“At My 1st GROOVE AWARDS Performance I Nearly LEFT The Stage Thinking It Was on FIRE”

Every person has his 1st on everything and gospel singer Grace Mwai had hers when gracing the groove awards platform in 2013 for her 1st major performance.

You would think it is an easy task to perform but for Grace Mwai it was like jumping from a pan into the fire as while she was high in the spirit zone she saw something not so familiar.

grace mwai smoke post'

Smoke was all over the stage when performing Kirathimo meaning Blessing in Kikuyu. Whether she had seen it for the 1st time is for her to tell later but on this occasion Grace Mwai stated that she felt like leaving the stage because she thought that it was on Fire.

grace-mwai-churchill 2
Photo : Glorious Photography

“It was the first mega event that I ever ministered in, the crowd,the lighting,sound.

Sema uoga,I remember I couldn’t sleep the previous night.

Wacha sasa the smoke (I later found out its called fog machine),it shocked me so bad because it was some ‘cold air’that i forgot my lines,and almost left the stage before the song was over.

I thought the stage was on fire.yet very cold…ha!

Until today,I prefer stages without smoke “bila moshi”


What has been your 1st weird experience ?

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She Hit With KIRATHIMO But GRACE MWAI Has Struggled With Self Esteem And Nearly Committed SUICIDE, She Shares

One of the past few weeks we got to sit down with renown Grace Mwai who recently won a Groove Award for Kirathimo which was named the album of the year in 2014.

(c) Glorious Photography
(c) Glorious Photography

She has released a new video called Tutigukurumana which shares a story of overcoming defeat and fear which she has done with her new music.

You would probably see the smile and think that all has been well for this artiste but Grace Mwai has gone through a lot in life to the point of nearly kicking the bucket through Suicide.

grace Mwai Groove

We start with Kirathimo which we believe many people would wish to know how she did it and it got so much airplay on tv and radio. Grace Mwai shares  :

“I did Kirathimo in 2013 as a prayer to plead  to God to bless me. To remember how I have ‘wrestled’.

I never really expected anything since I was used to ‘failing’ in fact I made no effort in distribution to media houses.

My producer saw something else that I never saw. God began positioning people in my life : The song was sent from my producer to a radio presenter and it hit the airwaves,without  the presenter even knowing or meeting me.”

Grace Mwai And DJ Mo
Grace Mwai And DJ Mo

As the conversation continues it comes a point where Grace Mwai starts talking about her journey and how things didn’t just fall into place. As a back up singer in Nyeri then, Grace Mwai went through heart breaks as people failed to fulfill their commitments to her and struggle after effort made her to have low self-esteem. She shares of how at one point she wanted to just let go completely as it was too much. 

“Since I was quite young I started singing but I came to record in 2008 which at that time I never really got out there.
I struggled with low self-esteem because I felt I had let myself and family down. No money totally depending on mum for provision. I had no job yet and I prayed  one day God would make a way.  

I tried committing suicide and no one got to know. I suffered rejection but no one found out. In 5 years God prepared me and tested me even in perseverance.

I did backups for many artists in Nyeri where I was working as an administrator. The sad part was that at times I was never paid yet I relied on that for income.”

Grace Mwai , Bahati , Mr Vee

After the success of Kirathimo Grace Mwai felt it was time to come to Nairobi and in deed she took the step of Faith and left her job in Nyeri to pursue music as fulltime though it was tough at 1st.

I came to Nairobi in January 2014 and in deed I struggled coping with work and ministry. It involved a lot and felt I rarely had time for ministry.
I had a sitting with my boss and she said “i know your passion is in ministry,this is your time and you need to go out there”
Again I felt I needed some change. I had known Nyeri all my life.
I needed change and for a fact it was hard leaving Nyeri and my church but God made it easy. 


My parents were not for it then and my close relatives thought I was rushing or maybe over excited,but we reasoned and it made  sense.

Since coming to Nairobi Grace Mwai has launched 2 albums and won Groove Awards in a span of one year. In deed the Lord is good to the patient and as much as it gets dark at times light will still shine at the end of the tunnel.

“It was God’s time. I still didn’t believe it and thought people overestimated me. I was just a villager from the village,not knowing much and i never so that.

But this truly has been my Kirathimo.”

Grace Mwai is a true testimony of Grass to Grace.


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So This Is The Most Watched Gospel Video On Youtube In 2013 From Nyeri ?

The 1st day I heard this song I felt like it was something I had never heard before but at the same time I found myself singing to the song.  Kirathimo which means blessing was released by Grace Mwai in the year 2013 and has really been embraced by thousands of people.

(c) Glorious Photography
(c) Glorious Photography

Kirathimo which is a prayer was released in 2013 and has now over 250,000 views in aggregate [all uploaded accounts] making it to be the most watched gospel video on youtube from Central Kenya. To the surprise of many the video has more views than Machozi by Bahati , Asusu By Dk Kwenye Beat , Msaidizi By Gloria Muliro with Mateke by Size 8 being the top with over 393,000 views.

kirathimo central

This has shown that the song has grown with other songs such as “Busy Busy” “Ahiurania by N D Githuka” “Nyungu Ya Ngai by Shiru Wa GP” following up closely.

Truly GOD can use a song to touch hearts which has been shown by Kirathimo.

TO Vote For Kirathimo SMS Groove 17 C to 811

grace mwai central song




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The Lovely Lady Behind “Kirathimo” Celebrates A Special Day In Her Life

5 years ago is when one lovely lady by the name Grace Mwai started her music and who knew that 2013 would be that special year.

grace mwai post

Grace Mwai (Sister to DJ Touch) who is loved by many for her song “Kirathimo” will be celebrating a special day in her life. Grace Mwai will be dancing today on Thursday 19th as this is that day when she was born.

We wish Grace A Happy Birthday.


Released Lyrics : Kirathimo By Grace Mwai

Here Are The Lyrics of Kirathimo By Grace Mwai

grace mwai post


Kirathimoo nikio ngwendaaa
Eeee, ….Hallelujah
Jakubu agiyana na muraika onginya rucini eeh
Kuguru gwake gugithenyuka ndaigana gutiganiria
Akimwira ndireka uthie, utandathimite
Akimuria ritwa riake, akimuhe ritwa ringi
Tondu agianire na Ngai na andu akihotana
Ihoya riakwa eeh, kirathimo giaku eeh
Niamu kirathimo giaku Ngai wakwa nikinjiganite
Kigarure maundu, ukindue murathime
Niamu kirathimo giaku Ngai wakwa nikinjiganite
Erikana aruta igongona niaheaga Peninah
Na akahe ciana ciake o mundu rwiga rwake
No Hannah amuheaga, rwiga rumwe tu
Hannah agakirira muno, ona akaremwo ni kuria
Niguo umuririkane, umuhe kahii
Murata wakwa ruiriria ma ndugatiganirie
Kirathimo ki mbara ona kugiana
Ukugiana na andu ona unyararwo
Menya uyu niwe Ngai, umenyaga maundu
Wikinyire na hinya ma ona unchangarare



(Photos) Check How Deejay Touch’s Sister “Grace Mwai” (Kirathimo) Celebrated 5 Years In Gospel Music

We could not have known about Grace Mwai until early this year when we listened to her song called Kirathimo which has blessed many.

grace mwai post

Grace Mwai who is also a sister to gospel disc jockey Deejay Touch of Genius Entertainment celebrated 5 years in music ministry in September 8th.  During the celebration Grace Mwai also launched the VCD for her song “Kirathimo” which means “Blessing”.

grace mwai 1

The launch was held in September 8th at PCEA St. Andrews University Way from 1-6pm.  You  can view the photos below


Njugush Of K-krew

Gloria Muliro

Carol Wanjiru


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