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Bad Smell Makes People Avoid Us :10 Interesting Tips Of Managing Body Odour.

An Odor is a distinctive smell, especially an unpleasant one. Our bodies are delicate and need to be fresh all time. Bad smell makes people avoid us and they tend to say many things about us or think otherwise.

As many of us always say cleanliness is next to godliness.Below are 10 amazing ways you can manage your body odor ;

1. Drink a lot of water.

Water is life and no living thing can survive without water. It is a good agent for the body and it helps a lot in doing away with any odor be it in the mouth or stomach. Drinking 8 glasses of water everyday keeps one fit and your body system runs effectively.

2. Do a lot of exercise.

Doing frequent exercise like jogging in an early morning does away with most of the body odor more so from the armpits. After every jog it is good to have a cold bath that will rejuvenate your spirit and you are ready to go. However if you don’t have a busy schedule you can have a nap that will help you good. Swimming is also a good sport used for relaxing and meditating. Once you soak yourself in water, you feel relaxed.

3. Have regular bath. 

There are special cases whereby even after bathing you realize that some smell are coming from your body. In such like cases always bath twice or thrice, in the morning, afternoon and before you go to bed. Use a lot of cold or lukewarm water, it will help a lot. Most people love using hot water for their own comfort and they don’t scrub themselves well instead they bath in a rush fearing the cold weather. Cold water helps a lot in cooling your temperature down as well as making you feel relaxed.

4. Apply  antiperspirants.

These include such as “roll on”. They help a lot in keeping you smell nice, some of them also fight bacteria giving them no chance of entering your body more so ones made with alcohol content do not have a conducive environment for bacteria to survive on. It is good to note that the digitalis ed world has introduced both men and women deodorants so everyone has a taste of preference.

5. Use anti-bacterial soap.

While buying your bathing soaps at the supermarket check their packaging and see whether the word ‘anti-bacterial soap’ exists on them. They fight bacteria and leaves one fresh for another start. An good example is from Dettol. There are both liquid and solid soaps that you can both use. Anti-bacterial soaps can also be used while doing thorough cleaning in the households.

6. Shave excess hair.

A lot of hair creates a good environment for bacteria. It acts as their dwelling place. Bacteria does well in warm places and also bushy ones. Use removal creams for your armpits . Be careful not to cut yourself because you may not proceed with the process of shaving. Remember it is important to use safety gloves when shaving others.

7. Keep yourself dry.

After every bath or wash within your body, always dry off yourself thoroughly. This includes the areas you sweat a lot and also your legs. For legs that smell often, you can use  baby powder spreading an amount in between the legs, use different socks and don’t walk bare feet. After work you can free yourself by removing the socks so that fresh air may find its way.

8. Work on your diet.

Some foods and spices may cause bad odors to exude through your pores after you eat them. This includes onions and garlic, as well as caffeinated drinks. Changing your diet to take out these items may improve your general body odor. Eat lots of vegetables.

9. Type of clothes.

Wear cotton and other “breathable” fabrics. Some synthetic fabrics used in workout clothing are also “breathable” because they wick sweat away from your skin. Avoid tight jeans and skin tights that don’t give you space to breathe. The type of clothe you put on should make you feel comfortable and give you space to feel the natural flow of air in your body.

10.Use diluted lemon juice.

Lemon juice is thought to be a natural antibacterial and anti fungal agent. Because of this, it can be used as fast relief from body odor. To apply lemon juice on your armpits or feet, you can either pour lemon juice onto a clean washcloth, or rub a sliced lemon onto the affected area.



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