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Lyrics : IMANI By Holy Dave Ft Ace

Renown Christian singer Holy Dave has released his latest single , Imani , featuring an uprising singer Allan Ace. Anything in this world can be bought by money but the gift of the Holy Spirit can never be bought and so is faith.

holy dave imani post

Watch Video below


Lyrics to Imani.


I think you need a little faith
Most def siunajua tu ni High Def
I think you need a little faith
Holy Dave is the name Hip-hop is the game
A Fullhouse Production
Ace on the beats

I think you need a little faith
It’s not about the money it’s all about Imani
I think you need a little faith
It’s not about the money it’s all about Imani

Verse 1

I’m a boy scout girl guide I salute you
But boy, girl let me guide you
At ease, attention!
Be at ease stop looking for attention

Nakushow maisha ni yako chukua control but zii
Naunajua maisha haina ‘control z’
Sugar we have a rich daddy
I beg you please wachana na sugar daddy

Wana worship dough
Si tuna-worship source ya dough
Honey dough wachia bakery
It’s not about the money it’s all about Imani

I went from sitting jobless bored
Now I’m out here sitting in a board
I was a drop of water intimidated by the fountains
Now I’m out here moving mountains!


It’s not about the money
It’s all about Imani
It’s not about the money
It’s all about Imani

Hapa ndio faith imenifikisha
It’s not about the money it’s all about Imani
Hapa ndio faith imenifikisha
It’s not about the money. The money? The money? The money?

Verse 2

Net iko down? No bundles?
Cast your net on the other side utapata fish in bundles
You wanna succeed you got to recede
Like a hairline let God take the front-line

That mansion in the hills with the roof pointed
I copped it, all I did was pointed
I had nothing when I pulled up in the scene
Now I’m out here on TV being seen!

No one used look up to me nika jam
Now I’m in that 4 by 4 they look up to me kwa jam
Lord all of this I owe you
They can’t keep me out they mouth like the letters ‘O’ ‘U’

Protection from above you hear me foes?
I am like an animal I walk on all foes
Yesu aniandalia meza mbele ya ma-enemies
Fine dining mpaka napiga kaselfie!


Hahahaa it’s not about the money
Hahahaa It’s all about Imaaani

Hapa ndio faith imenifikisha
It’s not about the money it’s all about Imaaani
Hapa ndio faith imenifikisha
It’s not about the money. The money? The money?

Verse 3

Alikupa fees na uni?
Bas atakupeleka uni
Hata ukitaka masters
He’s the master of all masters

Alikupa hio weave na hizo fabric?
Atakupa gari you’ll be weaving through the traffic
Ukiombea VW golf bila kucheza
Atakupa golf hata golf uanze kucheza

Ye ni ule msee, Ye ni ule msee
Miumwita, Jehovah Jireh my provider
Uko single? Uko single msee?
Atakupa msee kwanza a do or die a rider

Yes, ataprovide pilau ya wedding so don’t worry
Hata ukitaka lambchops
Siunajua kwa bible ali provide a lamb
Isaac asikue chopped
I think you need a little faith


Hapa ndio faith imenifikisha
It’s not about the money it’s all about Imaaani
Hapa ndio faith imenifikisha
It’s not about the money. The money? The money?


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“My Life Is Not About The MONEY, It’s All About The FAITH” : HOLY DAVE

Christian singer Holy Dave has released a new song called Imani that will be an inspiration for the nation. The song which has been done Holy dave and another artiste named Ace is quite different from other songs as it’s main message is directed to act of FAITH.

Holy Dave
Holy Dave

Anything in this world can be bought by money but the gift of the Holy Spirit can never be bought and so is faith.

Watch the new video by Holy Dave that is dubbed the #ImaniMovement and let us know what you think.

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I Thank GOD : Thugs Attempt To Rob Gospel Artiste Holy Dave But FAIL

During this past weekend Holy Dave and his sister Joey must have experienced what we call ‘scary’ after his home dogs were killed by robbers who attempted to rob their home in Machakos.

holy dave post


Holy Dave through his IG account shared on how thugs tried to break into their Machakos home but failed to achieve their goal.

The thugs started by gassing their dogs at their home before trying to enter the compound but the guards were there to protect the place.

Holy-Dave joey

He said :

Thugs visited our Machakos home at night and gassed our 3 pets/security dogs. Fortunately the security guards were not harmed and the thugs didn’t manage to break in. The dogs have served us well and kept us safe for over 10 years and we’ll miss them. They died on the frontline… Salute. RIP. Cc @joeymuthengi”

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For The Love Of Country : Holy Dave Joined Kenyans At Occupy Harambee Avenue In Protest Of Rising Insecurity

Award winning christian artiste Holy Dave joined other Kenyans on Monday morning as they protested against the government for not solving the security problem. Occupy Harambee avenue was the protest led by Boniface Mwangi and other Kenyans after 28 Kenyans were mercilessly murdered by armed men who have been alleged to be Alshabab men.

tume choka holy dave

Insecurity has been on a high in our country and a group of Kenyans could not hold it anymore after they heard the news of other Kenyans being killed in Mandare. Occupy Harambee Avenue was the procession that came to be and was aimed at airing the voice of many Kenyans who are not happy with those who are in charge of the security docket in Kenya.

Holy Dave was among others who graced the protest and was seen holding a placard that stated “Tume choka Make Kenya Safe”. His voice was just one but  with the hands of other Kenyans in the protest his voice was heard by the President who was away in Abu Dhabi at that time.

We hope that Kenyans can be protected by the government.


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Dee Holy Dave And Pitson Make Cover For This Top Magazine

They were all crowned Groove Awards winners 2014 for Wanabe and hit single Lingala ya Yesu and now they had time to tell the tale of how they came to be who they are today. Dee and Holy Dave who did Wanabe and Pitson who did Lingala Ya Yesu have made cover for a top magazine in Kenya called the Salon Magazine for the July Issue. 

dee holy dave pitson post

Get to find out more about them and what they love to do in this Issue.

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This Is Big : Holy Dave Teams Up With Allan Aaron

Holy Dave Allan Aaron post

Holy Dave and Allan Aaron, the two Fullhouse Music headlining artistes are embarking on a Kiambu County 20 school tour titled the ‘Skuma Tour’. The tour supported by ‘ID Live’, ‘Fullhouse Music’, ‘David Muthengi Foundation’ and the Sigona Ward County Representative ‘Mr. Mutonya Njenga’ will focus on three main issues: how to harness one’s talent and gifting; how to position oneself in the job market; and, how to go from having a dream to making it a reality.

holy dave post

Holy Dave’s intensifying influence in the Gospel Hip-hop industry cannot be disputed. He has played a major role in shaping the careers of household names such as Eko Dydda and Kelele Takatifu among others. This is why he has partnered with Allan Aaron famously known for his song with Daddy Owen “Kiriro”.

Currently Holy Dave is working on his new song titled ‘Milk and Honey’, produced by ‘Mgangez Kama Kawa’ and Leon Chege at Fullhouse Music.


To support Holy Dave’s tour or to invite them to your local areas contact the tour manager, Frank Ochieng: 0707179748 or email him:


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“Stop Succeeding Alone ; Lets Succeed Together” Holy Dave Says

In this week’s feature on Uliza Links we bring you Holy Dave an award winning gospel artiste/entrepreneur and a philanthropist through his organisation named David Muthengi Foundation.

holy dave post

Holy Dave speaks of success and what people need to take into consideration in the line of success.  Here is what he had to say

Stop succeeding alone, let’s succeed together: What you lack is always housed in someone else. God never intended for you to succeed alone. When you pray today, ask God to direct you to someone He has chosen to make a contribution to your life, and vice versa.

This life is full of competition and insecurity, but in the true spirit of love and humility, be the difference. Let’s not just build friendships, let’s develop efficient and effective synergistic networks.

What do you feel ?


Holy Dave To Headline “Tujenge 2 Concert” To Raise Funds For Building Of AIC Ngong Road Ministry Centre

The Tujenge Concert is pleased to host national gospel artist Holy Dave  who is the founder of David Muthengi Foundation as he performs his most recent release ‘ I am a Kenyan’ among st others.


The concert will also host other talented, young and upcoming professional artists on Sunday the 25th of August 2013 at the Louis Leakey Auditorium of the National Museums of Kenya on Museum Hill Road from 3 to 5 pm.  Tickets cost KShs. 500 for adults and KShs. 300 for children.  Advance tickets are on sale at AIC Ngong Road offices on Ndemi Road, off Ngong Road (Telephone 0700-100764).

Tujenge 2 Concert

Tujenge 2 is the second concert of its kind and will be a fun musical afternoon for the whole family.  Music will range from classical to modern with some hip hop and everyone will find something that appeals to them.

The concert will feature Musical Pieces by the Leidzen Brass Band; Poetry by the renowned Dan Mwangi/No. 8, Nikita and Niwa; Orchestral Pieces by the AIC JCM Orchestra, members of the National Youth Orchestra and the Conservatoire Orchestra and a Trio Sonate.

Other musicians that will perform are Ralak, Fred Pessa, Mozart, Ethan, Muteti, Crystal, Mike Stone, Mission Driven, Songbirds for Christ, award winning vocalist Kristie Nabalaya and the AIC Choir.

Tujenge Concert is a charity concert with the funds raised going towards the construction of the AIC Ngong Road Ministry Centre.


Music News

Holy Dave Releases His Love Music Video “You Look Familiar” (Watch)

High Def Holy Dave has released a new music video after sometime called You Look Familiar.



The song is of a love genre as he expresses the love in his heart to the one he loves and as he says “We cant Sing Amazing grace during our wedding Day”.

Watch it below Now Introducing Fresh and New “You Look Familiar” By Holy Dave produced by Joel Ntihemuka of Fullhouse Music and directed by Wilson Mwaniki.


(Photos) Behind The Scenes Of Holy Dave’s New Music Video “You Look Familiar”

Hip Hop artiste Holy Dave is back with a new song called You Look Familiar which is a love song made specifically for the wedding Day.

The video will be dropping pretty soon and here are the photos.

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