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Award winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro is in a state of mourning after her dearest father passed on . The singer who came back to the lime light with her new song Ndio Yako broke the news on Sunday to her followers, revealing that her father was in deed promoted to Glory.

ndio yako gloria 1

“It is with Great sorrow that I inform you of promotion to Glory of My Dad David Muliro!! We will always miss you. May your soul rest in Peace.” Gloria announced the death of her father.


Close friends, family and Gloria’s fans were quick who sent their condolences to the gospel queen after she made the announcement.


We as Uliza Links join her family in prayers.

Gloria Muliro
Gloria Muliro performing Ndio Yako during Groove Tour 2016
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“I LOVE My Wife And GOD Will Deal With Issues In Our Hearts” Husband To Gloria Muliro HOPES For Reconciliation

Eric Omba, the husband to Gloria Muliro who got married to her five years ago has shared his thoughts after an article was run by Pulse Magazine alleging a marriage separation between the two. Eric Omba who has not yet shared about his story on media has decided to ask for forgiveness and hopes for a reconciliation with Gloria Muliro whom he loves with all his heart.

gloria husband 1

Eric Omba shared :

My wife and I have had challenges and with God’s help we shall overcome.

I am sorry for the pain I may have caused my wife and plead with her to forgive me. I have also forgiven her and ask our brethren to pray for us as i pray for a chance to meet my wife and solve our issues directly with the help of our Family members,Men and Women of God who know the real meaning of Marriage and not through media.

gloria muliro walking with husband

He added further :

I love my wife so much and I know God will deal with our issues and heal our hearts. My WIFE AND I WE ARE DESTINED TO SHINE TOGETHER no matter the challenges we going through I Love my wife and I will always love her… and if it comes to marry again,I will still propose and remarry her a million times to my wife .NONE ELSE CAN LOVE ME THE WAY SHE DOES.

Eric Omba who is a pastor at Omba ministries has been a husband and a manager to Gloria Muliro since they got married in the year 2010. With marriage being a delicate thing the relationship between them faced several challenges which led to Gloria taking the step of moving out to find peace.


As for reconciliation we hope that the two might find peace with one another and seek for forgiveness in any way they have wronged each other. Both are human beings and its normal that people make mistakes ?

We can’t really say who is guilty or not guilty in this case but we know that GOD knows why he brought them together in marriage. Because together they worked to build Gloria the brand and GOD has been with them in thick and thin.

This will surely be the toughest moment for or our sister Gloria Muliro who is looked up to as a mum and Omba who is looked at as a Dad in the gospel ministry.

Let LOVE cover them and not hate.

love 11

We pray for our sister Gloria Muliro and Eric Omba who were once the best love birds that many adored in public.


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Gloria Muliro Releases Her New Video “Mapito” In Which She Features As A Model [WATCH]

Gloria Muliro has done something different in her latest single Mapito as she has featured as a model rather than a singer with the aim of directing the viewer on focusing on the message. Few artistes have done this in Kenya with probably Juliani pulling that in his song Utawala that featured different people lip singing on his part.

mapito gloria

Mapito will be yet another single from Gloria Muliro who was recently awarded as Mwafaka Awards female artiste of the year  and is a different tune from her previous songs as it is a slow tempo  inspirational song which can be listened to at any time.

She says :

“In this song I play the role of a parent of two kid whom I raised in pain and struggle. Despite me being a parent I put out the message of another parent who died for us who is Jesus Christ.”

“I decided not to sing in this video as i want the audience to connect more with video script as it is portrayed in the real life situation”

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It Was With POMP And SPLENDOR : We Take A Look At Gloria Muliro’s 1st Wedding As She Prepares For Her 2nd

On April 24th 2010, the wedding bells rung and Gloria Muliro at that time clad her elegant wedding dress and marched majestically at the PCEA guest house to say I DO to her one true love Pastor Omba.

gloria muliro walking with husband

The unique wedding between the Kenyan girl and the Congolese national was an ensemble of pomp, diverse cultures, music and dance. In what was one of the rarest thing, the bride-Gloria also launched her newest album and also sang one of the favorite songs “Ombi Langu” for her guests.

According to CCP Bishop Thomas Imende of New Hope Church, Makadara officiated the wedding assisted by his wife Reverend Rebecca Imende who preached at the ceremony. Rev. Rebecca spoke from the Bible in Genesis 2:8-17 and likened marriage to the garden that God had planted in Eden. Just as man had been instructed to take care of the garden, she urged the newly weds to take time and “dig out each others treasures,” a process that required labor, patience and time.

gloria and hubby receive gifts prayer for gloria and husband


“Take care of your marriage and you will enjoy the fruits,” she said. The process also required the couple to utilize the tool of understanding which was necessary for the establishment of a home coupled with a good foundation and faith in God. Thereafter, the guests were treated to mouth watering dishes and entertained by various artists.

gloria carried


Now the couple is set to walk again down the aisle and say the magic 3 words “Yes I Do” at the Hilton Hotel in one of weddings that will be  celebrated  in the gospel ministry.

(c) CCP


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EXCLUSIVE : Award Winning GLORIA MULIRO To Get Married AGAIN After 5 years In Marriage

Award winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro is set to renew her vows when she walks down the aisle to say “I DO” to her better half Pastor Omba. The couple who got married about 5 years ago have decided to get married again in a ceremony that will be held at the end of this month.

gloria and omba 1

Spotlight Media Video Director Pastor Omba will be tying the knot to Kora Awards Ambassador Gloria Muliro for the 2nd time before GOD after exchanging vows a few years back.  The couple got married 5 years ago at PCEA Guest House In Nairobi West  but for the great love that they have for each other they have decided to get married again at the end of November in a ceremony  that will be hosted at Hilton Hotel.

gloria husband 1

Gloria Muliro on her part has true love for husband in which she stated  clearly before :

“I receive most of my support from Him and I greatly thank the Almighty for sending Him to me.Marriage is Fun and enjoyable. God is the author of marriages, and one should pray for a compatible partner.It should help people grow spiritually and in all the other positive ways.”

The wedding is expected to be graced by most gospel artistes in Kenya and some known public figures who will be wishing the couple the best of luck in their marriage again.

What say you ?


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Exclusive [Behind The Scenes] : Gloria Muliro Showcases Her New Video In Which She Doesn’t SING In It

Gloria Muliro has done something different in her latest single Mapito in which she has decided not to sing in it. Gloria Muliro in her new video will be appearing as a model rather than as a singer  which is aimed at directing the viewer in focusing on the message.

mapito gloria

Mapito will be yet another single from Gloria Muliro who was recently awarded as Mwafaka Awards female artiste of the year  and is a different tune from her previous songs as it is a slow tempo  inspirational song which can be listened to at any time.

She says :

“In this song I play the role of a parent of two kid whom I raised in pain and struggle. Despite me being a parent I put out the message of another parent who died for us who is Jesus Christ.”

“I decided not to sing in this video as i want the audience to connect more with video script as it is portrayed in the real life situation”

See photos:

mapito 4 mapito3 mapito 2




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“Sasa Nangoja Matokeo” : Gloria Muliro Lands A Prestigious Job In Africa

Gloria Muliro kora top 20

Award winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro has received another great opportunity to grow her brand and music in the continent. Gloria Muliro has been chosen as the official ambassador for Kora Awards in Kenya.

Gloria Muliro Kora Letter

Gloria Muliro who was awarded at Mwafaka Awards 2014 as the female artiste of the year received a letter confirming that she is the official Kora Awards ambassador on Monday October 13th. She was chosen among other 53 ambassadors in other African countries who will be working on a project to fight Ebola.

In the job Gloria Muliro will play a lead role of sensitizing Kenyan authorities of power including the President to join in the fight against Ebola.

This is the current project given to her after Kora Awards decided to cancel the 2014 awards because of Ebola Malady.


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Willy Paul And Gloria Muliro Hit Headlines After Being Crowned Male & Female Artiste Of The Year At Mwafaka Awards 2014

gloria muliro groove awards post

Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro did it once at Groove Awards 2013 and now they have done it again at another prestigious gospel awards. Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro hit news headlines on Sunday evening after they were crowned male and female artiste of the year at the just ended Mwafaka Awards 2014.

willy paul gloria muliro kitanzi

The two artistes who stepped down in Groove Awards 2014 for the purpose of  giving other artistes a chance were awarded the top awards at Mwafaka Awards 2014 that took place at KICC.  This is the 2nd time in a span of an year that the artistes have won major awards after winning Groove Awards male and female artiste of the year 2013.

Willy Paul on his side has two awards in his bag after being awarded at the USA based Talanta Awards as the best performer in 2014. Now currently at USA for his vacation Willy Paul thanked everyone for voting for him by stating :

“I wanna thank everybody for voting for me as the MALE ARTIST MWAFAKA AWARDS 2014. Am so humbled n words alone cannot explain..”

As for Gloria Muliro she profusely thanked GOD for the award which she won in 2013 also.

She stated :

“Once Again,I thank Almighty God for this far and I also thank you, my friends/Fans for Voting for me, your votes made me Win again East Africa Artist of the Year Award and Female Artist Of The Year Mwafaka Awards.”

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The Next Groove Awards Male Artiste Of The Year ? : Gloria Muliro’s HUSBAND To Launch His 1st Song And Its SIZZLING

gloria muliro groove awards post

Award winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro has been on the gospel limelight for quite a while now and little would one know that she takes a lot of encouragement from her manager who is her husband. Pastor Eric Omba has been the man who has kept Gloria Muliro going in different times of happiness and sadness and now he is set to follow the dream his wife has taken.

eric omba post

Pastor Eric Omba who is the husband to Gloria Muliro will be venturing into the music career not as a manager but as an artiste when he launches his new single in the coming week. The song which uliza links has a sneak preview of  is actually collabo by two other artistes who are blessed with great vocals and work at Spotlight Media.

The video will be released in a weeks time and many will get the opportunity to see who the great man behind Gloria Muliro is.


This would be a daunting hill for Pastor Eric Omba who has 3 roles currently i.e Manager, video director and producer but the amazing thing is that it would be an interesting experience for him.


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A Million For Willy Paul And Gloria : “Sitolia” Video Becomes 1st Kenya Gospel Video To Hit 1 Million Views On Youtube

Sitolia by Gloria Muliro and Willy Paul  is one of the collabo’s that made a great mark in the Kenya music industry till today. 3 years later after its release, the song has continued to receive hefty views on you-tube to the point that it hit one million views this July.

sitolia willy gloria

Sitolia now becomes the 1st gospel video to hit 1 million views on you-tube and how great it is to know that this song was the breakthrough for both Willy Paul and Gloria.

gloria willy paul

Since them singing it both artistes have gone to win major accolades in the gospel industry and were named he Groove Award winners 2013 as male and Female artiste of the year respectively.

A collabo done by Gloria Muliro who had been singing in the gospel ministry for some years then and Willy Paul on the other hand was trying to get ends meet. Now looking back they can say “This Far we have come is truly a testimony”

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From Nairobi To Pwani Life : Gloria Muliro Moves To “Taarabu” As Seen In This New Video

Gloria Muliro has released a new video called Mungu Ni Mungu which has been directed in the beautiful sandy beaches of Mombasa. This song which was listed among others in her recent album called Msaidizi , portrays a different kind of genre that many have known her for as she now unveils “Taarabu” .

taarabu gloria muliro

From the high tempo praise music to worship in Msaidizi, this new single is  something different from Gloria Muliro showing how versatile she is when it comes to music.

Gloria feeding child

The message in the song is quite simple as she says “GOD is GOD” meaning there is no other greater power than him.

Watch it below :

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Here She Comes : Gloria Muliro To Tour UK And USA

Award winning gospel singer will be missing in action in Kenya for a whole 2 months as she will be heading for a tour outside the country. Gloria who did not take part in the 2014 groove awards will be touring 3 Nations United Kingdom USA and Ireland.

gloria niko na safaricom post

Gloria Muliro who is part of a great ministry with her husband called Omba Ministries will be heading out to touch more souls through her gospel music. On a statement she said :

“Deal done, UK , Canada then USA the whole November and December
If you real love me and care about me just drop a short prayer to sustain me during my Tour.God help me to do your work.”

This is a great opening for Gloria Muliro whose year has been hefty through the two songs she released , Kitanzi and Matokeo.  The deal couldn’t have come at a great time.

We as uliza links wish her the best.



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Harusi Tunayo!! : The Director Who Did “Kitanzi” By Gloria And Willy Paul To Get Married To His Ravishing Fiancee

willy paul gloria muliro kitanzi

This coming weekend two lovely people will be tying the knot as they plan to journey on their future. The video director who did Kitanzi video by Gloria and Willy Paul will be tying the knot to his amazing fiancee on Saturday 14th June.

Coby Joe and Slay 1

Coby Joe is one director who is growing in the gospel ministry and has directed among others Kitanzi and Nakupenda by Ruth Matete. His life will be getting a great turn on Saturday when he will be walking down the aisle with his girlfriend Slay whom he has been dating for a while. Slay is a close friend to Gloria Muliro as she has been her dancer in her videos and performances.

Gloria coby joe 1 Gloria Coby Joe


The wedding will be an invites only affair and we as uliza links wish them well.

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New Video : Ruth Matete Releases Her 1st Gospel Video Featuring Gloria Muliro In It [WATCH]

ruth matete nakupenda 2

Gospel singer Ruth Matete has released her debut gospel music video called “Nakupenda”. Nakupenda which means “I Love You” has featured award winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro who plays the role of mentor in the video.

ruth matete nakupenda post 1

Ruth Matete who is a worship leader at House of Grace Church and former Tusker Project Fame winner has decided that its time for her to  pursue her calling as a gospel minister. Ruth Matete has done this by releasing her debut video in the gospel ministry titled Nakupenda.

In this song Ruth Matete is professing her love for GOD for giving her peace and for his grace being sufficent in time of need.

Watch the video below and pray it blesses you.

Song Nakupenda
Ruth Matete “Nakupenda ”
Artist : Ruth Matete
Audio: Sptlight Media
Video: Eric Omba/ Spotlight Media

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Behind The Scene Of Ruth Matete’s New Gospel Video (photos)

Renown singer Ruth Matete is set to release  her first gospel video that will certainly go along way to bless many. This video will for sure be a great one since it has been shot by the great producer who did “Kitanzi” by Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro.

See behind scenes photos :

gloria matete behind scenes post

gloria matete post

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Thank You For Voting!! : Gloria Muliro Named In KORA Awards Top 20 African Artistes

We had posted earlier last month that Gloria Muliro had been nominated in the top 20 African artistes of Week 20. Well now your efforts have bore fruit as Gloria Muliro has been named in the top 20 artistes in Africa for the 2014 Kora Award.

gloria muliro kora awards

This is amazing to show how gospel music has penetrated in the country and in Africa. Here is the TOP 20 KORA – WEEK 20

gloria top 20

Watch Matokeo By Gloria

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