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Hosting OCTOPIZZO At Groove Awards Was A WRONG Move : Renown Gospel Artistes State

Hip-hop artiste Octopizzo was a major topic of discussion on Monday morning after he was given a chance to award the Groove Awards hip-hop award to the best gospel artiste in that category.


Probably this was a way of reaching out to him as a secular artiste but this did not go well by a section of Christians who felt that the move was a bit too far.

From Lenah Ochieng who was part of Zaidi ya Mziki to Mr Tee who has been known for speaking his mind, the opinions raised were more of questioning the actions of Groove Awards in letting a secular artiste take the role of awarding a gospel artiste in a setting that is termed christian and holy.

Mr Tee stated :

What’s your take when gospel awards are dominated by secular artists…
Some help me understand

When scripture is quoted and affirmed all u say is amen…..and no one is fighting mo sound or groove it’s protecting what we fought for and building gospel ministry….trace the history of gospel music from content to passion n u will see how fallen it is….if u came the other day we understand u

While Mr Tee just put it so open Lenah of Zaidi Ya Mziki went straight and hit the nail on the head by saying :

Groove Awards have done it again not nominating some deserving gospel artists on the basis that they have “messed” yet on the same stage they give octopizzo a chance to present an award for gospel artists what irony is this?Really?? are you kidding me?The worst part of it is that if you address such issues they say you are judging them.

There isn’t anyone judging you;but when what you believe and what you do dont match up then ubhave simply judged yourself.

The comments that came in were kind of divided with others supporting Octopizzo and groove awards while others totally disagreeing with the choice of him as a guest.

Vickie Zet Victor i was wondering too, where did the sense of worship and praise go…
Kenyans we have to go back to the drawing board, you mean we adore mothers songs than HOLY,HOLY IS YOUR NAME…

Prosperity Fay Wa Mbuguah It surprises me too, gone are the days when gospel was respected n done only by trully born again Christians, people have shamelessly turned gospel music into a money making project without the fear of God in them.

Samuel Nyala Infact the organisers/arent serious/or its that they dont understand the true meaning of gospel?/WOKOVU FIJE FIJE/THAT ALL THEY R/i guess

MC Neb I think Jesus would be more than happy to see that we are examples, that doesn’t rule out there are weeds amongst the Gospel Ministers. Another thing lest we forget God can use any vessel to put across a message, for instance Octopizzo of all the people Rebuked Gospel Artists. oooh and let’s focus on building the kingdom, one body many parts

Said Abdulrehman Cidco can we read the word. You are salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? nuvine otieno otieno and lenah ochieng the taste is not there coz is not about my LORD JESUS anymore is about being in the limelight and not being the light to world

Njesh Wa Qabbz Read all these comments…let me just say this…it is easy to say things and point fingers when you ain’t a part of it…there is so much that entails for the awards..there is a criteria for being nominated eg u have to submit your song and not every artist submits..Lenah Ochieng the hosts of Groove are a call away incase of anything..but unless you are wearing a shoe you don’t know where it pinches…Octo said something profound..that gospel artists should write songs that will make people follow Christ and not get fans…so lets all carry out crosses…God is love.

Nettie Oyugi What pains me is that people in the secular industry can boldly stand and ‘advise’ gospel artists to focus on God in their songs…even they know that some of those gospel songs are seems to me the secular artists already know the truth, perhaps better than gospel artists…no? Ian Mbugua put it rightly..’decrease that God may increase’..Octo said more or less the same thing? So who is evangelizing who?

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WILLY PAUL : I Thought I Should Have Won Groove Awards But GOD Had Other Plans

Award winning christian artiste Willy Paul, on a humble note celebrated every winner who bagged an award at Groove Awards 2015 and urged for continuance of the spirit of ministry and unity.

With many of his fans awaiting for him to win at least one award, Willy Paul reiterated that though he is human and would have liked to win it was important to let GOD’s will be done before his own preferences.

willy teddy b groove

Willy Paul’s song with Size 8 called Tam Tam had over a million views and still failed to win any award while Bahati’s song Barua scooped 3 awards with the fourth award crowning him as the best male artiste of the year in 2015. Though it would have been nice for Willy Paul to scoop an award for his hard work Willy Paul promoted the heart ministry rather than competition and love for self.

Bahati was crowned male artiste of the year
Bahati was crowned male artiste of the year

Willy Paul through his facebook page said :

“Morning, its a wonderful day that the Lord has made… yesterday a lot went down… winners were crowned and those that didn’t win like me were there to support them… congratulations to all the groove awards … I thought I would win ata moja…. but guess I was wrong God had other plans.. we are all human being’s and we’ve got feelings so sometimes when things dont go the way we expect, we get hurt, but the spirit is to always keep working hard…. I thought I worked hard last year together with size8.


Guys please lets keep the love and ministry
tuendele na Huduma.”

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I Am Overwhelmed By The Support : Loise Kim Delighted After Winning Groove Awards 2015

Celebrated Loise Kim made headlines on Saturday 6th June when she was named the 2015 female artiste of the year. With most of the crowd screaming for each nominee when their names were being highlighted on the colorful screen little did many know that the crown would move to one of the most renown singers in gospel ministry.

With Hassan Wario and Rita of Safaricom standing on stage the name was read aloud by the minister and Loise Kim name was the one who was voted as the most outstanding performer.

loise kim groove

Loise Kim after being named as the winner stood up and majestically took to the stage where she glorified GOD for helping her win the award that many female artistes look up to. She went further to thank her fans who voted for her tirelessly and made her the ultimate winner of the coveted groove awards.

 This morning,i wanna say thank you to all my fans, locally and internationally,who have been voting for me tirelessly day and night. I am overwhelmed by your support.

ciugo cia kanua itigaigana No ndahoya Ngai wa muoyo amurathime na amurorage mutikanone uru niundu wa kunyitirira. Uhotani uyu ti wakwa ni witu ithuothe !!

Loise Kim previously was named the best artiste who had the most downloads on Skiza at Groove Awards 2014.

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NI BAHATI TENA : Full List Of 2015 Groove Awards Winners

Groove awards 2015 hosted the best of gospel acts at Kasarani Stadium where they awarded the outstanding performers in the year 2014-2015. Here is the list of winners.

Bahati Groove 2015 post

Bahati Kenya
Pastor Anthony Musembi


Evelyne Wanjiru
Loise Kim

Southern Africa Artist
• Abel Chungu -Zambia
• Benjamin Dube – South Africa
• Joyous Celebration – South Africa
• Magg 44 – Zambia
• Pompi – Zambia
• Rebecca Malope – South Africa

Song of the Year – Nyanza Counties
• Bi Uneye Gima Yesu otimo – Moureen Awuor
• Jerusalem Dalawa – Mark Odera
• Olemo – Christine Otieno
• Omorembe Toe – Fenny Kerubo
• Ong’e Ngamoi- – Muthoka Evaline
• Wasud Nyime – Emma Omonge


  1. TamTam – Willy Paul Msafi and SIZE 8 Reborn
  2. Matunda – Eunice Njeri& Lady Bee
  3. Mimina – Kris Eeh Baba
    7,. MFALME MKUU – Kanjii Mbugua

Abba – Jay General
Crossing Over – Redemption ft. Guardian Angel
Goso – jfamkenya
Delilah – Hopekid

Searching – TPK SONS


Song of the Year – Nyanza Counties
• Bi Uneye Gima Yesu otimo – Moureen Awuor
• Jerusalem Dalawa – Mark Odera
• Olemo – Christine Otieno
• Omorembe Toe – Fenny Kerubo
• Ong’e Ngamoi- – Muthoka Evaline
• Wasud Nyime – Emma Omonge

Song of the Year – Central Counties
• Experiment – Betty Bayo
• Gichuri – Milkah Njambi
• Maithori – Sammy Irungu
• Ndiari Mwega – James Wanyoike
• Ngai Wa Itereri – Shiro Wa GP
• Tutigukurumana – Grace Mwai

G10 nominees.
Annie the DJ
Dj 21
Dj Frank
Dj G-Jo
Dj Mzito
Dj Tabz
Hype Ballo
Hype Guda
MC Kelly
MC Timeless Noel

Song of the Year – Eastern Counties
• Aning’ning’ Dance – Mbuvi Mbuvi
• Ikomanone – Wilberforce Musyoka
Katiwa – Justus Mielo
• Kiss Kya Yutasi – Elizabeth Clipper
• Mwinire – Ameru Crew
• Ndumbule – Michael Mutuku

Western Africa Artist of the Year
• Frank Edwards – NGR
• Lara George – NGR
• Mercy Oheema – GHA
• Nathaniel Bassey – NGR
• Sinach – NGR
• Solomon Lange – NGR

Barua – BahatiKenya
Jemedari – Size8Reborn
Kereka – Dkkwenyebeat
Sifa – AliceKamande
New Song – Tybe
Tam Tam – willypaul Ft. Size8Reborn

Gospel Radio Presenter of the Year
Amani Ayila – Hope FM
Dj Ruff – Ghetto Radio
Eva Mwalili – Milele FM
Jay Njoroge – HomeboyzRadio
Joyce Gituro – Pambazuka
Lawrence Thuku – Truth FM

Am Blessed – HopekidHk
Kibali – Florence Andenyi
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wanjiru
Rauka – Kanjii Mbugua
Shekinah Worship – Pastor Anthony Musembi

Song of the Year – Coastal Counties
• Maombi – Anthony Musembi
• Nisaidie – Mercy D Lai
• Rafiki – Michael Yena
• Tuma Roho – Japheth Musila
• Tunakuabudu – Marion Shako
• Yesu Ameniona- Martin Murunga

Dance Group of the Year Nominees
All Stars
Gospel Warriors
Jims and Dims

Song of the Year – Rift Counties
• Ebeneza – Edna Lotole
• Ematatui – Pst Joyce Mumeita
• Erripoto Enkai – Charity Tajeu
• Kongoi – Lillian Rotich
• Nyumbani – RuriSambili

Didimia – keleletakatifu
Inaweza – Dj Lapoze
Mimina – KRISERROH Ft. Magg 44 & Abel Chungu
Opportunity Remix – Falenzy & Friends
Tonight – Recapp
Zongelela – SOCkenya

Song of the Year – Western Counties
• Khumuichomie – Florence Andenyi
• Kusieve – Anne Kamsa
• Ndakhuyanza – Pamela Wandera
Ndakhuyanza – Timothy Kitoyi
• Sandizaga – Linet Njoora
• Yohana – Geofrey Kwatemba

Gospel Nite Live – GhettoRadio
Gospel Sunday- Milele FM
Pambazuka – RadioCitizenFM
Mwamba Radio Show – HomeboyzRadio
Shangilia – Hope FM
Tukuza – Radio Maisha

DJ of the Year
• DJ Krowbar
• Djggactivist
• djruffkenya

Camp David
Fidel Atondola
Florence Andenyi
Godson Jawabu
Innocent Persons
Ruth Matete
Saint Stevo

TV Show of the Year
Angaza – KBCChannel1
Ntvcrossover101 – ntvkenya
Gospel Sunday – CTV
KTN Tendereza – KTNKenya
KTNTukuza – KTNKenya


Sammy Dee


Jemimah Thiong’o

Eastern & Central Africa Artist
• Christina Shusho – Tanzania
• Coopy Bly – Uganda
• Exodus – Uganda
• Father Micheal – Uganda
• Gaby Kamanzi – Rwanda
• Rebecca Soki – Congo
• Sarah Nkutile – UG
• Solomon Mkubwa – TZ
• Wilson Bugembe – UG
• ZB – TZ

Kibali – Florence Andenyi
Mfalme Mkuu – Kanjii Mbugua Ft. Enid Moraa
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mungu Mkuu – Evelyne Wanjiru
Maombi – Pastor Anthony Musembi
Unatosha – Eunice Njeri


Barua – Bahati
Delilah – Hopekid
Heshima – Janet Otieno
Kilele – Pitson
Liwe Liwe – Guardian Angel
Mtakatifu – Frank
Mwanake – Benachi Ft. Kaberere
Mwema – Mercymasika
Tam Tam – willy paul Ft. Size 8 Reborn
Unatosha – Eunice njeri


Pastor Pete Odera

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News coming in at this hour is that Groove Awards has been postponed due to un avoidable circumstances. News from the organizers state that the awards will now be held on 6th of June instead of 1st of June when the award was slated to take place.

Groove Awards 2015
Groove Awards 2015

On a press release sent to uliza links Groove Awards has decided to postpone the event for one week at the same time of 5pm and at the same venue. The organizers went further to apologize to all people they have been working with and were waiting for the event.

groove postponed

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GROOVE AWARDS TURNS 10 : Here Are 10 Milestones The Kenyan Gospel Industry Need To CELEBRATE

Groove Awards will be celebrating 10 years when they host the ultimate awards in June a month after they hosted the nomination night at Arboretum Grounds in Nairobi.

groove awards

Looking at how far Groove Awards has come and the major change it has made to the gospel industry what are some of the things that the gospel ministry can celebrate in 10 years.

Pete Odera celebrating 25 years

pete Odera

Termed the father of contemporary gospel music Pete Odera is a man that many artistes look up to. His celebration of 25 years in the music industry was a great milestone in the christian music ministry.

Dr. Pete actively began his music career circa 1990. A self taught vocalist, pianist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, saxophonist and all things music; Dr. Pete is a force to reckon with. He was among the pioneers of the music industry as we know it and has shaped, along with his, the careers of countless musicians in this country.


Size 8 getting Saved

size 8 jemedari 3

This was a big story that caught many by surprise. Size 8 was on top of the secular industry as she was seen in nearly every tv commercial but her transition to gospel ministry was a big call in her life. From one tabloid to another newspaper across the street, Size 8 decision to get saved was a major topic of discussion.

Size 8 was later to get married to DJ Mo breaking the internet for a day.

Public Reconciliation of Bahati and Willy Paul

Bahati and Willy Paul reconciliation
Bahati and Willy Paul reconciliation

Choosing this was a bit tricky but at last I had to decide whether to place it or not. Gospel singer Bahati literally broke the internet when he wrote a letter to Willy Paul accusing him of copyright infringement. Divided is what we could describe the gospel industry at that time but their reconciliation made a big mark of letting go and letting GOD.

President Uhuru attending Groove Awards

Now this was a first to see the President attending an awards gala not to talk of a christian award.

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta made history by being the 1st president in office to attend a gospel awards in Kenya. In 2013 Uhuru’s attendance at Groove Awards will always be remembered as a great milestone in the music industry as a whole.

Esther Wahome Mrs Universe Runners Up

esther wahome1

The singer, popularly known for her hit Kuna Dawa, was nominated to represent Kenya and East Africa in Russia where the Mrs. Universe competition was held in 2012. Esther Wahome proudly stood to be counted among the world’s most beautiful women and she stood out as the only black African competing for the Mrs Universe crown at the beauty pageant in Russia.

Emmy Kosgei getting Married

emmy wedding

Talk of the marriage of the century and Emmy Kosgei’s marriage will be on everyone’s lips. Her marriage was one of the biggest wedding ceremonies if not the biggest we have seen of a public figure in Kenya.

Don Moen coming to Kenya

Don Moen meets William Ruto
Don Moen meets William Ruto

This will always be that dream that many Kenyans have been dreaming about for the last 10 years and finally came to pass. The 4 concerts held in Nairobi and Mombasa and for those who attended they will surely tell the others on the experience they had.

Gospel Music going mainstream and number of gospel shows

artistes gospel mzuka huu

This is one of the biggest achievements that gospel music has since it went contemporary. From the time when gospel music was only heard in church crusades or in gospel radio stations time has really changed things. Gospel music has nearly taken over the airplay on most stations to the point where secular artistes felt like the gospel artistes were taking their space.

The number of gospel shows have increased with each top tv station having a gospel show every Sunday morning. This is something that you would have never seen many years back as the only music shows we had were limited and they were all secular shows. Now we have a dedicated time set for gospel shows and even church service being streamed live from home.

Success of K-Krew now at 14 years

anne kiguta kambua moz

14 years ago the idea of K-krew was initiated by one of the most skilled entrepreneurs by the name DJ Moz.  One of the memories he recalls is hosting a show back then at Family FM from 12-2am and later on hosting a drive time show from 5-7pm.

K-krew now  hosts ; a gospel tv show by the name Gospel Sunday on Citizen Tv, a radio gospel show by the name Inuka ,  a yearly event called TSO , owns a deejay academy, provides video shooting services, and late last year they launched an awards ceremony by the nameKubamba Music Video Awards.

Gospel Video producers and audio producers

blessing shooting post

They are one of the few people who are celebrated in the music industry though they determine where an industry will go. Gospel video producers and audio producers have made a great mark in terms of production where they are now termed among the best in the region. The likes of R Kay, Young Wallace , J Blessing , Still Alive , Saint P  , Yo Alex , Tiger and Teddy B have attracted many artistes to work with them.

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Groove Awards Is Back : Last Year Bahati Won And Now It’s Your Chance To Win

The premier gospel awards in Kenya, Groove Awards 2015 is here.

groove 2015 post

After an amazing turn out last year when gospel artiste Bahati was named the outstanding artiste from the rest now other budding artistes have a chance to take the stage.

Groove Awards submissions are now open.

and you can submit by going to

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And The Nominees Are!!: The Nominees For Groove Awards Rwanda 2014 Unveiled At A Colorful Gala

The Groove Awards which started as a Kenyan annual Gospel award has grown to award 29 different categories, including gospel performers, DJs, radio and TV shows, and producers. The award’s coverage has spread to include other East African countries including Rwanda who will experience the awards gala at their hometown.

groove rwanda 2

Through the award’s fortified panel of judges drawn from Rwanda’s robust gospel music industry, the shortlisted artistes in the 14 categories including this year’s new addition, Traditional Artiste of the Year, were made known ahead of the month-long voting period that kicks off today and ends on Sunday, December 21, 2014.

Speaking to the media, the chair of the panel, Pastor John Kaiga encouraged the public to vote for their favourite nominees via the different platforms availed to them to secure their award at this year’s Groove Awards.

“It gives Groove Awards great pleasure to recognize each year exemplary musicians, producers and other industry players who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music to the people of this great nation and beyond. I commend the nominees we announce today and urge the public to make their favourites known by voting,” he said.

kev mulei rwanda

Now in its 2nd year, Groove Awards Rwanda, an offshoot of Groove Awards Kenya aims to promote, expose and celebrate gospel talent across Africa. Voting will be done online via in addition to voting peps.




  1. Ayyaba Paulin

2.Florent Ndutiye

3.Justin Belis

4.Nakure Pasco

5.Neema M Jeanne

  1. Ntirenganya Ange Daniel


  1. Gospel time show

  2. Himbaza

3.Ten Gospel show

4.Top stories

5.Umuhanzi w`icyumweru

6.WeekEnd Relax show


1.Asaph Drama Team

2.Shekinah Dance

3.Shinning Stars

4.The blessing

5.The Soldiers

6.Zion Delivrance Stars


1.Bill Gates


3.Johnson Rukundo


5.Nicolas Mucyo

6.Sam Ndikumukiza


Arampagije by Serge

Kipenzi by Gentil

Mpisha mu mababa by Thacien Titus

Ndiho by Patrick Bright

Network by Musabe

Yego by Olivier Roy


1.Humura by Jackson

2.ID by Mugabe Bright

3.Kutumvira by MD

4.My King by Blaise Pascal

5.Ntamupaka by The Chrap

6.Uratabawe by Karyango Bright


1.Asaph Ubumwe

2.Ivan Ngenzi

3.Ndabarasa John

4.shekinah dance


6.The blessings


1.Agahe by Nelson Mucyo

2.Amagambo yanjye by patient Bizimana

3.Gorogotha by Besaleli Choir

4.Ndakwemereye by Ucc

5.Urimana by Injili bola

6.Uri uwera by Faustin Murwanashyaka


1.Amagambo yanjye By Patient Bizimana

2.Gorogotha by Besaleli Choir

3.Mana urera by True Promises

4.Mpisha mu mababa by Thacien Titus

5.Turakwemera by Jehovah Jireh

6.Yadukoreye ibikomeye by Sayuni


1.Anointed Vessels

2.Bahati( Just family)

3.Ezra Joas Niyongabo

4.Grace Gaga

5.Isaac Mudakikwa

6.MD Dieudonne



2.Chorale de Kigali

3.Iriba Choir

4.Jehovah Jireh


6.True Promises


1.Aline Gahongayire

2.Gaby Kamanzi

3.Gogo Gloria

4.Grace Gaga

5.Kabaganza Lilian

6.Uzamukunda Goreth


1.Bahati Alphonse

2.Eddie Mico

3.Ndabarasa John

4.Patient Bizimana

5.Serge Iyamuremye

6.Thacien Titus

(C) Moriah Entertainment

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Victoria Rubadiri And Dj Soxxy Showcase The Latest Akorino Dance Move [Photos]

Dj soxxy and vicky akoriono outfit post

Dj Soxxy and Victoria Rubadiri who were the official mc’s at the Groove Awards ceremony held at the KICC on 1st June 2014 caught the attendees by surprise after they appeared on the stage disguised in Akorino outfits ready to perform the akorino dance.

Victoria Rubadiri & dj soxxy akorino dance post


The two showcased hilarious dance moves that ended up leaving  the audience in stitches. Their performances while on stage were funny and unpredictable thereby leaving many glued on their seats eager to see what they would unfold next.

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Kenya Here We Come : International Artistes Pompi Magg 44 And Abel Chungu To Grace Groove Awards 2014

This years Groove Awards will be a must attend as three renown acts will be flying to Kenya to bring the elated event to another level. Celebrated gospel artiste’s Magg44 Pompi and Abel who did “Chipolopolo Africa Unlimited” will be gracing Groove Awards 2014 to be held on 1st June at KICC.

Magg44 pompi post

The three acts in Zambia have created a wave of “all about Jesus” in Southern Africa and this time round they will be getting a recognition in Kenya’s gospel awards too.

The trio confirmed their attendance to their Kenyan fans on Thursday afternoon after Abel posted that he will be travelling with Magg 44 on Thursday Night with Pompi to later come on Sunday.

All glory and honor of our GOD.

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CEO Of Groove Awards Joins Thousands At Groove Tour In Kneeling Down In Prayer For The Nation

Dj Kev post

Dj Kev CEO and founder of Groove Awards joined thousands of Kenyans  at Groove Awards Machakos on Saturday 24th May  in kneeling  down in prayer for the Nation.

moz machakos post

This great idea of making each and every Kenyan to Kneel down in prayer to God was introduced by Kubamba Krew Director Dj Moz. An idea that saw the coming together of the stakeholders in the  gospel ministry this showing the love that christians have for each other.


Hot This Week Widget 4

[In Pictures] Check How Groove Tour Machakos Was Like

Groove Tour with Safaricom came to its final turn at Machakos People’s Park just before the Annual awards is hosted.

moz machakos post

See photos (c) Smilez Photography

size 8 machakos bahati machakos bmf machakos machakos crowd krowbar groove machakos soc groove machakos mc njugush abel ofweneke mc abel post genius groove rufftone machakos sadic groove machakos mo groove machakos

See More photos here 

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Meet The Beautiful Lady Married To The Founder Of Groove Awards [Photos]

Kevin Mulei, popularly  know as Dj Kev is the C.E.O of Mo Sound, a creative event Production company, which has created, organised and managed some of the biggest events in Kenya including the annual Groove Awards Ceremony.

(c) Hot Secrets
(c) Hot Secrets

Behind a successful man there is a strong woman and Dj kev is not an exception to this as he is married to one lovely lady by the name Janet Kabugu. Janet is a former miss Kenya and represented Kenya at the miss world competion in 2003 .

Dj Kev Wedding 2
(c) Hot Secrets


The former beauty queen and Kev exchanged vows at the Safari Park Hotel in June 11th 2011 and since then they have been holding each others hand in the journey of success.

Janet Kev Mosound
(c) Hot Secrets


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Tickets Galore : The Tickets For Groove Awards Are Out

The so much awaited tickets for Groove Awards 2014 have been released and as last year many artistes will flock the awards. The awards organizers have decided that this will be an invite only affair as last year and only lucky fans,media and invitees will have tickets.

invites groove 2014

Groove Awards 2014 will be hosted by Mo Sound LTD for another year with the organizers diverting from the purchase ticket system to the invites ticket only system.

If you were waiting for tickets to buy then sorry this wont be happening but you can stand a chance of  winning an invite on Groove Awards facebook page or twitter account.

For those who won’t get any tickets will have a chance to still attend the event but through their Tv screens from 4-6pm on NTV on 1st June 2014.

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DJ Moz Leads Thousands To Kneel In Prayer For The Nation In Machakos [Photos]

K-krews DJ Moz has played a vital role in the gospel music industry for more than 14 years with established artistes terming him as a father and uprising one’s calling him as a great father.  His role in ministry was exmplified on Sunday 25th May at Machakos people’s park where he led thousands who knelt for the sake of our nation in prayer.

moz rufftone post

This is a course that was started online last week Tuesday with  K-krews Njugush Waiguru pushing for a hash-tag branded #OnMyKnees4MyNation.

Surprisingly many Kenyans embraced it as soon as the 1st tweet was posted and for sure it trended to the rest of Kenya showing that Kenya is prayeful country and its only GOD who can heal/protect our land.

(c) Gerriey
(c) Gerriey

prayer Machakos post

Later on Sunday Moz left for Machakos’s peoples park where he was joined by another mentor called Rufftone ampng other artiste’s to push for Prayer for the Nation.

The thousands who turned up for the Groove Tour at Machakos People’s Park felt obliged and joined the prayer session that was led by DJ Moz.

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Gospel Artists Its Time For You To Go For Camping With Groove Awards

Groove Camp is a camp hosted by Groove Award Ltd just before they host their annual awards Groove Awards. This serves as an opportunity for artists to receive mentor-ship by Groove Awards and be equipped with knowledge on matters of ministry.

camp 2 post

Last year the camp was hosted in Mombasa and  artists that attended included : Makena , Joyce Omdondi , Chuchu , DJ MO , DJ Sadic , Eko Dydda , MOG , Bahati , DJ Sanch , Jaya , Kris Eeh Baba among many others. Its that time again for artists to get a chance of camping and share with other artists.

camp 1

To apply one must :

1.     Applicant MUST be an active participant in the Kenya gospel music industry.

2.     Applicants for MUST be over 18 years old

3.     Transport and Accomodation will be fully catered for during the camp. Any other expenses will be covered by the applicant.

4.     The applicant MUST carry a bag pack containing personal items for three nights.

5.     Campsites have been paid for overnight occupancy. Check in time: after 5 p.m. Check out time: before 2 p.m.. Length of stay is 3 Nights.

6.     Pets are prohibited in the camp.

7.     Alcohol and cigarretes are prohibited.

8.     The artist is responsible for his/her actions and/or violations of the regulations of Groove Camp.

9.     Cancellation Policy: Any reserved space may be cancelled in writing 6 working days prior to the camp dates.

10.  Violation of any of the above rules and regulations can result in a dismissal/removal from the facility

11.  Groove Camp reserves the right to admission

Here is where yt


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