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(Poem) “Hold My Hand And Walk With Me” By Irine Rudi

We did a piece about poetry once as we try to promote new talents in Kenya. Now we presence you another piece of art (poetry) by Irine Rudi.


I am up and about many things!
I can’t seem to make a decision right now.
All I want,is to cry
Cry over my life
Cry over my family
Cry over my nation
Cry over my career,my talent.
Basically,I want to cry over everything.
Would you,would you please…
Hold my hand,
Walk with me.

Walk with me through lifes sorrow and pain.
When friends reject me,
Walk with me,like Ruth did,Naomi
Walk with me like Jesus did,the disciples
Open my eyes to see beyond the things of this world,Lord!
For I know that what is seen is temporary,
But what is unseen is eternal.
Would you,would you please…
Hold my hand,
Walk with me.

Walk with me through our family
May I bring joy to my parents
May obedience to them be my life,
My life practice.
May my siblings find in me a loving friend
May my husbands’ bones grow very strong like a lions’
And may his heart be filled with joy and gladness
For his Noble wife.
May my children find in me,not just a loving mother,
But a woman who will bring them up in the ways of the Lord.
Father,would you…
Would you please
Hold my hand,
Walk with me!

Walk with me through this nation.
That is filled with people,trying to find there identity
People,who want to relate to someone who knows someone
So that they can feel like,Fyuks! Atleast I know someone.
Teach me to show them love.
When they see my lifestyle,may they see you Jesus
May they find their identity in you
But not in relating to me!
Or working with me!
Or knowing someone who knows someone who knows me.
Hold my hand,
Walk with me.

Walk with me through my career,
Through economics and statistics
May I be economical enough to know how to contribute to the balancing of my daily budget.
Such that in my budget,the amount of giving and tithing will not be under-estimate.
Like Jesus!
Give me the right words to balance my figures,
So that no one will be found lacking around me.
Use my career,not only to contribute to the economy of this nation,
But more so,to the heavenly economy.
Hold my hand,
Walk with me.

Walk with me through my gifts and talents.
In a world where many have been misused
May I use them for your Glory.
In a world,where many have been killed,
May I nature them according to your will.
In a world where they are being taken for granted.
Teach me to encourage and appreciate them.
For if you are for us Lord,
No one can be against us.
Therefore, please…
Hold my hand,
Walk with me.

Walk with me through this world.
Where youths are conforming to it’s patterns
Where husbands and wives are killing each other.
Where marriage is used for personal gains,
Like,if I give you this,will you do me that?
Where relationships are like flights
You like,agree to the terms,give so as to receive.
Enjoy the flight and suddenly…
Passangers,fasten your seat belts,
we are almost landing.
And away you walk,letting it go,
Like nothing happened
In a world,
Where children never experience parental love.
Hold my hand,
Walk with me.

Would you like to join me,in asking God
To hold my hand and walk with me?

Walk with me through mountains and valleys
Through the fire and waters
Cause apart from you I can do nothing.
In you all things are held together
And like Paul,I will one day say,
I have run the race,and I have kept the faith.
And then,i will gladly sing…


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