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This Is the Kenyan Song you Should listen to In this Election Period

Christian singer Gerriey Wainaina is one of the most patriotic Kenyan musicians you will ever meet. From his dressing  to his performance Gerriey Wainana will always exemplify his love for his country when he majestically holds the Saxophone to play the National Anthem.

Gerriey Wainina
Singer Gerriey Wainaina who is famed for playing the saxophone

Gerriey Wainaina is a God fearing musician whose music integrates love, hope and faith, with an African sound and modern touch. Influenced by a varied range of Southern African and Western African musicians.

(c) DJ Soxxy The Priest And Sax Player Gerriey Wainaina

The proud father of one has decided to take his music a notch closer to the heart by releasing a peace song that will in the long run make every Kenyan vote wisely.

As a nation we have come far since we got our independence in the year 1963 and this year will be another year to create history as we elect the right leaders not bound by any tribe or act.

(c) Gerriey

Gerriey has on that note composed a new song called Mkenya that passes a message of Love and Unity to each Kenyan in our jurisdiction.

He reiterates that each of us are one nation united by Love for good.

Watch his new song below. Mkenya


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As Gerriey Wainaina Marks 1 Year, The Father of Urban Kenyan Gospel Celebrates 18 Years In Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing and these two couples are appreciating the beauty in it as they celebrate different periods in it. While Sax player Gerriey Wainaina is marking 1 year in marriage on the other hand the founding father of cogerriey 4ntemporary gospel music Pete Odera is celebrating 18 years in marriage.

Gerriey Wainina and his wife | Rev Pete Odera and Christine
Gerriey Wainina and his wife | Rev Pete Odera and Christine

Reverend Pete Odera got married to his better half Christine Rose 18 years ago, in a period that would lead him to discover his purpose of mentor-ship and even to lead a church.

Reverend Pete Odera and wife Christine Odera
Reverend Pete Odera and wife Christine Odera

The couple share different platforms together as they lead a generation of the young to become the next purpose leaders in the kingdom business. They also minister together in Water Brook church which has played a critical role in shaping the next generation to be fearless influencers.

Gerriey Wainaina on the other note celebrates his union with his best friend after tying the knot last year at St. Andrews Church in a ceremony that was colored in red.

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Kenyan Gospel Artist Celebrates First Birthday As A Married Man; Shares Photo Of Himself As A Toddler

Christian singer Gerriey Wainaina who got married one year ago celebrated his 31st birthday on Friday 7th August 2015 in a cool way buy sharing a photo of himself as a toddler.

gerriey owen wife post

No one could have said that years later he will grow to achieve great things he has today. See caption below:

gerriey wainaina post

All glory and honour go to GOD.

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Gerriey Wainaina : GOD Doesn’t Like People Who Are Hot And Cold At The Same Time [VIDEO]

Saxophonist Gerriey Wainaina brings a message of truth in what he calls mixing acts of light and darkness at different times.

mchanganyo gerriey wainaina post

He has released a new song called Mchanganyo that attracts the listener to think on his/her actions that he/she engages in daily. Who are you ? Light or Darkness.

Speaking to Uliza Links he says :

The song is a reminder that Christians should be Christ like and not preach water while secretly one drinks wine.

We need to Choose Christ and live fully for Him but not mix our lifestyles because Day and night don’t mix.

Christ is not mocked and whatever one sows, you shall harvest.

New single Mchanganyo composed and arranged by Gerriey Wainaina
Produced at JumboSound by vickypondis
Video cleancity by sammydee


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It Reminded Me Of Kaberere : Kenyan Gospel Artiste Cries For His Brother’s Life After He Was ELECTROCUTED In Church

Gospel singer , composer, versatile instrumentalist Gerriey Wainaina shed tears for his brother’s life on Sunday after he was accidentally electrocuted after a church service.

Gerriey who is famously known for playing a saxophone in major concerts described the moment like the Kaberere one when he saw his brother lying on the floor lifelessly for a moment before he regained consciousness.

Gerriey said :

“Today was the saddest day in my life… but i take time to thank God for life… and family…

I felt blood thicker than water today when we were practicing just after first service and i just saw my brother falling so helplessly lifelessly in church holding his bass and mic it was electrocution.

I found myself on the bass amp and I unplugged it.

Praise God of life he gained concios again… i have never cried in my life-like i did today.


It was quite a relief for Gerriey Wainaina to see his brother back on his feet after such a horrifying life scare barely a month after he hosted his wedding.

This must have been a moment of no return for Gerriey’s brother like it happened to the late gospel singer Kaberere but the Lord saved his life before he could lose it.

Glory to GOD.

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YES ‘I DO’ MY LOVE : Renown Gospel Artiste Weds Beautiful Girl Friend And Mbuvi Was BEST MAN

When the sun shone its dazzling rays on Saturday 13th December along St Andrew road the bride and groom graced St Andrews church to say I DO before GOD who would unite them till death.

gerriey 2

What a special day  this was for gospel artiste Gerriey Wainaina who cl-added Red attire matched with black. He had finally reached end of one journey and anxiously waited for the start of the other that would make him named husband.

gerriey 1

Gerriey started his music ministry at his home church, St. Andrews PCEA, a platform that has seen him bring hope and faith through music. This same place is where he decided that he would tie the knot to his girl friend Vionna who has been a friend to him even when she was living out of the country.

The wedding bells finally rung and the bride walked in to the room cladding her white wedding gown that would symbolize purity before the congregation that had gathered in the church. On the other end was Mr. Gerriey wainaina with his best friend Mbuvi Mbuvi who played the role of best man for someone whom they have shared a lot in life.

With a smile Gerriey Wainaina got the moment of sharing his wedding vows to his bride Aurora who was accompanied by beautiful brides maid who also wore the theme color of the wedding. The same came for Aurora who brought out her vows which she had prepared for a long time to the man whom she will be united with for life.

gerriey 3 gerriey parents 1 gerriey 4

This was a day that the two would live to remember as everything they had thought of when they were little was finally happening before there own eyes. Saying I DO to the ONE!!.

The reception of the wedding was held in the same venue where the beautifully colored cake was cut by the groom and bride. There was a major surprise for the guests too as renown Judge Ian Mbugua sung for the couple.

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So Lovely : This Is The New Beautiful Video That Features Cute Kids Of Riara Group Of Schools

Gerriey Wainaina is a God fearing musician whose music integrates love, hope and faith, with an African sound and modern touch. Influenced by a varied range of Southern African and Western African musicians, Gerriey has decided to do something new that features his students who are instrumentalists at the Riara Group of Schools.

Gerriey Riara

Light of the world is a rendition song that has been done by Gerriey Wainaina and played live by kalesa band entertainment.

Watch below :


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“Yes I Do” : Performing Artiste “Gerriey Wainaina” Proposes To His Delightful Girlfriend

Gerriey wainaina is a Kenyan gospel artist, composer, arranger, vase tile instrumentalist whose music is purely authentic afro fusion that blends in the triad of hope, love and faith. With the word of God as his inspiration, he does his work in excellence and integrity since God Wouldn’t expect any thing less.

Walk-the-Talk gerriey wainaina

Having stood out for his talent Gerriey Wainana has decided that it is time to move to the next step as he proposed to his ravishing girlfriend. The girlfriend who came back to the country earlier this year probably didn’t know what Gerriey had in mind. This big surprise for her was made true when Gerriey knelt down and said the magic 4 words “Will You Marry Me?”.

The point where every man goes jumping up in the air is when the girl says  “Yes”. This was the same answer Gerriey got and now they will be getting married pretty soon.

Gerriey joins NTV’s Mark Masai in the line of weddings to take place in the gospel family. We wish them well.

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