanzania, But Why Is Kanjii Complaining ?

Award winning video director J Blessing decided to take his friend Kanjii Mbugua to a new location of shooting his new video called “Ako Nami”. This is something that Kanjii never saw or even imagined but the director decided that the video would be shot near the border of Tanzania just 16 kilometers near it.

J blessing riding

Kanjii thought that it would be just another video shoot but poor him he found himself in a place where the sun had no mercy on him. In the process he got a heat stroke he said, but on the other hand he was excited on how GOD is using him to spread his word through music after taking a break.

Kanjii ako nami shoot

“16KMs from the TZ border is where my good friend J. Blessing decided we needed to shoot the brand new video for ‪#‎AkoNami‬!! I am still recovering from heat stroke seriously though I am very excited about sharing this new video with you mostly because the song is such a powerful reminder that God has your/our back in any location and situation” Kanjii said while at the shoot.

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J Blessing Wins Video Producer Of The Year For The 2nd Time In A Row

Award winning video producer Jibril Blessing was awarded as the video director of the year for the 2nd year in a row at the Mwafaka Awards 2014. Jibril Blessing is currently away in the USA but later received the award through his representatives at Link Video Global.

blessing shoot post

During the past year J blessing has shown great acts of creativity in video shooting as he shot some amazing videos in Kenya Uganda and Tanzania. Some of these videos include : Prophecy by Exodus, Nataka Nimjue by Christina Shusho , Napokea Kwako by Janet Otieno , Msaidizi by Gloria Muliro Asusu by Dk Kwenye Beat among many others.

j blessing shusho1

The super producer was crowned video director of the year at the Mwafaka Awards 2013 and now he has matched it  up with the 2014 award. J Blessing during the same year was chosen by Daniel Ndambuki to cover his top comic TV programme called Churchill show that airs on Ntv every Sunday.

blessing-churchill post

His journey for the year was quite phenomenal as he is one of the best we have including Sammy Dee Young Wallace Ken, Blessed Jo , Spotlight and Tiger.

Glory to GOD for the talents.

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Congrats SON!! : J Blessing Passionately Hugged Willy Paul After He Won Talanta Award In USA

Willy Paul was awarded as the best performer at the just ended Talanta Awards which was hosted in USA which J Blessing also graced. Moments after Willy Paul was awarded, super video director J Blessing congratulated the young artiste whom they share a close bond with.

willy paul receiving award

Looking back J Blessing has a story with Willy Paul as he played a role in raising him as a mentor and sponsoring him in music. Willy Paul in that time was able to get both audio and video supported by Link Video Global label which is owned by J Blessing.

willy paul j blessing talanta

During the weekend they met again in USA and how proud was J Blessing to share that moment with an artiste he has watched growing in the music industry from grass to grace. Willy Paul was ultimately announced as the best performer in 2014 and he was applauded by many who graced the event that comes once in a year and awards professionals in the Christian Ministry.

willy paul congratulated

(c) NXTLVL : Photos

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While J Blessing Met With Eric Wainaina In London, Dj Sadic Took His Sui Generis “Genius Effect” In Rwanda

blessing seed bahati

The season of moving out of Kenya to pursue other interests seems to have arrived as now DJ Sadic and video director J Blessing are out of the country. The Mix Genius left the country on Tuesday evening to minster in Rwanda while J Blessing left later in the night to pursue his studies in USA.

sadic flying to rwanda post

Seems the love of  gospel ministry can make one to move to new borders to reach more souls and the mix genius, DJ Sadic is not new to this. Dj Sadic is currently away in Rwanda where he is participating in the youth camp organised by the Christian Life Assembly Church dubbed “Camp True North” that is aimed to build the attendees spiritual life.

On one of his visits the Mix genius had time to visit the Excella School in Kigali where he gave a note-worthy and sensational talk to the students who gathered.

sadic in his service rwanda post
DJ Sadic Speaking At Excella School

On the other hand J Blessing arrived in London where he met with Eric Wainana before he planned for his other flight to Carlifornia, USA. J Blessing will be embarking on finishing his exams for Cinematography course that he started studying a few years ago.

J Blessing And Eric Wainaina In London

How amazing of the things that GOD can do in the life’s of his sons in the case of DJ Sadic and J Blessing who are way in ministry.

Keep praying for them.

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Good Bye Kenya : Video Director J Blessing Leaves For USA

J Blessing who is one of the most creative video directors in Kenya has left the country for the USA. J Blessing jetted out of the country yesterday night as he planned to go and advance his skills in Cinematography.

blessing shoot post

J Blessing who has won many awards and taken many artistes under his wings will be out of the country for the next 4 weeks and will be back by the start of September. He was accompanied to the airport by Chantelle, Mutua, Bahati and Mr Seed.

blessing seed bahati blessing chantelle

Speaking to uliza links he said : ” I am leaving Kenya to go and finish my exams on Cinematography which i had started studying a few years ago. The company will still run, so anyone who wishes to subscribe to our services will be assisted by my company.”

J Blessing will be moving to California,USA where he will get to study and grace the Talanta Awards 2014 set for August.


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Blessings Keep Flowing!! : J Blessing Gets Another Nomination For A Top East African Gospel Awards

We all know him for his great efforts in pushing new talents in gospel music and he has never disappointed whenever he puts his eye behind that lens of a video camera.

blessing shoot post

Award winning video director J Blessing has been nominated for another gospel awards to be hosted in Uganda by the name of VIGA Awards. He is blessed for sure having scooped Mwafaka Video producer of the year 2013 last year.

blessing shooting post

The VIGA Music Awards  is East Africa’s inter-denominational gospel music awards that annually recognize and reward Christian/gospel music peers for their outstanding accomplishments. The VIGA season runs from January to December in a particular year. The awards night is scheduled for 7th June, 2014.

Having been known for his skills in Kenya J Blessing seems to have impressed the Ugandan eye too after his recent projects including : Prophecy By Exodus and Everytime by Hawa Abale.
J Blessing is the only participant from Kenya and to vote for him :

Send  : 

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“I Will Still Release Kaberere’s New Video “MITEGO” Even If We Didn’t Finish” J Blessing Says

Kaberere is no more in this world, these were words that were shared at his funeral meeting but something important is that his heart of worship still lives with us through his music.

kaberere post

Kaberere for his love of worship was set to release his new video called “Mitego”. J Blessing was one of the video producers that Kaberere always loved to work with and he did choose him to direct his new video “Mitego”.

j-blessing post

They did the video but only a final part was left to make the project a success. This was meant to happen on Monday 7th but Kaberere couldn’ t make it for the meeting.

Even though they were not able to finish the video J Blessing says he will still release the video as Keberere meant alot to him as a friend, brother and mentor.

J Blessing adds that he will put his best in the final production process to mark the last song and video release of our brother Kaberere.

Keep praying for Kaberere’s wife Njeri and son Ulani.

Here is the audio of Mitego

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J Blessing : “We Were To Finalize Kaberere’s New “MITEGO” Video Today Monday 7th of April”

Life is short and as hard as it gets we have to remember the good things that GOD has placed in our lifes. Our brother Kaberere was one of the good things we had and we should celebrate the smiles he left upon us.

kaberere post

Kaberere who passed on, on Sunday 6th April was set to release his new video Mitego and super producer J Blessing was the one who was directing the video. J Blessing has been a close friend to Kabbz as he has always been his producer in most of his videos including Natamani , Just A Way , Kiburi and now Mitego.

j blessing post

J blessing has shared on the progress of their latest video in which was to be finalized today Monday 7th but sadly Kabbz will not be able to attend it.

J Blessing says :

This is hard for me but God has a reason for everything…we hard a lot of plan with my brother Kaberere even we were to finalize his MITEGO video on Monday 7th of April. But now his no more#RIPkaberere

Here is the audio of the new video set to be released



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Usain Boltssing!! : J Blessing Showcases The 1st Video He Shot And Produced With Only 11 Hours!! [WATCH]

J blessing is an award winning video director/cinematographer who is blessed in his career behind the camera at Link Video Global. Having done many videos for both Kenyan and International artistes J Blessing has advanced in his skill of directing and producing videos as he has now speed and creativity.

j-blessing post

J Blessing has released a new video that he shot and produced with a time of only 11 hours. That’s how fast the production of the video was, as he had the artist on set and within the same day of shooting the video was already out.

The video called “Liwe” by booming artist Guardian Angel popularly known for his song “Amazing Grace” is something new in his genre as he has released second song done in Kiswahili meaning “Ask in prayer and GOD shall answer”.

The video has a simple concept but has set new standards in production. WATCH

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J Blessing Says Good Bye To Churchill Show (Official Statement)

Super director J Blessing who is known for his creativity in directing music videos has left Churchill show. J Blessing who had signed a contract with Daniel Ndambuki “Churchill” to direct his top comic show decided that it was time to move from the show early this year.


Speaking to Uliza Links J Blessing says :

blessing-churchill post


“I decided to leave the show because I have a lot on my plate in my video production company Link Video Global. I felt its time I focus more on my company which does more of music and video production”

“People say I left because of money but that is not true. Churchill is my good friend and we still have a good relationship.” 


J blessing started to direct the top comic show in early 2013 when the new season kicked off. We wish him well in his journey.

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