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Please Call Me ”IAN” : Ian Mbugua Doesn’t Like Being Called ‘Mdosi, Boss, Or Mr’

I remember at one time when I logged onto to twitter I saw my very good friend Heshan De Silva who is a business man refusing to be called Sir by one of his followers. ¬†Apparently, a young lad had mentioned him with the name Sir which he felt like it’s giving him so much power and he never wanted to ever see himself superior than another. Probably the young man was surprised with his response but he was showing that humility is key in anything one does.

Ian Mbugua post

The word Sir or Mr are names that are used in serious meetings and businesses and rarely would you see another use it in a not so formal setting. Judge Ian Mbugua is of the same mind and he has pleaded with anyone who knows him to just refer to him with his name and not with a ‘Title’.

Iam Mbugua who has played the role of a judge on TPF tv show has made it clear that he prefers being called IAN and not with any other title that many people enjoy being called. Words like Mheshimiwa, Mdosi or Boss is not what he likes as he likes being reffered by just his name.

He stated:

Pretty idle, so here goes: Please call me Ian. Just ‘Ian’. Not Mr. Ian (Mr NEVER goes with a first name alone. NEVER.) Don’t call me boss, mkubwa, mdosi, mheshmiwa, or any other title that many enjoy being called. Don’t try get my attention by saying, ‘kssssssssss’ or ‘wewe’ as I WILL ignore you.

Just call me Ian. Don’t ask me how I am unless you REALLY want to know. If you do, be prepared for my truthful answer. I don’t do the expected, booooooring ‘good’, or, ‘fine’, If I say hi, please don’t tell me how you are. I didn’t ask. Thank you for your time. Good evening

What do you think . Is it okay to be referred with the title ‘Sir’ ? Are you comfortable with it ?

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“You Are A Wonderful Gift To Humanity” : Former Hot 96 Presenter Writes A Beautiful Message To Judge Ian Mbugua [Read]

Former Hot 96 Radio presenter Queen Ndinda has been sharing ¬†tributes to people who have been great friends in her life for 19 days now. Taking into account her friends from childhood she didn’t forget to remember people who have inspired her in life and Ian Mbugua was one of them.

queen-ndinda-kambua-post 1

Queen Ndinda dedicated a beautiful piece to Ian Mbugua who she terms as a friend and a beautiful gift to humanity. Read below

Ian Mbugua post
Photo Courtesy : Muturi Kanini

I don’t even know where to start because I cannot find words to describe your awesomeness. I am not talking about Judge Ian but Ian my friend.¬†
You’re the coolest person I know so far believe it or not. You have been nothing but a real friend and inspiration. You’ve helped me many times in putting my life in order. All the advise you have given me has worked perfectly well.
I celebrate you for being REAL. You tell it as it is! Your sense of humour is something else and you always crack me up when we start talking in many crazy accents. You always Keep your word and you’re a disciplined time keeper. You do as you say unlike many people.
You’re caring and loving to all that are dear to you ( I am a witness). You’re a great dad n husband.
Thank you for playing a great role in making me and many others out there better people. Thank you for always helping me in times of need. Thank you for making me believe in myself. Thank you for making me break some unhealthy habits.
Only God can repay you. You’re a wonderful gift to humanity and I pray that God elevates you in all dimensions of your life. Keep being YOU because YOU are awesome!

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